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The Future Of Storytelling with Brooke Maggs, Misha Myers, Oscar Raby and Seb Chan

This episode features the first event of the 2017 Digital Writers Festival, a live conversation about the future of storytelling with Brooke Maggs, Misha Myers, Oscar Raby and Seb Chan, moderated by the festival’s Artistic Director, Izzy Roberts-Orr. The Future of Storytelling was held at ACMI in partnership with ACMI Conversations and Monash University. You can watch the full event here: http://2017.digitalwritersfestival.com/event/dwf17-launch-the-future-of-storytelling/ Our theme music...


Creative Audio: Reflections from Australian Producers

Crafting audio content takes time, and we all have to start somewhere. Learn from Australian audio producers as they put their past tape to the test. Bec Fary reflected on a clip from episode 1 of SleepTalker - When You Talk About Your Dreams. Listen to the rest here: http://sleeptalkerpodcast.com/1-when-you-talk-about-your-dreams/ Bec Fary is the creator of SleepTalker, the podcast about sleep, dreams, nightmares and what happens in your head after dark. She's also a freelance audio...


#DWF17: Tin Cans

Tin Cans is a collaborative sound-based call and response between a pair of audio producers, produced in partnership with The Wheeler Centre for the 2017 Digital Writers Festival. Listen in as Jess Ong from Darwin and Olivia Rosenman from Sydney get to know each other over a series of audio exchanges. Our theme music is 'Please' by Huntly.


#DWF17: Voices Of Trees

Voices of Trees is a special project produced in partnership with Australian Poetry and Red Room for the 2017 Digital Writers Festival. We commissioned three poets - Bert Spinks, Steven Finch, and Mindy Gill - to create a new work of poetry in response to trees unique to the landscape surrounding them. Sound producer Britta Jorgensen then turned their poems into three unique creative audio pieces. Our theme music is 'Please' by Huntly.


Collectives and Community with Areej Nur, Kate ten Buuren and Alec Reade

Our guest host for this episode is the multi-talented Areej Nur, co-founder of Still Nomads African artist collective. Areej is joined by Kate ten Buuren of This Mob Aboriginal artist collective and Alec Reade of New Wayfinders Pasifika artist collective. Together, they discussed community, creativity, and collective strength. Kate ten Buuren is a young Taungurung artist and filmmaker, whose driving force is building confidence throughout her community. Find out more about This Mob here:...