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BONUS! #16.5 Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 10 Finale

Yaaaasssss! We have a new Queen! We are too excited about the dramatic reunion and finale of Drag Race Season 10 - and you just knew that we had to share our thoughts with you in another bonus episode! We talk about the bust up at the reunion, Aquaria's well deserved win, whether the reveals were actually worth it, our dream Drag Parliament, our opinions on Eureka, Asia and Kameron, and of course the BUTTERFLY in the room. Look out for our next full episode, hitting your devices...


#16: How to Develop Your Storyline and Plot

How do you develop a plot? In this episode we talk about the best ways to develop your storyline, what the classic plotlines are and how our own novel fits into it all. We also try to fit in a discussion about Horcruxes wherever we can. Jenni has a massive problem in developing plots on her own, but finds the process easier when writing with Marc. Why is that? We look at different techniques of plotting and storylines, structuring a novel, whether a character can carry a story and if...


#15: Improving Your Character Development

In this episode we explore character development by looking at one of our characters in more detail – the lovely Darvin. We explore some popular and less well known ways to capture a personality that you are writing about, while drinking prosecco and gradually becoming more random (and slightly slurred). How can you approach character development? We look at techniques and tricks for getting an in depth feel for your character’s personality and background. This includes looking at things...


BONUS! #14.5: Eurovision 2018

Welcome to another special BONUS episode of the Procrastinate or Write Podcast! In this cheeky little extra chat, we talk about the weekend's Eurovision highlights. Find out who we loved, what the UK judges thought and the mysterious meaning behind Marc's Eurovision costume. It's all here! Look out for our next full episode, hitting your devices soon. Full episode notes can be found on our website....and whilst you're there, join our mailing list for all our latest news!


#14 Interview with Esther Fairfax and Jenifer Klepfer

This podcast features a wonderful interview with Esther Fairfax and Jenifer Klepfer - Esther Fairfax is the daughter of Lotte Berk, the creator of the Lotte Berk Technique, also known as ‘slutty yoga’ (although we found out after we recorded this that Esther hates that term!). Esther wrote an autobiography about her mother and her upbringing, and Jenni talks to her and Jenifer about the writing process, what they are writing now, and generally how to approach the wonderful ‘mish mash’ that...


BONUS! #13.5: Ru Paul's Drag Race ALL STARS 3 Kiki

Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Procrastinate or Write Podcast! Ok, ok, we know, we know...ALL STARS 3 finished ages ago now...but we thought we'd share this nugget of audible wonderment, that we recorded ages ago, as a cute little bonus. You're welcome. DRAG RACE SPOILER WARNINGS! Look out for our next full episode, hitting your devices next Monday. Full episode notes can be found on our website....and whilst you're there, join our mailing list for all our latest news!


#13: Hamilton, Books and Puns...Oh My!

In this episode, Jenni tries to give up her phone. Not only that, but we talk about the books we've been enjoying recently, we share some terrible book puns and Marc talks about his experience of Hamilton. We talk, How To Break Up With Your Phone and if it works, as Jenni talks about Catherine Price's guide to giving up the evil technology and how it's affected her. Marc has decided that Claire Foy is much better than the Queen at being the actual Queen, and we talk a bit about historical...


BONUS! #12.5: Ru Paul's Drag Race 10 Chatter

Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Procrastinate or Write Podcast! Join Jenni and Marc at a cheeky kiki about Ru Paul's Drag Race and the first episode of Season 10! SPOILER WARNING! We're so excited about the finale of All Stars 3 that we couldn't wait to have a chat about Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 10 queens and pick out our favourites. Who do you want to win? Who do you think will crash and burn? Will Eureka's knee hold out? Tell us what you think! Join us next time as we...


#12: Overcoming Writer's Block

Welcome to the 12th episode of the Procrastinate or Write Podcast! Join Jenni and Marc in the same room - wowzers - as we talk about the tips and tricks to overcome writers block. Your whole life will be sorted and you will never suffer from writer's block again as a result of this podcast* What is writer's block? What's the definition of writer's block? Is it about being motivated to write or not knowing what to write next? We explore techniques such as free writing, writing games,...


#11: Forbidden by Faith. Interview with Negeen Papehn

In this episode we speak to first time published author and lovely lady, Negeen Papehn on the release of her book Forbidden by Faith. Jen speaks to Negeen via the wonder of the internet in our first INTERNATIONAL interview! Woohoo! We find out Negeen’s writing process, how she deals with procrastination and writer’s block and her journey to publication. We also spend time with a fun writer’s game delving deep into another character in our own book – Hilary! What makes Hilary’s morning? If...


#10: The Best of POW podcast UK...so far

That's right! It's our best bits! To celebrate our tenth episode...it's our bestest bits! Thanks for joining us on our journey so far, it’s been lovely having you with us. Since we’ve been podcasting, we have over 40,000 words in our book! Not only is this episode cram packed with our (and yours, thank you to those that sent us suggestions) favourite bits, we also review how our Jan-Wri-Cha challenge went. Or is it Wri-Jan-Mo, Na-Wri-Ja-Mo…? Who cares…but yay for the great word count…...


#9: How to Stop Procrastinating

Hello! It's us, Jenni and Marc! We've been friends for year...join us on our writing journey! Our 9th episode of Procrastinate or Write includes Woebot Today’s management meeting has hated being part of Dry January…don’t even get us started on the silliness of Veganuary. Follow us on twitter: @POWpodcastUK and tweet us some drink suggestions Email us at: powpodcastuk@gmail.com Full show notes can be found at our website. Music: "Clap Your Hands" by Scott Holmes Please like and...


#8: CHRISTMAS...with special guest, Gemma!

We are Jenni and Marc, we have been friends for years and we’re writing a book…join us on our journey…It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid…we’re here! This episode includes: - Our very special guest (and friend of the show), Gemma Powell! We discuss motivational techniques used in schools, managing your time, the importance of a digital detox and why it’s important to elevate the quality of your work and life balance…but who is Granny Flymo? Things we’ve learnt from...


#7: Our Survey Says...

Welcome to Procrastinate or Write! Its our survey episode! A few weeks back, you may recall taking part in our survey about the things that make YOU procrastinate and what you do to stop...well here are the results...and that's not all...this is the very first time, in POWpodcastUK history, that an episode has been recorded with Jenni and Marc being in the same room...we think you'll agree it's a marvellous joy to put upon your ears! We are helped by coffee and the antics of Jen's...


#6: Interview with Linda Walker, Listener Questions and NaNoWriMo!

In this episode, we have a very special guest interview with BBC radio and Listening Project producer, Linda Walker. We also have some of your listener questions and we talk about every writer’s favourite month of the year (or not), NaNoWriMo and its dilemma that can steer us for quantity over quality. Other chats includes RuPaul’s Drag Race and their sponsors, Sushi, The Book of Dust and our book blurb We’re also still riding high on our tweets and retweets from Sophie Kinsella and...


#5: The POWer of the Opening Line

Join in our discussion on the opening lines of our favourite books. Our 5th “Procrastinate Or Write” episode includes our chat about about whether the openings lines really matter? Do they set the tone for the whole book, or are they just there to grab our attention as a reader? Has an opening line ever put you off reading a book? We also learn about the connection between free writing and tomato sauce… which is not to be confused with Italian cake. Full for episode notes full of links...


#4: Interview with Mandy Clark

In our 4th instalment of “Procrastinate Or Write” we interview the wonderful Mandy Clark, self-published author of “Mud and Marriage”. We also answer our first listener question! We talk about progress reports, free writing and book themes. We discuss the use of “said” in a book and other important topics, such as which reality shows would our characters go on. We also learn that you don’t have to be going back to school to buy a new pencil case. Marc totally balls up his example of a...


#3: Games to Help Character Development

Here’s the latest update on Jenni and Marc’s writing adventure. Join us. In this episode we discuss: Writing to conquer phobias, What we’ve been reading and Resources online to support writers. We explore another character of ours, Niamh (and compare her to Italian biscuits) and we play a game to help get to know our characters! If you like listening to us, you can even buy us a beer if you fancy - visit our website for all links: powpodcastuk.blogspot.co.uk (Today’s management meeting is...


#2: Defining A Character

We are Jenni and Marc. We have been friends for years. We’re writing a book…and we finally got round to publishing our second podcast. This episode’s discussions include: - What we’ve been up to since we last podded - More podcasts we would like to share: Stories Unbound and Attitude Heroes. - What we’re reading right now: Varjak Paw and The Shortest History of Europe - What we’re watching: Game of Thrones (spoiler alert) and Stranger Things - How far we’ve got with our writing and...


POW #1: Why Aren’t We Writing Enough?

We are Jenni and Marc. We have been friends for years. We’re writing a book. In this episode, we explain a little bit about our writing project and why we’re doing this podcast...but we’re not writing enough…WHY? POW stands for Procrastinate or Write. We share ideas on how to avoid procrastination… we also have a good catch up about all those things that contribute to us procrastinating! Does being outside the house help us write? Where are the best places to work? All good...