#40: Boosting Your Creativity

We’re celebrating our 40 episode with a little look at ways to boost your creativity. There are many ways to help your creativity, but hopefully you’ll get some new ideas and info from our comprehensive-ish research. Also this episode - The Good Place"Dr Rangan Chatterjee Find our full show notes on our website. Thanks to our sponsor, BadFish - use offer code POW for 10% off Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @POWpodcastUK Email us at: powpodcastuk@gmail.com Music credit: "Clap...


#39: How To Write (by Other Writers)

Marc happened upon this lovely clip of writers talking to Women's Hour about their writing tips and advice. Writers such as Prue Leith, Angie Thomas, Ruby Wax, Allison Pearson and Nina Stibbe talk about how to write and how they write, and how to write that book! Jenni and Marc pull out their highlights, what resonated with them, and also how Prue Leith manages to get her laptop into the toilets at cocktail parties (what if she needs a plug? Does she carry a rucksack? Does everyone else...


BONUS! #38.5: Jen's Complete NaNoWriMo Journey

A special bonus episode featuring Jen's meanderings as she attempted NaNoWriMo 2019. Jen challenged herself to write a brand new novel over the course of November. That means 50,000 words. It was, as she finds out, a challenge. That is why they call it a challenge. Join her in an audio diary to find out exactly how many words she managed to write each day and her struggles with procrastination and plot lines. Visit our website to find the show notes for this episode


#38: Friends Reunited

We chat about Jen's NaNoWriMo achievement, what else we've done over the end of 2019 and what books and other sources of inspiration we've found lately. And then we talk a lot about puddings. Find our full show notes at our website


#37: NaNoWriMo 2019. Part 4

Can we get a drumroll please? ...Has Jenni done it? Is the end in sight? Has Jenni completed NanoWrimo2019?


#36: NaNoWriMo 2019. Part 3

The Nanowrimo extravaganza continues...will Jenni keep up with her word count, or is the Crown just too distracting?


#35: NaNoWriMo 2019. Part 2

How is Jenni getting on with her NaNoWriMo month? There's only way to find out...


#34: NaNoWriMo 2019. Part 1

We're back! Well, sort of...in a twist to the POW podcast proceedings, Jenni is going it alone for a quick moment to take us on her NaNoWriMo 2019 journey. Are you in the midst of all things National Novel Writing Month? Join Jenni as she talks progress, procrastination and all things writing.


#33: The POWer of the Workspace

While Jenni only cleans her desk when she gets told off by her cleaner, and Marc settles into his brand new tailor-made studio workspace, we talk about the impact that your workspace has on your productivity and creativity. Looking after and improving your environment is an extension of self-care, and will help you not only avoid procrastination but also being called Mr Treebus (if you don’t know who Mr Treebus is, all is explained in the episode). It makes an impact on your state of mind...


#32: 5 Ways to Find Inspiration

In this episode, we discuss motivation and how to find inspiration! What are your quick go-to points of inspiration? What are the tools you always have on hand to fire up your brain and fuel your creativity? Thanks to our sponsor, BadFish - use offer code POW for 10% off Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @POWpodcastUK Email us at: powpodcastuk@gmail.com Find all our episodes: Pow Podcast UK Episodes


#31: Therapy for Procrastinators

Focusing on procrastination and taking on a new angle for this episode, we look at new directions, career paths and how we (well, Jen) could be avoiding big decisions by generally just faffing about. What would you do if you could do it all again? Would you make different choices? Jen is interested in career changes and how people turn their lives in different directions. As someone who’s been in the same sort of job since uni, she’s fascinated about the reasoning and decision making that...


#30: More Games to Help Character Development

Marc and Jenni look at games and tips to help your character development. Just like Mary Poppins (Disney version, not the PL Travers version) we are going to sprinkle some fun into the ways you can develop your characters. You want to make characters that people believe in and care for, so how can you create depth for the personalities that make up your novel or creative writing piece? Jenni and Marc look at the different games and situations that you can use with your characters to make...


#29: How to Start Writing Again After a Break

Join Marc and Jen as they talk about getting back to creative work after a break. If life has got in the way of your writing, how can you get back in the swing of things? We discuss 'Percolating', the new phrase the lovely Chris Billingham (from the last episode) started using to brew ideas and mull over stories in his head, and how this has impacted on Jenni’s work positively. The dwell factor and reflection is an important process, reducing writer’s block and giving you time to really...


#28: Interview with Chris Billingham

In this episode Jenni talks to Chris Billingham, one of our favourite people and a writer of many things. Chris has written three plays, a web series, two short films and won at least two awards. This means he is an 'award winning writer', although he doesn't like us saying that at all. He's a fantastically proficient writer, as well as having a proper job and having two/three podcasts with podcast partner Dan Doolan. We talk about how it's different writing with a partner, increasing...


#27: PomoMARCHo and Setting Creative Goals

Join us for a little catch up episode where we check in on each other and how we’re doing, motivation-wise. We’ve come up against a strange sort of writer’s block when it comes down to finishing our book, so we talk through how writing letters from their characters has given us a push to get into the next phase of novel writing. Will we achieve our Italian-sauce based goals? Will Jenni’s family get bored with constant pasta dinners? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @POWpodcastUK Email...


BONUS! #26.5+: RPDG All Stars 4 & RuPaul's Drag Race 11

You lucky listener, you...not one, but TWO bonus episodes before our latest proper episode reaches you! We couldn't keep this bonus edition buried away for much longer. Jen and Marc finally get chance to catch up on our thoughts about RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 (has Latrice had more chances than Shangela? Did Naomi make the right choice? Who's the real winner?) and we also chat all things season 11 (which has just started on Netflix/VH1), particularly which queens are standing out to us...


BONUS! #26.5: Eurovision 2019 - Early Predictions!

Yes! We're approaching Eurovision season already! Whilst you're waiting for our next regular episode to emerge from the editting studio, Marc thought he would put together a tiny, bonus episode talking about one of the things he loves the most...no, not Kylie...Eurovision! Just over half of the competing countries have announced which song will represent them this year, in Tel Aviv, so Marc takes us through some of his favourites so far, and also has a look at who the bookmakers are...


#26: How Do You Plot Your Book?

We have hit a wall in our book writing process, so we’ve decided to work on our plots. Jenni and Marc break down some plots from famous novels and try and apply them to their own book. We also look at classic plot structures from Well-Storied.com, using Freytag’s Pyramid, the Fichtean Curve and the Hero’s Journey. Also in this episode: · Writing down the Status Quo · Who is the main character in Lord of the Rings? · Is Harry Potter the main character in the Harry Potter books? (yes, yes...


#25: What’s The Right Writing Challenge for You?

We’re discussing writing challenges this time – the whys and hows of setting specific goals for your writing. If you want to stimulate your creativity and set some priorities for your writing, a challenge is the way to go. Writing challenges give you some space to try something different – looking at perspectives, forms, narration and themes that you might not have tried before. Whether it’s something based the style of prose, or something more practical like scheduling in your writing into...


#24: Reading for Pleasure VS Reading for Challenge

We’re talking about reading for pleasure versus reading as a task. Following on from Jenni’s 2018 reading challenge against friend-of-the-show-Gemma’s husband Scott, Marc and Jenni discuss how the challenge went, how it affected Jenni’s love of reading and, crucially, WHO WON! If you’re reading with one eye on the total, it really makes a difference about what and how you read. We discuss the choices that you make, as well as the books Jenni really enjoyed this year, which ones she read...