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Episode 48 Red Seas Under Red Skies Chapters 8-11

In this episode, Locke and Jean spend even more time at sea. They encounter storms, crazy cultists, pirates, and perhaps even….love. Well, at least lust. Predictions: The conflict between Jean and Locke that is highlighted in the opening chapter will tie back to Jeans connection to the people on the Poison Orchid. In the next ... [Read more...]


Episode 47 – Paper Girls Vol 3 by Brian K Vaughan

In this episode we follow the Paper Girls on their adventures in 11706 BCE! It’s a cavegirlapalooza of a good time. Predictions: Liz: Dr. B. is Gramps mother. I think that the girls will make it to 2055. They will meet with Dr. B’s crew or even Dr. B herself and try to talk them ... [Read more...]


Episode 46 – Paper Girls Volume 2 by Brian K Vaughan

In this episode we discover that David Tennant has a penis. Also, we cover the Volume 2 trade paperback of the Brian K Vaughan comic series Paper Girls. Predictions: Liz: Apple discovered time travel. It caused issues and they then banned time travel. Crossing timelines is what caused the Calamity. Chad: KJ’s timeline (The Fourth ... [Read more...]


Episode 45 – Red Seas Under Red Skies Chapters 6 and 7 – Scott Lynch The Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode we spend a lot of time on boats. And a lot of time talking about boats. And water, and sails, and rope, and…you get it. We’re in chapters 6 and 7 of Red Seas Under Red Skies. This is where the story takes a major turn. But, is it for the good? ... [Read more...]


Episode 44 Red Seas Under Red Skies Chapters 3-5 by Scott Lynch of the Gentlemen Bastards series

In this episode we get hot boxed, kicked out in the cold, taken to the garden, and eventually kicked to the curb. We reach chapters 3 through 5 of Red Seas under Red Skies. Predictions: Sabetha is not in this book. The “Masters” that Merrain is referring to are the leaders of the Church of ... [Read more...]


Episode 43 – Red Seas Under Red Skies Chapters 1 and 2 – Scott Lynch The Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode Locke and Jean out drink a circle. Locke and Jean set up camp in a new city. Then they steal too much, and have to move onto an even bigger city with even bigger targets. This particular episode features two particularly exhausted hosts who start to make less and less sense as ... [Read more...]


Episode 42 – The Lies of Locke Lamora Finale – Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode we complete the excellent book, The Lies of Locke Lamora. We cover chapter 16, as well as the interlude and epilogue that follow. In addition we reveal our fantasy casting for the characters in this book. Predictions: Sabetha shows up in the next book. The Guild of the Bondsmagi are not going ... [Read more...]


Episode 41 – The Lies of Locke Lamora Chapters 14 and 15 – Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode Locke goes to a party! Chad makes a lot of ancient pop culture references. And there is a ton of violence against women. Predictions: The Gray King is going to try to defeat the Duke. The Gray King wants to end the secret peace. The Falconer has been using the same type ... [Read more...]


Episode 40 Paper Girls Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan

In this episode we tell war stories about going to middle school in the 1980s. Also we cover the volume 1 trade paperback of the comic Paper Girls. This volume covers Paper Girls #1 through #5. Is this about zombies? Is it about time travel? Space travel? The 80’s? Gender Issues? Yes! This is a ... [Read more...]


Episode 39 The Lies of Locke Lamora through Chapter 13 – Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode Jean Tannen joins a death cult. Locke wakes covered in earthworms and turpentine. Also, Locke steals a suit. Predictions: We approached the idea of discussing the possible significance of the name “Tavrin Callas.” But, we didn’t really bring it home. I think that this name will be significant. I think that they ... [Read more...]


Episode 38 – The Lies of Locke Lamora Chapters 9-11 by Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

This is the most Shakespeareanly tragic episode that we’ve ever had. In this episode we find out what happened to Locke after the confrontation with the Capa Barsavi. What happens to Locke, and Jean, and Bug, and Calo, and Galdo. [choke…choke…sob…sob] But, that is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps…. Also, ... [Read more...]


Episode 37 – The Lies of Locke Lamora through Interlude Half Crown War Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode we cover a huge cliffhanger where Capa Barsavi confronts the Gray King at the Echo Hole. It doesn’t end well for the Gray King, who is being played by Locke Lamora. Does Locke die? Probably not. But, how does he manage to escape? At this point, we have no idea. We also ... [Read more...]


Episode 36 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Interlude through Chapter 7 Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

This episode begins with Locke meeting Jean for the first time. The two don’t get along at the start. Later Chains sends Jean off to train to become a brawler. In the “present day” Locke meets with Capa Barsavi only to discover that Nazca has been killed. Locke confronts The Falconer, but this doesn’t end ... [Read more...]


Episode 35 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Interlude through Chapter 5 Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode, young Locke and the Sanza brothers engage in their first caper. Also, we meet the Gray King! He’s a real bastard. We also debut a new segment called, “Dear Duchess.” If you would like Dear Duchess to answer your question feel free to reach out to us at Predictions: The Berengias ... [Read more...]


Episode 34 – Ready Player One Novel by Ernest Cline

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this dystopian sci-fi novel, Ready Player One. Wade Watts real life in the real world is shit. But, he’s a gunter in the virtual reality world called the OASIS. He is dedicated to a quest to solve a massive riddle hidden by the OASIS creator James Halliday. Who ever solves the ... [Read more...]


Episode 33 The Lies of Locke Lamora through Chapter 4 – Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode we meet Capa Barsavi; both Young Capa Barsavi, and Capa Barsavi in the present. He’s a jackass. And bat shit crazy. Predictions: Locke’s father used to be one of the former Capas that Barsavi put out of power. The Gray King is one of the ex-Capas. The Gray King is Locke’s father. ... [Read more...]


Episode 32 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Interlude through Chapter 3

In this episode Little Locke gets a lesson in humility and decadence in the church of the 13th god. Theguin Big Locke and crew break into the Don Salvara household disguised as “Midnighters,” and tell the Don exactly what they intend to do with him. We hear about “the Spider,” and “the Grey King,” for ... [Read more...]


Episode 31 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Prologue through Chapter 2

Welcome to a new chapter in the Duke and Duchess podcast history. Here is where we begin our second major project, a book club for The Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch. In this episode we begin and the beginning with a little tiny Locke Lamora…if that is your real name…as a young orphan cum ... [Read more...]


Episode 30 – The Slow Regard of Silent Things and The Lightning Tree

In this episode we cover The Slow Regard of Silent Things and The Lightning Tree by Patrick Rothfuss. This completes our time in Temerant. Well, for now anyway. After covering off on Slow Regard and The Lightning Tree we get into questions that we’ve received from listeners over the last week or so. Next week ... [Read more...]


Episode 29 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 143-Epilogue

This is the end. Of the book. Not that Jim Morrison bullshit. No, this is the end of The Kingkiller Chronicle! In this episode we talk about who’s a secret Amyr, and why we still don’t like Denna…but we at least understand her better. Next week we’ll be reading The Slow Regard of Silent things ... [Read more...]


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