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e96. Mask Theory

In the 21st century, when we think of masks, we think of superheroes. But the idea of superheroes as a concept is only about a century old. Masks have been around forever. They have a long history in theatre, professional wrestling and costume balls. Beyond that they have a cultural tradition that dates back to … Continue reading "e96. Mask Theory"


e95. The Good Place and Philosophy

Welcome! Everything is fine. Well, almost everything is fine. Except The Good Place is no more. This week was the season finale of one of the most unique shows ever — a broadcast sitcom based on deconstructing moral philosophy in the afterlife. If you’ve listened to our show before you know that we’re big fans … Continue reading "e95. The Good Place and Philosophy"


e94. Why Do Award Shows Suck?

After being disappointed by last year’s Oscars, Hannah swore that we would never do another show about them. But then she started thinking about it and wanted to take a different approach. It seems like every year during Oscar season, from the announcements all the way through the picks, more people are upset than happy. … Continue reading "e94. Why Do Award Shows Suck?"


e93. Golden Age of Comics

If you’re at least a casual comic book fan you probably know the terms Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age. If you’re a massive comic geek, you probably even know when those ages are. But why do they exist? What’s the relevance of splitting things up like that? What the cultural relevance … Continue reading "e93. Golden Age of Comics"


e92: 2010s Decade in Review

Somehow it’s 2020. I don’t get how that happened. 2020 isn’t a year… 2020 is what you make up if you’re setting some science fiction story in the future and you’re too lazy to pick an interesting sound year like 2027 or something. But somehow it actually is 2020, which means the start of a … Continue reading "e92: 2010s Decade in Review"


e91. 2020 Box Office Draft

Happy New Year! And with a new year, we have a whole new year of movies to look forward to. And for our show, that means the return of the Box Office Game (shamelessly stolen form the Protagonist Podcast… credit where credit is due). On today’s show, Hannah, Katya, Wayne and Mav invite back Stephanie … Continue reading "e91. 2020 Box Office Draft"

e90. 30 Good Things You Missed!!! 2019 Year in Review

Happy New Year! It’s the end of 2019, and that means it’s time for all good podcasts to do a year in review episode. The thing about a show focused on pop culture like ours is that we have already devoted episodes to all of the biggest pop culture events of the year. We know … Continue reading "e90. 30 Good Things You Missed!!! 2019 Year in Review"


e89. Star Wars: Epic Retrospective

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet in the last few days… honestly, if you live anywhere on the planet Earth, then you probably know that after forty-two years in the making, Star Wars is finally complete. Certainly if you’re the kind of person who listens to our show you know that. Of course, you … Continue reading "e89. Star Wars: Epic Retrospective"


e88. Yes, Internet, There is a Santa Claus

Christmas time is nearly upon us and that means… well, actually it means a lot of things. Maybe to you Christmas is about family, or love, or religion, or presents. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas at all. But one thing is for sure this time of year… you can’t escape Santa Claus. He’s everywhere. Santa … Continue reading "e88. Yes, Internet, There is a Santa Claus"


e87. Sentimentalism: Punching Them in the Feels

As we move toward the holiday season, there is one thing for certain that we will see: more and more cheesy Christmas movies. You know the type… they’re on Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, and Netflix. Romantic stories about someone giving something up but then discovering the true meaning of Christmas is family or love or something… … Continue reading "e87. Sentimentalism: Punching Them in the Feels"


e86. Good Things We Hate

(Repost! This is a repost of an earlier posted blog that was lost in a server crash and upgrade) Taste is a funny thing. Whether it’s books, movies, tv shows, music, sports teams, food… whatever. We take our tastes personally. When we enjoy something we want other people to enjoy it too. We try to … Continue reading "e86. Good Things We Hate"


e85. Digital Acting (and Deep Fakery)

(Repost! This is a repost of an earlier posted blog that was lost in a server crash and upgrade) We live in the future. We live in a world where we carry supercomputers in our pocket, we have cars that talk, and we can bring long dead actors back to life to star in movies. … Continue reading "e85. Digital Acting (and Deep Fakery)"


e84. Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy: What is Geek Culture?

Live from MAC Charity Con 2019. Comic book conventions stopped being about comic books a long time ago. In fact, the comic book subculture stopped being about comics a long time ago. Today, it’s more “geek culture” and it includes comics, sci-fi, fantasy, role-playing games, and many other things. But somehow, there are many pop … Continue reading "e84. Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy: What is Geek Culture?"


e83. 🙂Watching Watchmen😵

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen is one of the most popular comic books of all time. It’s been a best seller since 1987, has never been out of print, has been adapted into a movie, video games, role playing game, and now a TV show. It is the single comic book appearing on Time … Continue reading "e83. 🙂Watching Watchmen😵"


e82. Love, Politics and Jane Austen

Usually our show looks at pop culture produced in the relatively recent past. However, that’s not what “popular culture” really means. Really, what this show is about is looking at massive cultural influences and analyzing how and why they happened. And some of that media was produced at longer periods in the past. And some … Continue reading "e82. Love, Politics and Jane Austen"


e81. Stephen King and Horror

It’s Halloween. And in classic podcast fashion that means it’s time to do a theme episode. Halloween is about many things, but one thing it’s about is horror. Horror movies. Horror books. And the master of horror, is Stephen King. Or at least that’s what everyone says… for some reason… But why? What makes Stephen … Continue reading "e81. Stephen King and Horror"


e80. Irredeemable Characters

A couple of weeks ago, the movie Joker was released in cinemas. Even before it came out, there was a lot of concern and controversy about the tone and message behind the movie. Would it cause violence from copycats? Isn’t it just an homage to classic films by Martin Scorsese? Are those problematic too? Does … Continue reading "e80. Irredeemable Characters"


e79. Crowdfunding Creative Culture

Technology has allowed us to live in the future. We live in a future where creators and artists can market their product directly to their fans, cutting out the middle man, by using innovative online software to… ummm… be a different middle man?!?! That can’t be right? But it sort of is. Between crowdfunding sites … Continue reading "e79. Crowdfunding Creative Culture"


e78: Monster Studies-201: Course Syllabus

Happy October! it’s the beginning of Halloween month so we have something a little special. Just over a year ago, we had a show where we invited a bunch of academic friends who teach comics and we developed a course syllabus for a theoretical comics studies course on the air. It was a lot of … Continue reading "e78: Monster Studies-201: Course Syllabus"


e77. Pop Culture Etiquette

We live in a society and there are rules of polite behavior. But what are those rules? Well, that’s not exactly clear. For the most part the basic ones like saying please and thank you, most of us know. And then there are others like where do you put the forks when setting the table … Continue reading "e77. Pop Culture Etiquette"