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ARS #10 Strangers in a Strange Land

Hey it's been a while! My festival season is done and I'm catching up on sleep. And my injured shoulder is healing-- too much strumming apparently. So this summer I'm playing more piano, working on a film project, TV project, and switching gears from performing songwriter to composer. I'll be out gigging again this Fall--Stay tuned for an upcoming 8 track EP due for release January 2019! So this Radio Show is dear to my heart. We all came in to O Street Mansion that Sunday deeply affected...


Americana Radio Show #9 Homegrown & Corn-Fed

I started doing the Radio Show at O Mansion 5 years ago when a radio station from the UK wanted to broadcast my Americana Jams live. And over the years it's evolved into this once a month gathering of songwriters and artists- both regional and national (heck- international too!). It is a labor of love, and to see that 100 of you fine folks download our podcasts every DAY is just stunning to me! Thanks for listening and supporting the diverse, myriad voices that make Americana music a...


ARS #8 Leni Stern & The Roots of Roots Music

Meeting Leni Stern was a game changer for me. She has been named Gibson's Best Female Guitarist 5 years- and her liltling German accent reminds me of my German ancestors. This woman is one of my heroes. Last year we happened to be playing the same night at Silvana, Harlem. She opened my eyes to the African origins of the blues. Her songs on the NGoni (the Banjo's African Grandfather) as beguiling- and her tunes weave beautiful connections between what we term "World Music" and "Americana"-...


ARS #7 Mark Bryan of HBF & Songwriting Nerdfest

At gigs people often ask me who has signed my guitar- two of my heroes: Paul Williams & Mark Bryan. Mark walked into the Mediterranean room for our show in barefeet. Talk about real. Of course his room was just across the hall hidden behind some secret panel. He was literally drying his hair with a towel. Mark has a concert scheduled for the spring at O Mansion, so we thought we would pull out an old recording of a show from last year. Catch him in concert when you can--He is a MUST SEE. I...



Happy 2018! For our first show of the year we had a little too much fun, and the snarkiness was thick. Yoav Schoss back again on ukulele- the musical rocket scientist. Jahnel Daliya graced us with her groundedness, sweet sound, and quick wit! DANG. Suzanne Brindamour showed off hew glorious songwriting, crafted composition, and fingerpicking. I started off with a rendition of Wayfaring Stranger, in honor of all those affected by the DACA- living in fear. My family came here as immigrants....


ARS #5 Gratitude, Paul Williams, & The Great Amigo

Legendary Songwriter Paul Williams has always been a hero to me- First, as a child seeing him on all my favorite 70's shows, then hearing his songs on radio and in movies. Now that I am full-time songwriter and open about my flaws and struggles- I am even more grateful for his authenticity and transparency. So against the grain for a multiple grammy and academy award winner, right? In this episode Paul and I discuss our journeys through recovery, healing, and his New York Times Bestseller...


Americana Radio Show #4 We Too, Part 2- ALLIES

This is Part 2 of our songwriter circle on 10/22 at DC's Mansion on O Street with Lilith Mariana, Teporah, Jacqueline Pie Francis, and Crys Matthews. We get more into our stories of harassment in the music industry. As it was also Domestic Violence month, and many of us are survivors of assault, we shared songs borne from of our experience. There is such hope and beauty in these beautiful women. And what makes us stronger is that we are intentional about being allies for one another. So...


Americana Radio Show #3 We Too, Part 1

For those of us who have survived sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, and/or intimate partner violence, the #metoo movement has been both beautiful and horrifying. The great thing about thinking you might be one of a few can help you see the world as a safer place. But we know the statistics. And now we read the stories. And we are validated at last-- what we have seen and others have ignored for decades. We know our personal stories intersect with so many other stories. But the...


Americana Radio Show #2 Ukulele, Geeks, & Quantum Physics

The monthly Americana Radio Show from O Street Mansion, DC with Artist in Residence Caroline Ferrante and Yoav Schoss. Join us live on fourth Sundays!


Americana Radio Show #1 Peace, Flamenco, & Nerds

We've been recording our Americana Radio Show for two years from O Mansion and now we are psyched for our new format. Every fourth Sunday we meet in the Mediterranean Room on the third floor for a songcircle & conversation. If you are in the DC area, come join us for our recording! We are in Georgetown a block away from DuPont Circle: THIS show we have the most excellent Dan Magnolia, Jorge Serafin, Sally Mae Foster, and myself Caroline Ferrante. I start with a...