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CHIRP Radio News brings you feature stories about current affairs, culture and the arts from all over Chicagoland.

CHIRP Radio News brings you feature stories about current affairs, culture and the arts from all over Chicagoland.
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CHIRP Radio News brings you feature stories about current affairs, culture and the arts from all over Chicagoland.




Joe Swanberg

Chicago-based filmmaker Joe Swanberg visited the CHIRP studios to talk with Dylan Peterson about hyper-localism in his work, Greta Gerwig's actual first film, forgetting to tell his little brother that he kind of made a movie about him, and carrying on the Chicago spirit that has defined the city since the World's Fair of 1893. Season 2 of Easy is available now on Netflix. produced by Dylan Peterson (@_dylanclub_)


Chicago’s Cajun Connoisseur Serves Deliciousness and Opportunity

Kyle Kelly is the co-owner and head chef of The Cajun Connoisseur. He's a self-taught Cajun chef starting out his second winter in the “deliciousness business” of Chicago’s food truck scene. With his crew of family on board, Kelly serves grits, jambalaya and po'boys, makes plans for his brick-and-mortar restaurant, and offers opportunities to young people from his Englewood neighborhood. But his mantra of good food and forgiveness can't prevent gun violence from touching his business and...



In this three-part interview, CHIRP's Dylan Peterson visits the studio of Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi to talk about the art, history, and philosophies of Sonnenzimmer. Butcher and Nakanishi discuss their origins and working relationship as visual artists, the audio/visual/literature project Graphic Arts Future, and the importance of Chicago as a setting for creative work. Sonnenzimmer's solo show Vector Sculptures runs until May 21st at Elastic Arts in Chicago, with a live...


Psychfest and VCSR

CHIRP's Eve Szokolai attended The Hideout's Summer Psych Fest where she talked to organizers about what the festival means for Chicago as well as other cities that celebrate psychedelic music. Before their performance at the fest, Chicago's VCSR talked about the experimental synth recordings they made over 30 years ago, and finally distributing their music via Permanent Records in 2015. produced by Eve Szokolai


Intense Seeing - The Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams

If you’re into infographics, then you probably know about Edward Tufte. He’s arguably the world’s foremost expert in the visual presentation of data, and leader of the campaign against “chartjunk,” the gimmicks and gadgets that frequently adorn and confuse the graphs, tables and charts we see online, in print and at work. When he’s not working on a new book or teaching his one-day course on presenting data and information, Tufte spends his time making sculptures. A collection of his...


Performing Artist Alisa Rosenthal

Chicago writer & performer, Alisa Rosenthal sat down with Bobby Evers and Jessi D after a performance of her variety act, "The Plucky Show," to discuss her stage persona and what it's like to assemble independent theatre in Chicago. The conversation took place as they were striking set, and a series of puppets were enclosed in a dark bag. The next performance of "The Plucky Show" will take place Thursday April 10 at Gorilla Tango.


Animal Kingdom’s Kelly Nothing

Kelly Nøthing runs D.I.Y. space Animal Kingdom, books & promotes rock shows at several other venues, spins records at The Owl, and plays in The Lemons, The Rubs, Sky Maul. She & Charles the AK cat talked with CHIRP DJ JimK about the ephemeral nature of DIY spaces, some local bands she loves, and the appeal of a cheap & lawless town. produced by JimK and Jenn Rourke


Playwright Julia Weiss

CHIRP DJs Bobby Evers and Jessi D sat down with playwright Julia Weiss at The Bad Apple to discuss her new play "Forgiveness." They discussed manic pixie dreamgirls, the patriarchy, and Beyonce. "Forgiveness" will run at The Cornservatory until February 15th. produced by Bobby Evers and Jessi D


The Lost Marionettes of Ralph Kipniss

The Underground Multiplex (TUGM) is an arts advocacy and community outreach group founded in 2010 by Lew Ojeda and Richard Lewis. TUGM is a "transmedia" group, which means they advocate on behalf of all media types. They helped break the story of the possible sale of the Portage Theater, which led to a campaign to help save local independent movie theaters and video stores. More recently, they mounted a Kickstarter campaign to help recover hundreds of marionettes hand-crafted by Ralph...


Interview with Artist Cal Schenkel

People want to be recognized on their own terms. But there are times when your success is more closely associated with something or someone else. When it comes to the work of Frank Zappa, it’s hard to think about anyone but Zappa as being responsible because his personality loomed so large. But artist Cal Schenkel isn’t worried about being defined only in terms of his association with Zappa. “I mean, it has its pros and cons, you know,” says Schenkel. He created the album art for a long...


Found Magazine: Ten Years of Publishing Scraps of Your Soul

One night Davy Rothbart found a note on his car. It was a very personal note. Except it wasn't for him. The writer had mistaken Davy's car for her boyfriend's car. And it was that note that got Davy started on Found Magazine and the website It's a collection of notes, scraps and photos found by people all over the world, items that are sometimes inexplicable and usually funny, perplexing and raw. They are always very personal in that they reveal something about the...