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Episode 85 with Todd Ryden

In Episode 85, we speak with Todd Ryden, CEO of FNEX, a growing on-line alternative investor marketplace. FNEX brings accredited investors together with curated sellers of private placement equity interests, managed futures, secondary private securities, and interests in hedge funds and private equity funds. You can learn more about Todd Ryden and FNEX here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @InvestFNEX & @FNEXTodd Facebook LinkedIn: FNEX & Todd Ryden YouTube About Todd...


Episode 84 with Jason Stevens

In Episode 84, Jason Stevens, investment executive and natural resource specialist for Sprott Global Resource Investments, discusses the potential benefits of investing in the equity of high-quality "Real" Asset agricultural, mining, or energy companies with host, Chris Cahill. That's right, energy companies, even today: the key to garnering inflation protection plus return for such investment is the quality of the companies. Learn more about Jason Stevens and Sprott Global here. Or...


Episode 83 with David Drake

In Episode 83, David Drake takes a break from a world tour on behalf of The Soho Loft to talk with Chris Cahill about why debt crowdfunding will gain ground in the US and elsewhere over the rest of 2016, to the extent that some platforms will switch from equity offerings to debt offerings. David gets everywhere and hears from everyone, so his cosmopolitan insights are substantiated. Come join David Drake's world. Learn more about David Drake, The Soho Loft and LDJ Capital by visiting...


Episode 82 with Phil DeMuth

In Episode 82, Chris Cahill speaks with Phil DeMuth, author of The Overtaxed Investor: Slash Your Tax Bill & Be a Tax Alpha Dog. The author is as engaging and enthused as his frequent co-author Ben Stein affects not to be. Listen and learn about the benefits of taking a "lifetime perspective on your taxes." You can learn more about Phil DeMuth here. Or you can find him here: Twitter: @PhilDeMuth LinkedIn About Phil DeMuth Phil DeMuth is Managing Director at Conservative...


Episode 80 with Carrie Rosenbloom

In Episode 80, marriage and family therapist Carrie Rosenbloom discusses how to cultivate thoughtfulness and discernment in those relationships which constitute the why of our achievements, both professionally and financially. You can find out more about Carrie and The Family Mediation Group here. Or you can find her here: Twitter: @mommyontherocks Facebook LinkedIn: Carrie Rosenbloom; The Family Mediation Group About Carrie Rosenbloom Carrie Rosenbloom is co-founder and...


Episode 79 with Daniel Rossen

In Episode 79, Financial Poise Radio sits with Daniel Rossen, Senior Broker of-CRC Insurance, to speak of insurance. No, wait! Don't run! There are coverages that can help businesses grow! There are coverage choices that are meaningful at different stages of an enterprise's expansion. For a lucid, nay pellucid explanation, Mr. Rossen's your man. You can find out more about Daniel Rossen and CRC Insurance here. Or you can find him here: LinkedIn: Daniel Rossen; CRC Insurance


Episode 78 with Michelle Gershfeld

How are those financial abs? Are you financially fit? Michelle Gershfeld of Get Financially Fit is your financial trainer, and our guest for Episode 78 of Financial Poise Radio. Find out what Michelle means by the tenet "Pay yourself first!" Learn how our attitudes need to be adjusted to improve our relationship with money. And Michelle knows, in part from a career as counsel to chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees. Learn more about Michelle Gershfeld here. Or you can find her here: EmailLinkedIn...


Episode 77 with Bruce Walker

In Episode 77, Chris Cahill speaks about hoards withWorld Numismatist and Cataloger Bruce Walker, of Stack's Bowers Galleries.From Lydia to the present, coins have delighted hoard-finders and collectors. Coins also constitute a tangible asset class with which one may balance the ol' portfolio. Find out more about Bruce Walker and Stack's Bowers here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @StacksBowersFacebookLinkedIn InstagramGoogle+ About Bruce Walker Bruce Walker joined Stack’s Bowers...


Episode 76 with Jonathan Friedland

In Episode 76, Financial Poise Radio host Chris Cahill interviews Financial Poise founder Jonathan Friedland. They discuss the roots of Financial Poise in educating investors about alternative assets, providing distressed deal data and marketing modes, presenting carefully selected and edited writings, and producing webinars on a strict NON pay-to-play basis. You can learn more about Jonathan Friedland here and here. Or you can find him here: FacebookLinkedIn Twitter: @lawyerfriedland...


Episode 74 with David S. Abraham

In Episode 74 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, Chris Cahill discusses "The Elements of Power" -- the first major book (and a very fine one) on the rare earth metals trade --with its author, David S. Abraham.Niobium in steel, much of the Periodic Table in each smartphone, and in smart weaponry: what are thegeopolitical risks and supply chain vagaries associated withmarket dominance by a few nations and players? What should investors know about time frames,extraction risks, pricing...


Episode 73 with Sara Hanks

In Episode 73 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, Sara Hanks, co-founder and CEO of CrowdCheck, reflects onvettingearly-stage private companies seekingonline capital formation in the New Worldcreated bythe JOBS Act.Ms. Hanks' perspective is also informed by her past as an SEC attorney, and her present as co-chair of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies. You can learn more about Sara Hanks and CrowdCheck here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @SaraCrowdCheck;...


Episode 72 with Pete Hecht

Hedge Fund methods with Mutual Fund daily liquidity? In Episode 72, we spoke ofLiquid Alternativeswith Pete Hecht, Managing Director of Evanston Capital Management. Mr. Hecht urged investors to reject hype and tomeasure performance net of fees that can be attributed to such strategies. You can learn more about Pete Hecht and Evanston Capital Management here. Or you can find them here: LinkedIn: Pete Hecht; Evanston Capital Management @EvanstonCapital About Pete Hecht Area of Focus: Topical...


Episode 71 with Tracy Treger

A long-term investment strategy that keeps wealth in and taxes away. Our Chris Cahill spoke withTracy Treger, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at Syndicated Equities about the mechanics of 1031 like-kind exchanges with respect to real estate investment, both for individuals and participants in investment syndicates. You can learn more about Tracy Treger and Syndicated Equities here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @tracy_treger; @SEquities LinkedIn: Tracy Treger; Syndicated...


Episode 70 with Peter Feinberg

Three college friends have started a social media business and ask you to invest $20,000. Is this more likely Facebook or Farcebook? We asked Peter Feinberg, a veteran attorney with Hoge-Fenton of Silicon Valley for the more specific questions an early stage investor should ask. We discuss the Underpants Gnomes' Step 2 and loosely paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre in considering whether "Hell is other investors." Join us for this discussion in Episode 70 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio. You...


Episode 69 with Nick Veronis & Kunal Shah

In Episode 69, Accredited Investor Markets Radio host, Chris Cahill, again has the pleasure of speaking with NickVeronisand Kunal Shah of iCaptial Network. This time, they discuss the mechanics of PE funds and of investing in them, including the compensation structures for fund managers as they relate to gains for investors. In addition, our guests discuss what qualities investors should seek in a fund manager. You can find out more about Nick Veronis, Kunal Shah and iCapital Network here....


Episode 68 with Nick Veronis & Kunal Shah

In Episode 68, Accredited Investor Markets Radio speaks with NickVeronisand Kunal Shah of iCapital Network about the landscape of private equity within the sphere of private investments, including net performance of PE- generally the better returns gained by the top quartile of fund managers. You can find out more about Nick Veronis, Kunal Shah and iCapital Network here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @icapitalnetwork LinkedIn: iCapital Network Nick Veronis Kunal Shah About Nick...


Episode 67 with Josh Maher

Is Angel investing more like buying a lottery ticket or adopting a puppy? Learn this answer as well as other interesting facts about Angel investing in Episode 67 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio. In this episode, host Christopher Cahill spoke with Josh Maher, a Seattle-based Angelinvestor, investor educator,and author ofStartup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups, which features interviews with 23 exemplary early stage investors.Josh has also helped...


Episode 66 with Ed Lehman

Edward Lehman is founder andManaging Director of Lehman, Lee & Xuin Beijing and Shanghai andother locations in China as well as founder of Lehman, Lee & Xu Mongolia, inUlaanbaatar. Our Chris Cahill and Mr. Lehman discussed important changesin Chinese legal and business practices over Lehman's 28 years there. They also discussed President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption program, the use (and non-use)of the recently-enacted bankruptcy law, protection of intellectual property in China, and...


Episode 65 with Christopher Orr

In Episode 65 of Accredited Investor Markets Radio, we learned from Christopher Orr how self-directed IRAs open the way for individuals to hold alternative assets, including interests in private equity funds. Orr points out that the time horizon of private equity investments can match up quite well with the time horizon of retirement funds, and are used increasingly to diversify retirement portfolios and enhance returns. Orr is Director of Institutional Products with PENSCO Trust Company....


Episode 64 with Drew Mason

Join Accredited Investor Markets Radio for a great discussion about gold (and silver, platinum, and palladium) withDrewMason, of Dillon Gage Metals in Episode 64.What reasons support a 10% portfolio allocation in gold, even though gold prices have decreased in recent years? How does the answer to that questioninvolve macro trends like the Fed's asset purchases and low interest rates?DrewMasonexplains these and other questions. Find out more about Drew Mason and Dillon Gage Metals here. Or...