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18: Shutterfly: A Push for Personalization w/ Raquel Basso

Mobile users demand and expect personalization. In this episode Raquel Basso, Director of Global Marketing at Shutterfly, discusses Shutterfly’s approach to creating an engaging in-app experience through personalization and push notifications. Find a breakdown of this episode here.


17: The 4-Step Process to Increasing App Store Conversions w/ Fabien-Pierre Nicolas

With so many apps, going from search to conversion is huge. In this interview with Fabien-Pierre Nicolas from SmartNews, Inc., we learn how he doubled the app store conversion rate at SmartNews in just 30 days. We also got his perspective on creative, attracting new users, fast iteration framework and the future of mobile.


16: How Programmatic Advertising Aids in Monetizing Mobile Apps w/ Jocelyn Sheltraw

Mobile app monetization is the ultimate goal of most app developers today. The industry of mobile applications and the way that app developers monetize their applications has evolved a great deal in recent years. With a shocking 55% of people playing mobile games daily and the mobile app install business making nearly $6 billion in the last year alone, this space is incredibly appealing to those with a passion for technology and a desire to make money. To get a bit more insight about...


15: How Can Mobile Apps Fuel Fan Engagement? w/ James Royer

NFL fans are already obsessed with their hometown team. So how do teams go about increasing the engagement of a radical fanbase even more? That’s a question that James Royer, the Director of Digital Media & Strategy of the Kansas City Chiefs, seeks to answer every day. James is in his third season with the Chiefs where he oversees their social media digital content strategy as well as the team’s Mobile App. The focus of this episode of Appy Hour is the Chiefs App: the role it plays in...


14: The State of the Mobile Industry w/ Eric Seufert

The state of the mobile industry is a loaded topic, but it’s so important. Things are evolving quickly, and it can be hard for people to keep up. Apps have become more and more personalized, for example. In this episode Justina talks to mobile advertising expert Eric Seufert, who runs Platform efforts at N3TWORK. Eric shared his thoughts about the state of the app economy, how to hire a mobile team, and why companies will always need to use multiple channels for marketing. Find a...


13: 3 Tips for the Early Stages of Developing Apps for Smarthome Devices w/ Eric Enge

Smarthome devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo have seen widespread adoption recently. It’s anticipated that this growth will just keep skyrocketing. One estimate predicts that there will be 100 million of these devices in homes by 2024. All of that growth means massive opportunity for app developers, but there’s a potential hitch that needs to be dealt with early. See, apps for smarthome devices have one significant difference from apps for smartphones: We talk to them. Sure, a lot...


12: Hacking Mobile Growth With App Store Optimization w/ Chino Lex

App Store Optimization (ASO) is SEO for mobile apps. In other words, for mobile marketers, ASO is all about how you get discovered. While Apple and Google continually make changes to their ASO algorithms, this doesn’t mean you’re left totally in the dark about how to optimize your app in the app store. Thankfully, we have entrepreneur and mobile growth hacker Chino Lex here with us today to explain how to make your app stand out in a crowded space like an app store. Find a breakdown of...


11: The 2 Most Important Elements of Successful App User Acquisition w/ Jonathan Kay

App user acquisition is an important topic for two reasons: If you don’t have new users, you probably have no business.We live in a world where no matter how good you are, there’s always something more shiny. If you don’t continuously acquire users, you won’t have users at all.It’s unbelievably, disgustingly expensive,and if you do it wrong, it’s costly. Depending on the size of your company, you can only afford to be wrong so many times. In this episode Jonathan Kay, Founder of Apptopia,...


10: Why Cross-Channel Marketing Is Not Optional Anymore w/ Chris Slovak

We live in a connected device world. No one is ever doing one thing at a time. The focus level of consumers is becoming more and more frantic, and the way that they interact with brands has evolved significantly. That’s where cross-channel marketing comes in. There are lots of names for it, including omnichannel, but whatever you call it, it’s incredibly important in today’s world. Listen in as Chris Slovak, VP of Global Solutions Consulting at Tealium, lays out cross-channel trends,...


9: The Perfect User Acquisition Strategy for the Mobile Game Industry w/ Warren Woodward

Every mobile app publisher and marketer wants to understand how their app is performing compared to other apps within their industry. Mobile gaming is no different. In this episode Warren Woodward, Director of User Acquisition at Nexon M, shares his experience in the world of mobile gaming UA, including the industry’s most important KPIs, the best acquisition channels, and where the space is headed in the future. Find a breakdown of this episode here.


8: Mobile App Analytics: Why They’re More Important than you Realize w/ John Lovett

It seems that every year, for the past eight to ten years, we’ve been hearing that this is the year of mobile. While that statement has some truth to it all the time, it seems that now, more than ever, it really is true. Mobile is everywhere. Somewhere around half of all web traffic comes from mobile, and apps are dominating that traffic. This week on Appy Hour, we sat down with John Lovett, a Sr. Partner at Analytics Demystified, a small consulting firm focusing on digital analytics with...


7: Multi-tasking in the Age of Mobile w/ Alison Murdock

Multi-tasking is a part of our everyday lives. Few of us pick up our phones, do one thing, then put our phones away. There’s always a click, or a swipe, or a copy & paste. On this episode of Appy Hour, we sat down with Alison Murdock, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Verto Analytics, to discuss the newest trends in the app space, multi-tasking, & the future of mobile. You can find a breakdown of this episode here.


6: Location Based Marketing & Geofencing w/ Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall, Lead Analytics Developer, and his team at Maass Media believe that clicking “yes” might just open you up to a better digital experience with whatever app you’re working with. On our latest episode of Appy Hour, we chatted with Wesley about Location Based Marketing, in particular, something called geofencing. You can find a breakdown of this episode here.


5: Retention and Ratings on the FOX Sports Mobile App w/ Calvin Kuo

Retention and ratings are topics at the top of every product manager’s mind. How does a popular brand like FOX Sports handle them? In this episode we ask Calvin Kuo, Senior Product Manager at FOX Sports, what strategies he’s using to retain customers and invite them to rate the app at just the right time. You’ll hear how he manages four different apps, the results of an A/B test use case, and of course, Calvin’s take on the future of mobile (his answer might surprise you). Find a...


4: How the 49ers Mobile App Is Personalizing the Fan Experience w/ Meghan Ryan

Sports fans have a lot of different options for consuming entertainment and news. So how does a mobile for a single team—in this case the San Francisco 49ers—stand out? By providing unique and exclusive content, behind-the-scenes stuff that other news outlets might not have. And, of course, by doing really cool things with mobile. Listen in as Meghan Ryan, the 49ers Director of Digital and Social Marketing, shares how the team is using their mobile app to constantly improve fan...


3: How the Grindr App Stands Out Through Authenticity and Inclusivity w/ Peter Sloterdyk

Grindr was one of the first apps on the scene introducing the idea of a GPS-based opportunity to connect with people around you. Grindr, a social community platform serving gay, bisexual, and transgender men, interestingly has not had much trouble with differentiation, which is strange in their particular marketplace. This is, in large part, because of Grindr’s inherent authenticity and inclusivity—both of which naturally make their way into any and all of their consumer-facing...


2: How to Use Control Groups to Test Your App’s Messages w/ Marcelo Zeferino

Push notifications are a great way to engage with your audience. But there’s always a risk: what if the notifications that you think are valuable to your users are actually causing them to uninstall your app? In this episode Marcelo Zeferino, Mobile Product Manager at Peixe Urbano, shares how his company used A/B testing against a control group to find out exactly what type of messaging was resonating with their users.


1: Why You Should Listen to Appy Hour

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