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How YouTuber Erin Busbee Established Herself As The #1 Fashion Channel For Women Over 40

Who’s ready for a super value-packed, deep and exciting episode about YouTube growth, from someone who’s seen it all for the past 6 years? I don’t think you’re ready! Fashion YouTuber, Erin Busbee aka Busbee Style is here and she was so generous with her time and with all her YouTube secrets. If you want to learn how to go from a trickle of views, to constantly over a million views a month and swimming in affiliate income, you’re in for a treat! “If you can take more of a strategic...


Smart, Strategic Youtube Hacks That Will Grow Your Channel Fast Like Schellea Fowler

Whether you’re a woman over 50, or just hungry to make it big on YouTube, you’re going to want to check this out! Lifestyle YouTuber Schellea Fowler, aka Fabulous50s, is sharing her secrets and going deep in lessons on how she grew to almost 600k subscribers in less than 3 years in a niche you really wouldn’t expect. Gain the upper hand by learning all you can in this week’s episode! “What’s kept me going is knowing I’m helping women feel like they’ve got a lot more life left to...


Creating YouTube Content During The Coronavirus: Advice, Insight and Hope

Hey YouTube Power Hour Squad, I have a special BONUS episode for you today. In today's solocast, I'm going to talk about COVID-19 and what it means for content creators. We are ALL affected by this whether it's our health, our jobs, or the economy. There are a lot of unknowns right now, and that makes people panic. It's scary. My heart and my prayers go out to anyone who is struggling right now. There's not a lot that we can really control right now. But there are a few things you CAN...


How YouTube Rising Star Shallon Lester Gets Nearly 5 Million Video Views A Month On Her Channel

Everyone wants the scoop! This YouTuber has found a way to deliver dating advice while spilling the tea on all our favorite celebrity couples. She’s a genius! She’s going to teach you how to do the same, take what you’re great at, and mix it with something people are hungry for right now. Shallon Lester has been blowing up on YouTube for the last year and she’s sharing all her secrets on this episode! “If you don’t know why you got the good things, you won’t be able to anticipate the bad...


The Future of Being An Influencer (2020 Stats you need to know NOW)

Influencer Marketing Hub, in collaboration with CreatorIQ, runs a yearly survey and the results are out. In this solo episode, I'm reviewing the highlights of this report with you and giving you my thoughts on how the results will impact you. 4,000 brands, marketing agencies, and industry professionals were surveyed in regards to their perspective on influencer marketing. The makeup was broken down into: - 34% were brands - 31% work at marketing agencies that work with influencers -...


Why Sarah Therese Left The YouTube Beauty Community (and Grew To Nearly 1 Million Subscribers After)

Authenticity is everything today. When we follow the path that lights us up, we'll find success, no matter what. Our guest this week took that inspiration to a whole other level. She trashed over 200 videos and totally changed her niche, but instead of fading away to obscurity, she soared to almost 1 million subscribers! Lifestyle YouTuber Sarah Therese shares her story, process, and philosophy, plus all her video secrets! “I’d rather make videos I’m hugely passionate about for 10k people...


This Full-Time Harvard Student Went From 0-250K Subscribers in 1 Year with Sienna Santer

What’s the TRUE power of a niche? You hear so often that picking a niche is super important, but how much of a difference does it really make? Our guest this week, lifestyle YouTuber Sienna Santer started vlogging her experience with #dormlife at Harvard and virtually overnight became a viral success. We’re peeling back all the layers and exposing every single detail. No stone will be left unturned! “Who cares if I stand out a little bit, I’m here to do something different.” Sienna was...


Being Over 50 on YouTube with Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Worried that YouTube success is reserved for 20-year-olds? Well, no matter what age you’re at, you’re getting a ton of value from this episode! Health and Fitness YouTuber Dr. Becky Gillaspy is on this week and we’re talking about taking imperfect action and how that can pay off in a huge way. She started off focused on selling her programs but being on YouTube evolved her mission to provide her health knowledge and advice to women over 50. Now she has a thriving business and channel with...


YouTube Trends for 2020 (Why You Need To Pay Attention To These!)

Are you confident about what you need to do to stay on top of your YouTube game? One thing's for sure about YouTube and that's the fact that the platform is constantly changing so you need to be able to adapt and change too if you want to grow. Not to fear though, I've got your back! In this solo episode, I'm sharing the top six trends to include in your 2020 YouTube strategy. Originality is KEY Audience expectations are higher than ever and they're tired of seeing the same old videos...


The Secrets To Picking VIRAL Video Topics For YouTube with Alyssa Beltempo

We’re giving you more ways to find awesome video ideas than you can handle! If you’ve ever wondered how to create videos people will want to watch, then wonder no more, because sustainable fashion YouTuber Alyssa Beltempo is here! She’s a scrappy, up and coming YouTuber who’s built her channel up to almost 80k subscribers with a few viral hits along the way. She’s talking all about how she picks video topics that eventually go viral and how to film your videos on the cheap! “Use what you...


The Secret to Niching Down on YouTube Without Feeling Trapped with Bianca Renee

Growth can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s slow and steady. Sometimes it’s all at once. This week’s guest, hair and beauty YouTuber Bianca Renee, turned an authentic moment into a viral hit which catapulted her into the curly hair niche she was meant for. We’re going to take a look behind-the-scenes to see how what she learned through her life prepared her for YouTube success, how she was able to turn a viral hit into a consistent channel, her experiences of working with brands...


BONUS: Special 200th Episode! Recap 2019 and Looking to 2020

I can't believe The YouTube Power Hour Podcast has had 200 episodes! That's insane! Let's hang on Instagram! DM me over there with any questions about anything pertaining to the bootcamp, the podcast, or just to say hi! I love chatting there! Add your name to the bootcamp waitlist HERE. Here is my podcast episode with James Wedmore if you want to check it out HERE.


How To Grow Your Beauty YouTube Channel In A Saturated Market with Michele Wang

I love talking to my successful bootcampers! I get to do two amazingly fun things: showcase these incredible women who I love so much, and also give you direct access to what made the biggest differences for them and grew their channels. Beauty YouTuber Michele Wang is here to share her journey from knitwear, to leaving her full-time job to pursue YouTube and her secrets for making videos built for engagement and growth! “I can’t emphasize consistency enough! Your viewers start to depend on...


From ZERO to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube in 2 Months with Kenna

There’s no such thing as an overnight success, but every once in awhile, something happens that just makes you wonder. Like this week’s guest who decides to throw up a video, and not even optimizes thumbnails or descriptions, but 10 days later gets millions of views! Biochemist and YouTuber Kenna is here to break down that overnight success and she’s telling us why it was actually several years in the making, and giving you the clues to make that a process you can follow for your next viral...


Natalia Taylor Finally Reveals ALL Her YouTube Growth Secrets! (Nothing Held Back!)

Part 2 of our amazing conversation with Natalia Taylor is here! In part one we dove deep into her origin story, and how her YouTube success forced her to change for the better. Now we’re diving into what videos solidified her comeback and we’re getting a front-row view into her genius for picking video ideas, how she creates content and the secrets for growth and making herself a hit machine! If you loved the last episode, this one will blow you away. We’re getting technical! “If you make...


Natalia Taylor Exposes The Real Story About Her Youtube Career

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for this one! And this week’s guest definitely delivered, because this is part one of a two-part conversation. We had such a good time and went so in-depth, I wasn’t even focused on the time. YouTuber Natalia Taylor gives us the tea on her entire YouTube career and the secret to building a fiercely loyal audience, how to make a YouTube comeback and double your subscribers in the process, and so much more! “I’m constantly growing and changing, and that...


Mom of 3 Makes $300k/year from YouTube with ClutterBug

We’ve seen a lot of diversity on this podcast. I love talking to successful YouTubers because there are just so many ways to build successful and profitable channels. This season we’ve seen someone take up to 2 days to film 1 video, this week we’re finding out what it looks like on the other end of the spectrum. Mom, YouTuber and CEO Cassandra aka ClutterBug shares how she raises 3 kids, plus runs a successful channel of over 400k subscribers and makes $300k a year in all her businesses...


The Best Youtube Editing Secrets To Make Your Videos Better from Professional Editor Emily Olson

I’m super excited to be bringing this to you this week! Emily Olson has been on our show before sharing her wisdom as the secret weapon to YouTube stars. But she’s on again to share more lessons on maximizing your channel with editing and I’m happy to be partnering with her on something that will help you take your videos to the next level. If you’ve ever thought about doing YouTube editing as a business, this is for you as well! “If you learn how to tell your story effectively, you’ll...


How To Grow 650k Subscribers on YouTube with Belinda Selene

What does it take to maintain a YouTube empire with 650k subscribers? For one, a whole lot of passion, and fashion, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Belinda Selene has that in abundance. She also has a ton of other secrets to her success that she’s sharing on this episode. She’s breaking down how she built her empire and the entire process that helps her pump out hit after YouTube hit. If you’re ready to grow, tune in! “If you want to do it, you’ll find a way, and unless you do it you’ll never...


How You Can Grow Your Beauty Channel 100K Subscribers on Youtube in 1 Year with Lisa J Makeup

Want to learn about massively growing your YouTube beauty channel? Let’s move from working with brands to being a brand, with beauty and makeup YouTuber Lisa J on today’s episode! She went from casual hobbyist to successful Youtuber with 147k subscribers to socially conscious business maven, and you have a front-row seat to all the scoop. “I really feel like if you put out content you’re passionate about and proud of, the numbers and the money WILL follow.” - Lisa J Makeup Lisa started...