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Bootcamp Alum Ashley Klaty Shares Her Journey from Zero to 50k YouTube Subscribers

What does it really look like to go from 0 to 50k subscribers in 4 years? Between competing against many top channels in a tough niche, finding ideas that convert into views and building loyal relationships with complete strangers, what does it take to carve out a name for yourself on YouTube? Beauty & lifestyle YouTuber and Bootcamp alum Ashley Klaty shares her journey growing her channel and her biggest takeaways from the Zero To Influence Bootcamp. “You can always learn and benefit in...


Shea Whitney is back and grew almost 400k subs in one year!

The last time she was on she had 30,000 subscribers. Now she has over 400 thousand and its only been a year! Luxury & style YouTuber Shea Whitney shares the most impactful lessons from her rise to the top on YouTube while maintaining her sanity in a hectic world of family and a full-time job. “Fluffy is easy, but that’s not gonna get you results.” Since Shea started, she’s always tried to maintain a release schedule of 2-3 videos per week. As you can imagine, that isn’t easy when kids...


How to Dominate YouTube SEO with Andrew Kan from TubeBuddy

When it comes to growing and optimizing your YouTube channel, there are few tools as well known and loved as Tubebuddy. Tubebuddy’s head of video production and community management Andrew Kan stops by to give all the details so you can crush it at YouTube using SEO. “YouTube wants to make you money… because when you make money, YouTube makes money.” YouTube SEO isn’t a buzzword you can ignore. When it comes to making serious growth, it starts by understanding that YouTube is a giant...


Erica Louie | Do You Want to Dominate the Fashion YouTube World? Strategies from Style YouTuber Miss Louie

If you’ve been thinking about what it takes to quit your full-time job and dominate at YouTube, look no further. Fashion YouTube maven & blogger Erica Louie is taking the industry by storm and she left her full-time job only 1 year ago! Learn all the details as she lays out her path from CPA to a queen of style. “What I thought to be a hindrance or a detour in my career path to YouTube, I found that it was like my destiny!” Erica was in full corporate trajectory mode before she got bit...


Lynette Cenée | How to Be a YouTube Beauty Powerhouse

There’s something magical that happens when you’re connected to your purpose and you’re sharing it authentically with the world. Beauty YouTuber & ipsy Creator, Lynette Cenée, is proof of that -and her channel is exploding. On this episode, we get to know more about Lynette and how she went from a coincidental YouTuber to a beauty powerhouse! “The trick to the business: be a joy to be around, and easy to work with.” Lynette got her start on YouTube purely through serendipity. She was a...


Emily Noel Answers YOUR Questions

All your questions answered! Have you ever wanted to sit with a 10+ year YouTube veteran and ask them everything you could think of? This is it! On this episode, Emily Noel shares her wisdom by answering questions raised by the community. She covers everything from her recording schedule and structure, her business behind the scenes and her passion for makeup and beauty products! “You don’t have to be swayed by doing what everyone else is doing.” This is part 2 of the interview with...


What Emily Noel Knows For Sure About YouTube After 10+ Years and Nearly a Million Subscribers

Have you ever wished you had the wisdom of YouTube powerhouse? On this episode, Emily Noel shares how she got into YouTube and stayed on top in the beauty & makeup niche consistently for over 10 years, gaining almost 1 million subscribers. This is part 1 of a 2-part series, and we cover everything! “Be very in tune with who you are and what makes you special, and stick with it.” When Emily Noel started on YouTube in 2007, it was a fun hobby that helped her to blow off steam after a long...


Bonus Ep: Now More Beauty and the Vlog

Listen to hear about the future of Beauty and the Vlog. Are you interested in the Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp? Join the waitlist HERE.


Looking to Make Some Money as an Influencer? Why Network Marketing Might be your Answer with Carol Yeh-Garner from Young Living Essential Oils

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Network Marketing’? If selling from a place of authenticity, and being surrounded by a caring and cheering community didn’t come up for you, you’ll want to listen to this. In today’s episode, Carol Yeh-Garner shares her passion for selling without being salesy and her journey from worker to network marketing boss! “The more successful our team members are, the more successful we are.” While growing her HypnoBirthing practice, Carol was searching for...


My Thoughts on IGTV | Is Instagram TV the NEW YouTube? BONUS Episode!

Bonus episode of the podcast! I just had to hop on a give my thoughts on the new IGTV. Looking to grow your YouTube channel? Add your name to the Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp! Join the Facebook group to get in on the conversation and share your thoughts on IGTV!


Sarah’s Day | Australian Fitness YouTube Superstar Reveals Her Best Tips for Growing an Online Empire

Is there anything more exciting than building a business and a brand on your own terms? Being able to connect authentically with your tribe and make a successful living while you’re at it is the dream, and you’re going to want to hear from this lady boss who is living it. On this episode, Australian fitness YouTuber Sarah’s Day shares her entire journey and her best advice for growing your online empire as an influencer! “Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you have a good, authentic,...


SheSpeaks Founder Aliza Freud | How to Negotiate with Brands as an Influencer

How do you negotiate with brands the right way, and get deals that others won’t? You’re going to want to listen to this episode to get all the info. Aliza Freud, American Express executive of 10 years, turned Founder of SheSpeaks, dishes the inside scoop on how to successfully work with brands who want to do research and marketing through influencers. “You have to ask yourself - how valuable am I to a brand?” Aliza actually got into the influencer marketing business by accident. She...


#GirlBoss Maria Hatzistefanis of Rodial and Her Rise to Success as a Cosmetics and Skincare Company Powerhouse

Are you thinking about starting your own business? What is the formula for success? How do you even start? Tune in as Maria Hatzistefanis, founder, and CEO, of skincare companies Rodial and Nip+Fab, shares her success story and lessons learned throughout her business journey. “Everyone is unique, and what you have, no one else has.” When Rodial launched their cult product, Snake Serum, the press quickly called the business an "overnight success." However, Maria had been toiling for 18...


Asia Jackson | From Actress to Activist: Using the YouTube Platform for Social Issues

How do you take your YouTube career to the next level? For Los Angeles-based content creator Asia Jackson, it’s by using the YouTube platform to speak about important social issues and to give representation to people who are mixed. As an African-American/Filipino, she has been able to use social media to create the #magandangmorenax movement, empowering mixed women of color to love the skin they are in. “Having an opinion separates you from everyone else.” As an actor, Asia first...


AlexandrasGirlyTalk | The Truth About What It Takes To Succeed on YouTube

While some YouTube videos go viral and catapult their creators to instant popularity, it takes more than a viral video to call yourself a success. So, what does it really take to succeed on YouTube? With a plethora of videos coming from YouTube content creators all over the world, how can you gain audience loyalty and support? “At the end of the day, it’s the people that enjoy your videos that you’re making them for.” Find out the answers to these questions from 23-year-old beauty...


All new! NEW BATV Season! 7 Things NOT to worry about on YouTube and the 1 thing you MUST Focus on!

The new season of the BATV Podcast is here! I am starting the podcast off with a solo episode where I recap my experience with the Beauty and the Vlog YouTube Bootcamp and also reveal the 7 things you do NOT need to be worrying about on YouTube plus the 1 thing you NEED to focus on.


CoffeeBreakwithDani | Why You Should Always Be Authentic on YouTube

Based in Texas, Dani of "CoffeeBreakwithDani" is a 32-year-old mom with two boys as well as a classically trained chef and nutritionist. She began her all-things-beauty YouTube Channel in May of 2013, and to date she has 425,000 subscribers and 33 million video views! In this podcast, Dani talks about the importance of making connections with followers and engaging your audience. Check out the show notes. Download your FREE guide: 6 Tools YouTubers Use to Get Thousands of Video...


Karissa Pukas | How to Do YouTube Full-Time and Make It Your Career

Karissa Pukas is a full-time YouTuber from Canada now living in Australia. She reveals how she got started in YouTube and how she was slowly able to increase her subscriber base. Check out the show notes. Download your FREE guide: 6 Tools YouTubers Use to Get Thousands of Video Views Don't forget to join the Beauty and the Vlog Facebook group for collaborations, YouTube advice, support and more! You can also follow me on Instagram!


How Micro-Influencers Can Work with Top Beauty Brands Part 2 | nurberxo

The wait is over, beauties! Welcome to Part II of our interview with Nur. As a beauty vlogger who goes by the handle nurberxo, she has been a YouTube influencer for seven-plus years. Through an unexpected opportunity, Nur began working with beauty brands as a social media strategist. For the past year and a half, she has consulted with some of the biggest beauty brands on how to work with influencers and create a powerful social media presence. Her inside-out perspective as an influencer,...


How Micro-Influencers Can Work with Top Beauty Brands Part 1 | nurberxo

Nur is a Beauty Vlogger by the name Nurberxo who has been on YouTube for seven-plus years. Through an unexpected opportunity, she began working with beauty brands as a social media strategist. For the past year and a half, she has consulted with some of the biggest beauty brands on how to work with influencers and create a powerful social media presence. Her inside-out perspective as an influencer, coupled with her business background and fascination with psychology is what has made her a...