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How 18 Year Old Alivia D'Andrea Grew a Million Subscribers in Two Years

You’re definitely not too young or too old to make your voice be heard and build an impactful brand on YouTube! Don’t take my word for it - flexibility and fitness YouTuber Alivia shares her heart-centered approach to blowing up on YouTube! The icing on the cake is: she’s only 18 years old! You’ll want to listen to this one right now! "You can’t go wrong when following your heart. Start with that." This powerful young woman is only 18 but she’s a total giant, and it’s not even because...


I'm back! New Podcast Season, my 2018 Year and HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

YTPH squad, I'm back and it feels good! In this spanking new episode of the YTPH I reveal some personal insight into my 2018 year and how I upleveled my life to start a business I had been dreaming about for years and what I had to sacrifice in the process. I reveal a little more about me, my goals and reveal a HUGE announcement! If you are enjoying the podcast, PLEASE leave a review! It helps so much! Also, I would love for you to tag me on insta as you are listening and let me know...


The Secret to YouTube Success That You Need To Know with Raven Elyse

Success is something we all want to achieve but it’s not always easy to come by. You’ve probably heard many YouTube content creators talk about their stories, how they first started their channels, how they struggled, and how they eventually gained thousands of subscribers to finally achieve YouTube success. However, when you look at the sheer number of YouTube channels out there, you can definitely say not everyone becomes successful. So, what is the secret to YouTube success? "YouTube...


How to Reach a Million YouTube Subscribers with Nikki Phillippi

Nikki Phillippi is based in Southern California and started her YouTube channel 8 years ago in 2010. She was a performer and after experiencing an injury, decided to hop onto YouTube instead. Since then, she has gained 1.3M subscribers and over 120 million video views. Check out the show notes Join the Zero to Influence Bootcamp waitlist Download your FREE guide: 6 Tools YouTubers Use to Get Thousands of Video Views Don't forget to join the Beauty and the Vlog Facebook group for...


How to Leave Your Full-Time Job for a YouTube Career with Rachel Cooper of RachhLoves

Rachel of Rachhloves has been a beauty YouTuber since she started her channel, about 8 years ago Since then, she has gained over 154 million views and roughly 1.4M subscribers. On her channel, she chats about makeup, fashion and lifestyle. Check out the show notes Join the Zero to Influence Bootcamp waitlist Download your FREE guide: 6 Tools YouTubers Use to Get Thousands of Video Views Don't forget to join the Beauty and the Vlog Facebook group for collaborations, YouTube advice,...


The Viral Video Beauty Queen Reveals Her YouTube Secrets with Mayra Garcia of MayraTouchofGlam

Have you had thoughts about starting a YouTube channel but don’t have the confidence or are too shy to take the plunge? Check out today’s episode and see how our guest overcame her fears and shyness to become YouTube’s viral video beauty queen. “We all do this because we love it but it is nice to get recognized for your work.” Mayra Isabel Garcia, of Mayratouchofglam, knew from the start that she wanted to have her own YouTube channel. But she didn’t always have the confidence from the...


The Best YouTube Tech Tips, Tricks and Equipment You Need to Know with Caleb Wojcik of DIY Video Guy

Are you wondering what would be the best YouTube equipment to use when starting a YouTube channel? Or, are you someone who’s looking to upgrade your work and give your videos a new look using different tools and technology? Whether you’re just beginning to set foot in the YouTube world or you’ve already been vlogging for some time, today's episode will surely provide you with a tremendous amount of great information. In this episode, we’re going to hear from expert videographer, Caleb...


Instagram vs. YouTube: What You Should Focus On with Katie and Ryan Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness

Are you looking to embark on your very own journey to becoming a beauty, lifestyle, or health and fitness influencer? Most, if not all, influencers out there can be found on multiple social media platforms, the most popular of which are YouTube and Instagram. However, if you're someone who's just starting out, which social media platform should you get on first? Should you consider getting on both, or is it better to stick to just one? Instagram vs. YouTube – which one should you focus on...


Turning Your Passion Into a Profitable Online Brand with Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbsCookies

What are you passionate about? Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to earn a living out of what you love to do? Has the idea ever crossed your mind? What is the secret to turning your passion into a profitable online brand? "Even the stuff that didn't turn out great, it's always a learning experience." Amber of SweetAmbsCookies started sharing her passion for cookie decorating on YouTube after realizing people were actually more interested in learning how she made her cookies than buying...


Why You Need to Plan and Pre-Schedule Your Content as a Blogger and YouTube Creator with Nikole Goncalves of Healthnut Nutrition

Do you randomly blog or post videos in your YouTube channel, or do you plan and schedule your blog content? Well, today we will learn from our guest why it’s far better to do the latter and take a look at all the benefits you can get by keeping track of trends, events and holidays, and keeping a content calendar of what you’re going to post and when. Nikole is the face behind the popular health food and lifestyle YouTube channel, HealthNut Nutrition. She is a passionate "health nut" who...


The Best Growth Hacks Every Influencer Needs to Know For Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram with Angela Lanter

Gaining popularity as a blogger or YouTuber doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work to put content out there consistently and have people notice you. Since Instagram started, the platform has helped content creators gain subscribers from all over the world. It’s a safe bet that gaining followers using a growth hack for Instagram would also give you a bump in followers on your blog and an increase in your YouTube subscribers as well. “Facebook is like Pinterest, it’s so underused by...


YouTube Power Hour Podcast Update! Listen in for what's going on!

The YouTube Power Hour Podcast is going on a small break to prepare for our new season of interviews. Stay in touch through instagram, our Facebook group, and our weekly newsletter. If you are interested in joining the next Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp, make sure you join the waitlist!


How to Increase Your Productivity as a YouTube Creator with Haley Burkhead

Feeling like you’re always working but barely seeing results and enough return on your investment? Take the lessons and advice from Podcaster and Productivity Expert Haley Burkhead and optimize your time to optimize your life and your profits! Get ready to take note because really practical advice is coming your way, and you’ll want to implement them immediately! “You don’t have to work as hard for money as you think you do.” Haley helps entrepreneurs hit 5-figure income months while...


Hair YouTuber Shares How She Stands Out + Why YouTube is HARD with Lucy Loepsie

YouTube is hard but it’s not impossible! You have just as much chance to hit success as anyone. Just take it from a 10-year YouTube veteran living all the way in the Netherlands! Beauty & Hair YouTuber Lucy “Loepsie” Kyselica gives us the scoop on her journey from zero to half a million subscribers and how you can carve a place out for yourself on YouTube! “You’re always one video away from a viral video, you never know which video is going to hit.” Loepsie is a 10 year YouTube veteran....


How to Build a Strong Personal Brand on YouTube with Sierra Schultzzie

Do you want a fulfilling career where you get to be 100% creative and make a great living doing only what you're great at for the people you love being around? Who doesn’t! Here’s a great case study on how to get there. In this episode, Fashion and Body Positivity YouTuber Sierra Schultzzie shares her passion and energy with us, along with the details on how she carved out her own niche and gained 380k subscribers along the way! “I make sure that as much as I put into the content, I also...


How Amy Serrano Grew From 0-200k YouTube Subscribers in Only Two Years

What do you think it takes to go from 0 to having 200k subscribers, influence, brand deals and doing what you love, all in record time? The rules to the game are simpler than you might imagine! In this episode, Fashion and Beauty YouTuber Amy Serrano makes it look super easy as she shares her secrets on her enormous growth in less than 2 years! “It doesn't matter if you mess up, every first video is SUPER cringy, just keep progressing and keep going.” Amy was working as a freelance...


Building Your Personal Brand as a YouTube Creator with Erin May Henry

How do you build a personal brand that truly fits who you are? In this episode, YouTuber, Podcast Host and Personal Branding Mentor Erin May Henry stops by to give you all the juicy details on connecting with your true, unique selves and making you shine! “Find that thing about you that is going to make you stand out, and there always is going to be something.” Erin is an Australian Personal Brand Building Rockstar! She started her YouTube channel in 2014 while she was studying Public...


Embrace Your Unique Self and Find Your Perfect Audience with Michaela Davert

What do you do when you’re searching for content that represents you but you find none? You make it yourself! In this episode, beauty YouTuber, Michaela Davert, stops by to share her story and her experience growing her channel and getting huge press and her top tips on how you can stand out with your uniqueness! “I never came across a young woman with a disability and I thought why don’t I try to be that new face and change that?” Michaela started on YouTube in 2014. She stumbled onto...


YouTube Burnout: The Struggle is Real with Sari Reanna

Are you stuck in YouTube burnout hell or want to know the best ways to avoid it? In this episode, Beauty YouTuber Sari Reanna joins us and shares the details of her YouTube career and how she navigated burnout and came out on top! “If you love what you’re doing, everything else is going to follow, everything else will fall into place.” Sari is a 23-year-old full-time YouTuber who created a name for herself on YouTube by sharing her struggles with severe acne. She lives in Edmonton, Canada...


How to Brand Your YouTube Channel with Influencer Branding Specialist Megan Acuna

Never be left in the dark about branding your YouTube ever again! Influencer Branding Specialist Megan Acuna is here to take care of you, sharing everything you need to know to make yourself into a top-notch brand! She is also a bootcamper and in this episode, she answers a ton of audience-submitted questions as well. “Functional and readable is always better than pretty.” Before diving into YouTube, Megan’s first job out of college was as a Social Media Manager. Working at the company,...