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Episode 022: Listener question - “Isn’t DPS something traders already do?”

A couple of weeks ago we shared a podcast about Dynamic Position Sizing (DPS). After that episode, we received an interesting comment from BTA podcast listener Paul (thanks Paul!), which we believe could bring more clarity to other traders as well. Paul is a trend follower who’s been trading for about 2 years. He’s figured out that varying his position sizing can be a good way to improve his results. So, he started applying position sizing to his trading, betting more on trades he...


Episode 021: The most important trading metrics

A lot of traders think of performance in terms of the dollars they’ve made or lost. But knowing how to effectively measure trading strategies, portfolios and overall trading performance is key to long-term success. The overwhelming number of statistics available in backtesting software these days is incredible, but… Most of it doesn't actually matter. So, how do you separate what’s important from what’s not? In today’s episode, we share the most important metrics we’ve used over the...


Episode 020: Listener question - “How to get over a losing streak?”

Imagine starting your trading journey. You have a super positive mindset and you’re excited to learn and succeed. You keep learning and improving your craft, and you keep seeing positive results coming your way. You have profits. You feel great! You have a good number of robust strategies and your equity curve is looking smooth. But all of a sudden… you feel like you’ve been hit by a hurricane. Your trades start losing, and you feel devastated. You’ve done everything according to...


Episode 019: Success story #3 (PART 2) - How Alan the surgeon initiated operation “portfolio”

Last week, we hosted a brilliant discussion with the orthopedic surgeon, Alan. With his outstanding surgical focus and the Breakout Strategies Masterclass, he created more than 70 highly robust strategies in less than 2 months. If you haven’t listened to that podcast yet, make sure to check it out first as Alan shares all of the crucial lessons he’s learned throughout his trading career. But he’s not done yet… As he prepares to go live with his first portfolio, he’s here today to give...


Episode 018: Success story #3 (PART 1) - How orthopedic surgeon Alan created more than 70 robust strategies in under 2 months

Alan, an electric engineer tuned orthopedic surgeon, went into trading with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. And as most traders do, he learned the hard way… He learned that the beautiful backtesting curves being sold online bring you nothing but pain and frustration. And you can probably guess that Alan lost a big chunk of his account very quickly… Actually, he lost 50% of his account in ONE single day. Ouch! He suffered BIG time. But nevertheless, Alan stood his ground. He was...


Episode 017: How DPS can increase your probability of success

Trading is a probability game. But the probability of the success of each trade changes every single time. While the market conditions of today may reduce the probability of a trade by 50%, tomorrow the conditions may increase the probabilities. So, it doesn’t matter what trading system or strategy we trade… we cannot treat all trades equally. If a trader has a proper understanding of this, it can be leveraged to improve performance, sometimes radically. How, you may ask? Dynamic...


Episode 016: The 'traditional trading' trap

Let’s face it… most traders will NEVER make money in their trading career. Yup, you read that right… in their ENTIRE trading career. And why is that, you may ask? Well, we could call it a tradition! Tradition is that one way everyone does something the same. That one path that everyone follows. For example, you see many generations of traders using the same risk management approach. Understandably, you go in the same direction because that’s how it’s been for a while. But if the...


Episode 015: How to survive confused markets

Imagine having a trade that's had a nice run and is holding a tidy profit. Then, just before the market closes, right before you’re going to exit your trade, there’s a fast sell-off and you end up closing the trade with a loss. Yup, one minute you’re on the right side of the market and the next you’re watching your trading account suffer. It just sucks! Creating good trading strategies is challenging enough. But having to deal with the markets’ unpredictable and changing ways makes it...


Episode 014: The perfect solution for your trading problem

Imagine you need a new pair of shoes. You go to the shoe shop and explain to the store attendant what type of shoes you want. Now, imagine if the store attendant tells you they only have 1 type of shoe and it only comes in 1 size. They recommend this same shoe to ALL of their customers, and they recommend it to you too. They don’t even check if it’s in your size! Would you take it? Probably not. To get the best results you need shoes that match you. Shoes that match your foot size....


Episode 013: Listener question - “What’s the best software for executing and monitoring strategies?”

Do you remember those ‘Apple vs PC’ ads on the TV in the 1990s? They were a funny but very effective look at the differences between 2 competing options, and they ignited a debate that continues on today. Everybody has their opinion on which is better, but the answer usually comes down to what you want to do with it. And we can often see the same in trading software. A HUGE part of successful trading is being able to execute and monitor your trading strategies effectively. But to do...


Episode 012: Listener question - “Why do I need to have loads of breakout strategies to be successful?”

There are a lot of wrong assumptions when it comes to trading strategies… One is that you only need 1 or 2 strategies to be successful. Another is that a trading strategy will last forever. Both of these aren’t true. The lifespan of trading strategies has been getting shorter and shorter over the years. The markets are getting noisier. There are more algorithms. Greater changes in volatility. Tougher competition... If your strategy lasts 5 years, then consider yourself lucky! So ask...


Episode 011: Knowing it all won’t make you rich

Most strategies fail. Most traders will spend their time trying to understand the most intricate detail as to why they failed. Even though that’s a good thing overall, it can also be your worst enemy. At some point in your trading journey, you have to embrace that you can’t decipher everything. Spending time trying to understand the minute details will make you lose money in the long run. I did just that when developing my brilliant framework that is now the core of the Breakout...


Episode 010: From Thai beach to trading champion

Max Schulz, a swing trader from Germany, was having the time of his life in Thailand. One day, while sipping cocktails on the beach with his trading mates, someone jokingly asked if they could beat Larry Williams 10,000% return in the World Cup Trading Championships. With absolutely no preparation, and barely any experience in trading stock index futures Max took their joke seriously and entered the competition. The result? Max came 3rd place in the 2017 World Cup Trading Championship,...


Episode 009: Maximizing profits, minimizing drawdowns

Imagine having access to thousands of different trading strategies… By analyzing their live performance, you could determine exactly what works and what doesn't. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, you’re in luck! On today’s episode, we’re joined by Martin Lembak, a veteran broker with 17 years of experience. He’s executed and analyzed more than 1000 strategies from some of the best traders and strategy developers in the world. He’s also been Tomas’ personal broker for almost 14...


Episode 008: Listener question - "How much can traders realistically make?"

Every day there are billions of dollars turned over in the markets and traders can make (and lose) a lot of money. But there is so much hype, scam and lies on the internet about how much money traders make, it’s hard to know what to believe. And whether you realise it or not, your expectations can have a subtle and sometimes radical impact on your trading performance. Many traders come into the game with unrealistic expectations. They become deceived by these fairy-tale stories...


Episode 007: Success story #2 - How global stock trader Craig improved risk adjusted returns by almost 40%

On today's podcast, we have another success story. This time we’re joined by Craig Peters from London, England. Craig is an algorithmic stock trader who scans about 10,000 global stocks every day looking for trading opportunities. He was looking for a way to reduce nasty drawdowns. After taking a technique he saw in a Better Trader Academy course and applying it in a unique way, he saw a BIG difference in his trading… Not just in back tested results, but in LIVE trading too. The results...


Episode 006: Yes, Your Strategy Will Very Likely Fail

Failure sucks. It is embarrassing, frustrating and deflating and can lead to doubt, stress and a huge bar tab at the local pub. Unfortunately, in trading, failure is a common occurrence. Especially with trading strategies. They can degrade painfully over time, and even fall apart completely... and sometimes VERY quickly. But there are some steps traders can take to reduce the chance of total strategy failure. In this podcast episode you’ll discover:


Episode 005: Success story #1 - How Henrik had 'overnight success' and you can too

On this episode of the BTA podcast, we’re joined by a true trading success story. Henrik, who has spent most of his working career as a business consultant, joined the Emini Breakout Strategy course and initially did nothing with it. But then one day he took a key step which resulted in what can only be called an “overnight success”. What did he do? How did he do it? And what were the results? Here’s what you’ll discover in our chat:


Episode 004: A trading legend shares how to evolve into a successful trader

In today’s BTA podcast episode, we’re joined by a trading legend… Someone who knows what it takes to be the best… Someone with a trading career that spans almost 40 years and has won numerous awards for outstanding trading performance… Someone who has even consulted to power-house firms such as Goldman Sachs… AND he pioneered the use of ‘Walk Forward Analysis’ too! That’s right, today we’re honored to be joined by special guest Robert (Bob) Pardo. Not only has Bob had a HUGE impact on...


Episode 003: Understanding exits - the #1 ingredient to successful swing trading

Entries, entries, entries. Traders LOVE talking about entries. And even though exits are a critical part of trading, almost nobody talks about them. They’re just not sexy enough. But exits can make a HUGE difference in your trading results, so it’s time to stop ignoring them. We’ve received a number questions from Breakout Strategies Masterclass students about swing strategies and exits, and today we’re going to answer some of them. In this episode you’ll discover: