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On "Minter Dialogue," your host Minter Dial (@mdial) gives weekly interviews on digital, new technologies, and brand strategy, featuring leading business leaders, personalities, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! Show notes are on Please come join the conversation!

On "Minter Dialogue," your host Minter Dial (@mdial) gives weekly interviews on digital, new technologies, and brand strategy, featuring leading business leaders, personalities, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! Show notes are on Please come join the conversation!
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On "Minter Dialogue," your host Minter Dial (@mdial) gives weekly interviews on digital, new technologies, and brand strategy, featuring leading business leaders, personalities, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! Show notes are on Please come join the conversation!








The Lessons Learned from Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Decoded Future and TheCurrent, Liz Bacelar (MDE295)

Minter Dialogue Episode #295 Liz Bacelar is a renowned entrepreneur and speaker, at the cutting edge of fashion, retail and technology. Credited with driving the link between fashion and technology, Liz is a dynamic and forward-thinking entrepreneur, who founded and sold Decoded Fashion. In this conversation with Liz, we discuss her journey with Decoded Fashion, some of the lessons learned within the fashion industry, and the constraints and opportunities in B2B. We hear about the launch...


Why, when and how to make your brand political with Latia Curry from We Are Rally (MDE294)

Minter Dialogue Episode #294 Latia Curry, whom I first heard and met speaking at SXSW. After spending 20 years in communications, marketing, government, and the world of international NGOs, Latia Curry is now a Principal at RALLY, channeling her wide breadth of experience into laser-focused messaging, strategy, and campaigns. In this conversation, we discuss the objectives and challenges of inserting politics into your brand communications and general gestalt. We look at keys to success,...


Exploring new business models, fixing communications and discovering Wellville with Esther Dyson (MDE293)

Minter Dialogue Episode #293 Esther Dyson is a trained Cosmonaut, author, philanthropist and one of the world's most active angel investors, focusing on breakthrough efficacy in healthcare. Esther is advisor or on the board of many interesting companies including 23andme and Yandex. She's currently executive founder of Wellville, a fascinating nonprofit project dedicated to demonstrating the value of investing in health. In this wide-ranging conversation, we look at exciting new and...


Creating ridiculously good content with MarketingProf's Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley (MDE292)

Minter Dialogue Episode #292 Ann Handley is a keynote speaker of great renown, digital marketing pioneer, WSJ best-selling author, and partner and chief content officer at MarketingProfs. In the first ever themed podcast here, Ann and I riffed on ultimate frisbee metaphors and images throughout, talking about how brands should go about making ridiculously good content, the importance of developing pathological empathy, and how to navigate great digital marketing in today's crowded...


How To Win The Battle for Tech Talent with Simon La Fosse (MDE291)

Minter Dialogue Episode #291 Simon La Fosse is founder and chairman at his eponymous firm, La Fosse Associates, an award-winning recruitment agency founded in 2007 and specialised in technology recruitment. While based in the UK, they also have a presence in LA and NY. It's a co-owned business that deals with one of the hottest topics: how to win the battle for tech talent. In this conversation with Simon, we look at the lay of the land for recruiting techies, what do companies need to be...


Disrupting the Tradespeople Market with Rated People's CEO Celia Francis (MDE290)

Minter Dialogue Episode #290 Celia Francis is CEO of Rated People, a marketplace in the UK for tradespeople, such as plumbers and electricians. It's a disruptive player, making waves. In this interview with Celia, we look at the challenges of setting up and driving this business in a £50B market, how to create a trusted network, build up the consumer demand with 31 different trades in as many neighbourhoods as possible in the UK. We also explore how Rated People does its marketing, and...


Here's How Merrill Brown Plans To Fix The Media Problem: Check out The News Project (MDE289)

Minter Dialogue Episode #289 Merrill Brown is founder and CEO of The News Project, a startup helping to make news and news rooms better and more affordable. With a deep background in media, Merrill has been involved as a board member or adviser of many notable organisations, including GoLocal24 and the City University of NY Graduate School of Journalism. He's also Principal at MMB Media, a strategic and management consulting firm for media and digital businesses. In this conversation, we...


A New Way to Explore Your Genetics Anonymously and to Conquer ADHD with Ofer Lidsky (MDE288)

Minter Dialogue Episode #288 Ofer Lidksy is a serial entrepreneur, with his finger on the pulse having launched a handful of startups, including in security (Terrasafe) and Computer Brain Interface (Excellent Brain). In this conversation we discuss his startups and the mission that drives Ofer. We also take a deep dive on his latest initiative with Digital DNAtix, a genetics blockchain company that is striving to create an open, worldwide platform for confidential and anonymous genetic...


Explore Your Epigenetics For Better Personalised, Preventative Healthcare with Chronomics CEO Dr Tom Stubbs (MDE287)

Minter Dialogue Episode #287 Dr Tom Stubbs is the CEO and co-founder of Chronomics. With a PhD in epigenetics, specialised in aging, Tom and his team launched Chronomics late last year. It's a service that looks at your epigenetics and provides an analysis that encourages action because you can evaluate the progress (as opposed to a stable genetic test). Tom has offered a salivating offer for listeners of this podcast, so please take a look. If you're interested in preventative health,...


Using Artificial Intelligence To Decode Our Heart Beat Into Emotions with Limbic AI's CEO, Ross Harper (MDE286)

Minter Dialogue Episode #286 Ross Harper, with a Masters in Neuroscience and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience, is founder and CEO of Limbic AI, a recent startup building a robust dataset and using artificial intelligence to infer the emotional state of the user, wearing an appropriate wearable device, from his/her heart beat. In this conversation, we discuss the opportunities that reading the heart beat could do for many different businesses. We look at the key to building a business...


Talking Digital Transformation, Leadership and the Challenging Media Landscape with Esra Dogramaci (MDE285)

Minter Dialogue Episode #285 Esra Dogramaci works at the intersection of politics, international relations, communications and all things digital. Presently, the senior editor, digital at Deutsche Welle, Esra has worked as a consultant for the BBC, as a new media analyst for Al Jazeera all while having started off her career as a high level ice hockey player. In this conversation, we discuss the challenges of transformation in media companies, how to create and distribute powerful...


Using Data & AI to create preemptive and preventative recommendations for athletes with Helene Guillaume, CEO of WILD (MDE284)

Minter Dialogue Episode #284 Helene Guillaume is co-founder and CEO of WILD, a health tech startup backed by Entrepreneur First, pioneering in creating pre-emptive, preventative care for athletes. Specifically, WILD collects various data inputs and uses AI to help understand your body and provide smart, personalised recommendations. With Helene's combination of a high-performing athlete and her quant/data background, WILD is a fascinating venture. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the...


James Monaghan, building a trusted digital identity infrastructure for the world at Evernym (MDE283)

Minter Dialogue Episode #283 James Monaghan, whom I met as a fellow speaker at CogX 2018, is VP Product Management at Evernym, a startup based out of Utah, building the next generation of identity infrastructure for the world. It's a fascinating project, tackling a big challenge that is designed to enable trusted peer interactions between individuals, organizations, and objects and to give the individual true control and ownership of his/her personal data. It's a cutting edge technology....


Building A Unique And Successful Brand In A Crowded Market: Madison Reed by Amy Errett (MDE282)

Minter Dialogue Episode #282 Amy Errett is an unique businesswoman who has worked in big business, led a VC, has operated on many boards and also started multiple entrepreneurial outfits. Her latest is Madison Reed, launched it in 2014, manufacturing and selling hair products in the US. In this conversation, we look at the early lessons learned, the trifecta of ingredients that has contributed to Madison Reed's success, their effective way of using tech to drive the business and a good...


How to Tackle Disruption, Ask Better Questions and Adapt to Survive with Jack Uldrich, Futurist and Best-Selling Author (MDE281)

Minter Dialogue Episode #281 Jack Uldrich is an acclaimed global futurist, keynote (including TEDx) speaker, and best-selling author. In this conversation, we discuss why business executives need to unlearn and embrace ambiguity in order better to lead, how leaders should be asking better questions, how change comes about, the most exciting prospective new technologies as well as those that keep Jack up at night. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the show notes on If you...


Discover the Pragmatist's Guide to Life and a new approach to finding purpose with Simone and Malcolm Collins (MDE280)

Minter Dialogue Episode #280 Simone and Malcolm Collins are wedded entrepreneurs, authors and travellers. Working with Malcolm, Simone is the CEO of Travelmax, selling wholesale travel tickets to boutique agencies and providing white-glove travel management services to celebs. Malcolm is a neuroscientist by training and co-founded with Simone, the art commission marketplace ArtCorgi. Together, they also founded the Pragmatists Foundation and are the authors of the Pragmatist's Guide to...


Behind the scenes with the successful Somnai Experience in London with Andrew McGuinness (MDE279)

Minter Dialogue Episode #279 Andrew McGuinness is the CEO of Ellipsis Entertainment and founder of the BMB and Seven Dials PR agency. Through DotDotDot London, part of Ellipsis, Andrew partnered with a couple of agencies to create an innovative and provocative entertainment experience in the heart of Clerkenwell London. It's an immersive multi-reality 60-minute experience that is well worth the visit. In this conversation, we look behind the scenes at the making of the experience, the...


Understanding and Leveraging Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain with Peter McCormack (MDE278)

Minter Dialogue Episode #278 Peter McCormack is one of the pioneers in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Having literally fallen into the space, Peter is an experienced cryptocurrency trader, miner, blogger, podcaster and advisor, cruising the world and advocating cryptocurrencies. In this podcast, we discuss the world of cryptocurrencies, why you might want to get involved, how companies could or should be viewing the bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain opportunities and risks, the investment...


The state of marketing technology, building community and purpose into your brand experience with Kelly Hungerford (MDE277)

Minter Dialogue Episode #277 Kelly Hungerford is a digital marketing and marketing operations expert, based in Switzerland, and helping small and mid-sized enterprises and brands on their digital transformation initiatives. In this podcast, we discuss some of the differences between marketing in Europe versus the US, the state of the business in marketing technology, how to establish a genuine purpose in enterprise as well as how to build community. Meanwhile, you can comment and find the...


Exploring and Exploiting IoT Internet of Things with Will Donovan, founder of Atmos XR (MDE276)

Minter Dialogue Episode #276 Will Donovan is founder and CEO of the non-profit Curtis Leadership Foundation, helping to prepare future leaders and innovators to embody their values, build trust, harness their inspirations and launch future-proof careers. He's also founder and CEO of Atmos Digital, helping to deliver XR or "Extra Reality" services to companies leveraging the IoT. Will is extremely passionate and visionary. We discuss his Atmos XR venture and vision, some fascinating use...