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#18 Faces of Marketing: Cathey Armillas, How to Rock a TED Talk

Cathey Armillas is a marketer, speaker, and author of “The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing” and “How to Rock a TED Talk.” Cathey is a speaker coach to me and some of the best TEDx speakers I’ve seen, including a bunch of our entrepreneur friends. What touched me the most about Cathey’s life story is the inspiration and profound love she has for her younger sister, Karen — a sister who showed up for her again and again through Cathey’s dire moments post-divorce or roller-coaster emotions...


Faces of Marketing: Augusto Carneiro, founder of Nossa Familia Coffee

Augusto Carneiro, founder + CEO of Nossa Familia Coffee, which is Oregon’s first B-corp coffee roaster. He holds strong values where family is always first. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, spent his free time with extended family at their farm / coffee plantation an 8 hour drive away in the Brazil highlands. Augusto reached out to 120 college tennis programs and University of Portland was the one that accepted him. He became an engineer but his passion was to connect his vocation with family —...


Faces of Marketing with Lou Radja, founder of Be More Give More

Lou Radja, founder + owner of Be More Give More is one of the warmest, most inviting people you'll ever meet. His success came from singular life moments of pain and hurt (failing a key test at a distinguished high school in the Congo, or adapting quickly to not knowing any English at 17 yrs old and moving from Africa to Ashland, Oregon). There are dozens of life lessons that are relatable to ALL of us - that Lou literally teaches us in these key nuggets of wisdom and elements of the secrets...


Faces of Marketing with Tim Goldsmid, VP Marketing of Jack Link's

I had the chance to interview an old friend who I nearly killed (youthful bravado + inexperience) in a mountaineering climb up Mt. Hood 20 years ago - Tim Goldsmid, VP of Marketing at Jack Link's, the largest and tastiest beef jerky company in the country. Tim shares his story of a life turning point in college where he took a year off during college to work in Crested Butte, Colorado. From that point onwards, his career has taken off! Tim shares his take on how major consumer brands will...


Faces of Marketing with Jill Nelson, founder of Ruby Receptionists

Learn how one of Oregon's top entrepreneurs, Jill Nelson - founder/CEO of Ruby Receptionists, overcame some significant challenges in high school to run a 500 employee company that is one of the nations' Best Companies to Work. Jill was highly influenced by her Mom who was an artist + forbid Jill and her brothers to play by the rules and her Dad was an engineer and creator of systems. Jill herself is this beautiful melding of Accountant / Creative / Rule-breaker / Entrepreneur.


#13 Faces of Marketing with Kim Malek, founder of Salt + Straw

Kim Malek, founder/CEO of Salt + Straw - the most iconic artisan ice cream company in Portland + the country, talks about overcoming a seemingly insurmountable challenge of her father's business + the family going bankrupt her freshman year in college. Kim worked her way through college at tiny coffee company called Starbucks + eventually lived her dream of starting an ice cream company. Oh, and Kim is a state champion Synchronized Swimmer, too.


#12 Faces of Marketing with Su Embree, President of DHM Research

Su Embree has this unique skill of listening to anyone talk and getting a profound insight that even the presenter doesn't know. Su 'Data Queen' Embree became President of DHM Research 20 years ago and recently co-founded a non-profit called Emerging Leaders that is creating pathways to leadership for professionals of color from college to company executives. When Su was 10 yrs old, she wanted to be 3 things - a Spy, an owner of a B and B, and a CEO. She's on her way!


#11 Faces of Marketing with Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3

Intentions become Thoughts become Things. After moving 13 times in the first 8 yrs of her life, Sadie Lincoln grew up on a commune in Eugene, Oregon. At 21 yrs old, she had a vision of becoming a teacher of teachers in the fitness + wellness world. A dozen years later, that vision became barre3 - creating a movement of 100,000+ women in 98 countries around the world.


#10 Faces of Marketing with Jenelle Isaacson, founder of Living Room Realty

As a kid, Jenelle Isaacson wanted to be a Punk Rock Nun when she grew up. Part of her wish came true as the lead singer of punk rock band Spread Eagle which naturally led her into being a real estate agent + starting Living Room Realty. Jenelle created a niche with clients who didn't fit the "perfect image" mold.


#9 Faces of Marketing with Farhad Ghafarzade, founder of Green Drop Garage

Farhad is a mix between George Clooney, Elon Musk, and a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug mascot. He is revolutionizing the car repair industry with his company Green Drop Garage and its membership-based model that now has over 1,600 monthly members.


#8 Faces of Marketing with Julie Sullivan, co-founder of Ground Up PDX

Living in Uganda at 22 yrs old + managing 200 women workers brought Julie Sullivan face-to-face with labor strikes + advocating for women's safety. She matured decades in just a couple years and came back to Portland, Oregon to start Ground Up PDX - an almond + cashew butter company that is all about social good, too!


#7 Faces of Marketing with Rebecca Armstrong, NORTH agency Managing Director

Growing up in the England, Rebecca Armstrong learned when to go with the flow and when not to. In the creative agency world, it's adapt or die. On a whim, she decided to hop the pond all the way to Portland, Oregon in 1992 and has been here ever since. She runs a bad ass branding agency called North.


#6 Faces of Marketing - with Eli Caudillo & Ryan Buchanan

As an 8 yr old boy, Eli Caudillo moved from Mexico to a tiny town in Washington called Trout Lake, near Mt. Adams. He was the first in his family to go to college and figured out from a standardized test that he was always meant to be a Designer!


#5 Faces of Marketing - with Cher Fuller & Ryan Buchanan

Coach of one of world's top competitive Cheerleading Team + eROI Senior Strategist, Cher Fuller shares her life story of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


#4 Faces of Marketing - with Morgan Armstrong & Ryan Buchanan

Climbing the world's tallest fire-lookout tree in Western Australia in semester abroad at college changed Morgan Armstrong's life forever. Overcoming that fear of certain death has propelled her to new heights. The most human of Human Resources Directors, Morgan Armstrong shares her life story of knowing since she was a little kid that she was always going to grow up to be a BOSS. And guess what? She is a boss.


#3 Faces of Marketing - with Elijah Graham & Ryan Buchanan

Digital Designer Elijah Graham shares his journey of Parkrose High School in Portland, to being first in his family to go to college. He played basketball at a California college and then finding his home at George Fox University and excelling in design.


#2 Faces of Marketing - with Nick Escobar & Ryan Buchanan

Design Manager Nick Escobar talks about overcoming massive fear in public speaking to be an accomplished stand-up comedian and how that has helped him overcome challenges in becoming a leader in his design career.


#1 Faces of Marketing - with Heidi Olsen & Ryan Buchanan

Lead Software Engineer Heidi Olsen shares on all the things growing up in Minnesota that made Heidi who she is. Heidi talks about leaning into being uncomfortable in college and pursuing her passion in African-American studies and then into journalism, design, and how her career took her into coding and development of websites and marketing campaigns. We also explore what all of us as consumers should expect from brands on how we'll be influenced to buy things in the future.