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How to survive the demographics revolution

Significant shifts are underway in the pattern of global populations. Many developed countries are becoming older while a number of their developing counterparts are beginning to reap 'demographic dividends' as their younger contingent boom. What do these changes mean for societies, companies, individuals, and investors? To find out, Editor in Chief Richard Edgar talks to Fidelity's Head of Solutions Design, David Buckle, Global Head of Fidelity's Work Place Investing business, Julian...


New markets, old rules: time to rethink

How can investors remain on the right side of markets as monetary policy and geopolitics conspire to ramp up volatility? How can they hope to navigate this strange, and thus far atypical late stage of the economic cycle? To help provide a footing Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief, brings together some of Fidelity's top investment brains to tackle these difficult questions: Sonja Laud, Head of Equity, Steve Ellis, Head of Fixed Income in Europe, and James Bateman, Chief Investment Officer of...


Active and Passive Investing: Has Passive Peaked?

The world of passive investing has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years - the result of a fundamental shift in investor behaviour or simply the consequence of a unique market backdrop? And now that market dynamics and monetary policy are beginning to shift, could we be witnessing what might be the 'peak' of the passive bull run? What could that mean for investors? In this in depth discussion, Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief, talks to Fidelity experts Nick King, Head of ETFs; Sonja...


Why should I reconsider my allocation to Asia?

Could you be overlooking investment opportunities in Asia? What's the best way to find exposure in the region? In this podcast, Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief, talks to Fidelity’s Gary Monaghan, Hong Kong-based Investment Director for Equity, and Luc Froehlich, Head of Investment Directing for Asian Fixed Income, about who is putting their money where in Asia - and it might not be what you expect. They also discuss the recent addition of Chinese mainland listed stocks to the MSCI flagship...


Pulling away: Inequality as an ESG risk (audio article)

Wealth distribution, emerging threats to the status quo, and why inequality is turning into an important sustainability risk - both at a macro and company level. This is an audio version of an article published in April 2018. Credits: Written by Paras Anand, CIO Equities, Europe; Ian Spreadbury, Senior Portfolio Manager; Wen-Wen Lindroth, Senior Credit Analyst; and Grethe Schepers, Europe Editor. Read by Grethe Schepers. --- This podcast is for investment professionals only and should...


Inside the investment process: ESG at every step

How do investors think about ESG considerations and what impact does it have on the process that leads to a final investment decision? Richard Edgar, editor in chief, talks to Mike Dolan, director of research, Alvin Cheng, credit analyst, and on the line from Hong Kong, portfolio manager Bryan Collins, to examine the step-by-step process in the case of an investment in ChemChina, the Chinese state-owned chemical giant. --- This podcast is for Investment Professionals only and should not...


Fidelity's analysts explore their sectors' sunny optimism

Flush with cash and ready to spend: the results from this year's Fidelity's Analyst Survey reveal a corporate world brimming with hopeful expectation for the coming year. The exclusive research - which canvasses over 140 of Fidelity's analysts from all sectors across the world - details healthy balance sheets, plans for increased capital expenditure, as well as any likely impact from inflationary pressures. Providing context and bringing the findings to life in this podcast are three of...


Currency risk: What developed markets can learn from emerging markets

Populist upheavals, Brexit, a capricious US administration - political surprises in developed markets have seen local currencies experience unusual volatility. The moves have forced investors in those markets to think twice about political risk and the best way to approach it, including what can be learnt from markets where such uncertainty goes with the territory. Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief, spoke to two Fidelity portfolio managers on different sides of the globe - Aruna Karunathilake...