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We'd love to have our new digital marketing podcast included on TuneIn.

We'd love to have our new digital marketing podcast included on TuneIn.
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We'd love to have our new digital marketing podcast included on TuneIn.






#12 Breaking Down The New Targeting Options For Amazon Advertising Sponsored Products

Amazon Advertising recently launched two new ways to reach shoppers as they search on Amazon and browse product detail pages. On this episode, we'll break down the new options and outline strategies to use them. This includes: Product Targeting for Manual Ads New Targeting Defauls for Automatic Ads Black Friday and Cyber Monday Analysis And More! Be sure to listen to the end to find out who we decided to call out this week! Check out more! (


#11 Facebook Advertising Strategies | How to Excel with the Right Campaigns, Targeting, and Creative Messaging.

Facebook advertising is at the forefront of most digital marketer’s minds. But there is a difference between simply setting them up and using the platform effectively. How do you answer all of these questions? Do you know your real goals? Are you creating the right type of campaign? Are you targeting the right people? What is the overlap of your different audiences? Does your creative command attention? Are you building a brand or just driving sales? How are you increasing engagement on your...


#9: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Is Now Amazon Advertising | What Changed And How To Capitalize

In this episode, we'll discuss the switch Amazon made from Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Media Group to Amazon Advertising. Find out what else changed besides the name and how you can take advantage of the merged platform. Episode includes: What type of ads are included with Amazon Advertising What you can do with the new layout What changes to expect in the near future Google Ads vs. Amazon Advertising How to use Amazon suggested bids Day parting strategies with Amazon...


#10: We Went to Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018 | Hear the Highlights & Recap

We went to Pubcon Pro! This annual conference focuses on SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Advertising and Amazon. This is where top industry experts come to network and discuss digital marketing trends. Hear our thoughts on the show and the topics discussed. Including: Local SEO Strategies AMP Website Audits International SEO Social Media Strategy Social Media Advertising Strategies Google Ad Optimization Link Building Tactics Amazon Advertising And more! Sign up...


#8 Don't Waste Your Money With Influencer Marketing Until You Listen To This Podcast

Influencer marketing is the hot topic in 2018 and that trend is only going to continue as more brands seek to engage consumers on social media and other platforms. But just because it is a growing trend, doesn't mean it deserves your budget dollars. In this episode, we'll break down what influencer marketing is and what to look out for when you get started. This includes: How to find influencers What to look for when choosing influencers What strategies work for influencer marketing Sign up...


#7 Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Updates and Competitor Analysis Tactics

One of the perks of working so closely with Amazon is we get to meet with key employees in Seattle. In this episode we'll discuss our trip and fill you in on some of the new things we learned. This includes: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) new UI and its benefits AMS suggested bids and strategies Amazon Go Competitor analysis tactics you can implement Goal setting And more Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes! See more of our podcasts here:


#6 Optimizing for Amazon's A9 Algorithm

More people are using Amazon to search for products than Google. Just like Google, Amazon has their own algorithm to determine where products rank. It is known as the A9 Algorithm. If you want your product to be found on Amazon, you need to optimize your product listing for the A9 algorithm. Listen to this episode to learn the most important ranking factors and strategies to make sure your product is on the top of the Amazon search results. Sign up ( have...


#5 Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

In this episode, we discuss strategies we've implemented to increase leads and capitalize on marketing automation software. As the adoption rates for marketing automation software continues to increase, the marketers with the best strategies will see results with a positive ROI. Others will just see an increase in marketing technology spend every month. Topics we cover include: * Lead Generation Best Practices * Landing Page Design * Marketing Automation Software * Email Marketing * Drip...


#4 Spend Smarter With These Social Media Advertising Strategies

We share our most recently successful strategies when advertising on social media, including: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In an effort to be more transparent, Facebook now allows you to see what ads pages are currently running. Red Beard provides a video tip to help boost views and engagement. Evan reminds us of the always forgotten social media advertising platform, Twitter.


#3 Improve Your Website With These Technical SEO Tips

We discuss some of our favorite technical SEO tips to help improve your site speed and overall user experience for Google's mobile first index. We cover: The importance of having an SSL What to look for with website hosting How having a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help with site speed Why you should minify JavaScript and CSS The impact your site structure has on SEO What to look out for redesigning your website


#2 Learn To Dominate Amazon With These AMS Strategies

Amazon's great, and you know what we love about Amazon Marketing Services, specifically? If you look at all these different advertising channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those are all great tools and all great platforms, but there's not a single advertising platform that's out there right now that is targeting buyers with the same intent to buy than Amazon. We discuss AMS strategies that help you spend smarter and increase sales.


#1 Learn About Us And Geneva Services

Evan and Red Beard finally recorded their first episode of the GS On Marketing podcast. Every episode provides you with the latest strategies in Digital Marketing. Topics will include: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Marketing, Social Media, Amazon Marketing Services and more. Brought to you by Geneva Services, a division of Geneva Supply, Inc.