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IGR #110: How To Fall In Love With Yourself with Jessica Nazarali and Marisa Peer

This week on It Girl Radio, I have a huge announcement: This is the last episode of It Girl Radio! It's been a wonderful journey filled with an abundance of learning and growth opportunities and I am excited about taking those lessons into my future endeavors. For this last episode, I decided to bring back one of my first guests, Marisa Peer. Marisa is a successful therapist, best-selling author and a motivational speaker who is on a mission to help people understand and embrace...


IGR #109: The Importance of Creating a Purpose-Led Business with Jessica Nazarali and Melyssa Griffin

Are you fulfilled? Many business owners believe that once they reach their next big milestone, they will be fulfilled and happy. But what happens when you reach a huge goal and still feel empty? Our guest this week, Melyssa Griffin, has been there and learned some valuable lessons from the experience. On this episode of It Girl Radio, Melyssa shares her personal and professional development journey as well as some wisdom about the value of creating a purpose-led life. You really...


IGR #108: How To Design a “Freedom Lifestyle” with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk

Are you happy with your life? Do you wish that you had more flexibility in your schedule? One of the many benefits of entrepreneurship in the online space is the opportunity to design your life in a way that aligns with your core values. Oftentimes, people see the end result of designing a freedom lifestyle but don't get to see the process that led up to that flexibility. In this week's episode of It Girl Radio, we are giving you a behind the scenes peek at what our day-to-day lives...


IGR #107: Stop Lying And Start Living with Jessica Nazarali and Lauren Zander

What if I told you that you can have the life you dream of? My guest this week, Lauren Zander, knows that you can. In fact, she wrote a book about it. Lauren Zander is a dynamic life coach and the author of Maybe It's You: Cut The Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life. In this episode, she shares insights from her book and discusses how she uses her signature coaching method to transform the lives of her clients. She encourages us all to act with integrity in all areas of our lives and step...


IGR #106: How To Combat Imposter Syndrome with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk

Are you an expert? Whether or not you are ready to claim the title of “expert” is a huge issue that a lot of new coaches deal with. Women, in particular, grapple with this issue and it can lead to many otherwise competent and capable people missing out on fantastic opportunities to lead and serve their communities. In this episode of It Girl Radio Stephanie and I discuss how to determine whether or not you have the necessary tools to start a coaching career and how to combat Imposter...


IGR #105: How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business with Jessica Nazarali and Cara Chace

Do you use Pinterest? This social media platform is in a world of its own. In fact, our guest for episode 105 of It Girl Radio, Cara Chace, believes that Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social media platform. She also believes that this site is ripe with opportunities for most entrepreneurs. Cara Chace is a Pinterest expert with a fascinating backstory. On this episode of It Girl Radio, Cara shares how she moved from the world of law enforcement to marketing for a heavy metal...



When I say the word brand, what pops into your mind? What do you associate the word with? Your logo? Your font choices? The colour scheme you chose meticulously?! I asked marketing expert Jennifer Kem the same questions in this week’s episode of It Girl Radio, and she responded, “Your brand is much more than a gorgeous face on the internet.” A lot of people equate the term with graphics and design. While it’s true that aesthetic aspects are part of the branding process, it is not...



“How can you be so nice and still be successful?” It’s a question that long-time media executive Fran Hauser has encountered time and time again. That question is the reason why she penned The Myth of the Nice Girl, a book that proves nice girls can finish first. This week on It Girl Radio, Fran will share her business journey. She reveals the most important lesson she picked up along the way. And of course, she will tell us more about her book such as the inspiration behind it. Fran has...



There’s still quite a lot of confusion surrounding community management and what the role entails. That’s why this week on It Girl Radio, I’m bringing in community engagement consultant to A-list entrepreneurs Diana Tower to clear things up. Joining me in this week’s workshop-style podcast is an expert on community management, who has worked with a handful of heavy hitters in the business world, including Selena Soo, our very first guest on the podcast. Diana will be teaching us how to...



Spirituality does belong in business. Long-time coach and modern-day priestess Julie Parker is proof of that. By integrating the element of spirituality into her coaching business, she has certainly made it thrive. This week on It Girl Radio, founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and the Priestess Temple School Julie Parker shares how she came to embrace her spirituality and how she let her spiritual beliefs power her businesses. Contrary to what most people think, the coaching...


IGR #85: Jessica Rodriguez – When to Let Go and Start Over

When was the last time you took a hard look at all the projects and offers your business is currently running? This is hard for any entrepreneur. Letting go of projects that are no longer aligned with the company’s goals often feels like you’re admitting defeat and failure. That might be hard to do, but letting go and moving on is essential if you want your business to thrive. This week on It Girl Radio, we will be delving into the art of letting go with business and visibility...


IGR #84: Jenn Scalia – Your First Six Figures

Have you been hustling hard but not seeing results? You’ve probably been told that all you have to do to grow an online business is to work hard, and success will naturally follow. Though that seems like a pretty tale, it isn’t true for many of us. The road to success is full of twists and turns, and it’s pretty easy to lose your way. This week on It Girl Radio, coach and author of Your First Six Figures Jenn Scalia will tell you all that you need to know to get back on track. If you’re...


IGR #83: Revisiting the First Quarter of 2018

When Leo was a few weeks shy of being six months old, we traveled to Bali, Indonesia. There, I came to realize how great it would be if I had help with childcare. We rented a villa in Canggu, which had its own housekeeper who took care of Leo and made sure I had a solid uninterrupted hour for work. This week on It Girl Radio, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the first three months of my 2018. I’m telling you all my realizations, my successes, and my failures. In today’s new episode,...


IGR #82: How Being Loved Up Can Benefit Your Business

What part does love and sensuality play in your success as an entrepreneur? Tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio to discover how love, fun, and switching off can benefit entrepreneurs. The magnetic woman herself, Lauren Joyce, joins me in my podcast to explain how feeling good in one’s skin can help women do better in business. In this week’s episode, Lauren helps us get in touch with our feminine energy. She recommends starting the day by pursuing feminine embodiment practices...


IGR #81: Success on your terms

Are you someone who is multi-passionate? Are you working in a job while launching your own business? Do you see yourself working in several projects throughout your career? If so, you are in for a treat. In this week's episode of It Girl Radio, Holly Maccue shares how she can run a six-figure business while also working part-time as a senior marketer for a global organization. Tune in to hear her journey of self-realization, which has been crucial to the success of her multi-passionate...


IGR #80: Tricia Brouk: The Secrets Behind Every Successful TEDx Talk

Let’s face it. You’ve probably daydreamed about being on a TEDx stage, talking about your expertise, your passions, and your ideas. This daydream doesn’t even have to be set on a TEDx platform. It could be any other place, as long as there’s a huge audience waiting to be blown away by what you have to say. But how and where does one really start? How do you turn that entry on your bucket list into a ticked off box on your to-do list? On this episode of It Girl Radio, we’ll learn about how...


IGR #79: Rosie Freiha - What to do when you’re unhappy in your business?

Are you unhappy in your corporate job? Maybe you own your own business and everything is going great, but you’re still unhappy. Tune into this episode of It Girl Radio to hear Rosie Freiha’s story and find out what to do when you’ve found success but still aren’t happy. We are programmed to go to a university and then eventually get a job. Most of us turn to the corporate world, like Rosie did. But, like many, Rosie’s job wasn’t fulfilling and it led to a host of health problems. The...


IGR #78: Kate Swoboda- The Courage Habit

Are you fearful about starting a business? Do you have stories in your head telling you that you can't or you aren't good enough? Tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio to hear about Kate Swoboda and her new book THE COURAGE HABIT, to find out how to work with your fearful thoughts and continue to pursue your goals. Like everyone, you probably have limiting thoughts and fear about whether you’re doing the right thing. Even as an author, Kate Swoboda had those same thoughts, but she has...


IGR #77: Farnoosh Torabi — Book to Brand

How do you build a personal brand? Why is having multiple revenue streams important, and how can you create that? Tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio to hear about Farnoosh Torabi’s journey and get the answers to these crucial questions! One of America's leading personal finance authorities, sought-after speaker, best-selling author of many books, including When She Earns More, podcast host of So Money — It’s easy to look at Farnoosh’s successes and assume she’s always had it all...


IGR #76: Virginia Salas Kastilio — Instagram, Demystified!

We’re all on Instagram but are you making the most of it for your business? How can you leverage this unique platform to build influence and online awareness? Rest easy, because Virginia Salas Kastilio is on It Girl Radio to share her tips. Virginia started on YouTube about 10 years ago, and since then has built up her reputation, sphere of influence, and business. As the founder of Gini.TV, a disruptive media firm that helps businesses build influence and online awareness, she has been...