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Episode 21 - The Art of Presenting Planning, Creation, Delivery (The Heros Journey) Spencer Waldron - Prezi (Part 1 of 2)

Ever thought of rewarding yourself for doing a great job at something – why not? If not, wait to hear our top tip about just that. Speaking of rewarding, this episode is a two parter, you lucky, lucky people – as our guest would not shut up about presenting and presentations – and it is marvelous, so marvelous we’ve decided to split it into two parts so that you can digest all this value in two manageable chunks – delicious. We’ll also be discussing the Level 4 Integrated Communications...


Episode 20 - Conversational Data - Frances Ralston-Good - CEO - Hearths & Minds

Don’t lie, if you don't lie, you don't have to remember anything and that is why we have a top tip coming up about telling the truth and staying relevant. A finally the day has come where we start to look at a new assignment, the CIM Level 4 December 18 Integrated Communications module starting with a summary of the assignment. But first, lets say hello to our guest, CEO of Hearths and Science, Frances Ralston-Good. Helping clients find better ways to serve their customers and grow a...


Episode 19 - Secured Financially, But Not Mentally or Physically - Leah Steele - Founder at Searching for Serenity

Stupid mistakes are costly, that's why we’ll look at the silly mistakes that come up time and time again within assignments and exams while also recapping on what you should be looking to focus on within the CIM Level 4 Digital Marketing Assignment, Dec 18. Our guest this week is Leah Steele, Founder of Searching for Serenity, who has a compelling story to tell, her own story, away from Marketing! The reason I want you all to hear Leah’s story and the advices she brings in abundance, is...


Episode 18 - A Thriller of an Episode - Luke Southern - MD at Drum (Omnicom Group)

Concept, Application, Evaluation and Presentation. The four pillars to any CIM Marketing Assignment answer and we’ll be discussing these a little bit later on with the final question of the Dec 18 Level 4 CIM Digital Marketing Assignment, Question 3(c). Sad that its over? Don't be as we will recap the whole assignment in next weeks episode, deep breath needed for that one! Onto our guest. Luke Southern, the Managing Director of DRUM, Omnicom’s award winning content business that makes...


Episode 17 - Frictionless Commerce, Retail Specialism - Fiona Ellis-Chadwick - Loughborough University

Straight to what we are assigning your time this week as after our interview we will take a look at the CIM Level 4, Digital Marketing Assignment for Dec 18, question 3 (b) and it’s a biggie It’s that big that our top tip is even linked to this and to the previous question 3 (a), as we look at SMART Objectives and what the hell they are? But first, our guest – Dr. Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, Senior Lecturer in Retail Management and Director of Impact at the Institute for Research &...


Episode 16 - Vomit Advertising - Naomi Sesay (Professional Speaker, Author, Presenter, Actor)

You’re going to enjoy this one as we discuss, amongst other things content creation, immersive experiences, multi-digital platforms, tribes, media consumption, the importance of being persistent and vomit. On this episode we will take a look at the final task and question 3(a) of the 2018, Level 4, Digital Marketing Assignment for Dec 18 and our top tip focuses on what you should be getting from your tutor. Onto this weeks guest who is a professional speaker, author (of The Human...


Episode 15 - Just Get INvolved - Ori Chandler - MD of INvolve

We go deep into equality, openness, diversity, changing cultural bias, oh and swinging from stuff, with Ori Chandler, the Managing Director of Involve (the inclusion people) and without stealing her thunder, as she can put it far more eloquently than I can, champion diversity inclusion in businesses, but this is only half the story as throughout her career Ori has worked for various organisations representing their members and championing great causes. Our top tip this week looks at...


Episode 14 - You Can't Manage, What You Can't Measure - Dr. Zoe Dowling - FocusVision

If you’ve ever wondered how to put a great research project together then this episode is for you. This week we’re going to meet Dr. Zoe Dowling, the Lead Research Strategist for FocusVision, a research technology solutions provider. An eclectic blend of researcher, technologist, sociologist and marketer with a rich background across functions, industries and countries, providing shape around the unstructured delivering timely outcomes to meet business objectives. As part of her work...


Episode 13 - Emotional Creatures, Occasionally Rational - Dr. Carl Marci - Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

We have a transatlantic feel to this episode as it features a conversation with Dr. Carl Marci, the Chief Neuroscientist at Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience who I met in the freezing city of Boston, Massachusetts, I’m pretty sure it has thawed a little by now. You’ll know how cold it was if you’ve seen my recent video that was posted, filmed just outside City Hall, where you can see the statue of one of the greatest basketball players of all time Bill Russell, now I filmed this on purpose, as...


Episode 12 - You Can Sit on Your Arse or Do Something With Your Life, Your Choice - Leigh Riley (Cosatto)

Meet a Deputy Managing Director who discusses amongst other topics, product development, branding, customer service, digital communications and parachuting? Meet Leigh Riley, the Deputy Managing Director at Cosatto – a British designers of push chairs and prams. After not knowing what to do with his life for a few years (24 to be precise), Leigh found his passion for problem-solving at Cosatto and soon made his way up the ranks, very much ‘learning by doing’. A believer in life long...


Episode 11 - Running, In More Ways Than One - Anahid Basmajian (AdRoll)

I’m so please that we finally have our first female guest! Our first, but definitely not our last I can assure you of that. And what a great guest it is. But before I get onto the guest intro, I’ve just enough time to tell you that the top tip this week revolves around recommended and further reading lists, from books as thick as door stops to quick guides, where the hell should you start? We look at a Dec 2018 Level 4 Digital Marketing question to help you improve your assignment,...


Episode 10 - SOSTAC - PR Smith (Paul Smith)

In this episode we will be talking with someone that has help thousands, if not millions of organisations reach their goal in a simple and structured way, interested? Well, allow me to introduce to you Mr Paul Smith, or should I say PR Smith, a trainer, advisor, mentor and coach of integrated marketing, creativity and innovation, a founding CIM e-marketing (as it was called) senior examiner, so he knows a thing or two from the inside. With at least 6 books to his name in 7 different...


Episode 9 - Branded Content. It's As Easy As ABCD - Andrew Canter BCMA (Institute of Branded Content)

Andrew Canter is amongst the leading practitioners in branded content with over twenty five years experience. Global CEO of the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and growing the branded content industry where he was instrumental in developing the global content monitoring evaluation system as well as launching the Institute of Content Marketing. As you can image we cover a lot of different topic including branded content, the ABCDE...


Episode 8 - The (P)RACE To Digital Success - Dave Chaffey (Digital Marketing Guru)

Author, digital strategist, co-founder of one of the, if not the go-to website for digital marketers, you can already see the value that this will bring you. Not only that but we another top tip to help you with your studies as well as discussing yet another December 2018 CIM assignment. But first lets meet Dr Dave Chaffey. In 1997 Dave provided his first training course for online strategy to the CIM,a year later created his first website and then went on to write his first book on...


Episode 7 - The Yoda of Marketing (The Force is Strong with this One) Part 2 - Mark Ritson (Marketing Guru)

Part 2 of 2: Before introducing my guest on this episode… again as it is part 2, I just need to tell you that we are starting to review the CIM Level 4 Digital Marketing Assignment for December 2018 later on in this episode and the following 9, wow, how great is that. Your own personal podcast companion to help with your studies, every step on the way! Mark Ritson is an adjunct professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, but his journey to this point in his career has taken many...


Episode 6 - The Yoda of Marketing (The Force is Strong with this One) Part 1 - Mark Ritson (Marketing Guru)

Part 1 of 2: Mark Ritson is an adjunct professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, helping to develop the mini MBA with Marketing Week and also writing an award winning column in the same publication. His accolades are endless and Mark offers so much value that we've split this into a two parter.... you lucky people. We've even included a top tip about styling out your CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) assignment answers to help make them more readable and ultimately......


Episode 5 - The Three Rule of Agency Club (Part 2) - Mando Group

Part 2 of 2: Before we meet Ian Finch, MD and Owner of Mando Group, a digital agency that designs and delivers customer experience led websites, intranets and mobile apps that drive engagement and increase efficiency, you need to know that this interview is actually split into two and you can hear the first part of this interview by listening to the previous Marketing Study Lab episode, but in the one we discuss a beer fridge (whoop)! But before you reach for an actual beer while...


Episode 4 - The Three Rule of Agency Club (Part 1) - Mando Group

Part 1 of 2: Before we meet Ian Finch, MD and Owner of Mando Group, a digital agency that designs and delivers customer experience led websites, intranets and mobile apps that drive engagement and increase efficiency, you need to know that this interview is actually split into two and you can hear the second part of this interview in the next Marketing Study Lab podcast. It may sound obvious, but we should always be answering the questions that are in front of us in an exam or an...


Episode 2 - What Do Cows Drink? - moocreations

In the second episode of Marketing Study Lab we meet Chris Dunkerley, the MD and owner of moocreations, a creative agency based in the North West. Chris describes the company as a business growth 'kitchen' predominantly for SMEs based in the North West. With a background in graphic design, Chris has grown moocreations from what was a graphic design based company over the past 10 years to what it is now, focusing in on some very specific industries that the company understands and can...


Episode 1 - Marketing Study Lab Introduction

Introduction to Marketing Study Lab. Peter Sumpton, host and tutor will explian what Marketing Study Lab is all about, what to expect from future episodes and gives just a small snippet of whats to come. Happy Marketing Everyone!