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How Podcasting Can Help Organise Your Studies with Podcaster John Lim - Special Episode

I don't like to over promise and under deliver and I don't think I have with yet another special episode. This wasn't supposed to be a special, but as its all about podcasting, I think I got a bit caught up in the whole discussion and that was so easy to do with my guest today, John Lim. John is an Entrepreneur, no doubt. A TEDx and public speaker, podcast host and author, which includes an adult colouring book! Check it out (links in the show notes as usual) to all the good stuff) John...


Yoast SEO and THE Internet with Jono Alderson a Special Ops and Digital Strategist at - Episode 36

What is your bedtime ritual? Hopefully it’s not as bad as most peoples? How many hours sleep should you be getting? Do you get them? In this weeks top tip that’s what we’ll be talking about, sleep. And we discuss another Level 4 CIM Marketing Exam question. But now its time to introduce our guest, Jono Alderson from, now I have to say at this point the first few minutes there audio isn’t as good as it usually is but we resolve this issue very early on so just stick with it as you...


The Time Terrorist and Money Laundering with Louisa Van Vessem a VA at Workflow Virtual Assistant - Episode 35

Brain food, what food can help you with your studies. We’ll find out later, along with how marketing can be viewed internally as we take a look at another Level 4 Marketing question. But first, lets find out what being a virtual assistant is all about as we chat to Louisa van Vessem, who is the owner and VA for Workflow Virtual Assistant. Louisa’s mantra is to run straight ahead at those things that put fear into you. Scared of heights? Why not do a skydive? Introverted and don’t like...


The Dark Art of SEO Search Engine Optimisation with Hannah Thorpe the MD of - Episode 34

Back off, stay away! How can these two statements be important when finalising your assignments – This believe it or not is a top tip! We’ll also discuss how to establish an in-depth understanding of the requirements of B2B customers as we look at another Marketing question. First off, let’s have a conversation with Hannah Thorpe, the MD of, about all things SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – and I must apologise as some of the audio may be a little clicky, but let see how it...


A Look Into the Future and the Goat Theory with Korbinian Lehner a Senior Digital Native at Telekom Deutschland - Episode 33

Ok, lets cut the crap shall we, seriously, we’ve got a tip to help you do just that and allows you not to be afraid to cut bits out of an assignment. Not only that, but now we are a few weeks away from submission, we concentrate on what you should be focusing on. Before we get into any of this we’re talking to Korbinian Lehner, who is a Senior Digital Native for Telekom Deutschland (you may know them better as T-Mobile). Korbinian opens up the world of innovation in a way you may never have...


How to Get to Great Ideas with Author Dave Birss Special Episode

It's a Marketing Study Lab special! Regular programming will resume shortly but for today, enjoy as we talk all things creative! Yes, the first special, needs a special guest and I am delighted to be accompanied on this episode by Mr. Dave Birss, who amongst some other titles, which we’ll find out about a bit later on is the author of ‘How to Get to Great Ideas?’ a book all about, well, getting great ideas. Before we get stuck into the innovative world that Dave has create in this book I...


Bitmojohn and Copywriting with Pineapples with John Espirian from - Episode 32

When entering an exam, did you know that if you can understand the time you have and how it is broken down it can help you maximise the potential to gain the most marks. If not, don’t worry, we’ll be covering it later along with answering a question about the marketing mix. Before we get to all that, let’s talk to John Espirian, a freelance technical copywriter who has the nack to make the complex, simple. Not only that, but he shares a wealth of knowledge at every single touch point, just...


Lasagna with a Slice of Digital with Darren Goldsby the Chief Digital Officer at The Jamie Oliver Group - Episode 31

How do you come away from a workshop dedicated to getting you geared up to tackle a CIM assignment? There are a couple of hints and tips I want to share with you that can really improve your experience. Also in this episode we’ll be looking at an exam question about setting corporate and individual objectives. But first, let’s have a little natter with Darren Goldsby, the Chief Digital Officer for The Jamie Oliver Group. But what you think a Chief Digital Officer does and what they actually...


Drinking Tea and Creating Avatars with Tracey Tait a Marketing Consultant from Transcend You - Episode 30

APIC. Analyse, Planning, Implementation and Control. This is the framework we will have a chat about later on in this episode as well as looking at why you should look to present your CIM assignment in a desirable manner. 10% worth of desirable. But first, let’s meet Tea drinking Tracey Tait, who is an Independent Marketing Consultant based in Newcastle, don’t let her accent deceive you, she is definitely based in the North East. What should make Tracey’s story compelling to you is the...


When Copywriting Always Ask So What with Louise Shanahan a Health Copywriter and Jargon-Buster from The Copy Prescription - Episode 29

What are the top three questions that you should consider when tackling a CIM Qualification – Assignments and Exams? We’ll find out later as well as discussing something slightly different in this episode as we take a look at a single CIM Level 4 Marketing Exam question and try to understand what the correct answer is and why – This week it's the Micro Environment. But before any of that, lets talk to Louise Shanahan, a copywriter for The Copy Prescription, and I love that name as Louise...


Take Pride in Your Work and Global Employer Branding with Andrea Scheerbaum from Siemens - Episode 28

Today we’re going to chat with someone that knows a thing or two about Global Employer Branding, which may sound familiar as back in episode 23 we chatted to Kim Kunze from Siemens about Employer Branding. Siemens we kind enough to let me not only talk to Kim, but also her colleague Andrea Scheerbaum (apologies about the pronunciation)! Before we do that I’ve got just enough time to tell you what else is on this episode as we talk study buddies and recap on the December 2018 CIM Level 4...


Copywriting Don't Make Super Simple Tasks Difficult with Gill Andrews a Freelance Copywriter & Web Consultant Part 2 of 2 - Episode 27

Do you often say ‘I just don’t have the time for XXXX’? Well that myth is about to be dispelled (in about 30 minutes anyway) as it is our top tip, alongside looking at the CIM Level 4 December 18 Integrated Communications Assignment, Task 3 (b) – The final question of the assignment! But before this, we need to get back to our interview with Gill Andrews, who is a copywriter and a web consultant placing her in the prime position to discuss all things copy, communications and web design,...


Copywriting Don't Make Super Simple Tasks Difficult with Gill Andrews a Freelance Copywriter & Web Consultant Part 1 of 2 - Episode 26

We are on the home straight and the final task of the CIM Level 4 December 18 Integrated Communications Assignment, Task 3 (a) and to celebrate we are going to give you a tip about being organized, cause by task 3 you’re probably snowed under with papers, books and post-its everywhere, right? But before this I would like to introduce you to Gill Andrews, who is a copywriter and a web consultant placing her in the prime position to discuss all things copy, communications and web design – the...


Moonwalking to Success with Zoe Stainsby the Global Integrated Entertainment Marketing Specialist at Fuse - Episode 25

When you read, do you read aloud or keep it to yourself? Well we’ll talk about reading aloud later with another top tip and we’ll also be looking at the CIM Level 4 December 18 Integrated Communications Assignment and we are onto Task 2 (c). But lets turn our attention to our next guest. Zoe Stainsby, the Head of Entertainment at Fuse – their basic principal is to create partnerships and experiences, which anyone can do, right? But these experience need to make an impact and a difference to...


Customer Experience and Eating Dog Food with Kat Knocker the Head of Product and Customer Experience at - Episode 24

Have you ever eaten dog food? This week we have a shaggy dog story for you as we talk to Kat Knocker, Head of Product and Customer Experience for But before we do that you need to know that after this interview we will take a look at how each and every CIM assignment and exam paper should be structured and we’ll review the CIM Level 4, December 18 Integrated Communications Assignment, Task 2 (b). But First it is my pleasure to introduce Kat Knocker, who has worked for some...


Santa and the Employer Value Proposition with Kim Kunze of Siemens - Episode 23

Before we look at why planning is such an important part of your studies and also run through Task 1 (c) of the Level 4 Integrated Communications Assignment for Dec 18, we need to discuss – Employee Branding. Employer Branding is probably one of those Marketing topic that can be forgotten about as we focus on the external and turning prospects into clients and customers, but it is integral to an organisations success. If not implemented correctly, if at all, it can actually hinder not only...


The Art of Presenting Planning Creation and Delivery aka The Heros Journey with Spencer Waldron of Prezi Part 2 of 2 - Episode 22

We will have no distractions in this episode, at least during our top studying tip, which is all about… distractions! Speaking of distractions, this is episode is part two of a great two parter, you lucky, lucky people, so if you haven’t listened to the first part, do us all a favour and hop back to episode 21 and listen to the first part you will not be disappointed as our guest will not shut up about presenting and presentations – and again, it is marvelous, so marvelous in fact that this...


The Art of Presenting Planning Creation and Delivery aka The Heros Journey with Spencer Waldron of Prezi Part 1 of 2 - Episode 21

Ever thought of rewarding yourself for doing a great job at something – why not? If not, wait to hear our top tip about just that. Speaking of rewarding, this episode is a two parter, you lucky, lucky people – as our guest would not shut up about presenting and presentations – and it is marvelous, so marvelous we’ve decided to split it into two parts so that you can digest all this value in two manageable chunks – delicious. We’ll also be discussing the Level 4 Integrated Communications...


Conversational Data with Frances Ralston-Good the CEO of Hearts & Minds - Episode 20

Don’t lie, if you don't lie, you don't have to remember anything and that is why we have a top tip coming up about telling the truth and staying relevant. A finally the day has come where we start to look at a new assignment, the CIM Level 4 December 18 Integrated Communications module starting with a summary of the assignment. But first, lets say hello to our guest, CEO of Hearts and Science, Frances Ralston-Good. Helping clients find better ways to serve their customers and grow a...


Secured Financially But Not Mentally or Physically with Leah Steele the Founder of Searching for Serenity - Episode 19

Stupid mistakes are costly, that's why we’ll look at the silly mistakes that come up time and time again within assignments and exams while also recapping on what you should be looking to focus on within the CIM Level 4 Digital Marketing Assignment, Dec 18. Our guest this week is Leah Steele, Founder of Searching for Serenity, who has a compelling story to tell, her own story, away from Marketing! The reason I want you all to hear Leah’s story and the advices she brings in abundance, is...