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Marketing Uncomplicated 1st posting Save Thousands

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Have you been "Under the Influence"?

Every TRUE business person from top-ranking officials to brand managers should include the podcast "Under the Influence to their mandatory car trip listening experiences. Discover how a tourisam account delivered an ROI of 110 times their ijnvestment in a segment that spent 80 times what they did. Innovation and Creativity woven over a sound business strategy!


3 Simple Questions to secure your next Michael Jordan of Sales

Sales is the most important role in and as the face of the organization. It often is the first introduction to the personality of a company and sets the image and expectations in the minds of the consumer. Given the importance, why is so little effort placed on enhancing the perception of the function, especially as it ties to the talent acquisition phase? Discover the 3 insights that will get you superstars.


12 Simple steps to grow Airbnb or Homeaway rentals in under 5 hours

I grew a property in Costa Rica 5 fold in the first year by providing the kind of content I would like to read when I looking for a place to stay. This property truly lives up to its Million Dollar View USP that I assigned to it. You can do it too if you step outside yourself and follwo these simple easy steps


Marketing is really a Numbers game

Marketing is all about the numbers. Using the 80-20 rule, you can make more money. You achieve this by learning and applying simple math, garnered from having fun playing card games


Advertising Works at the most Basic Levels

This is a continuation of the series for Marketing U, helping to uncomplicate marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. This talks about the importance of having a conversation with consumers and how important smell can be in the form of free advertising. Save money and grow! Visit Marketing Uncomplicated for visuals of each of the cases.


The USP is Free Messaging Everywhere

A USP is the single most important element in communication next to your logo or brand name. Listen to learn the long-term benefits of creating a meaningful and impactful USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Tell all potential consumers when they see your name or brand what makes you special and different. It also enhances the perception of your brand as it can already be related to!


Marketing Uncomplicated 1st posting Save Thousands

This is the first posting of Marketing Uncomplicated which highlights the first time and money saving a proper analog time management system can be