Eight Fatal Funding Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid With Brad Burnett

A big part of the American Dream is freedom, and that doesn’t shy away from financial freedom, which isn’t only an American dream, but everyone else’s. Real estate is a big industry that can provide you with the freedom that you need, given that you make yourself fundable by avoiding fatal funding mistakes. Coach, Speaker, […]


Investing In Multifamily Properties With Garrison Gilbert

Ever felt like real estate, especially single-family properties, is too taxing a job with little return? That’s exactly why Garrison Gilbert prefers investing in commercial and multifamily properties. Garrison dived headfirst into the real estate industry at the age of 22 and has not known any other job since. He moved to Baltimore, Maryland after […]


The Secret Ingredient To A Successful Investment With Yakhin Israel

Many of us can agree that the perfect strategy for ensuring a successful investment isn’t just one simple method. It’s usually comprised of different complex, creative, and unique tactics, merged into one final approach to provide you with the best results possible. Senior Vice President of CBRE, Yakhin Israel, takes the time to talk about […]


Corporate Veil Protection: Preparing For The Worst-Case Scenario With Aaron Young

History has shown again and again that the higher you climb, the harder you fall. This may not always be the case in life, but in the corporate world, setting up a corporate veil protection has and always will be a good practice. CEO of Laughlin Associates, Aaron Scott Young, discusses the similarities of corporate […]


Tools Of The Trade: The Easy Way To Find Note Investing Deals

A lot of people want to get into note investing and real estate in general but lack the resources to do so. The good news is, thanks to technology, more information on deals and lenders are starting to be accessible for the masses. In this episode, host Scott Carson takes the wheel and shares the […]


Financing: The Right Way Is The Only Way With Joe Block

You may have the best idea in the world, but without the right amount of financing, your idea might never see the light of day. Getting financed requires skill, effort, experience. Having a guideline definitely won’t hurt anyone. President and CEO of Bullseye Capital, Joel Block, with all his years of experience and expertise in […]


Self-Storage Investors: Keeping Them Coming Back For More With Terri Garner

To turn your idea into a million-dollar business, you’ll need investors, and you’ll need to keep them happy. To get the attention of an investor, you need to pitch something that has a low risk of failing and a high chance of giving their money back and more. One business that fits the bill is […]


What’s A 1031 Exchange And How Is It Done? With Dave Foster

Anyone who is interested or is already knee-deep in real estate investment can benefit from being familiar with IRC Section 1031. This allows investors to sell a property and reinvest proceeds to a new property while deferring all capital gain. In this episode, 1031 Exchange Expert, Dave Foster, discusses what 1031 is and how to […]


CLS Software: Guide To Lender Financing With John Matheson

Do you know what you qualify for or what your loan amount threshold on a property to buy a note is? John Matheson, a commercial real estate developer, property investor, and Founder of Commercial Loan Success, talks about a do it yourself software to screen your investment property or business loan against common bank guidelines […]


The Digital Age Of Real Estate With Steven Jack Butala And Jill Dewit

Thanks to technological innovations, the business of real estate agents may be improved and performed without having to go out the front door. The future is digital, and that’s a fact that we can’t avoid. BuWit Family of Companies co-founders, Steven Jack Butala and Jill DeWit, present how they tackle real estate investing the easy […]


Raise Money, Do Deals With Chuck Sutherland

More often than not, you need to have money on hand before you do any kind of transaction. In this episode, Chuck Sutherland shares his story about how he raised money to kickstart his career. Chuck has been in the real estate business for over four decades ever since he received his broker’s license at […]


Legal Solutions For Non-Performing Notes with Shawn Yesner

What is your goal? Do you want a performing note or do you want the property? Shawn Yesner is a real estate attorney of Yesner Law and the host of the Crushing Debt Podcast. In this episode, Shawn talks about the legal solutions for non-performing notes and dives into the strategies you can use to […]


Self-Storage: The Hidden Gem of Real Estate Investing With Scott Meyers

Uncertainty and doubt are two of the biggest factors when it comes to investing in real estate. Studies have found out that self-storage is a recession and inflation-proof business that you can invest in while putting your mind at ease. The nation’s leading expert in the self-storage business and the President of Self Storage Investing, […]


Secrets For Passive Income With Corey Peterson

As the owner of Kahuna Investments, Corey Peterson’s story is a real-life rags to self-made millionaire riches tale. Corey managed and acquired over $95 million in commercial real estate across the United States. He is also the bestselling author of Why The Rich Get Richer – The Secrets to Cash-Flowing Apartments͟ and the host of […]


Commercial Accounting Practices with Thomas Castelli, CPA

In this episode, get an overview of the strategies on how to minimize your tax liability primarily on interest income as Thomas Castelli, a tax strategist for The Real Estate CPA, talks about tax planning for commercial note investors. Learn how interest is taxed and how being in the note business impacts your tax situation. […]


Commercial Due Diligence with Suzanne Kessler from ProTitle USA

Due diligence is one of those things that’s tedious but undoubtedly necessary if you want to be successful. With technological advancements in the real estate industry, it’s becoming easier and more manageable, especially when you can do it in a single dashboard. The Oversight Manager of ProTitleUSA, Suzanne Kessler, shares their game-changing products and services […]


The Biggest Mistake Investors Make In Commercial Notes with Sal Buscemi

Are you thinking of entering the commercial market and investing in a note? If that’s a yes, then let Salvatore Buscemi teach you all about the commercial market. Sal is the co-Founder and Managing Partner of Dandrew Partners, LLC, a well-funded and highly regarded real estate solutions provider in the secondary mortgage market that specializes […]


Finding Funding For Your Assets with Scott Carson

Finding Funding For Your Assets with Scott Carson


The Past and The Future with Doug Roberts

The Past and The Future with Doug Roberts


Finding Assets Now with Scott Carson

Finding Assets Now with Scott Carso