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Episode #57: You’d Better Get 100 Percent Of Your Client’s Money

This isn't to be greedy, but you need to get 100% of your client's money. Only getting access to smaller portions of a client's portfolio opens you up to too many opportunities for failure. Dan will tell us why that's the case and why you shouldn't be scared to commit to implementing this strategy and mentality in your practice. To access more resources and a related blog post, click the URL:


Episode #56: Defuse - How The New Book Moves The Needle On The Tax Conversation

Dan has a new book out. It's called "Defuse: 7 Steps to Saving Your 401k from the IRS." He'll tell you why he decided to put so much focus into this topic and conversation and give you details about how you can benefit and co-author editions of the book.


Episode #55: College Planning. A Gateway To New Clients.

Dan has been meeting with a lot of financial advisors lately and learning about different strategies they use to grow and market their practices. There's one particular strategy raising his eyebrows at the moment. College planning. Dan sees how this strategy can be beneficial to a holistic practice, but only if executed the right way. To access more resources and a related blog post, click the URL:


Podcast #054: Minimalism - Why Less Is More

Minimalism isn't really a new concept, but when put into practice in your business, it can lead to big profits. Dan explores this practice's impact after watching a recent Netflix documentary. To access more resources and a related blog post, click the URL:…why-less-is-more/


Podcast 053: Making Your Book A Lead Generator

Following up on our discussion about the value of publishing a book to attract prospects, today we’re going to talk about how to make that book work for you. If you’re going to take the time to write it, then you should make sure to maximize its potential as a powerful sales tool. In this episode, Dan breaks down how to do it. He shares details about how you can use your book to establish yourself as someone with authority in the financial planning world, as well as how to market it...


Podcast 052: Marketing Funnel Design

Back in "the old days," marketing was pretty simple. You'd send out 5,000 invitations to attend a workshop about retirement planning, about 50 people would show up, and you'd get 25 clients. Today, those results rarely happen for advisors and yet, vendors like FMO's and Turn Key Asset Managers keep encouraging advisors to do them. Now, the new buzzword is "funnels." On today's podcast, Dan will tell us what a marketing funnel looks like, whether they work at all, and if they do, what...


Podcast 051: The Freedom Of A Profit-Driven Advisor

We talk all the time about the freedom you gain when you run your practice with a profit-driven mindset. Does that freedom include the ability to live anywhere you want? Could you pick up your bags and move a few time zones away and keep your practice intact? What about the freedom to turn prospects away? Can you get comfortable enough to hire someone else to run your day-to-day activities in the business? Dan will lay out how systems, profit focus and other goals help lead to increased...


Podcast 050: Books, Blogs, Podcasts, And Websites With Which You Should Engage

Most prolific content creators do a lot of reading. Dan is no different. On this podcast, he'll share with us some of his favorite books, podcasts, blogs, and websites. He thinks all of these resources would be helpful to anyone looking to run a profit-based financial practice. We'll also cover what you might have missed at the most recent Renegade Advisor Initiative in Cincinnati. Listen in to learn what you should be reading, listening to, and following out there in the media and...


Podcast 049: Profit Margins

Dan shares stories with us about advisors who get caught in the trap of achieving aggressive sales goals while losing focus of how much profit their businesses are earning. It's a dangerous game to play that limits your freedom and flexibility. Hear a few tangible examples of how an advisor was able to dramatically change the trajectory of not only his future, but the future of his family by making some simple tweaks regarding his focus and approach to building a practice. You can find...


Podcast 048: To Charge Or Not To Charge (A Planning Fee), That Is The Question

Should you charge a planning fee? Is it OK to always do your planning and consultations for free? If you do charge, is it OK to waive the fee from time to time? These questions plague so many advisors, and today Dan shares where he stands in the debate. In this episode, he takes a look at the history of how planning fees became both commonplace, but also an element so easily passed over by many advisors. He'll also share his opinion on why you should or shouldn't charge a planning fee in...


Podcast 047: The Concept Of A Family Office

A "family office" is traditionally described as a full-service firm that only serves the ultra wealthy or families with $100 million net worth or more. Dan doesn't see the concept of a family office as a bad thing, but certainly defines it a little differently than that. On this podcast, he'll tell us how you should properly view that concept of a family office and the ways you can structure those relationships. Plus, he'll tell you about a time he made a really stupid mistake. Seriously,...


Podcast 046: The Nine Components Of An Effective Marketing Plan

Most financial advisors focus a lot of their energy on finding new ways to attract new clients. What's interesting is that almost every marketing approach out there has people in two camps. One camp swears by a strategy and the other can't wait to blow the idea up and tell you everything they hate about it. So, how do you create a marketing plan that's effective when the advice you get on the subject pulls you in so many different directions? We'll ask Dan what nine components make up his...


Podcast 045: How To Follow-Up - Part 4: The Lost Client

To close our series on follow-up procedures, Dan gives us an actual case study where proper follow-up systems made the difference on landing a long-term client. You won't believe how true automation and a well-designed system converted this prospect. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:


Podcast 044: How To Follow-Up - Part 3: Webinars

What happens when someone expresses an interest in what you do, but they're not quite ready to proceed? Here's a suggestion... Use a webinar. On this podcast, Dan breaks down the ways he's experimented with webinars and how they can fit into a great system of follow-up with clients and prospects. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:


Podcast 043: How To Follow-Up - Part 2: Podcasts

Podcasting isn’t just an extra, it is a necessity for advisors who want to do something more personal and separate themselves from the competition. Dan Cuprill and Walter Storeholt share their expertise on how to use podcasting to bring your practice to the next level. Podcasting is not only useful for marketing purposes but it helps with client retention and referrals. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:


Podcast 042: How To Follow-Up - Part 1: Emails

Follow-up is often a dreaded task because people often see it as nagging or annoying, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Dan Cuprill talks about how important it is to build a follow up system that runs automatically and uses humor and interesting stories to engage with potential customers. He breaks down why email is such an effective tool and how you can use it to gain clients in a non-intrusive way. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:...


Podcast 041: Taking Advantage Of A Scam - Bitcoin

People are inundated with messages so you need to come up with one that is powerful. On this episode Dan Cuprill talks about how you can use a scam or current event to not only get peoples’ attention, but also to engage them in a helpful way. He discusses how important it is to build a list and know who you are marketing to. We're not necessarily attacking the legitimacy of Bitcoin on this edition of the podcast. Instead, we'll focus on how you can benefit from crazes like Bitcoin, the...


Podcast 040: Co-Designing A Plan

After meeting with a client and finding out that they are a good prospect, it’s time for a second meeting and a strategy planning session. On today’s episode Dan Cuprill explains in detail how to put together a solid strategy in a way that the client can truly understand. He lays out how the meeting should go in a step-by-step manner that will show you exactly how to gain clients that will trust you with all of their assets. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:...


Podcast 039: Don't Be Subtle - Three Things You Can Learn From Your Doctor

Much time is wasted when the wrong clients walk through your door. Dan Cuprill talks about the problems that are incurred and time that is wasted when advisors accept the wrong clients. He emphasizes the importance of only working with clients who actually need you and lays out many ways that you can ensure it’s the right fit for you and your client. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:


Podcast 038: The 2018 Renegade Advisor Conference

Many advisors tend to fall into the trap of only focusing on marketing and selling. Stop running your business like a sales office and start running it like a CEO would run their business. On this episode, Dan Cuprill introduces the 2018 Renegade Advisor Conference and explains why it is so different from the conferences he has been so critical of in the past. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: