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RR-Episode 109-Retirement Planning vs Investing

I recently hired a personal trainer to help me get back in shape after my knee surgery. How could a squiggly line and a straight line play such a big role in my making this purchase decision...and what could it possibly have to do with retirement planning? Listen in to hear how the straight line of Retirement Planning can give you much better results than the squiggly line of just investing for retirement. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 108-Acronymphomania

What do Acronyms and Nymphomaniacs have in common? NOTHING, I just liked the word so here goes.....listen in to hear how confusing this industry can be with all the acronyms and geek speak. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 107-Not That Kind of Depends

Depends may be an important part of your retirement...but not this kind of depends. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 106-Understanding The Value of Participation Rates

Should you risk it all on your own or partner up with someone who knows WAY MORE than you do about growing money? You can either use the stock market, to gamble with your retirement funds, or just partner with experts who will grow it....with no losses and no fees...and share the profits. Which one gives you better results? You'll be surprised by the answer!. Listen in to learn about "Participation Rates" and how to use them. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 105-How To Understand and Optimize Tax Deductions

Pay less tax! In this podcast I'll cover what tax deductions really are, how to optimize them and teach you a few creative strategies I've learned over the years. Save on! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 104-Stop Taking Advice and Take Charge

Ok, so I went really long on this one. I have a lot to say and it all of it will help you to maximize your retirement and help you to protect yourself from the criminal liars who control this industry. Take charge of your retirement and enjoy the benefits! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 103-Stop Walking Uphill and Start Swimming Upstream

I'm going suggest that you swim upstream of course....but NEVER walk uphill. Why? Listen in for some little-known retirement planning truths. Oh the very end I make a special announcement about Renovating Retirement Retreats in Hawaii! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 091-How Much Life Insurance Should You Have

How does one skip an entire episode when going in consecutive order? Who cares, here it is....the long, lost episode 091! I found it at the bottom of the ocean and I hope this lost treasure helps you make wise financial decisions. Enjoy.. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 102-Why I Never Use Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance is one of the most popular and well advertised financial products on the planet and has been for a long time. Does it have a place in your financial plan? In my Now, I don't hate any tools, they're just tools: they do some things well and other things poorly. After fourteen years of research I can't find anything Whole Life does better than other tools so I devoted this podcast to sharing my findings with you. Enjoy. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 101-The Market Will Go Up Until It Doesn't

"What goes UP must come _____?" Can you fill in the blank? Down, exactly...but why are so many people STILL putting money in the stock market with the Dow Jones over 24,500? Why do so many people buy when the market has never been this overpriced? Will it go up forever? Nope, it will go up doesn't. Let's talk about this a bit. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 100-Why Bad Investments Are The Key To a Great Life

I had know idea what to do for my 100th episode soooooo......I just picked the next topic on my list! Your great life is made up of bad investments or purchases. Be very careful when joker brokers try to steer you away from things that have "limited upside potential" or "may not appreciate" etc. Listen in for a short but sweet episode helping you to think clearly and make wise decisions. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 099-What If The Stock Market Didn't Exist

IF, just imagine for a moment....IF you could not use "risk with a side of fees" (Stock Market) to grow your money, what would you do? This exercise is ESSENTIAL to understanding how money works, what exists and deciding whether or not the specific mix of Pros and Cons the stock market offers is actually doing anything helpful at your age. Do I rant? yes. Do I sing? yes.....put up with it all and learn some very important truths about how to grow money. Enjoy! Please Rate and Review The...


RR-Episode 098-The Father of The 401(k) Says It Has Become a MONSTER

Here's a quick podcast in response to Ted Benna "The Father of the 401(k)" coming out and saying that i'ts become a "MONSTER". There is a better alternative to the 401k so come hear the good news! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 097-How To Make Major Decisions

Now I'm fired up!!! I just posted a photo on Instagram, recorded this podcast, recorded a radio show and am doing a seminar tonight on the very topic. There is a very successful method you already use for making major purchasing decisions. When it came to choosing a retirement plan/planner you threw that method away and used a much more dangerous approach. Let this message set you free to go back, do it again and live the best retirement possible. Enjoy! Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 096-Four Google Searches You Must Do Part 4

Here you go folks, the last installment of the Four Google Searches you Must Do series. You do not need an advisor and these searches will cause you to fire your current advisor. I'm very confident in say that they are lying to you and you do not have the best financial plan that meets your goals. I will not stop saying that until I find a financial plan that I can't beat in five minutes. If you want what's best for YOU rather than your ADVISOR listen up and learn how to find the data YOU...


RR-Episode 095-Four Google Searches You Must Do Part 3

Back to the Four Google Searches series! In this episode I'll explain the risk of Sequence of Returns. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU EARN IN THE STOCK MARKET, BUT RATHER WHAT ORDER YOU EARN THOSE RETURNS IN. Your Broker is FOR SURE hiding this one from you. Also see this chart that I reference in the episode: Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode 094-More Risk, More Reward Exposed as a Lie

You know...there was a time when most people thought the earth was flat. MOST people thought the same thing and it turned out that they were all wrong. Have you heard that you have to take more risk to get more reward? It's the "No Pain, No Gain" of the financial services industry but completely false. It's a lie. Another lie from the Joker Brokers to keep you from using safer, higher-paying investment tools and strategies. Check out Charlie.Jewett on instagram for the picture I reference...


RR-Episode 093-Four Google Searches You Must Do Part 2

This is the second of the four essential google searches you need to run. The results of these searches will make it easy for you to angrily fire your joker broker and move your money to where you will pay less fees, historically earn more money, have higher income, pay less taxes, have more benefits, leave more behind for loved ones and have more for long term care. You'll love the feeling of empowerment when you know more than your broker does about how things really work in the...


RR-Episode 092-Four Google Searches You Must Do

I'm back and I'm fired up!!! There are four essential searches you MUST do on google if you are even considering leaving money in the market while in retirement. The market does NOT beat safer strategies and money managers lie through their teeth to keep you as clients. Listen in as I teach the first google search you must do to begin understanding the web of lies the Joker Brokers spin. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


RR-Episode-090-More Ideas on Using Real Estate To Create Cash Flow with Bill Manassero

Bill Manassero is on his way to owning 1,000 rental units. Learn how to use cash flowing real estate to create mailbox money in retirement. Please Rate and Review The Show HERE


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