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Benjamin Brandt wants to teach you how to retire! Listen in as Benjamin Brandt CFP©, RICP© answers the questions on the minds of the modern retiree, often joined by the top experts in the retirement planning industry. Ask Benjamin a question here:

Benjamin Brandt wants to teach you how to retire! Listen in as Benjamin Brandt CFP©, RICP© answers the questions on the minds of the modern retiree, often joined by the top experts in the retirement planning industry. Ask Benjamin a question here:


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Benjamin Brandt wants to teach you how to retire! Listen in as Benjamin Brandt CFP©, RICP© answers the questions on the minds of the modern retiree, often joined by the top experts in the retirement planning industry. Ask Benjamin a question here:






Could Living Abroad Save You Money? with Tim Leffel, Ep # 174

Would you want to raise your standard of living for half of what you live on now? Tim Leffel did, which is why he chose to uproot his family from their life in Nashville to move to a small city in Mexico. Tim is the author of the book A Better Life for Half the Price and he joins me today to discuss the pros and cons of living abroad. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how you can save money by living abroad. Tim is an expert in the subject and has written extensively about this topic....


What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Stimulus Package 2.0, Ep # 173

I’m thrilled to be back sharing the latest retirement headlines with you after my short holiday break. The biggest news on the retirement radar this week is that the 2nd Coronavirus stimulus package has passed. Together, we’ll take a look at the most relevant parts. Then I’ll answer the question: do you need a Roth IRA even if you make more than the income limits allow for? Let’s start preparing for tomorrow by learning today. Press play now. Outline of This Episode Will you be cashing a...


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Retirement Rewind: How to Retire Abroad with David Jacoby, Ep # 172

Welcome back to another edition of Retirement Rewind -- episodes so good we played them twice! Time for travel is by far the number one thing that Retirement Starts Today Radio listeners look forward to in retirement. That’s why I interviewed David Jacoby on to this episode and why it was chosen as a Retirement Rewind. David Jacoby is a financial planner and travel expert who specializes in helping travelers and expats. David, himself has lived in 4 different countries and even built his...


Retirement Rewind: Estate Planning Strategies to Preserve IRAs with John Ross, Ep #171

Welcome to this episode of our Retirement Rewind. Retirement Rewind episodes are so informative that we decided to play them again while I take the month of December to spend a bit more time to enjoy my family. Estate planning attorney, John Ross from the Big Picture Retirement podcast, joins me to discuss how you can preserve your IRAs for your heirs in the wake of the SECURE Act. Check out this interview to discover how to optimize legacy tax planning, how to utilize an accumulation...


Retirement Rewind: It’s Roth Conversion Season, Ep #170

What would happen if you go over your tax bracket by $1 when doing a Roth IRA conversion? On this Retirement Rewind episode, we’ll explore the best way that you can take advantage of the current tax cuts and get the most out of your money. What will Roth conversion season mean for you? Listen in and find out! Outline of This Episode Why should you wait until the end of the year to convert your Roth IRAs? It’s a good idea to wait until the end of the year to convert your IRAs into a Roth....


Retirement Rewind: My Favorite Retirement Podcasts (for the 3rd time) #169

Welcome back to the Retirement Rewind! I take the last part of the year off from podcasting to spend more time with my family. But that doesn’t mean that you miss out on your favorite retirement podcast. Actually, I have a treat for you today. This episode is so good this is the 3rd time I’m playing it. Press play to find out which retirement podcasts I listen to in my spare time and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find links to my favorite episodes of those podcasts. On this...


Retirement Rewind: The Hidden Challenges of Retirement with Fritz Gilbert, Ep # 168

Welcome to Retirement Rewind! Each year I take the holiday season off from podcasting to spend more time with my family. The good news is that I prepare my favorite episodes from the past for you to enjoy. This episode is an interview with Fritz Gilbert over at the Retirement Manifesto blog. In this interview, Fritz and I discuss his new book, Keys to a Successful Retirement as well as his firsthand experience now that he has recently retired. If you’ve already listened to this episode...


Retirement Rewind: The Hidden Challenges of Retirement with Fritz Gilbert

Retirement Manifesto blogger, Fritz Gilbert joins me today. Fritz was actually my very first guest on the show and is now my first repeat guest. I’m excited to have him join me again since he has recently retired. Fritz shares insight from his research in writing his blog and book but also from his first-hand knowledge of retirement. Listen in to our conversation as we discuss hidden challenges of retirement, how it feels to be newly retired, and how to get the most bang for your buck in...


BIG Legislation Changes, tiny Portfolio Changes, Ep # 167

Are you worried about what the election means for your retirement portfolio? Many people are tempted to make big changes to their retirement savings to reflect their election concerns. On this episode of Retirement Starts Today Radio, you’ll learn what you can do to your portfolio if you are nervous about the transition. You’ll also hear what the new RMD tables mean and how the Biden proposals could change the entire retirement landscape. Outline of This Episode What do the new RMD tables...


Medicare Annual Maintenance and Timelines: What Do I Need to Do Annually? Ep #166

After you finally get Medicare all figured out and everything in place, the last thing you want to do is ever think about it again. But unfortunately, you need to review your Medicare coverage annually. Danielle Roberts is back, yet again, to help us understand what we need to do annually to review our Medicare plans. In this episode, you’ll learn what to do if you have a prescription drug change, if your Medicare Advantage plan gets discontinued, and how to change from supplemental plans...


Medicare Supplements & Advantage - Where Does Part D Fit In? Ep. #165

Do you know the difference between a Medicare supplement and a Medicare advantage plan? You’ll need to understand their differences to make an educated decision about which to choose when it is time to sign up for Medicare. Danielle Roberts from Boomer Benefits joins me again to help us wade through the various Medicare supplement choices. Learn how best to fill the gaps that Medicare leaves by listening to this episode of Retirement Starts Today. Outline of This Episode What is a Medicare...


Retirement: What to Expect if You Retire Before or After Age 65 with Danielle Roberts, Ep # 164

Deciding to retire before age 65 can be a tough decision to make. For most people, this decision will result in an extra $1000 or more a month in health insurance expenses. Retiring after age 65 has its pitfalls as well. On this episode of Retirement Starts Today, Danielle Roberts joins me again to discuss the potential landmines that you need to look out for whether you are planning to retire before or after age 65. Outline of This Episode Should you work longer just for health...


Medicare Basics: What to Expect as You Approach Age 65 with Danielle Roberts, Ep # 163

You asked and I listened. This summer I asked you all for your thoughts on the show and many people responded that they wanted to hear more deep dives into complex subjects. We tried this out with the Living Off Your Savings series and now we’re taking some extra time to discuss Medicare. This episode is the first of a 4 episode series on Medicare. Grab your headphones and press play to begin your Medicare education. Since I am not a Medicare expert, I have invited Danielle Roberts with...


How to Avoid Burnout While Working From Home, Ep # 162

Are you one of the many people still working from home due to the pandemic? What seemed like a phase that would last a few weeks has turned into a trend with no end in sight. While working from home creates exciting possibilities, especially for those considering retirement, it also has its downfalls. Many people have discovered that working from home means the lines between work life and home life are being erased. As long as you are conscious that burnout is a real risk then you can take...


Social Security Bankruptcy Insurance, Ep # 161

Are you worried about the seemingly constant news stories which claim that Social Security may run out of money? These articles highlight any problems that the Social Security program is facing which can lead the reader to fret about the future of the guaranteed income source in retirement. Not surprisingly, there are companies out there that want to capitalize on this worry. Does Social Security insurance sound like a good idea to you? On this episode of Retirement Starts Today I read from...


How Do You Plan to Give Your Retirement Notice? Ep # 160

If you are listening to Retirement Starts Today, you probably have retirement on your mind. You have probably given thought as to how you will spend your money, where that money will come from, healthcare, and plenty of other subjects. But have you put any thought into how much notice you will give your employer? Do you have one of those jobs where you relish the day that you give your retirement notice? Or will your announcement be bittersweet? You may want to put some extra thought into...


Are Stock Splits Good for Stocks? Ep # 159

Have you seen the news about Tesla and Apple lately? Their stock prices are surging to new highs after the announcement of a stock split. Is this what is supposed to happen with a stock split? Learn more about stock splits and what they mean for you by listening to this episode of Retirement Starts Today. After we the Retirement Headlines I answer several listener questions. Have you been wondering about you and your spouse’s Social Security timeline? Should you roll over funds if you are...


How the Biden Tax Plan Could Affect Your Retirement, Ep # 158

Have you been wanting to know a bit more about Biden’s tax plan without all the political spin? Me too! That’s why I dug deep to find the best information that I could share with you all. I promise, no politics here; just relevant information to help you best prepare for an amazing retirement. In addition to learning how Biden’s tax plan could affect your retirement, I’ll answer a couple of listener questions. You’ll hear questions about TSP’s and Roth IRA conversions. Outline of This...


Will Bank Bail-Ins Replace Bail-Outs? Ep # 157

Have you ever hear of a bank bail-in? You read that right, bail-in, not a bail-out. I hadn’t heard of this concept until recently and wanted to share it with you so that you understand how it works. Listen in to understand how this buzzword could be used to trick you into worrying about your savings. You’ll also hear the latest about the Fed’s plans for interest rates in the coming years. Stay informed of the latest in retirement headlines on this episode of Retirement Starts Today. Outline...