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The Soul of Healing & Forgiveness w/ Dr. Heather Paulson

Being in the business of healing means diving deep into the soul, beyond just the physical, to discover the root cause of an ailment. In this episode, Dr. Healing Paulson discusses the business behind healing & the role forgiveness plays. You'll learn how online summits in the health space changed her business, how to guide others towards healing, the role of forgiveness in healing, caring deeply for those you serve & much more. Learn more about Dr. Heather Paulson and her work at...


The “Spillover Effect” of Positive Leadership w/ JoAnna Brandi

Being a conscious leader means that you are aware of your impact on others. In this episode, happiness expert JoAnna Brandi shares with us what being a positive leader is and how great leadership can benefit your customers as well as your bottom line. You'll learn practical tips for becoming a better & more conscious leader as well as why being a positive leader in your conscious business is the ultimate competitive advantage. Learn more about JoAnna, conscious leadership & her work at...


Love is Medicine: The Business of Naturopathy w/ Razi Berry

Razi Berry is the Founder of Naturopathic Doctor News, the industry-leading publication for naturopaths. In this episode, Razi shares with us her secrets behind building a business and leading a movement. You'll also gain insight into the power of intuition and how to navigate the heart & the mind in a business setting. But success can stem from where you least expect it. In Razi's case, it was a profound life experience that made her question "where does healing come from" that has led to...


How to Maximize Customer Engagement w/ Troy Broussard

Big profits occur when you can raise the average customer value of your list. On this week's episode, I interview Troy Broussard, (Founder of Membrandt) about growing your company by serving your current clients to your highest and greatest potential. To do this you need to engage your clients where they are and to meet them where they are which is on their cell phones, and more specifically on an app. Learn more about Troy and his business at


Meditation & Storytelling: The Gateway to Peace & Presence w/ Norma Rubio

On this week's episode, I interview Meditation Guide and TV Producer, Norma Rubio. Norma explains how meditation & storytelling can allow us to find peace & connection in the present moment. She also explains how storytelling & having an awareness practice can allow you to tune into what is true for you about your own message and journey so you can ultimately connect with your audience, your purpose & what's truly yours to do in the world. Find out more about Norma and her mission at...


How to Write The Perfect Email Launch Sequence w/ Ryan Peterson

Writing emails for an online launch is always a daunting task, especially when the success of your business is riding on the success of your launch. In this episode, Ryan Peterson will cover an introduction to the launch process for online courses and services, the six emails that you should always include after you open enrollment, and how to write from your heart and make sales at the same time.


Two Steps to Peace and Purpose w/ Angela Meyer

How does one truly find peace & purpose in life and in business? In this week's episode, I interview Angela Meyer who is the Founder of We Bold Souls & a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach. Angela walks us through how mindfulness can be made easy and why simple moments of gratitude can result in higher levels of conscious living. Also, why practicing presence & gratitude can ultimately lead us to our life's purpose, peace, & mindful living. Find out more about Angela and her work at...


How to Introduce Mindfulness to Your Business or Company w/ Sean Fargo

Mindfulness has been the crack in the door that has allowed meditation and consciousness into the business space. In today's episode Sean Fargo, former monk & mindfulness expert, helps you to introduce mindfulness to your business or employees in approachable ways. He helps demystify what mindfulness is and isn't while offering practical solutions to businesses such as better communication, emotional intelligence, compassionate leadership & more. Learn more about Sean at...


7 Strategies Successful Leaders Use to Manage Stress w/ Steve Romano

Steve Romano is an expert in leadership development, executive coaching & the Managing Director of Olistica. In this episode, he shares with us his top 7 strategies for managing stress from the inside out. You'll discover how to decrease your stress while increasing your decision-making abilities, how to move from a reactive to a responsive leadership mindset, and why self-awareness in leadership is the true key to success. Find out more about Steve Romano and his work at...


How to Avoid Burnout & Master Mindfulness w/ Nicholas Mosca

With the constant pressure to work harder and longer hours, we are increasingly on the brink of burnout. But the secret to remaining mindful is really to understand yourself. Begin your mindful journey today w/ mindfulness expert Nicholas Mosca.


The Way of the Sacred Warrior in Business w/ Elizabeth Wilcock

Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of merging the sacred world with business. In this episode, Elizabeth Wilcock, will teach you key tips and insights for finding your purpose, living on purpose, learning how to merge your sacred work with business.


How to Launch Your Calling w/ Destinee Berman

Destinee Berman is the launch manager & secret visionary behind today's most widely recognized online schools in the intuitive arts and spiritual healing spaces. In this episode, Destinee shares with us her secrets for creating a successful online launch.


Social Media Success Secrets w/ Danielle Miller

Getting your message, value and offer in front of the RIGHT target audience is easier than ever before. Today, social media marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools for anyone in the conscious business space. In this episode, Danielle Miller (Social Media Expert and CEO of Miller Media Marketing) shares with us her secrets for social media marketing, Facebook ads and much more. To learn more about Danielle and her agency, visit


How to Create a Powerful Online Movement w/ Amanda Pua Walsh

Aligning your soul with your business can result in more than just an online brand, it can evolve into an entire movement. In this episode, I interview Amanda Pua Walsh (CEO and co-founder of Astrology Hub) about what it truly takes to build an online business. Amanda covers three very important elements that are key to making an impact, especially in new and uncharted spaces. Find out more about Amanda and her company at


The Alchemy of Storytelling w/ Kylie Slavik

Kylie Slavik has been telling stories for brands in personal development and coaching for the past 5 years, generating $5,000,000 with stories on Facebook alone. In this episode, you’ll learn why storytelling across multiple marketing and social media platforms is important, how to decide which stories will resonate with your audience and her top tips for creating a meaningful movement. Learn more about Kylie Slavik and her work at


How Soulful Selling Can Transform You & Your Business w/ Christine Pereira

Christine Volden Pereira is the founder of Soulful Selling, a company that empowers introverts to sell and promote themselves with confidence and authenticity. She has over 15 years experience is sales and marketing at Fortune 500 companies and startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this episode, Christine sheds light on the importance of selling whether you are a heart-based entrepreneur or conscious business owner. Learn more about Christine and her programs at


The Power of Awakened Women’s Leadership w/ Danielle Blum

Danielle Blum is the Founder of World Nativ, an online community that connects leaders, innovators, and creators across the globe. In this episode, Danielle explains how leaving your comfort zone and stepping into a leadership role can not only awaken your soul and your purpose, but also your business. Join us as we dive deep into the topics of community building, soul inspired action, and of course, personal transformation. Danielle is a master at igniting the leadership potential we all...


Introduction to the Show

Welcome to the show! In this episode Richard Taubinger, host of The Soul of Business Show & Founder of Conscious Marketer, shares his intentions for the show and how this podcast will help both you & your business thrive. Follow Richard on Instagram and Facebook @RichardTaubinger.