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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.

America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.
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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.




How to Be Boss and Take Control of Your Income

Think you're doing all you can to earn more money? Hoping to find ways to maybe squeeze a little more productivity out of your day? In today's inspirational episode, we're talking to Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson from the Being Boss podcast about what"being boss" really means. Whether you're working for someone else or have entrepreneurial blood, there's something today for everyone. And in our headlines segment... should you lease a car for your teenager? It might sound like the...


How Is a New Cryptocurrency Born?

While we're usually not crazy about jumping in the cryptocurrency Kool-aid, a new type of crypto just being birthed called Kinesis caught our eye. This emerging crypto is based on gold and already it sounds a little different, right? To learn more about Kinesis and just how a new cryptocurrency is birthed, we invited CEO of Kinesis, Thomas Coughlin down to the basement to give us the fundamentals. What makes them different? Why launch a new one when so many others already exist?...


How Hardcore Are Your Money Habits? (plus an intro to CNote!)

Are you known as the "frugal" friend in your circle? Think you're 100% on board when it comes to managing your finances? You'll have a chance to put that to the test today, because our roundtable is discussing (and sharing their own stories on) hardcore money decisions. Helping us out today is special guest from The, Ryan Inman... PLUS two of our basement favorites: Paula Pant and Len Penzo. Then, in our Fintech segment, we're super excited to talk to Catherine...


She Paid Off $18,410 Of Debt In 7 Months

We LOVE success stories, and today we're talking to one woman with a great one. She set out to pay off over $18,000 of debt in a single year. But what happened? She actually did it in just over half that time: seven months. Sounds good? We thought so too, so we called up Jenni Zepol to see just how she did it. The great news? Many of you may be able to follow her tactics and do it also. Plus, in our headlines segment one whistleblower claims she was fired for raising red flags about her...


Fidelity Drops TWO Zero Fees Funds Into the Market

We've said for awhile that the fee game is a "race to the bottom," and last week....we reached the bottom. Fidelity dropped some big news in the financial world last week: not only did they slash a bunch of fees, they also introduced two no-fee mutual funds. What does it mean? How does these new funds work? We've got you covered. First, we'll talk to the VP of Retirement for Fidelity, Ken Hevert, for more information on the company's latest move, and later in the show, OG and Joe will break...


How Not To $#&* Yourself When Taking Out A Loan (plus an intro to Current)

Most people borrow money at some point, but how do we pick out good loans from bad loans? To help us figure out which loans are best, we're bringing down our usual suspects: from, Paula Pant; from our very own basement, OG; and from Len Penzo. And halfway through the show we're talking to the founder of Current, Stuart Sopp, who's setting out to help parents teach their kids about money and the dangers of using plastic. We'll also answer a student...


LIVE From Podcast Movement with your favorite Podcasters!

We're coming to you (mostly) live from Podcast Movement! Joe caught up with some of our favorite podcasters and friends and interviewed them live right from the event floor. We have an action-packed episode featuring Gwen Mertz in our headlines, and then interviews from Jordan Harbinger, Phillip Taylor, and Vincent Pugliese, plus an awesome roundtable segment featuring Mindy Jensen from Bigger Pockets, Joel Larsgaard from Pour Not Poor, and Chris Browning from Popcorn Finance. Thanks also...


How Do I Build a Stream of Retirement Money?

Have you been waiting for us to answer your letter? It's your lucky day because we're dedicating today's show to answering your questions. We're covering diversification, retirement, investing, Fintech, dividends and everything in between on our special letters episode. Before we get to your letters, In our headlines segment we're taking a look at emergency funds and long-term care dollars. Are you thinking about cutting corners and that maybe you can get by day-to-day without some sort...


Do I Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Money? (plus an intro to Zeta)

There are many ways to have a not-so-great relationship with the fuel that helps you reach your goals. You can spend too much, never spend anything...and much more. What IS a healthy relationship, and what does it look like? There are a lot of warning signs, but that doesn't mean it's an easy problem to fix. On today's show, our contributors, Jen Smith from the, Roger Whitney (the Retirement Answer Man) from, and Paula Pant from,...


Investing In Your Vices (with Jordan Waldrep)

You've probably heard of impact investing, but... have you heard of vice funds? The concept is similar to impact investing, but instead of good causes, vice fund invests in those other sectors of the cigarettes, gambling, and alcohol. Interested yet? We hope so, because today, to talk more on vice funds, mom's invited the guy that's right in the middle of this sector to share ideas, stories, and his investing strategy, Jordan Waldrep. Then, in our headlines segment, we'll...


Doing Well By Doing Good...with Real Estate (with Eddie Lorin)

At least one real estate investor is doing his best work by bringing affordable real estate to the masses. From, we welcome Eddie Lorin, who'll share how you can purchase and create real estate opportunities that in his words, "do well by doing good." We'll also talk about real estate in different areas of the country and about trends in real estate investing and rehabilitation. Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or a newbie, there'll be something for you to...


What Do Money Bloggers Owe Their Audience? (plus a BIG update from Tiller)

Should financial bloggers and financial podcasters who tout that they're "retired" share the WHOLE story with their audience? Plus, if they're managing a successful blog or podcast, how "retired" are they actually? Additionally....does it matter to a reader or listener if the writer/podcaster is actually retired, if their information is on point? We'll tackle a great article on this topic from Tanja Hester from the Our Next Life blog with our special guest, CFP Dana Anspach from...


Welcome to Stacking Hamilton's (w/ Rosemarie Groner)

And you thought you knew us! WELCOME TO THE STACKING HAMILTONS SHOW!!!! According to Doug's crazy holiday calendar we're celebrating National Hamilton's Day. It's your lucky today because today we're bringing you a show stock full of tips on how to save Hamiltons fora rainy day. Rosemarie Groner from, stopped by the basement to hand deliver 10 tips to save $10 in 10 minutes minutes or less. PLUS, during our headlines segment, we're talking to the COO of popular money and...


How I Retired Early: A Case Study w/ Fritz Gilbert

Do you ever find yourself sitting around wondering how someone retires early? Good news... we've been wondering the same thing. To answer answer all of our (and your!) questions about early retirement, we invited the man who has not only done it himself, but has been teaching other people to do it too, from, Fritz Gilbert. Speaking of wonder....have you wondered how you can win that "free" luxury car in the mall? Ever think about writing down your information...


Answer These 3 Questions About Money To Enrich Your Life (plus an intro to eBlocker)

It always pays to start with the end in mind, which may seem difficult, but one recent piece suggests that answering a few questions will help you crystalize your goals. For example, do you know what you'd do with your life if money wasn't an issue? What would your life's goals and aspirations be? What would change? To help answer today's big questions we invited Crystal Hammond from the to join us, along with regular contributors Paula Pant from


How To Slash Your Investing Risk (with Chris Cook)

Investing can be scary, especially if you're just starting out. What if your money evaporates overnight? What if some unforeseen event happens and my investments are wiped out? And with most of us relying on our investments to get us through retirement years, to pay for college, or other goals, it's natural to be worried. While we can't totally eliminate investment risk, we can do a pretty good job reducing risk... if you know how. That's why we're bringing the author of Slash Your...


Fun & Games and Wiping Out Your Student Loan Debt (with Michael Torpey and Natalia Abrams)

A game show made to wipe out student debt? That's right...coming to Tru TV is a new game show that's made specifically for that reason. If you're anything like millions of other people, you've probably had (or still have) the pleasure of dealing with student loans. Between ongoing bills and wallet stretching emergencies, it may seem like there's never enough money to go around. So what do you do? Coming to the basement to discuss the student loan epidemic, and to help YOU pay off some of...


Starting Your Rental Real Estate Empire with Brandon Turner (SB RWD 79)

Looking to jump into real estate? We're rolling back the clock to the time we talked to Brandon Turner from the award-winning real estate site, Bigger Pockets. He'll talk about purchasing, managing tenants and building wealth. We'll also cover a couple of headlines about some hacks to make your life easier, and the deadly financial sins to avoid if you're not keen on handing your money over to crooks. Of course, we'll also answer some letters, get a dose of Doug's trivia, and much much...


Rocking Your Debt Cleanse with Nick Clements, Mandi Woofruff and Tiffany the Budgetnista (SB RWD 78)

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") takes us back to our debt-curing discussion with MagnifyMoney CEO Nick Clements and MagnifyMoney Executive Editor Mandi Woodruff. Still in the wake of the holiday buying season, Nick and Mandi shared some good strategies on paying down debt. We also take your letters, learn French with Matilda and Devin Carrol, and get a surprise visit from Tiffany the Budgetnista. Of course, it's a full episode of the there's much, much more! Enjoy! You can...


Make Mistakes and Still Find Financial Independence (plus an intro to Mason)

When you've made some mistakes in your past, how do you get back on track for financial independence? Is there ever a "too" late? Is financial independence out of reach for those of us who started late? Helping us answer those questions and more is special guest Gwen Mertz from the Also rounding out our contributors for today is Len Penzo, of fame, and our very own OG. And midway through the show we'll take a few minutes to stop and talk about seniors...