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Episode #15: How Do You React To Market Corrections?

Anytime the market is moving in a downward direction, or even just wavering, we see people react in various ways. Take a listen to see if you identify with one of these common reactions to market corrections. Do you over-trade as a response? Do you stick your head in the sand or run around like a chicken with your head cut off? We’ll give you ways you can avoid becoming your worst enemy and show you how to keep particular emotions and reactions in check during times of market turmoil. For...


Episode #14: Overlooking Inflation

Overlooking inflation is an easy thing to do. It happens, typically, slowly. You don’t notice it immediately, but after a while it can dramatically change the face of your financial plan. Chris will tell us some of the things we need to know when it comes to accounting for inflation in our plans. For Chris’s Tax-Free Retirement Toolkit, go to:


Episode #13: Taking Your First Financial Steps

For some folks, the idea of putting together a financial plan can be overwhelming. But it’s less threatening if you just focus on a first step to get you started. But depending on your situation, your most logical first step could be one of several things… Brent wants to know if the economy is “overvalued” at the moment. And what financial lessons can Lebron James teach us? We’ll find out on this week’s show. Click the link to receive your FREE Tax Free Retirement Rescue Toolkit:...


Risky, But Popular, Investments

Chris will battle through a cold this week to deliver us some great financial information. We’ll get a question from Daniel about inflation rates. We’ll also see if the 1st quarter earnings reports indicate a strong US economy through the rest of the year. Plus, It’s probably common sense when you think about human nature, but some of the riskiest investments are also the most popular. At least the risky ones generate a lot of interest, even if most folks don’t end up actually making an...


Four Bad Financial Assumptions

Be careful making assumptions about certain areas of retirement planning before you really know the facts. Some of these assumptions could be correct, but they could just as likely be wrong. We’ll cover 4 of the worst financial assumptions you can make. Plus, Hank wants to know if he should put all his money in Roth because of tax concerns. And we’ll see what Chris thinks about folks carrying debt past the age of 75. USA Today says it’s the “new normal”. Click here for Chris’s Tax Free...


What The TV Show “Billions” Can Teach Us About Investing

Let’s see if Chris agrees with Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s assertion that the US economy is “out of whack.” Marie in Ponte Vedra wants to know if she should get rid of some of her whole life insurance policies that she got back in the 1990s. And we’ll see what lessons Chris has learned from watching the hit TV show “Billions” and how it might apply to our own financial situations. Click here for Chris’s Tax Free Retirement Toolkit


Storytime: Frustrated With Paying Too Much Tax

We’ll ask Chris if he’s ever experienced a situation where a client came to him completely fed up with how much they were paying in taxes. Was their frustration justified? Were there solutions to the problem? We’ll find out, plus give you some tips on how to make sure you’re not overpaying in taxes when it comes time to retire. Click here for Chris’s Tax Free Retirement Toolkit.


What’s Better? ETFs or Mutual Funds?

Bill thinks mutual funds and ETFs look very much alike. Does it matter in which you choose to invest? We’ll pose that question to Chris on this week’s podcast, plus talk about raising the minimum wage floor. Is that a good thing to do for the economy? Click here for Chris’s Tax Free Retirement Toolkit. Click here to check out Chris’s blog.


Debunking Some Of The Worst Financial Myths

There’s an almost endless list of retirement planning myths that need to be debunked. We’ll debunk some of these misleading statements that often lead people astray. Put on your “mythbuster” hat and let’s go. We’ll also answer Gretchen’s question about Roth conversions while unemployed and we’ll get Chris’ take on President Trump’s feud with Amazon. Click here for Chris’ Tax Free Retirement Toolkit.


The Important Things You Should Know About 401k Rollovers

We often talk about the importance of not leaving a 401k with your old company after you no longer work there. Let’s explore some of the benefits of a 401k rollover, why you might want to move it to an IRA, what the tax implications are and some of the other essential things to consider. We’ll also answer a question from Roger about recent losses in his IRA. And is it wise for college students to invest some of their financial aid in bitcoin? It’s happening, so we’ll get Chris’ thoughts on...


Does It Matter What Kind Of Financial Advisor You Work With?

Chris gives us an honest perspective on what it’s like to work with an independent advisor vs. a large brokerage firm. What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Investment Philosophies To Know: Passive And Tactical

Chris tells us how the proper balances and uses of tactical and passive investment philosophies can lead to the creation of a great portfolio.


A Volatility Buffer

Many financial firms are too focused on accumulation, which could leave your portfolio open to undue risk. Learn how Chris implements a volatility buffer to shield you from market risks.


The 5 Steps To A Tax-Free Retirement

Having a tax-free retirement should be a major goal of every retiree. Chris will walk us through the 5 steps you can take to achieving a tax-free retirement. Sure, we might mention a few “geeky” buzzwords like 72T, but Chris will break it down into layman’s terms and map out the plan for us.


Welcome To The Tax Free Zone: Tax Code Changes And Market Volatility

In the inaugural episode of The Tax-Free Zone, we’ll analyze the recent tax code changes and assess the possible link those changes have to recent market volatility. Chris will tell us what your takeaway from the recent headline news should be if you’re a retiree or approaching retirement.