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“I Didn’t Have To Ask”-Favorite Great Service Stories

Do you have a story of extraordinary service from one of your visits to Asia? Send me your best story of service to! Would love to share out some great service stories! Thanks so much for listening and subscribing to the podcast! Help others discover the Far East Travels Podcast by writing a review in the iTunes Store:


Traveler’s Diarrhea Essentials

I’m sharing out some advice again on dealing with traveler’s diarrhea after a personal episode of it this past week. Is there a way to avoid it? Completely? If there is I still haven’t discovered it but there are a few basics that can lessen the likelihood. Going slow at first helps-don’t overindulge and allow your body to adjust to everything before you dive into strange new foods. For some countries it might even be wise to use filtered or bottled water when brushing your teeth. My...


Shanghai, China Travel Tips/Food/Nightlife/Sites/The Bund With Travelblogger Bruno Black

Shanghai, China is one of the world's most popular travel destinations. Loaded with atmosphere, amazing food, shopping and entertainment it's really hard to make a decision on what to do or where to eat because of the vast choices. I invited Travelblogger Bruno Black to help share his advice on what to do and where to eat as he is a frequent traveller to Shanghai. In the first in a series of episodes on Shanghai travel Bruno shares with us his favorite places and dishes, some of his favorite...


Cherry Blossom Update From Kyoto, Japan With Kyoto Expert Niall Gibson

Always a pleasure to talk to expat Niall Gibson who is a Kyoto travel expert and the founder of Kyoto Fun and Kyoto VIP! Niall gives us a 2019 update on the cherry blossom season from one of the top travel destinations in the world-Kyoto, Japan! Sakura, or cherry blossom season is the busiest time to visit Kyoto so Nialls give us his strategies on how to get the most out of season and some alternative places to stay as well as some alternative times to visit Kyoto. The best places to view...


Saigon vs Taipei-What Are The Significant Differences-Observances After 10 Days

This podcast I'm asked by followers what are the main differences I've noticed between Taipei, my last base, and Ho Chi Minh City, after the first 10 days. There are many differences and I've had a bit of a jump start on knowing them after a few visits here over the past 4 years. Certainly from a cost of living point of view there are big differences. There are also more choices amongst international food choices whether it's restaurants or just purchasing groceries. The amount of motorbikes...


Greetings From Saigon! Why Vietnam?

Another update on day 8 of living in Ho Chi Minh City. The last few days have been good as I adjust to the climate which I'm told will be scorching hot before the rains start in June. With the heat also comes an adjustment of diet, mostly eating lighter, and of course remembering to stay hydrated-absolutely essential. I miss the water fountains and stations that Taipei City provides it's population. There are plenty of convenience stores in Ho Chi Minh City where one can stop, get rehydrated...


Greetings From Saigon! Update After The First Few Days In Vietnam

Bringing this episode to you from one of the most iconic spots in Ho Chi Minh City-across from Notre Dam Cathedral.*Note, during the episode I mentioned the Notre Dam Cathedral was finished in 1892, in fact it was completed in 1883. Thanks for listening to this update as I get settled in to on of the most dynamic cities on the planet! The first few days have been a little exhausting as I recover from my move after 5 years in Taiwan. It’s always critical when you first arrive at your...


"Live In Asia" Expat Series with American MJ Klein-Life in Asia/Taiwan

One off or one time donations to the podcast are always greatly appreciated! You can make a donation to the podcast here: I'm starting an ongoing series of life in Asia through the eyes of expats living across East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. In my first episode I've invited my friend from Taiwan MJ Klein who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. MJ has been living in Taiwan for 15 years and has some deep insights into being a foreigner, expat, and...


Angkor Wat/Angkor Thom, Cambodia-My Favorite Temples/Ruins To Visit

I put together a short podcast episode of my favorite places to visit around the Angkor Ruins. I visited most of these sites multiple times during my last stay in Siem Reap and would go back to visit all of them anytime. Here they are in case you want the spelling for your research. Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom(The Bayon Temple), Ta Prohm,(Tomb Raider Temple), East Gate of Angkor Thom, Banty Srea, Kleang Towers across from The Terrace Of The Elephants, Preah Khan. I didn't visit Phnom Bakheng but...


“Live From Asia” Series 1 Day Before The Lantern Festival In East/Southeast Asia

Don’t forget to listen live using the Spreaker app every Sunday night-10pmEST. You can also catch the live simulcast on Periscope(Far East Travels). Send your questions to or message me on: Facebook: or Instagram: Help others discover the podcast by writing a review in the iTunes...


Angkor Wat/Siem Reap, Cambodia Overview-Planning Your Trip To The Biggest Religious Site On The Planet

Angkor Wat and the rest of the Angkor Ruins should definitely be included on your Southeast Asia itinerary. In this episode of the podcast I give you my overview and introduction to Siem Reap, the town where trips to the ruins are based from and advice on getting the most from the sites, especially if you are a photo enthusiast. As I mentioned in the podcast episode it is difficult to rent a motorbike in Siem Reap, in fact it's illegal. Some places will rent motorbikes to tourists and even...


"Live From Asia" Series-Brief Discussion On Bhutan And Your Random Travel Questions

“Live From Asia” Your Random Travel Questions Live On Spreaker/Periscope. Send your questions or feedback to Follow me on Instagram: Facebook: Support the podcast by becoming a patron and unlock exclusive content! Visit my Patreon page to see all of the offers now: Help others discover the podcast by writing a positive review in the...


"Live From Asia" Weekly Series-Your Random Travel Questions + Firecracker Blasts From Taipei!

Weekly Live From Asia-Taking Your Random Questions About Travel/Life In Asia. Don't forget every Sunday night at 10pmEST(New York) I take your live questions either on the chat feature on the platform or watch live on Periscope! During this episode I was right in the middle of sacrifices and firecracker explosions on the first business day of the Lunar New Year in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm interrupted a few times while local businesses set off firecrackers to help bring good luck and...


What I Ate On Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner/Visit To The Most Famous Temple Of Taiwan

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Happy New Year! I have been so blessed to have been spending the Lunar New Year in Taiwan for the last few years. In this episode I will share with you what I ate on New Year's Eve with my host family and some audio from one of the most famous temples of Taiwan, The Longshan Temple. Thousands visit this temple during the first few days of the Lunar New Year and it's always inspiring especially to see the seniors come out to pray. For some it's obviously alot of effort...


Live Chinese New Years Eve Day In Taipei, Taiwan-What’s Happening?

What’s happening on New Years Eve Day in Taipei, Taiwan


Live From The Chinese New Year Market in Taipei, Taiwan-Questions & Commentary

Live From The CNY Market in Taipei, Taiwan! More background on the festivities of Lunar New Year in Taiwan and Taipei, This past week many people received their Chinese New Year bonus, which can be up to the equivalent of 30% of a person's yearly salary. Needless to say the stores have been busy and of course were ready. But many will also wait until after the New Year before they start spending. Young people look forward to Chinese New Year and the hong bao they will receive, "lucky money",...


Eating At Food Carts In Vietnam Vs. Restaurants-Your Questions On Food Safety

A recent viewer from my YouTube Channel,, asked about eating at food carts in Vietnam versus eating establishments or restaurants. I think food carts can be just as safe to eat at as restaurants, in some cases even better! Especially if you think about the restaurants that have huge menus with dishes that might not be ordered as frequently as other items, upping the possibility of bad or spoiled food. In this episode I give suggestions...


South To North Vietnam Itinerary-Trip Planning

What cities should I include on my trip to Vietnam is the most common question I’m asked when discussing traveling in the country, especially when people are planning their south to north or north to south trip. This itinerary is from my 2016 six week trip. There may be some areas or cities you would want to add or subtract based on your interests. For example there aren’t really any opportunities to visit caves on this itinerary like Son Doong cave in Quang Bing Province or Phong Nha-Ke...


Live From The Chinese New Year Market in Taipei, Taiwan-CNY/Lunar New Year in Asia

Dihua Street Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year Market is the biggest one of it's kind in Taipei, Taiwan. The street is closed off to pedestrian traffic exclusively and each side of the street is lined with stalls selling speciality food items for the holiday. This market starts 2 weeks prior to CNY every year-this year the Lunar New Year falls on February 5th-The Year Of The Pig. Chinese New Year in The People's Republic Of China can be extremely hectic and exhausting for it's citizens with...


Listener Questions-Off The Tourist Trail In Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung/Best Hub Cities-Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

Continuing short form podcasts that answer your travel questions. I was asked by a loyal listener from Park City, Utah what are some activities to do that would be off the tourist trail in the Taiwan cities of Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taipei. Here are the links for resources that will give you further descriptions of where I recommended. Included here are the Hayashi Department Store, Tainan Martial Arts Building, and Sicao Green Tunnel For Tainan: