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Episode 21: Discussing Buddhism, Voting, and Libertarians with Aaron Powell of and the Cato Institute

In this episode, we are joined by Aaron Ross Powell of and the Cato Institute! Aaron is a director of, a project of the Cato Institute. He's also co-host of the Free Thoughts podcast and frequent contributor to's new Building Tomorrow podcast. Do libertarians have an obligation to vote? Should libertarians vote? What can libertarians learn from Eastern philosophy and Buddhism? What could it mean for politics and ethics? How has the...


Episode 20: A Discussion with Jeffrey Tucker on Libertarianism, the Rise of Liberty, Right Wing Collectivism and Bitcoin

In this episode, we had a great discussion with Jeffrey A Tucker. Tucker is Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research, former Director of Content at, founder of, and a research fellow at We discuss how he came to the ideas of freedom, liberty and more. Such as, what is libertarianism? Should we be optimistic about the future of liberty? Is our new generation liberty minded? What is right-wing collectivism? Also, the power of Bitcoin and...


Episode 19: Diversity, Drugs and Immigration with Kassy Dillon

Today we are joined by Kassy Dillion. She is a journalist, political commentator, and fellow with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. While attending a small women's college in Western Massachusetts, she founded Lone Conservative, a group blog created to give a voice to conservative college students. She has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Washington Examiner's Red Alert Politics, and Campus Reform, and has appeared on Fox News discussing topics involving free speech...


Episode 18: A Discussion with Brendan Dolleman Co-Host the Real News Podcast

Today we have a discussion with Brendan Dolleman about some current hot topic news items. What's up with the Kavenaugh hearings? Is the outrage justified? Thoughts on new Kaepernick "Just do it" ad by Nike. Should social media apps be turned into social utilities? If you enjoyed the podcast please subscribe, rate and review! Brendan on Twitter: Special Guest: Brendan Dolleman .


Episode 17: A Discussion with The Neolib Podcast

We are joined by the Neolib Podcast for a roundtable discussion! What is neoliberalism? What is the neoliberal project? Where are we with identity politics? Is neoliberalism the answer in our divided American political system? What's the difference between a libertarian and neoliberalism? Special Guests: Colin Mortimer and Jeremiah Johnson.


Episode 16: Conservatives are Exploiting the Murder of Mollie Tibbetts

Discussing some recent hypocrisy by conservatives and their explotation of Mollie Tibbetts murder. Are conservatives pushing a political agenda? Yes. Are conservatives for small government? No. Why are conservatives hypocritical? Identity Politics. I also discuss my problem with Turning Point USA, Candace Owens, and Charlie Kirk.


Episode 15: Origins of the Drug War Part 2: 1960s and 70s

In today's episode, we dive into part two of our drug war origins series. We talk about the history of the drug war during the 1960s and 1970s with Nixon and the counterculture movement being the focal point. Enjoy! If you enjoyed the episode please subscribe, rate and review! If you've enjoyed our episodes please support us on our new Patreon page, where we have some extra benifits of course! As we gain more support we will be able to put more time and research into the podcast. So help us...


Episode 14: The Origins of the Drug War Part 1

Who is Harry Anslinger? And what did he have against drugs? What did he have against Billie Holliday? This is part one in our multipart series analyzing the origins of the drug war. If you enjoyed the episode please give us a subscribe, rate and review! Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari (amazing book) link:


Episode 13: The Real Facts about Immigration

In today's episode we discuss the hot topic of our border. But instead of yelling and screaming about everything we provide some facts about the issue that nobody in the media seems to be talking about. We talk about the current laws for the border and some common myths about the effects of legal and illegal immigration. Tune in! If you've been enjoying our content please subscribe, rate, and review! Also, email us at


Episode 12: Celebrity Influence: From Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Candace Owens

In today's episode, we discuss Kim Kardashian's recent political activism. What does it have to do with Kanye West and Candace Owens? What pushed Candace into political activism? Is Owens a talking head or thought leader? Is she conservative or a Trump puppet? What's wrong with the rising young stars(Tomi Lauren, Charlie Kirk, etc.) in conservative activism? Alice Johnson, the problems with mandatory minimums, and the catastrophe that is our criminal justice system. All of this discussed,...


Episode 11: 'What do we stand for?' - The NFL Anthem Controversy

In today's episode, we feature our interview on The Real News Podcast. We discuss the NFL's new rule regarding the National anthem. Should the players stand? Does the NFL have a right to make this ruling? What do the players kneel for? Does intent matter? Do we have institutional racism in our criminal justice system? Also, an interesting policy update for bail reform in Utah. A policy that more states throughout the US need to take note of. All of this discussed, tune in! If you enjoy the...


Episode 10: Is Jordan Peterson a 'Custodian of the Patriarchy?' - Royal Wedding, Palestine vs Israel, and a Michael Brown Recap

In today's episode, we recap the royal wedding, discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, thoroughly discuss NY Times articles on Jordan Peterson and the Intellectual Dark Web, and we end it with a Michael Brown recap for his recent birthday. Is America infiltrating the British government? What's wrong with how the media is covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Should we be discussing the conflict as good vs evil? What has brought Jordan Peterson to fame? Is he the 'custodian of the...


Episode 9: Iran Deal, CIA Director, Illinois Drug War: Can you be a "Good Soldier" and have a "Great" Moral Compass?

We are back after our trip around Europe! Sorry, we were both very jetlagged in this one. In today's episode, we discuss the Iran deal, the new CIA director dilemma and the Illinois police argument for keeping the drug war alive and well. What is the problem with President's operating the office with a pen and phone? Should we keep the Iran deal? Where do we go now? What does this mean for our foreign relations with other nations involved with Iran? Who is Gina Haspel? Why is she such a...


Episode 8: Kanye West Twitter Rant, Candace Owens, Starbucks Incident, Michael Shindler interview on John Bolton and More

In this week's episode, we talk about Kanye West's recent Twitter rant. Has West taken the red-pill? One that included naming Candace Owens. Who is Candace Owens? West loves his Tesla. Earth Day happened over the weekend...the one day a year everyone pretends to be a true nature walker. What is going on with the incident at Starbucks? What is implicit bias? What is Starbucks plan after this incident? Michael Shindler joins us for an interview on his recent piece about John Bolton? Who is...


Episode 7: Expensive Message to Syria, Guns, Opioids, Pornhub and Pornstars

Southwest Airlines brings out an irrational fear of flights for Brenden. What is the big update on the Cohen case? What are Stormy Daniels motives? What is Philadelphia doing to help the Opioid crisis? Should we work towards rehabilitation instead of punishing? We further discuss what's happening in Syria. What is the red line in the sand? Who has the interest in US being involved? What's new with Bump stocks? Have social pressures pushed a bump stock provider out of business? Does a bump...


Episode 6: Government Corruption Continues & Racial Debates Persist

Hello everyone, this week we have confirmation that Mark Zuckerberg is either a robot or a lizard person. The Senate held their Facebook support call. What are the problems with civil asset forfeiture? What is the progress on Utah medical marijuana passage? Trump's attorney Michael Cohen office was raided, what has the past shown in this situation? Paul Ryan will be ending his unsuccessful tenure as Speaker of the House. Should we be concerned about the Syria crisis? What do we know of this...


Episode 5: Ready Player One Review and Some News Updates

In today's episode, we provide some thoughts on Ready Player One. Also, some news updates. What's new with the Jeff Sessions memo on the death penalty for drug dealers? Does the Pope believe in hell? A decrease in murder and shootings? Update on the private autopsy of Stephon Clark, which was different from the public autopsy. Tune in! Fast forward to minute mark 21:00 to skip the movie discussion! If you enjoyed the episode please subscribe, rate, and review!


Episode 4: Omnibus, March for our Lives, Identity Culture and Politics

Has Trump drained the "Swamp?" How different from Hillary is Trump? What is the difference between thoughts and prayers vs holding a sign? Will the March for our Lives change anything? How does March for our Lives play into Identity Politics? Are we an identity culture? Tune in! Intro credit to Cardi B...she had a fun Instagram post last week. If you enjoyed the episode please subscribe, rate and review!


Episode 3: Discussing China's Social Credit Score, Free Speech, and the Latest Cryptocurrency News

What is China's new social credit score policy? What can the U.S. learn from this new credit score policy? Does the millennial generation view free speech differently? What is the latest news in cryptocurrency? All of this discussed, tune in! If you would like to support the podcast please subscribe, share and leave a review! Special Guest: Clayton Warnke.


Episode 2: Discussing Trump's Stance on the Death Penalty, New Tariff Policy, and the Importance of State Politics

This week Molly and I discuss some recent news and state politics. What is President Trump's plan for dealing with drug dealers? Will a death penalty for drug dealers stop the drug war? What's wrong with Trump's new trade policy? Why should you pay attention to state politics? All of this discussed. If you would like to support the podcast please subscribe and leave a review!