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ACLR: Is Anyone Really That Much Greater Than You?

We may not know what exactly it means to be great, but we do know that ACLR is growing...and we think that's pretty great. This week's Curiosity Bite: Is Anyone Really That Much Greater Than You? And another question: Can greatness exist in anonymity? Tune in, you great curiosity seekers!


ACLR: Do You Get What You Expect From What You Buy?

Welcome back to ACLR, the podcast for the relentlessly curious. This week's Curiosity Bite: Did you get the best result from what you purchased last? What was it? What has the biggest impact on whether you get what you expect from what you buy? Is ownership more important than access? Don't miss Sortafacts and Jennifer's list of top (lame) things to purchase.


ACLR: How Effective Are Your Complaints?

What's your favorite complaint? Why do we complain? That's what this episode of ACLR is about. What's something that you complain about that you never try to do anything about? What's something that you don't complain about but you actually do something about?


ACLR: What Makes You Matter?

Welcome back to ACLR you adventurous curiosity seekers. In this episode we discuss, dissect, and debate an increasingly hot topic in the age of AI. What gives us purpose and what's required for us to feel we matter? How will ideas like Universal Basic Income address this challenge as AI leaps ever closer to replacing our individual economic relevance? Stuff like that.


ACLR: Would You Know If You Were In a Cult?

Welcome back to ACLR, the podcast for the relentlessly curious. This week's Curiosity Bite? What would you do if you and your friends were perceived to be members of a cult? And...would you recognize cult indoctrination techniques if they were being used on you?


ACLR: What Does the Mueller Report REALLY Mean?

Welcome to this special episode of ACLR with The Constitution Demystifier, Kimberly Wehle. We're focusing the lens of curiosity to reveal key takeaways and what you REALLY need to know about The Mueller Report. Discover why this is NOT just about one particular president, Trump. This IS about the Presidency...and why this distinction matters.


ACLR: What’s the Difference Between A Great Opportunity and a Warning Sign?

Welcome back to ACLR. What do you see as a warning sign that others may see as an opportunity? What do you see as an opportunity that others may see as a warning sign? When you think about opportunity, what comes to mind? Investments? Adventures? Relationships? These are some of the Curiosity Bite related questions we dissect, discuss, and debate.


ACLR: What’s the Right Ratio of Experiencing to Documenting Life?

In this episode of ACLR we discuss, dissect, and debate what happens when we interrupt our experiences to document and share. How are your life experiences influenced by your plans to document or share? How do you determine what's valuable or entertaining enough to share? Do you think that documenting your life and your opinions makes it harder to change your mind?


ACLR: What Does It Mean to Die Too Soon?

If you could find out when you will die, would you? Applied Curiosity Lab Radio explores the concept of what it means to die too soon. Check out this episode of ACLR, listen for clues to determine whether you will die too soon, and jump on the show notes to plug yourself into the Death Clock...if you dare.


ACLR: How Often Do You Think About the Color of Your Skin?

When thinking about the color of your skin, what's the right amount? In this episode of ACLR, we aim the curiosity lens at privilege, dressing in blackface and other delicates. What are you missing when you ignore impact to acknowledge intent? What are you missing when you ignore intent to acknowledge impact? What's more important, intent or impact?


ACRL: How Do You Decide Who & What to Trust?

In this episode of do you decide who to trust? How aware are you of what informs your decisions? If you were lost in a city with a dead cell phone and no person would help you, how self-reliant could you be? Is your intuition as powerful as you think it is?


ACLR: Do You Know When the Wrong People Have the Right Mind?

Here's the question to elevate your curiosity for this episode. What's easier for you to see? A. When the wrong person has the right mind, B. When the wrong people have the right mind, C. When the right person has the wrong mind, or D. When the right people have the wrong mind? That's (mostly) what we're talking about.


ACLR: What’s Your Favorite Bad Habit?

Applied Curiosity Lab Radio (ACLR) is the podcast for the relentlessly curious. This Season (the big 2.0!) I'm joined in the studio by my sister and Applied Curiosity Lab's Chief Experience Producer, Jennifer Felberg. Each week, fun informal conversations center around one delectable Curiosity Bite designed to...


ACLR Special Episode: Homelessness. What Are We Missing?

What are we missing when we're thinking about how to tackle the problem of homelessness in America? In this special episode of ACLR, the lens of Applied Curiosity is turned toward creating a MicroSolution for tackling this pervasive and divisive issue in what may be a totally new way.


ACLR 022: What is Travel Hacking and How Can You Do It with Guillaume Schaer

What is travel hacking and how can it amp up the adventure in your life? How do some people seem to enjoy major travel adventures without major resources? On this episode of ACLR, Switzerland's most trusted travel hacker, Guillaume Schaer shares insider travel hacking tips and tricks.


ACLR 021: How to Cure Children’s Cancer with Researcher Andy Woods

This week's episode is a peek into the world of children's cancer and pediatric cancer research. Ex-stone mason and newly minted cancer researcher, Andy Woods shares what he did to help save his daughter's life when faced with her cancer diagnosis. Use Andy's story as a showcase for effective medical advocacy, and as a framework that you can follow for how to be remarkable in the face of a terrifying diagnosis.


ACLR 020: How to Run For Political Office with Dan Saltzman

Have you ever considered running for political office? Consider my conversation with commissioner Dan Saltzman your mini primer. What should you consider? Are there differences between running for local, state, or federal office? Are there differences between what makes a good political candidate and what makes a good politician? Are the answers different for women and men? What do political insiders look for when assessing who might be a successful political candidate?


ACLR 019: Turning Psychedelics Into Medicine with Rick Doblin

What are psychedelics? Can they save lives? How is Rick Doblin, Founder and Executive Director of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Medicine, turning psychedelics into life-saving medicine? Should you fear psychedelics, or should you fear living a life having never experienced them?


ACLR 018: Inside Non-Fiction Television with Laura Fravel

How to spin facts and data into storytelling genius...a peek inside the world of non-fiction television and film with Laura Fravel. Can you tell non-fiction stories in captivating ways and still stay married to the truth? With the blurred lines between reality television and reality, how can you tell what's real and what's not?


Episode 017: How to Fund Your Business Idea with Venture Capitalist Stephen Saltzman

Venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and nice guy who happens to be my husband, Stephen Saltzman, provides a curious peek inside the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship. What's the difference between an idea, a business idea, and a fundable business idea?