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I'm a loser who occasionally makes a big play. I also produce podcasts, write editorials, and record voice-overs.

I'm a loser who occasionally makes a big play. I also produce podcasts, write editorials, and record voice-overs.


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I'm a loser who occasionally makes a big play. I also produce podcasts, write editorials, and record voice-overs.






Kat Satava And Kristy Mickelsen Talk About Writing And Advocacy

This episode is an interview with Kat Satava by Billy Dees and co-host Kristy Mickelsen. Kat Satava is an author focusing on the genres of epic fantasy and supernatural fiction. Kat’s first book (in her Witch War Series), "Nightmares & Stars" debuted during December 2021. Kat is currently working on the second book, a five-episode supernatural series "Canton Ghost Town," and a gothic horror short story. Kat has a very strong interest in helping others develop their own voices and stories by...


Bonus Non - Confidential 001 - Reaction To The Movie - Don't Look Up

Classified as a Comedy/Disaster, I presume they mean a combined comedy and disaster movie not a comical disaster, “Don’t Look Up” is a satirical story about two astronomers who go on a media tour to warn the world of an Extinction Level Event in the form of a giant comet speeding toward Earth. Can us earthlings put down our phones long enough to listen? What I feel the movie hits the mark on as well as what I feel it may have missed are the subjects of this episode along with my take on how...


Kristy Mickelsen Author And Advocate For Cancer Awareness

This episode is an interview with Kristy Mickelsen, a 43-year-old wife and mother, whose passions include her two autistic children, reading and writing. Kristy is the author of the book, “A Christmas to Remember.” Kristy wrote this book based on the real emotions her mother faced when her father passed away from Stage Four Renal Cell Carcinoma. Kristy’s goal with writing this book was not only to present a Christmas love story but to bring some cancer awareness about renal cell carcinoma as...


Food, Exercise, And Their Impact On Wellness With Guest Lenora

This episode is the first time we tried to use Twitter Spaces as a forum to record a full episode of our podcast. Twitter Spaces is an audio medium allowing for a configuration of hosts, speakers, and listeners. The Space was hosted Thursday January 6, 2022, at 2:00pm EST. Currently, the only way to take part in a Twitter Space is via the Twitter smartphone app. Therefore, the guests sound a bit “phoned-in” but otherwise acceptable. Our guest was Lenora Colarusso, who has been on the podcast...


What We Can Learn From Good People

What does it take to be a good person? The reactions of the public to the recent passing of John Madden and Betty White raises the question as to why these people were universally loved. What about them sets them apart? What qualities of being a good person can we incorporate into our own lives?


Avoiding The Winter And Holiday Blues

The pressures of the holidays are often a source of stress. The events, family gatherings, and gifts along with a myriad of other things can easily bring down someone’s mood. This episode discusses some easy and common-sense ways of avoiding the holiday blues.


Is An Era Of Real Statesmen And Women Over As Politicians In America?

Is an era of statesmen/women as politicians ending in America? That topic is discussed on this episode’s commentary. Do voters have the patience to sort through nuanced issues? By contrast, have elections become high-stakes contests? Also, on this episode is a follow up to the podcast from October 24, 2021 titled “Commentary: Tragedy on a Movie Set and Digital and Social Media React,” in which the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust” is the subject of commentary.


Audio, Social Audio, and Twitter Spaces

Social audio is gaining more and more traction as a communication medium. Apps such as Clubhouse exploded in the wake of the pandemic lockdowns. More platforms are now adopting their own versions of this concept and expanding upon it. Twitter Spaces is now becoming a “go to” option for many creators. How does audio only content differ from other media? What are some of the basic tenets of audio only media? This podcast episode discusses the emergence of social audio and various tips for...


Writing Humor With Lee Gaitan And Dave Jaffe

What happens when you get two accomplished humor writers together to talk about their methods? The result is a lively and informative discussion about the art of humor writing. Lee Gaitan and Dave Jaffe are together sharing some of their writing strategies and trade secrets. Does all humor come from pain? How do you select topics? How do you create humor during troubled times? Listen to this episode to find out! You can find Lee Gaitan’s book “My Pineapples Went to Houston, Second Edition”...


Should Politics Be A Part Of Your Marketing Plan?

Is it a good idea to infuse politics into a marketing plan or brand image? That is the subject of this episode’s commentary. Billy covers several points as to why he does not feel that a political stance belongs in a business scheme or fund development plan of a non-profit.


Social Media, Facebook, Meta, TwitterSpaces And More

On this episode recorded live Monday Nov 2, 2021, we discuss the Facebook name change, TwitterSpaces, and numerous other topics related to social media.


Commentary: Tragedy On A Movie Set And Digital And Social Media React

This commentary episode discusses the tragedy on the set of the movie “Rust” involving actor, Alec Baldwin, in which one person was killed and another person was injured. The analysis centers on the speculative and in some cases mean-spirited reaction that occurred on digital and social media. The commentary goes on to examine how these forums have become de facto sources for news information.


HumorOutcasts Interview With Deborah Fezelle Author Of "Discretion"

On this podcast episode, we are talking to Deborah Fezelle who released her fourth installment of the Nick McDeare suspense book series, “Discretion.” The previous installments have been, “Full Circle,” “The Evil That Men Do” and “A Walking Shadow.” During the interview, Deborah Fezelle talks about her early days, her love of the theater, and how being am actress influences her writing for the characters. You can find "Discretion" on Amazon...


"Tour Book" Author Rachel Pfennig Hales

On this podcast episode we are talking with Rachel Pfennig Hales about her first full length publication “Tour Book,” which came out just this past April. The book talks about what happens behind the scenes of your favorite concert tours. Every trick, costume or scene change, and the sound and lighting; require the preparation and skill of a dedicated support staff. After it is done, it is time to move on to the next venue and do it again. The book contains true stories from the rock and...


"50 Ways To Worry Less Now" With Gigi Langer

We are talking today with Gigi Langer, PhD who is the author of the book, "50 Ways to Worry Less Now" which presents practical spiritual, cognitive, and energy strategies; to gain peace, clarity, and wisdom, no matter what is going on in our lives. The best way to get the paperback is at as it's only $8.95 for a personalized signed copy; and she will ship it free (but only within the USA). For Gigi’s blog, courses, and study groups, check out


Live Podcast Talking The 20th Anniversary Of 911

This podcast is a discussion about the anniversary of the 911 attacks. The hosts discuss their memories of the day and some of the conspiracy theories that followed. This episode was recorded live as part of a Twitter Live streaming event at 8:00 PM EST on Monday September 7, 2021.


Afghanistan Commentary And Analysis

There is a big difference from winning a war and nation building. If it is war, get in and get out. If it is nation building, be prepared for a very long commitment. This commentary episode is audio only.


HumorOutcasts Interview With Lee Gaitan Author Of "My Pineapples Went To Houston"

“My Pineapples Went to Houston Finding the Humor in My Dashed Hopes, Broken Dreams and Plans Gone Outrageously Awry” (Second Edition with New Material Added) Lee Gaitan is a multi-award-winning author of three books. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Erma Bombeck Humor Writers’ Workshop, The Good Men Project, Mothers Always Write and Bella Grace. The story that resonates in My Pineapples Went to Houston, is Lee Gaitan’s personal and powerful tale of surviving a...


Live With Billy Dees And Guest CoHost Jack Casey July 31 2021

Live podcast with Billy Dees and Jack Casey. Listen in to the conversation about the Olympics, masks, and the Cleveland Guardians.


HumorOutcasts Interview With Author Dave Jaffe "Sleeping Between Giants"

Our guest on this episode of the podcast is Dave Jaffe. During this interview Dave talks about his style of humor, his love of dogs, and offers up some writing tips for aspiring writers. Dave Jaffe is a writer, columnist, former Chicago reporter, and humorist who has written for online media, print, television, and radio. Dave’s work has appeared in an assortment of outlets, including HumorOutcasts, HuffPost, National Public Radio, and The National Lampoon. During this discussion we also...