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I'm a loser who occasionally makes a big play. I also produce podcasts, write editorials, and record voice-overs.

I'm a loser who occasionally makes a big play. I also produce podcasts, write editorials, and record voice-overs.


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I'm a loser who occasionally makes a big play. I also produce podcasts, write editorials, and record voice-overs.






The Importance of Gratitude and Kindness LIVE with Lenora

Recorded LIVE the Monday of Thanksgiving week, this episode discusses the importance of gratitude and kindness.


LIVE With Dorothy Rosby Nov 16 2020

This was a LIVE discussion with humorist Dorothy Rosby on Monday Nov 16, 2020 at 8:00PM EST. Topics include masks, humor, and some "did you know" trivia.


Billy Dees LIVE with Jack Casey Monday Nov 9 2020

Talking post-election 2020!


Election 2020 Live Billy Dees With Jack Casey

We will be talking about the election, media, and maybe some predictions.


Stephanie's Story - How One Tragic Night Changed Her Life Forever

Our guest on this episode is Stephanie. She is here to share her story of trauma and recovery. On September 29, 2018 her life, and that of her children, was transformed indefinitely from that of a healthy 47-year-old single parent of two children, to that of a critically injured and air-lifted patient fighting for her life, by a drunk driver. Stephanie hopes to share her story of determination and recovery.


Yohance Salimu - Underprivileged Overachiever - A Crenshaw Story

Our guest on this podcast is Yohance Salimu who is the author of, “Underprivileged Overachiever - A Crenshaw Story.” The book is his memoir chronicling his journey from youth at Crenshaw Senior High School in California to his study of Geospatial Science at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Yohance speaks openly and candidly about his experiences and hardships on his way to success as a fighter and a survivor. "If you can meet with Triumph and...


HumorOutcasts Interview With Wil 3

On this HumorOutcast interview is Wil 3 who is the author of, “Heartly Law?” During this interview Wil 3 covers how aspects of his own life fold into his stories, his writing techniques, and how little moments can be character inspirations. (Synopsis) A congregation is packed into a church and witnesses a would-be assassin shoot Nicholas Rossi, a young man believed to be responsible for numerous miracles. After the shot rang out, Father Thomas O’Toole stood on the altar with a .38 Special...


HumorOutcasts Interview With Bill Spencer

Our guest in this interview is Bill Spencer who is the author of, "Uranus is Always Funny." Bill Spencer's humor writing has been published by numerous outlets including Funny Times, Narrative Magazine, Reader's Digest, The Sun, and Bill has also published scholarly articles on the novels of Cormac McCarthy, has written more than 140 comic skits performed at the Wildacres Writers Workshop, and has co-authored an un-produced screenplay entitled "Angel Pays a Visit." Bill...


Elections Are Now More About Sellable Brands Than Issues

Somewhere along the line a simple idea was lost. The idea that elections have anything to do with issues has been moved aside. We pretend that they do. What we really vote for are ideologies and who best fits our construct how the world should be. This episode examines this phenomena in a commentary.


Lenora's Story Of Hope As A Survivor

Our interview today may contain triggers for survivors. This episode is an interview with Lenora. She is a registered nurse, nutritional counselor, personal trainer, yoga teacher and reiki master. She is here today to discuss her journey of abuse, pain, and PTSD. She made it through this journey not only as that of a survivor, but as a healthy and happy individual. She hopes to inspire others who may be going through their own passage of trauma or difficulty to let them know that hope for...


Rob From The Rob And Slim Show With Billy Dees

On this episode Rob, from the Rob and Slim Show, joins Billy Dees for a discussion about his show, podcast media in general, and social media.


How NEWS Has Changed In The Modern Era

This episode is a commentary regarding the evolution of News as it was presented during WWII up to the present day. The episode also talks about such terms as "alternative facts" and "breaking news."


Podcasting Digital Media Update

This episode is an update about the approach of the podcast to the changing digital media landscape.


Toni Dupree Talks Etiquette, Style, Manners, And TikTok!

Toni Dupree is founder and president of Etiquette & Style by Dupree, an etiquette training and coaching company based in Houston with a mission to help young people and business professionals get ahead with good manners. Since 2006, her etiquette workshops, style seminars, self-esteem and behavior classes, have taught hundreds of individuals—from youth groups to business gatherings—how to present their best selves and cultivate meaningful, productive relationships. On this episode Toni talks...


Guest Christine Hall Talking Comedy, Twitter, and Masks!

This conversation is with guest Christine Hall who is a comedian and humorist. You can find her on Twitter @ChristineComedy. Among the topics covered during this upbeat interview are the skills of comedy, Twitter experiences, and the "mask controversy."


Curtis Shane Shares His Life And Spiritual Journey

This is an interview podcast with Curtis Shane who talks about his early years and influences. He also shares his story of renewed faith and what some of the guiding principles are in his life.


Interview With Dr Tara Sanderson - Decreasing Anxiety And Finding Balance

This episode is an interview with Dr. Tara Sanderson who is the author of, “TOO MUCH, NOT ENOUGH: A guide to decreasing anxiety and finding balance through intentional choices.” Tara is a Licensed Psychologist, Author, and Clinical Supervisor in Oregon. For over 20 years Tara has been helping people learn the skills to live their best lives. Using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Dr Tara Sanderson specializes...


Business And Marketing With Guest Mike Miller

This episode is a conversation with Mike Miller about business, marketing, and a new start up called "Fish My Spot."


A Flat Earth And A Fake Moon Landing

This is a commentary episode covering the absurdity of a flat Earth and a fake moon landing. We also preview a few upcoming episodes and cover several other topics that are sources of frustration for the host.


Free Speech, NASCAR, Branding, And More

This episode is a commentary that covers aspects of free speech, NASCAR branding, the Confederate Flag, and various related themes. Opinion approximately 30 minutes.