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John Is Stealing Money | Unbelievably Stupid 115

This week we welcome Doug & Anthony from the Who’s Right Podcast as guests. Doug is upset that John gave Dave the Producer his Patreon link effectively costing the podcast a dollar a month. We do Doug and Anthony attach every network they are on? We also talk about Sheamus McKillian. We think Sheamus suffers from the. Dunning-Kruger effect. A type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not...


Chicken Jesus | Unbelievably Stupid 114

We start off with a would you rather I saw on I Shake My Head with Lisa & Sam Facebook page. Would you throw down over crab legs at the local buffet? A college Dean quits because her college wouldn’t allow Chick-fil-a to open on campus. The Chicken Jesus is good! Story Links U.S. Army Assures Public That Robot Tank System Adheres to AI Murder PolicyCrab Buffet Brawl Dean resigns over university's choice to not allow Chick-Fil-A Woman Smears Menstrual Blood On Face To Show Periods Are...


We're Doing It My Way! The Jimmy 2024 | Unbelievably Stupid 113

Unbelievably Stupid Person of the week - Robert Kraft. The Jimmy didn’t have his laptop ready to go live. John called an audible and had to set up one camera and we were off to the races. John got a chance to roast Larry from the Drinks With Larry Podcast. The Jimmy has decided to run for President in 2024 with a new hat slogan. “We’re Doing It My Way!” Story Links Man Who Bought $540 of Girl Scouts Cookies Is Arrested Bad guy doing a good thing Two bisexual women and their husband love...


War on Squirrels | Unbelievably Stupid 112

Unbelievably Stupid Person of the week - Jussie Smollett. A Family squirrel hunt causes a protest. Vegan Bridezilla bans meat eaters. Wife of White House official claims measles “Keeps you healthy & fights cancer.” Vaxers attack. Story Links Unbelievably Stupid Person of the week - Jussie Smollett This new family-friendly squirrel hunting contest has people going nuts Vegan bride-to-be bans meat eaters from her wedding Wife of White House official claims measles 'keep you healthy & fight...


What is Your Kink? | Unbelievably Stupid 111

We pour one out for Bubba. Jimmy’s 19-year-old cat. Please stop abusing your pets, children, and Nuns. Is that too much to ask? Should Christians add a Commandment? “Thou Shall Not Diddle Children or Nuns” John wants “Shittens” to sponsor the podcast! Story Links Florida man has admitted recording himself performing sex acts on his Siberian husky while wearing a dog costume First all-girl troop welcomed into Boy Scouts 27-year-old arrested in Provo after threatening to kill women because...


BrokeBack Cousins | Unbelievably Stupid 110

Story Links Man accused of raping a cow claims it is the reincarnation of his dead wife If You Don’t Think Toxic Masculinity Is Real, Let Me Show YouBarbasol Commercial Prominent ‘gay conversion therapist’ comes out as gay and offers apology Wild monkeys with killer herpes are breeding like crazy in Florida Orwell’s thought police now a reality Baker Apologizes For ‘Build that Wall’ Valentine’s Day Cookie Social Media Links: Website: Twitter:...


Chief Spouting Bull | Unbelievably Stupid 109

John hates when he has to agree with President Trump, but he now believes the Mainstream media is the enemy of the people. A 17-year-old marries a 72-year widow. And 129 ways to snag a husband 1950 style. Story Links Viral standoff between a tribal elder and a high schooler is more complicated than it first seemed 72-year-old grandma marries teen she met at her son’s funeral This ‘129 Ways to Get a Husband’ Article From 1958 Shows How Much The World Has Changed Social Media...


How Long Do You Microwave a Pomeranian? | Unbelievably Stupid 108

Tara is back and fact-checking the show. We talk about the controversy over the Gillette Ad. What is a real man? And are we teaching boys how to be men? Distraught Eagles fan attacks girlfriend and dog after a playoff loss. How long do you microwave a Pomeranian? Stressed at work? How about a Masturbation Break? Story Links Gillette Releases New Ad Focusing On Toxic Masculinity Eagles Fan Attacked Girlfriend, Shoved Dog in Microwave After Playoff Loss Florida woman attacks parents who...


Plastic Straws will Kill Us All | Unbelievably Stupid 107

Story Links Poker player stays in isolation inside pitch-black bathroom after $100G betMan arrested after attacking female McDonald’s worker in a dispute over…a straw Woman demands DNA investigation into which roommate stole her yogurt Sex Toy CES Award Revoked over claims it is "Immoral" Woman sends 159k text to man she met on dating site Podcast Spotlight: Who’s Right Blunt Mommy Social Media Links: Twitter: Facebook:...


The Poophole Loophole | Unbelievably Stupid 106

Story Links Tara’s Cooking VideoPETA’s Sex Tweet Connecticut man charged with child porn possession after he tried to make copies of pictures at a pharmacy Missouri Deer Poacher Ordered to Watch 'Bambi' Every Month of His Prison Sentence Women charged in ill-timed robbery at Target filled with cops MT man says hunter shot him thinking he was bigfoot Donald Trump wants the courts to determine if it is legal for 'Saturday Night Live' to 'belittle' him I want my genitals removed to become a...


Stamping Tramps | Unbelievably Stupid 105

Jimmy talks about his dating history and how to pick up women. Men who tell women to get to the gym and tighten up. John does the Who’s Right Podcast a favor and they bust his balls. John isn’t happy that he is being excluded from People of Color Podcast Conferences. Police accidentally abuse one of their own. Women having sex with Ghosts. A woman is slut-shamed for having sex with 20 ghosts. The great egg debate. Story Links St. Louis police officers indicted in the assault of an...


Brand X is Now Unbelievably Stupid | Unbelievably Stupid 104

How much do you think our 45th President has spent on Women? What is the price tag you would put on the best sex on your life? What is allowed to be funny? Can eating from a nonstick pans make your penis smaller? Who did the study and why? Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany Hensel are dating and we have questions. Story Links National Enquirer owner admits paying ex-Playboy model $150,000 to squelch story, help Trump campaign. Former 'SNL' writer Nimesh Patel kicked off stage at Columbia...


We Are Back | Brand X Podcast 103

After a three-month hiatus, the show is back with some changes. The Jimmy is now a co-host and we welcome Tara to the show. This was supposed to be just a test but I decided to just put it out as a bonus episode. Topics Discussed: Spanish transsexual beauty queen made favorite to win this year's, Miss Universe Sex robot inventor says having baby with his android lover will be 'extremely simple' Let Us Know What You Think. Follow Us on Social Media Facebook (We would love it if you gave us...


Conspiracy Hypothesis | Brand X Podcast 102

John Thinks about Deuce's theory that Lawyers and lawsuits allowed more stupid people to survive and procreate. John comes up with some Conspiracy Hypothesis of his own and Deuce and the Chat Room laugh. Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ are Murdered Man dies from bacterial infection from Vibrio vulnificus in raw oysters - Deuce Feel Vindicated Matt Lauer agrees to give his ex $20 million in divorce settlement Woman gives birth while overdosing on heroin...


Preserving the Stupid Gene | Brand X Podcast 101

Lawyers are preserving the stupid gene. John & Deuce discuss Militant Vegans, Bar Fights, Gun Safety, and how due to Lawyers we are now overrun with stupidity. Popular Pig Roast Canceled Amid Complaints From Militant VegansBar fight brawler gets chaired Man Accidentally Shot Himself and a Friend Man Attempts to Blow up NYC Gas Station Links: Emily’s Book: The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects Rob and Slim Show: Rob's Dad fundVIDEO: I AM VEGAN AND YES, I AM...


What's Your Guilty Pleasure? | Brand X Podcast 100

John and Deuce welcome Joe back for episode 100. John finds a Swinger Podcast @PriorySociety and discusses the Swinger Lifestyle. It was International Beer day and we talk about "The Order of Yoni" brewery launched a line of beer made from the "vaginal lactic acid of hot underwear models." We tried streaming the episode live and the chatroom fills up and the listeners drive the show. We also caught some shrapnel over episode 99. Beer Made From The Vaginal Lactic Acid Of Hot Models Finally...


Tastes Like Chicken | Brand X Podcast 099

John reads the US Constitution and a debate breaks out once again. Alexia Music Trivia 70’s style, and some Nonsense in the News. Stupid dopey villagers blame crocodile for man's actions What does Crocodile taste like? Tattoo addict has GENITALS removed because they interfere with his 'aesthetic enjoyment Let Us Know What You Think. Follow Us on Social Media Facebook (We would love it if you gave us a review) Twitter Instagram Leave US A Voice Message By Phone: (856) 322-2473 Speakpipe...


Life, Liberty, and Chick-Fil-A | Brand X Podcast 098

John and Deuce talk Chick-fil-a and Gay Pride, but a history lesson breaks out via Deuce. John offers to answer Twitter’s CEO’s Tweets. Deuce goes on a “Lefty” rant and John gives podcasters an ear full about bad sound. Twitter CEO apologizes for eating Chick-fil-A during Pride Month Twitter begins removing millions of accounts in crackdown on fake profilesLions eat 'rhino poachers' on South African game reserve Luckiest Man Alive - NJ Man Finds Wife, Mechanic Lover Killed By Carbon...


Vacations and Guns | Brand X Podcast 097

Episode 26 Unsocial Media - The Unfriend Zone We discuss why bring Pepper Spray to a Gunfight? A Stalker from New Zealand shows up in Richmond Va to abduct a 16-year-old girl and Mom shoots him in the neck. Let Us Know What You Think. Follow Us on Social Media Facebook (We would love it if you gave us a review) Twitter Instagram Leave Us A Voice Message By Phone: (856) 322-2473 Speakpipe Email us: Get Your Brand X Podcast Gear at


The Lost Episode Part 2 | Brand X Podcast Bonus

This episode bothered John so much it took 286 days to release it to the public. This was recorded on September 13, 2017. Joe was still with the podcast. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. John loses his patience and Deuce and Joe Dogpile on and won’t let up. Nonsense In The News Dirty Filthy Naughty Nurses Every Automobile Enthusiasts Worst Fears Confirmed Please give us a review on Facebook Get Your Brand X Podcast Gear!! Be part of the show. Time’s Yours is where you get to...