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COMICONversation! Thor, Stan Lee's Restraining Order & ATT/WB + Disney/Fox/Comcast

Welcome to episode 89 of the weekly podcast & live show! Below are the topics for this show: 1. Matt Vaughn Rebooting Kick-Ass with Patience Lee 2. Matt Reeves Wants Younger Batman: No Affleck. Deathstroke? 3. Bat Signal Spotted on the Set of DC Digital's 'Titans' show 4. Jeph Loeb Confirms Iron Fist S2, No More Defenders 5. Roseanne Cancelled, Igniting Call For Agent Carter to Return 6. AT&T Wins Merger with WB - What does this mean for Fox? 7. Stan Lee's Manager Keya Morgan Arrested 8....


Super Talk! A Superhero & Comic Book Hangout - Open Mic!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of "Super Talk", our bi-weekly sister show to COMICONversation. This is an unscripted, freestyle show that is open to anyone who wants to join the show! Come introduce yourself, talk comics and meet some new people - If you don't want to be on air, hang out in the live chat feed and let's have a good Saturday geek-night!


COMICONversation 88: Rose Tico Quits, Wolverine's "Hot Claws" + What is ComiXology Originals

Welcome to episode 88 of the weekly podcast! Below are the topics for this show: 1.Marvel Teases: Wolverine Hot Claws & Asguardians of the Galaxy 2. Green Lantern Corps has director, focusing on Simon & Jessica (rumor) 3. Movies on hold: Fox's Doctor Doom + Sony's Silver & Black 4. Jared Leto's Joker is getting his movie. Separate from Phillips/Scorsese film. 5. Kelly Marie Tran Deletes her Facebook after #Anti-SJW bullying 6. If Kathleen Kennedy is Fired or Quits, Who should replace her?...


COMICONversation! Spawn, Solo, Boba Fett, Thrawn + Is This The End Of The Walking Dead?

Welcome to episode 87 of the weekly podcast! Below are the topics for this show 1. Solo: A Star Wars Story, Boba Fett, Admiral Thrawn & Obi-Wan 2. Logline & Casting for Morbius: The Living Vampire Movie 3. Is This The End of The Walking Dead? Rick and Maggie Leaving 4. The Geppi Entertainment Museum Is Closing This Sunday 5. The Crow Reboot Is On Hold Yet Again 6. Red Sparrow Designer Joins Marvel's Black Widow Movie 7. Dredd Designer Joins DC's The Flash Movie 8. Did Woody Harrelson Just...


COMCONversation! CBCS Comics Update, Star Wars, Thundercats And ... Mysterio

Welcome to episode 86 of the weekly podcast! Below are the topics for this show 1. Deadpool 2 Box Office + Who Is Yukio? 2. ThunderCats Reboot ... not the "Roar" we wanted 3. Netflix's She-Ra Series & Cast Revealed 4. Netflix's The Toys That Made Us Season 2 Debuts Tomorrow 5. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in Spiderman: Homecoming 2? 6. CBCS Comics is Moving to Dallas. Here's what you need to know. 7. Poe Dameron is Force Sensitive 8. August 2018 Solicits: Marvel Comics & D.C. Comics As...


SOLO A STAR WARS STORY - Movie Review (LIGHT Spoilers)

Here is my review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Fair warning, there are a couple of light spoilers in this but nothing that gives away major plot surprises or appearances. Let me know what you think down below! For links to some cool Star Wars and Solo related merchandise, check out the link below: For inquiries, questions and ideas please email:


Episode 85: Doom Patrol, Snake Eyes, Obi - Wan Kenobi & Stan Lee Sues For $1 Billion Dollars

Welcome to episode 85 of the weekly podcast! Below are the topics for this show: 1. Margot Kidder passes away at 69 2. No Lando movie (for now) but maybe Obi-Wan 3. Doom Patrol Announced for DC Universe 4. 1st Deadly Class Trailer Drops 5. Gotham To Enter 5th & Final Season 6. Gotham Showrunner Making Pennyworth on EPIX 7. Inhumans Officially Cancelled 8. GI Joe Snake Eyes Spinoff movie in development 9. The Eternals movie has found its script writers 10. Stan Lee Files $1 Billion Dollar...


COMICONVersation 84 Deadpool 2 Screening, The Predator, Where Is Hawkeye

Welcome to episode 84 of the weekly podcast. Below are the topics for this show: *BREAKING: Adult Swim has ordered 70 new episodes of Ricky and Morty* *DC Universe titles going from $2.99 to $3.99 for digital and physical, effective immediately* 1. Free Comic Book Day Experience 2. Avengers #1 vs Justice League: No Justice #1 3. Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer Talk 4. Captain Marvel adds Annette Benning to Cast 5. Deadpool 2 Quick Movie Review (No Spoilers) 6. Someone Stole Iron Man's Armor!...


Episode 83 COMICONversation - A Star Wars Story!

Here are tonight's topics - to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) and Revenge of the Fifth which falls on Free Comic Book Day, tonight is all things Star Wars!! 1.Solo: A Star Wars Story Tracking for $160-170+ weekend opening 2. What do we know about Solo: A Star Wars Story so far? 3. Alden Ehrenreich says he's contracted for 3 films 4. Infinity War passed The Force Awakens for #1 opening of all time. 5. Northrop-Grumman asks: Could the Millenium Falcon fly? 6. How much would it...


AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Movie Review - (Spoiler - Free + Spoiler Segment At End)

We will be starting off the conversation spoiler-free and will transition WITH PLENTY OF WARNING to talk Be Sure to Subscribe to JLS Comics (this channel) and ExileState Comics: Weekly Comic Book Live Show, COMICONversation - Come back to this channel every Thursday evening at 8:30PM EST! As always, we thank our SuperChat friends as you help to make this all happen. Be sure to check out Comic Skin for innovative comic book protection options. Use...


COMICONversation 82 #Alien Day , Star Wars, Avengers Infinity War And Deadpool 2 Predictions!

Welcome to Episode 82! Below are tonight's topics. Join us in the live chat or leave us a comment at any time to let us know you stopped by! To Email: or Twitter @comicsjls ** Jesse's #2KGiveaway contest ends on 4/29/2018 ** 1. Happy #AlienDay! Alien Franchise trivia throughout the show 2. Avengers Infinity War had $39M overseas opening in 21 Markets 3. Deadpool 2 early tracking = $150M domestic opening weekend 4. CINEMACON: Aquaman, Shazam!, new Terminator, Top Gun 2,...


COMICONversation 81: Deadly Class, Blackhawk, MASK, Action Comics 1000 And YODA!

Thanks for joining us for Episode 81! We hope you can join us in the live chat feed - but leave us a comment if you watch later or are streaming us on iTunes. For questions, ideas or just to say hi, email for find me on twitter @comicsjls Here are tonight's topics: 1. Jessica Jones renewed for Season 3 2. The Fox / Sky News and When To Expect the MCU's Integration 3. Rumor: Yoda Will Be Returning for Star Wars: Episode IX 4. Spielberg on Blackhawk, Yan on Birds of Prey...


COMICONversation80 Stan Lee, Steve Borock Tells Of CBCS Comics' Move To Dallas + Batgirl & PullBox

Welcome to Episode 80! Topics are below! Feel free to email me at or message on Twitter @comicsjls 1. Lost In Space releasing 10 Episode seaon on 4/13/18 2. Batgirl back on with Christina Hodson instead of Joss Whedon 3. *CBCS Comics President will be joining us at 9pmEST to talk about the CBCS move from Florida to the Beckett Offices in Dallas, TX* 4. Warren Ellis' Injection' being adapted for TV by UCP. 5. Additional Diamond PullBox Details 6. Stan Lee and the Ongoing...


COMICONversation79 Avengers Infinity War - Deathstroke - Red Sonja - Lord Of The Rings

Welcome to this week's episode, a day late. Today we're "Talking Comics, Making Memories". Below are this week's topics: (To reach out email: or Twitter @comicsjls) 1. Red Sonja Movie Finds Its Writer 2. Are the Eternals part of the MCU's Phase 4? 3. About that Justice League Dark Movie ... 4. What Did Joe Say about the Deathstroke Movie? 5. Avengers: Infinity War Domestic Opening Weekend predictions 6. Y: The Last Man' Moving Forward at FX With Pilot Order 7. ‘Solo: A...


EP.78 THE FANTASTIC FOUR ARE BACK! Street Fighter News! Scooter Braun! Ready Player One!

Welcome to COMICONversation EP.78! This episode's topics are listed below. For questions, topics or to contact the show, visit Twitter @comicsjls or email 1. The Fantastic Four are back! From Slott & Pichelli this August 2. Street Fighter’ Video Game Franchise Gets TV Series Adaptation 3. FRANK MILLER Developing 5 Projects W/ DC + 1 With Netflix 4. FX, Donald Glover Exit Marvel's Animated 'Deadpool' Series 5. 'Astro City' TV Series Based On Comics In Works 6."New...


A COMICONversation With PETER SIMETI, Founder + Publisher Of ALTERNA COMICS!

On this episode, we are talking with ALTERNA Comics Founder and publisher, Peter Simeti! For show ideas, questions or just to say 'hi, send me an email to: Also, don't forget to look for this podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher and everwhere your favorite podcasts are streamed. Links: Alterna: Twitter:


EP76 Who Dies In Avengers Infinity War More Marvel Fresh Start Updates!

Hello! Thanks for watching us live or in VOD format. Check out the podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast streaming service. During the live show we love to see and read your comments in the chat! We try to get to them all but a SuperChat will guarantee we answer your question quickly. Here are the topics for this episode: 1. BP crosses $1B ww, still #4 in 4th week! ($531d/500i) 2. Spider-woman in Homecoming 2? 3. Vin Diesel Back In Action With Sony's 'Bloodshot' 4. MARVEL Rushing...


EP.75! Liefeld To NETFLIX! Fresh Start, Sandman, Jinxworld, Black Label, Star Wars & RED GOBLIN

Hello! Thanks for streaming our show!. Check out the vidcast on YouTube at the JLS Comics YouTube channel **BREAKING NEWS: "‘Deadpool’s Rob Liefeld Takes His Extreme Universe To Netflix In Splashy 7-Figure Deal" TOPICS: 1. Marvel FRESH START Updates 2. D.C. Comics' JINXWORLD Imprint 3. D.C. Comics' SANDMAN Imprint 4. D.C. Comics' BLACK LABEL Imprint 5. A 'HIGHLANDER' Reboot! 6. A 'THE CROW' Reboot! 7. STAR WARS: Is John Williams done? 8. STAR WARS: Mark Hamill Refuses to believe Luke Died...


Episode 74 Marvel Fresh Start, Stan Lee Sick, Kevin Smith Heart Attack , Infinity War Movie Moved!

Hello! Thank you for checking out the podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast streaming service as well as weekly on the JLS Comics YouTube channel!. During the live show we love to see and read your comments in the live chat! We try to get to them all but a SuperChat will guarantee we answer your question quickly. TOPICS: *BREAKING: Avengers Infinity War moved from May 4th to April 27th* 1. Kevin Smith Recovering From "Massive" Heart Attack. 2. Stan Lee's pneumonia, Million Dollar...


COMICONversation 73 Marvel Fresh Start! The All - New All - Fresh Marvel NOW 2.0 Legacy Campaign

Here are the topics for tonight's show! Have an idea or suggestion or question? Email me at! Hang out with us in the live chat, send in your questions and comments. We'll try to get to them all but a SuperChat will guarantee we get to your comment. Look for us on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, Facebook, iTunes, Twitch and everywhere you visit for social media. *BREAKING: Joss Whedon Exits "Batgirl" DCEU Movie Project* At the End: What is Red Goblin's First...