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Ep 07 Ho Ho Ho or No No No?

What REALLY defines a Christmas movie? Snow? Romance? Santa Claus? In Episode 7 Chuck and Victoria discuss what makes a Christmas movie an actual Christmas movie versus a movie that is just set around Christmas time. Die Hard, Trading Places, Bridget Jones, Gremlins? Which ones will be crowned Christmas movies! Plus C & V share their favorite must-see Holiday classics. Merry Christmas!


Our Favorite Movies Set in NYC

In Episode 6, Chuck and Victoria share their favorite movies that were set and filmed in their hometown on New York City. Some of the greatest movies ever made weren't shot in Hollywood, they hail from the Big Apple. The list covers old and new movies, guaranteed to bring out the City Slicker in all of us!


Ep 05: Our favorite sports movies

On today's episode Chuck and Victoria take a look at some of their favorite sports movies of all time. Plus, the new Justice League movie has been met with mixed reviews and Chuck give his take on why the movie has been criticized. All that and more in today's episode.


Ep 04: 1984: The Greatest Year In Film?

In Episode 4 of City Slickers, Chuck and Victoria travel back to the year 1984 to prove that it was the greatest year for movies ever. What was in the water in Hollywood that year? Will there ever be another year that can rival 1984? Chuck and Victoria think not and when you hear the list of ’84 movies, you might just agree with them!


Ep 03: Biggest D’Bags In 80s Movies (and why were they all blonde?)

In Episode 3 of City Slickers, Chuck and Victoria explore the d’bag phenomenon in 80s movies. There were some Class A douches in 80s movies, but why were they always blonde? Dudes with brown hair had a tough decade. Chuck and Victoria have compiled their favorite blonde d’bags and some of them may surprise you. C&V also talk about what they’ve been watching this week and review them based on Chuck’s 1-5 Zombie scale and Victoria’s 1-5 Glasses of Wine scale.


Ep 02: Likable Villains and Hollywood's Implosion

In Episode 2 of City Slickers, Chuck & Victoria discuss the implosion of Hollywood after more names like Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman and Andy Dick are put on blast by women accusing them of sexual harrassment and misconduct. Will these stories from victims be enough to end careers? Also in the news, the trailer for 'I Tonya', starring Margot Robbie, makes a splash on social media as it is presented as a dark comedy. But will Nancy Kerrigan be laughing? Later on, Chuck and...


Ep 01: NEW Justice League, Liam Neeson's The Commuter & a Top 5 list

In today's episode Chuck and Victoria give the latest movie news about the upcoming Justice League movie, Liam Neeson's new thriller, The Commuter and Sylvester Stallone's sequel to Creed. Plus, the duo gets you ready for Halloween as they run down their Top 5 movies to watch around Halloween. All that and more in this episode of The City Slickers Podcast with Chuck and Victoria.


Welcome to the City Slickers Podcast

Welcome to the City Slickers with Chuck and Victoria Podcast. Each week we will be bringing you movie news, our personal reviews and a look behind the curtain of some of the most iconic movies that were set in New York. A native of Brooklyn, Chuck Curry who has been a film expert for 20 years, specializes in the history of New York films. He is joined by Victoria Keelan who is a nationally syndicated radio host and pop culture and lifestyle expert. Together they will bring you a fast paced...