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EP 20: Finding Wally

An update on the police & office situation, a followup to last episode's chocolate chip cliffhanger, conversation etiquette & free salad.


EP 19: Office For Rent - Jose Balderas

Help save Downtown Encinitas, it won't be the same with a police watchtower. The cops are moving in next door to JT's office unless he can find a renter. JT and Jose kinda re-cap last weeks lost podcast, talk pasta & the usual nonsense. Where's Wally?


EP 18: Sick, We Are Live

Oly & JT go live again. JT starts off with another unbelievable coincidence. Oly warns JT he is sick after they start recording. We fumble around a bit, talk politics and news for 1-2 minutes. They once again agree to make a commitment to weekly recordings and listener interactions.


Ep 16: Dick's [+Encinitas Trivia]

Marc & JT reminisce about childhood next door neighborisms. Oly talks teachery stuff & Darius laughs aplenty. JT has new capers & antics, Marc has a green thumb, Oly is going to a concert & Darius knows a bit about Leucadia.


The Encinitas Podcast: Ep 016 The Bleepisode

Our first sit down of 2018 discussing our surprise that we actually have friends who are listening to us. We compare and contrast the Oceanside experience with our reality, the Moose Lodge vs the Elks Lodge, planned growth and old school vibes. J.T. taking wine classes and Toobin' through Cuyamaca, to E.R. visits for split head syndrome. Another series of fireside chats from your favorite nerds gone mild... well, not too mild.... J.T. gets bleeped for your safety.


The Encinitas Podcast: Ep 015 Nicknames, Flag Views, and Fire Stories

A mid December sit-down to reminisce about past fire storms in light of the longest Indian Summer in memory. When will the moisture return? What caused the Harmony Grove fires? Will our friends lose their home to Thomas and Lilac? How do you approach a blind man? Can JT get his view back? Does he have allergies? Are reunion shows of punk rock dinosaurs legit? These are all the difficult questions we attempt to tackle, debunking the rhetorical while cautiously skimming the defamatory....


EP 014: Blind Handshakes & Salsa Swapping

After a 6 month hiatus we talk about Oceanside, riding the bus, flyers, shaking hands with the blind, salsa swapping & strong telescopes.


The Encinitas Podcast: Ep 013 The Morgan Sisters — Cackle de las Carnitas

The following message was received May 4th, 2017 via our website; "What can I say gentlemen, I love the podcast. Entertaining and authentic, with a touch of bitterness! The first episode I listened to was Cote’s, which is ironic since I had a mention in it (yay me!). But it made me giggle and scream, and I quickly listened to all the others. I was debating if I was cool enough to reach out and demand to be the first lady to be on the podcast, but I hesitated. (Because, self doubt, and I...


EP 012: Danny Ashley - The Delinquents

Mom assisted carpooling connections in the mid 90's…. linking the Diegueno/Oak Crest divide and nabbin’ wood at empty construction sites from the back of a white pick up. Front wheel driving through dust bank, ABC Video, San Simeon, 1st Street, and high-desert nautical explosions. We had a chance to sit down with our old friend, Danny Ashley to dig deeper into the beautiful life of living the dream.


EP 011: The Queen Of Encinitas - Eileen Burke

In 1989 JT’s office used to be a Tease-A-Gram operation ran by Eileen. We talk about being an entrepreneur when the town was bare. The term Inlanditas (coined by JT's dad in the 80's) goes on public record for the first time. Running grunion, OP, mandatory reporting, live podcast and more.


EP 010: In Too Deep

The podcast is in danger but JT has an idea. Listen to find out how you can support a fellow struggler and keep the podcast alive. Please follow @encinitasmap & @delascarnitas on IG. Send any comments, complaints, or suggestions to


EP 009: Thanks For The Teeth

JT gets profiled, tells a secret, gets intimate & un-gifts. Oly drops some history, Darius talks the biz. On the way down the waterslide of life with their grapefruit they talk fan appreciation, High School lunch, burrito revelations and more. Always check your toothpaste...


EP 008: Chris Coté - Joyful Tears

Long time friend and local legend Chris Coté stopped by the Keyva Studio to talk story. Pacific View days to Dad days, we cover the tangental spectrum of the beautiful life of Encinitas existence over the past forty years of life. OlyO’s, D St, Boilermaker, La Petite Boulangerie, Juanitas gap, Yogi’s, and the psychological forces behind the inner Coté… the motivational drive that can turn on a flood of joyful tears at the glimpse of an old man reuniting with his lost hound dog. Strong men...


EP 007: Jimmy Gillan For Mayor Of Encinitas

Influential Encinitas legend Jimmy Gillan owns Rancho Auto Body, builds hot rods, surfs, coaches, and is essentially a father to many who grew up in Encinitas. We talk baseball, shop, his journey to Encinitas in the 70s, raising kids, sending youngsters on a positive path, and the potential to become Mayor Of Encinitas.


EP 004: Pavlos Illiadis - Greeko's, Not The Rico's Episode

An in-depth interview with your neighborhood Pavlos. Pavlos Illiades shares his journey, from his origins in Greece, all the way up to knowing your order by heart, and enlightening Encinitas with his positive vibes, family, and all around radness. Check out our companion post on


EP 003: Jeff and Zane Timpson

A few weeks back, de las Carnitas was treated to awesome generational perspectives on Encinitas, as experienced by Jeff “JT” Timpson, and his son Zane. Both characters are living/breathing examples of the friendliness and buzzing creativity, emblematic of those residents deep-rooted in our community. Listen in to share memories of surfing Enc in the early 70’s, insight into what makes a skate “schpot” legitimate, among other radness. Check out our companion post on


EP 1.2 Get A New Muffler

The guys drink beer, reminisce about Encinitas, skateboarding and stuff, then eventually get side-tracked by striped sweater characters from the 80's. Recorded 8-26-2016


Ep 002: Jose Balderas - Save Encinitas Through Words and Hot Sauce

We had a chance to sit down with an old friend from our childhood, Encinitas lifer and business owner…. Jose Balderas. We discuss the rapid change in Encinitas over the past 40 years and the finer things in life like baseball and hot sauce. Recorded 11-12-2016 Check out Jose's Baseball Performance Academy at Visit for show notes and read inside stories about Encinitas


Episode 001 - De Las Carnitas Debut

Cardiff+Encinitas. Carnitas. Three dudes living here, commenting incessantly in 2016 about how much change is accelerating lately, remembering back to a different time, not that long ago. Lots of stories, smiles, and gripes. Light bulb over JT’s head… pull it into a podcast and share. So join us - Oly, JT, and Darius as we journey through a people’s history of Encinitas.