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DDD Out of the Dungeon - 6

Our sixth out of the dungeon episode. We review the changes to the girls’ characters now that they are level 10!


38. DDD Working for a Living, Part 6

This time… the girls go right, instead of left, in the dungeon. They find the bodies of recently killed soldiers, they find more traps, and they find more demons! But do they find Sir Wyatt? They do find something that they did not plan for, and the unicorn butt backpack is at risk!


37. DDD Working for a Living, Part 5

The girls agree to do a job for Dimitri, the cleric of Bahamut, after Dimitri was able to bring Dave back from the dead. Dimitri asks them to delve into the dungeons below the temple and see if they can bring back a paladin named Wyatt Clas. It seems Sir Wyatt has gotten in over his head, and the girls realize they had met this man before, back in Westmin right after the black dragon attack.


36. DDD Working for a Living, Part 4

It’s a race against time! Meme and Gallexsy travel back and forth across the continent in search of some powerful magic! After taking the Atlantean jet, and borrowing a large sum of money from the Musketeers, the gang ends up in Miam, the capital city of the southern kingdom.


35. DDD Working for a Living, Part 3

We pick up right in the middle of the musketeers’ next mission! This mission is to destroy a pesky vampire, but fighting a vampire in its lair is harder than the group was expecting. The three musketeers have to deal with traps, beasts, and the charming magical abilities of a vampire!


34. DDD Working for a Living, Part 2

With some new faces around the table playing additional musketeers, our heroes charge into the town surround by gnolls to try and retrieve the Atlantean jet that was left behind. Meme has trouble letting go of her bunny tendencies, and Gallexsy has trouble hanging on to her undead corgi, Boom!


33. DDD Working for a Living

It’s a rescue mission! Some other musketeers were successful in taking down another evil threat, but they got themselves stuck in a castle surrounded by thousands of Gnolls! Can Meme, Gallexsy, and Dave work together well enough to get them out?


DDD Out of the Dungeon - 5

Our fifth out of the dungeon episode. We announce our very first contest! And we review the changes to the girls’ characters now that they are level 8!


32. DDD Olympus Interlude 3

The three musketeers finally get back to Mount Olympus and spend the next week getting used to being back home, doing some shopping, and finding out about all the changes that have happened since they left. Gallexsy manages something remarkable, but others aren’t too thrilled about it.


31. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 10

Journeying down to the heart of the mountain, the group finally gets to Zelane’s treasure room. But it’s not what they were expecting, and Zelane certainly isn’t what they were expecting either! The paradox also hits the group, what happens to them in the future if young Jed dies in the past?


Dungeons & Dragons Daughter Cross Over Episode Extravaganza!

This is a special cross over event episode that was recorded on December 30th, 2018. This event was a live twitch stream Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition game with daughters from many different podcasts, and this is the captured and edited audio. Playing in this D&D game we had: Lucia from All Ages RPG Kendall from Allison Underland Sam & Birdie from Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters Robin from Tavern Tales Junior and Amara as the Dungeon Master from A Quest for Magic and Steele We hope...


30. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 9

Big episode 30! The group encounters Hagitha, the right hand woman of Zelane! The group runs a lot in this episode, but reveals a lot more than what was intended about Christopherson! Their paid dragonborn guide, Jink, really turns out to be a bust! So many exclamation points!!!


29. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 8

After leaving the tower, the group finds the Dreadnaught guard they had scared away and make a deal. But can they trust this dragonborn as he shows them the way into the mountain, or is he leading them into a trap?


28. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 7

The group has to deal with two dragoborn Dreadnaughts in the guard tower. Things don't go as expected, for both sides in the fight. Plus, Meme turns into a bunny.


27. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 6

The gang is back out in the snow and have to figure out how to get across the gigantic ravine that separates the sides of the mountain. Once across they'll encounter the fire giant's troops for the first time, the Dreadnaughts!


DDD Out of the Dungeon - 4

This is our fourth out of the dungeon episode. We were still in town but wanted to keep this consistent with the format that we did these kinds of episodes in the past. Like the others, we're doing some house keeping items as we go over the changes of the girls going up to level 7, and review their new spells.


26. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 5

The group leaves the dragonborn village and heads down deep into the mountain. Jed says it’s one of two ways to get to the other side of the mountain, and to get to Zelane. They have to go so deep, they will be coming very close to the Underdark. But there are traps and obstacles in the way, and the Underdark may be the least of our heroes’ worries.


25. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 4

Jed leads the group to the “sunlight.” An area in the city bathed in sunlight and perfect for farming, except that it’s been taken over by a monster that the group has agreed to take care of. Once they do that, then the dragon born have agreed to show them how to get to the other side of the mountain to find something to send them back home. But first… the monster!


24. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 3

The group leaves young Jed to do his butchering work and spends the night at the mushroom farmer Greethen's house. In the morning they attend a council meeting of the dragon born, and it's decided that before the people can show the group to the other side of the mountain, and obtain a magical artifact that could send them home, the three musketeers must do one more thing for the village.


23. DDD Out in the Cold, Part 2

The group finds out why there is a statue of Gerald in front of this ancient dwarven city, and they meet some of the dragonborn inhabitants. The dragonborn prophesied our heroes coming, and in order to help the three musketeers get home, the gang needs to help them first. But ultimately, in the end, they need to deal with a fire giant named Zelane.