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Each week, Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) produces a Vodcast of timely interviews with newspaper, broadcast, online and all forms of news publishing and media industry leaders. E&P has been publishing since 1884 and is considered the "bible" and "authoritative voice" of the North American newspaper industry. Each episode is hosted by Publisher Mike Blinder. A video version of "E&P Reports" is also available on YouTube or on the E&P Website at: http://www.EditorandPublisher.com/vodcasts


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Each week, Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) produces a Vodcast of timely interviews with newspaper, broadcast, online and all forms of news publishing and media industry leaders. E&P has been publishing since 1884 and is considered the "bible" and "authoritative voice" of the North American newspaper industry. Each episode is hosted by Publisher Mike Blinder. A video version of "E&P Reports" is also available on YouTube or on the E&P Website at: http://www.EditorandPublisher.com/vodcasts






172 Steve Waldman’s Rebuild Local News Coalition — aggregating industry advocacy

The numbers are staggering. As the U.S. population grows, the number of local newsroom employees continues to decline, as an average of two newspapers shut down each week. Moreover, research shows that a shortage of local news harms the very fabric of our communities. With less new coverage comes more government corruption and local apathy regarding voting or civic involvement. And today, with large corporations and hedge funds who now own what was once vibrant family-owned local news...


171 The Bucks County Herald: A story of survival, moving from family to foundation-owned

For just under two decades, residents in Bucks County, Penn., a suburb of Philadelphia, were served by the Bucks County Herald, a weekly publication started by Bridget Wingert and her late husband, Joseph T. Wingert. In 2020, as a global pandemic ravaged its advertising base, the family ownership, now including Bridget's son and Publisher Joseph Wingert, had to face the possibility of ceasing publication, which so many other community news publishers did, leaving voids in local cities...


170 Ken Doctor pulls no punches on why the JCPA was a bad idea & updates us on two years at Lookout Local.

On December 5, 2022, well-known news publishing analyst Ken Doctor, published a 2800-plus word updatevia Nieman Lab on the 2-year progress of his innovative Santa Cruz, CA digital news start-up, Lookout Local. Within the document, Doctor pulls no punches about his opinion on the state of legacy media and its desire to help bolster a sustainable business model via big tech compensation by writing: "Lookout Local has never been about money itself, but money to the end of the mission —...


169 The JCPA. What the heck happened, and what's next?

As Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the News Media Alliance, Danielle Coffey leads the advocacy efforts for the NMA's over 2000 news and magazine publishing members worldwide. 2022 was a busy year for Coffey as the U.S. Congress held committee meetings to consider passage of the well-publicized “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” (JCPA), introduced in the House (H.R. 1735) by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), and in the Senate (S. 673) by Sen....


168 Emmy award-winning broadcaster born without legs is helping others with disabilities find media careers. Meet Dave Stevens.

Dave Stevens is an athlete, a seven-time Emmy Award-winning sports broadcasting professional, and the only person to ever play college football and minor league baseball without legs. Stevens, a congenital amputee, always had a passion for sports. In high school, he was a three-sport athlete playing football, baseball, and wrestling. Later, he tried out for the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Minnesota Twins. Stevens even played outfield with former Major League players Barry...


167 Journalism Trust Initiative. Elevating journalistic integrity

Serving as a forum for personal and professional networking is a benefit of social media, but its global reach and popularity have resulted in the posting of information — often described as “news” — from less-than-transparent and unverifiable sources. In this environment, the public has difficulty trusting what they read, hear or see, even when it’s the work of professional journalists and media organizations. To make it easier for the public to recognize trustworthy journalism, Reporters...


166 This year’s “best-ofs” from E&P columnist/ contributor Rob Tornoe

Rob Tornoe is a journalist/ cartoonist for the award-winning Philadelphia Inquirer, where some of his work (including political spoofs from Al Gore to Peanuts) is syndicated and internationally recognized. Tornoe also writes & illustrates each month for Editor & Publisher about the many aspects of the news publishing industry. In this 166 episode of “E&P Reports,” internationally recognized journalist/ cartoonist Rob Tornoe reviews some of his 2022 monthly contributions to E&P...


165 The best of 2022 E&P's "The Corner Office," from consultant/ columnist Doug Phares

Doug Phares is a passionate business consultant who helps executives find ways to get past all the hurdles and challenges that slow us down. From small-scale work like examining product bundling to assisting decision-makers in developing 3-year plans, Phares has seen it all over the course of his career. In his news media career, Phares was most recently the CEO of the Sandusky Newspaper Group (SNG), a media holding company operating in Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Before that, he was...


164 A frank one-on-one with the LMA's Nancy Lane

Recently Meta (formally Facebook) made it official that it was leaving the news business, as they included most of the staff that worked within their “Meta Journalism Project Accelerator Program" in the 11,000 company positions eliminated in their mid-November 2022 mass layoffs. Since 2019, the U.S.-based Local Media Association (LMA) and associated Local Media Foundation worked in partnership with Meta as a facilitator providing administrative services and publishing case studies about how...


163 ProPublica founder Dick Tofel speaks on funding/ philanthropy flaws and more

After senior management positions at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, Dick Tofel helped start and eventually led the well-known, nonprofit investigative journalistic entity ProPublica for 15 years. Today he consultants the industry as the principal of Gallatin Advisory. However, Tofel recently "lit up the Twittersphere" when he posted on his blog, "Second Rough Draft," an unabashed and unvarnished assessment and warning about how philanthropic funds are awarded to journalistic...


162 Against big tech comp, paywalls & more. 1-on-1 with Jeff Jarvis

As the news publishing industry continues to fight the big tech giants, Google & Facebook, for what is considered fair compensation for the content journalists create and that the tech companies monetize via clicks and posts, one voice tweets to over 170,000 followers: "Klobuchar's JCPA is shit legislation” and “Protectionism is not a business model. Whining is not a business model. Handouts are not a business model. Lobbying politicians is not a business model. Adding value to communities...


161 One-on-one with Community Impact’s John Garrett

In 2005 John Garrett started Community Impact Newspaper from the game room of his home with his wife and best friend, Jennifer. They began with the creation of the Pflugerville, Texas edition. Today that one paper is part of a growing empire of over 30 monthly printed and 24/7 digital hyperlocal community news platforms that serves four Texas metropolitan areas. In 2016, printing and mailing over 2.5-million papers required John to open a 36,000-square-foot printing facility housing a $10...


160 Mourning a newspaper's death through the words of the residents impacted

Andrew Conte, founding director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University, has been receiving wide industry acclaim for his latest book “Death of the Daily News,” which tells the story of how residents in one Pennsylvania community have identified and sorted local news and information since their local newspaper stopped publishing after 131 years. The book also addresses how “citizen gatekeepers” run a new local newspaper and an online news outlet, post to social media...


159 One man’s fight to return public notices to his Kansas publication.

Most United States municipalities have laws requiring that all public notices must be published by a third-party independent newspaper — a concept that dates to the 1700s. This practice is based on the idea that the people of a democracy have the right to know what is going on with their government and the legal proceedings that occur within their community. There is no question that the newspaper industry, especially on individual state levels, spends a good deal of resources to maintain...


158 A Texas newspaper acquired by local public broadcasting. A new trend?

The Denton Record-Chronicle, the main newspaper for the city of Denton and Denton County Texas, a suburb of the Dallas/ Fort Worth “Metroplex” with a population slightly under 1-million, recently announced that it is being acquired by KERA public media, the regional public broadcasting facility of north Texas. Assisting to make the deal happen is the National Trust for Local News, a non-profit entity that has a focus on developing the financial end of new business models for local news. And...


157 Celebrating forty years! USA TODAY’s Nicole Carroll talks about four decades of reporting the news in accessible but innovative ways

It has only been a few years since the February 2018 announcement that Nicole Carroll was to succeed Joanne Lipman as editor-in-chief of USA Today. She was by no means an outsider to the operation, being part of their Network of more than 200 local digital properties in 45 states. As an editor and vice president of news at The Arizona Republic, Carroll led a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting. Today, Carroll not only manages this Gannett flagship, but she is also one of...


156 “He runs one of the largest media operations you’ve never heard about.” Meet Kevin Dilley

When Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) opened the nomination process for the yearly "25 over 50" salute, one entry from Emily Metzgar, a director at the School of Media & Journalism at Kent State University, stated that Kevin Dilley, the director of Kent State Student Media, “Has built one of the largest media operations you’ve never heard about.” Emily wrote E&P that “Kevin wrangles a $750,000 budget annual budget, 400+ students each semester, nine distinct media outlets, one business...


155 One-on-one with Chris Stirewalt

Before joining Fox News, Chris Stirewalt served as political editor for the Washington Examiner. As a top editor and election forecaster for Fox News’ decision desk during the 2020 election, Stirewalt stood firm to defend the network being the first to correctly call Arizona for Joe Biden on election night — the first sign that Donald Trump would lose the 2020 presidential race. What resulted was a backlash from Trump, his supporters and even calls for his being imprisoned as part of an...


154 1-on-1 with I Messenger Media's Cheryl Smith, 2022 NABJ Hall of Fame inductee

One of the 2022 inductees for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Hall of Fame included the publisher/editor of Dallas, Texas-based I Messenger Media: Cheryl Smith. This latest honor was presented at the August 2022 NABJ Annual Convention in Las Vegas, where her numerous awards, years of service to the industry and contributions to black journalism were recognized. Smith has more than 35 years of experience in the news publishing industry. She is the current executive...


153 1-on-1 with Mike Barnicle, a frank discussion on covering a democracy in crisis

With elections, law enforcement agencies, the courts, elected officials, branches of the government and the very rule of law under sustained and concerted attack by its own citizens and elected leaders, there is no question that the media has an essential role to play in addressing these important issues. E&P’s September 2022 cover story “American Democracy in Crisis” reports on the need for the news media industry to reframe democracy coverage during this perilous & critical moment in...