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“The Most American Podcast Ever Created” – News, Sports, Politics, and Entertainment

“The Most American Podcast Ever Created” – News, Sports, Politics, and Entertainment


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“The Most American Podcast Ever Created” – News, Sports, Politics, and Entertainment






Flippin Out Radio – A Wedding and a Blind Snake

James recaps his recent nuptials, which Evan and Princess Jada had to miss due to COVID, even though the wedding became a super spreader anyway, but we recount the (otherwise) lovely affair, including a timeline of events and the emotions involved. Plus sometimes James forgets he's not straight when it comes to social interactions, masks are political in certain places, and the Brittney Griner media double standard screwed her over. [EP412]


Flippin Out Radio – Lemon Party

James is in studio -- the Bloomfield basement -- with Mike Montone and Evan Petracca, with the lovely Princess Jada also in attendance. We're getting closer to James' late June wedding date, and there may be some elements from a traditional Apache ceremony, plus what was Will Smith thinking? And are teachers vacation enthusiasts? [EP410]


Flippin Out Radio – A Hoe in This House

James Flippin and Evan Petracca back at it from Flippin Out Radio studios where Evan's girlfriend Jada is in for the first time, both of them had COVID, the world's largely moving on, broken parking meters mean you download the app now, kids in New Jersey want the vaccine for Christmas, Juda Israel is cutting James off for bad texting, it might cost 50 cents to figure out if the friendship is kaput, very good! [EP410]


Flippin Out Radio – What’s Up…? Go F#%$ Yourself, That’s What!

James Flippin is getting neck deep in wedding prep and discussing the now-passed Thanksgiving holiday as well as Black Friday... there's a neighborhood asshole who loudly revs his car everyday... who asked for the gay guy on the cover of Playboy? Nominating Flippin for People Magazine's Communicator of The Year: Can Evan accept James even though he's sometimes flaky? It's like you get a text and what's up... what's up? go F! yourself that's what! Plus a cursory update of James skin-care...


Flippin Out Radio – After Ida’s Floods

James Flippin and Evan Petracca both had their basements flooded during Ida -- meaning James lost his studio and Evan had damage to his bedroom... we pick up the pieces and move on, including working with Servpro, struggling with when to be an LGBT ally, is not-fidgeting in class white privilege, whistling vs. farting, that fella down under, and the introduction of the "searching for the line" pork roll and Taylor Ham quest/concept. [EP408]


Flippin Out Radio – Koehckennenbahlltz: Built For Speed

James announces he and Chris have picked a wedding venue, Evan's tough week includes a motorcycle crash, bolt and washer in a tire (who is throwing all these nails around?), and a missed Monster Truck Show. Also: Cock and balls... how is it spelled? [EP407]


Flippin Out Radio – I Can’t Find My Wallet

James Flippin and Johnny Appleseed discuss the top sportscaster gaffes throughout history, including all-time greats like Steve Lyons, Dan Marino, Jimmy "The Greek", Hank Bauer, Thom Brennaman, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Namath, Jim Rome, and Don Imus. Plus: bonus National Donut Day discussion. Heavens.


Flippin Out Radio – The Clothes-Dryer Buzzer Strikes Back

James and Evan in Bloomfield, New Jersey at Flippin Out Radio Studios, before James goes to see a wedding venue with Chris, plus discussing the next phase for masks and vaccine shaming, Evan gets scared absolutely shitless by the basement clothes dryer, and is James a fake Knicks fan? Finally, Evan recaps his trip to Turks and Caicos, Producer Wendy AKA The Nasty Crow got us to discuss a ridiculously expensive Rolls Royce, and we include our sound check that features Josh Groban fellating a...


Flippin Out Radio – Two Birds Taking Flight For Vein Practice

In what can only be described as one of the more bizarre, revealing and potentially unsettling episodes of Flippin Out Radio, Wendy calls in, then we learn all about vein practice, tangerines, and Australian humor. Joseph Rodriguez joins by telephone-from-Texas as Flip and Evan host from Bloomfield Heavens indeed! [EP404]


Flippin Out Radio – Trouble in Paradise

James and Evan discuss personal grooming once again after a little shampoo was left over... there's trouble in paradise just one month into James' engagement after fiancee Chris didn't want to remove crust-of-shampoo from James' hair...we hear from Evan's Mom Wendy by way of Facebook message... should James be concerned at Chris listening to Lana Del Rey over and over and over? Frank discussion of Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and W.O.P -- hoes in this house -- does Evan turn James into a...


Flippin Out Radio – Flippin Got Engaged

James Flippin ( @jamadrop ) and Evan Petracca host as James is now engaged, the story is discussed, as well as a Facebook commenter who claims it's all degenerate. Quick discussion of MLB moving the all star game, plus is Evan a sinner for associating with such degeneracy? We also introduce our new "Blondie" sound drop, and hear from listener Joseph Rodriguez with some jokes. [EP402]


Flippin Out Radio – Topless

James, Montone and Evan Petracca get together on a Saturday night to discuss Lemon Parties, being seated on the George Floyd Trial jury, a revisit of some "pet peeves" including what Montone has to say, a request from a listener for James to go topless -- he delivers... Also: James (almost) career as a social media watch influencer, the important difference between taverns and diners, the "important work" Chris Harrison is doing, a difference of opinion concerning Netflix password crackdown,...


Flippin Out Radio – The Most American Podcast Ever Created

James Flippin and Evan Petracca on the ridiculous notion of Dr. Seuss being racist when his characters are like furry orange dots and purple sleeves... and we talk pet peeves -- bad driving, gas stations charging extra for credit cards, loud talkers at the movies, losing the TV remote, going to the bathroom at work, and the Jeopardy producer's sign off. [EP400] (how about when Evan's mic sucks half the episode? pet peeve) also -- cheese balls, the reeses all peanut butter cup, and a quick...


Flippin Out Radio – Is That A Podcast In Your Pants Or You Just Happy To See Us? Pt2

Conclusion of the discussion that's been dominated by the human body -- including the visual aesthetic of male junk, and boobies. Intellectual stuff. Also -- aliens... following a UFO sighting that the FBI is investigating, have we all moved on from aliens? Are they simply accepted now? James makes it clear he'd never cut something from the podcast !! [EP399b]


Flippin Out Radio – Is That A Podcast In Your Pants Or You Just Happy To See Us? Pt1

James hosts with Montone, Katie, and Jackie... some topics do make their way in like Tiger Woods, Instagram captions, awkward Wheel of Fortune chats, alternate terms for crap like "boo boo", and jokes being taken too seriously -- but the main topic ends up being male anatomy and breasts... including whether or not either are truly visually appealing. Part one of two. [EP399a]


Flippin Out Radio – Hold My Handle

James is with Katie and Kyle from Vermont in the newly named Beans Studios. We discuss Instagram bots, gorilla glue hairdos, backup quarterbacks by way of Tim Tebow, frozen toilets, and the introduction of the 'Hold My Handle' club — get yourself a Flippin Out Radio mug! Plus Ted Cruz memes, dildos at Bills games, and some fun nature facts — like dolphins getting high off puffer fish — all while you can still get arrested for weed in New Jersey! Heavens! [EP398]


Flippin Out Radio – Vaquero Desnudo

James co-hosts with Evan Petracca, The costumed characters in New York City's Times Square could represent the immigration solution we've been looking for... James is quitting (active) use of Twitter and replacing it with Instagram... Happy Valentine's Day to our listeners! Justin Timberlake has apologized, and Gino Carano has been canceled by Star Wars/Disney. Finally -- why is weed still illegal in NJ? It's not because of "conservatives" -- which is kind of funny [EP397]


Flippin Out Radio – We Can Use The Phone?!

James Flippin catches up by telephone with Appleseed to chat about the boring Super Bowl, Babe Ruth in the modern game, Marilyn Manson allegations, what do you call Karens when they aren't white? Bob Nightengale whiffs on Bauer, Bernie's mittens are white privilege, bad songs on TV, and loss of sense and smell from coronavirus but let's test some people. [EP396]


Flippin Out Radio – Do You Moisturize?

James Flippin and the podcast gang return with a bang and the discussion of... skin care routine? moisturizer? Well, James chronically dry skin every winter has him at the end of his rope, and he's listening. Also -- what's the perfect non-PC team name? Why is Appleseed still Appleseed? What's going on with the GameStop #Stonks situation? Evan Petracca returns for a second time in studio while Mike Montone and Johnny Appleseed join on remote connection [EP395]


Flippin Out Radio – Is This Thing On?

James Flippin hosting with Mike Montone, Lady E, and Johnny Appleseed joining by Zoom... James was added to the Georgia Democrat's text-message list, he also got confused by a TikTok and thought it was a bird in his chimney, Appleseed is NOT on parole, Lady E is a poll worker as a "republican", and Montone says James drinking white wine goes on the "gay" list [EP394]