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A gaming podcast at heart, with topics branching into life, the universe, and everything.

A gaming podcast at heart, with topics branching into life, the universe, and everything.
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A gaming podcast at heart, with topics branching into life, the universe, and everything.




111 | The Final Farewell

There's no way to sugar coat it or put a fancy spin. Episode 111 is the final episode of The Future Monkeys Podcast. There's a ton of ways to describe the feeling, but overall, the best way to say it is that it just plain sucks. It's ok though. Time heals wounds and while it may hurt right now, it'll be ok. I know we've done this before. But this time it's for real. We've gone down this path of saying bye and hanging it up, but back then we always had that "one day, we'll be back"...


110 | Skarijuice, Skarijuice, Skarijuice

Skari is joining Los and Beardy ... again?! At this point she might as well keep coming back, right? Well, we hope so because she's going to keep coming back! Skari is officially taking up the third chair again, so her fan club can rejoice. What did we talk about? Illegal underground marble races on youtube, mariachi church music, Brisket classes, LEGO collecting, and so much more. Sadly, not nearly enough Avengers Endgame or Game of Thrones talk though. And games! I guess we talked games...


Bonus | Disney World Talk with Fred

This is a special bonus episode of Future Monkeys that we hope you enjoy. We know it's not for everyone but with summer looming and vacation time around the corner, it seemed like a good idea to talk vacations! This is a one shot deal, and we probably won't dedicate another episode to the subject, but we hope to bring more bonus episodes focusing on one topic like this in the future. So we invited Fred Rojas (of Gaming History 101 fame) over to unleash his excitement for his upcoming family...


109 | Scissor Butt, I Choose You!

Skari is joining Los and Beardy once again! We're discussing all sorts of gaming and life adventures, including but not limited to Skari's enchanting trip to the exotic humid land of Florida where she didn't bother to even look in the direction of Los' house. Los' childhood memory of getting stabbed in the butt cheek with a pair of scissors. And Beardy's homemade echo chamber to reduce his echo during recording! (hint hint, stay tuned after the ending song to hear how THAT worked out for...


108 | Just the Disc

EPISODE 108 - JUST THE DISC This week, Beardy and Los are talkin' about games! Right off the bat, enjoy some Trials Rising talk where they discuss their love for getting ridiculously frustrated. Also, if you haven't heard it before, Los gets into that time he fended off a man-eating dragon in his house and barely escaped with both his thumbs! The show could've ended there but we went on, listening to voicemails, discussing Anthem and our enjoyment so far, and Los' new headset that he can't...


107 | And Then I Returned It

Welcome to the first guest host since we've been back! And it's like she never left. Skari was ready and willing to give Los as much crap as she could, all for Beardy's amusement. We're talking a bunch of stuff. Skari got into her love for Resident Evil 2, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Beardy described the fun he had with his 2 or so hours in the Anthem demos. And Los takes a game off his Pile of Shame after beating Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Switch. SPEAKING OF WHICH! The 2nd...


106 | GOTY Cilantro Recipe

The Game of the Year Show! This week, Beardy and Los are neck deep in game talk. They discuss what games they've played over the year (and by discuss, I mean try and remember), and rank their favorite game of 2018. With each host having a GOTY, a runner-up, and an honorable mention, this show is chock full of gaming goodness! What games? Well we talked Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Yoku's Island Express, and a few others. Who won?! You'll have to listen to find...


105 | A Prescription For Ornaments

Merry Christmas, Monkeys! Here's your holiday dose of fun from your friendly Doctors at the Future Monkeys! We hope everyone has a VERY merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays and new years!


104 | THE RETURN Ver II.4 DX ALpha reMIX Revengence

-WE'RE BACK!- How back? Who knows. But Beardy and Los are jumping back on the mic to bring you fresh episodes of The Future Monkeys Podcast! Be sure to tune in every... time we're able to record.. to get your EZFM fix!