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Game Speak Podcast: Episode #74

This week on Game Speak Podcast, we take you on a journey through time, when video rental stores were in their prime and renting a video game was the ultimate weekend experience. There is plenty of gaming news this week including updates on the IGN plagiarism scandal (It's crazy). And many cool games coming out this week including Guacameele 2! Don't miss this episode, we promise it'll strike some nostalgia up in your soul! To become the People's Champ of the week like Jeffery Lewis did and...


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #73

This week on Game Speak Podcast, we post our first video podcast to YouTube as we take up jobs at the toy shop in our heads and attempt to conjure up some video game toys we would like to see in real life. We discuss the IGN plagiarism scandal involving the review of Dead Cells, tell you what new games are coming in the next 7 days, and get psyched for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct! To become the People's Champ of the week like Stephen Thomas did and have the opportunity to win dope...


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #72

This week on Game Speak Podcast, Brent updates us on his raging battle against death sticks, have a guest appearance from a good boy named Farley, check out what new video games are releasing in the next seven days, and then we get fast and furious with our discussion over our favorite video games of the racing genre. Featuring titles from Mario Kart to Midnight Club, it’s a topic you won’t want to miss! The topic is followed up by our champion of the week, and our newest segment, This...


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #71

DLC adds some extra fun in this episode as we talk about our favorites of all time! Brent makes a pact, and we talk about Nintendo's crazy legal attack on two Emulator/ROM sites!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #70: Thomas Brush Interview

Thomas Brush from Atmos Games sat down with us this week to talk about life after developing his critically acclaimed indie game, Pinstripe. But not before he talks about the development of the game and gives some amazing advice to anyone who wants to interact with their heroes, or who would like to try their hand at being a game dev. For more advice from Thomas, be sure to check out his Youtube channel here. We answer some great questions from you guys, and Jamal uses his new silky smooth...


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #69

Ohhhhh YEAHHHH! It's Episode #69 time! We take a look at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "leak" from 4chan and try to break the codes to figure out which fighters will be supposedly joining the fight! For this week's topic of the show, we talk about film directors we would love to see take the wheel on a video game. Untangle those annoying earbuds and suck your favorite bois right on in those ear holes!


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #68

We've just turned 10 years old and our responsible parents just sent us off on a journey to find and catch monsters that we can train into slave beasts. Which 6 of the original 151 Pokemon will we have on our teams? Is this bait for you to find out by listening to the show? Find out the answer to both of these questions by listening to the show! We also get down and dirty with the new Overwatch Hero.


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #67

History is outdated, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be video games about it. Get schooled on what historical events we want to see in video games. Also, get informed with all the latest gaming news and releases!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #66: Johnny Lanock of Virtew

Johnny Lonack, Programmer and jack of all trades on the VR game Run of Mydan joined us for today's topic of the show! He talked to us about all the major updates coming to the early access title within the next several days. So go download it and get ready to break free from your chains! We had quite a bit of listener questions this week, and they were fantastic. We give you all of your gaming news as well as this week's game releases, and talk about all the new info on Fallout 76 and...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #65: E3 2018

The biggest week in gaming has come to an end (at least for the press conferences), and this episode is a comprehensive discussion about all of the announcements from every E3 2018 press conference! So dive in and get hyped for some new stuff coming your way in the future!


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #64

Portable games played a huge part in all of our child hoods, and this week we wanted to list off our favorite handheld games of all time! We give you your much needed pre E3 news including the show's schedule, as well as your weekly game releases. So throw them headphones on and get ready for action!


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #63

This week on Game Speak Podcast, we tackle the IGN game review scores that we think were just completely off the mark (This is all opinion). Also, halfway through recording the Topic of the Show, the first official trailer for Pokemon Let's go Eevee and Let's Go Pikachu was released, and we give our reactions on the spot! Along with all your gaming news and weekly releases, this is an episode with content you won't want to miss!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #62: Jay Armstrong of Massive Monster

Jay Armstrong, Director and Developer at Massive Monster, stopped by to hang out with us and talk about his rad, quirky 2D Platformer, The Adventure Pals! It's available on Steam as well as all consoles including Switch! We had such a great time talking with Jay, and we hope you guys enjoy our talk with him and check out his work! Outside of that, we give you all the goods with this week's gaming news (POKEMON SWITCH LEAKS) and releases, as well as take you back in time with our This Week...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #61: Kevin Sawall of Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

Kevin Sawall, the Project Director and Lead Designer on Final Equinox: The Arrival, joined us to talk about the upcoming RPG/Crew Management game and it's vast universe! It's well worth checking out, and a free demo will be released on June 1st along with the launch of their Kickstarter! Outside of the interview, we give you all of your weekly gaming news and releases, answer your amazing questions and talk about this week in gaming history! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we...


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #60

We all know pies don't belong in the sky, and we also know that we won't be getting a Half-Life 3 announcement at E3 2018, but your boys can dream can't they? This week we breakdown our pie in the sky predictions for E3 2018 and read off all of yours as well! Thank you so much for writing in if you did even if most of you made some pretty safe bets. Per our usual segments, we give you all of this week's gaming news highlights and game releases! We hope you enjoy!


Game Speak Podcast: Episode #59

This week we fill you in on our favorite games of 2017! There were so many great titles last year, but we had to narrow it down to our top 5 for you! We tell you all the weekly news and game releases and then things get dark as we answer your sick questions, you weirdos!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #58: Chad Ledbetter of Blue Entropy Studios

Christian Ledbetter, CEO of Blue Entropy Studios, joined us this week to talk about his work as an indie developer! He's created multiple games that are available for purchase on Steam such as: Reaching For Petals, Roomscale Coaster and The Cabin: VR Escape the Room. He mainly talked to us about his upcoming title, the comical VR experience, Sign Here:________. If you love VR as much as Brent does, you won't want to miss this episode. As always we give you all of this week's gaming news...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #57: Alex Wright (Swolfington) & Victor Burgos of Monochrome Inc.

Alex Wright and Victor Burgos of Monochrome Inc. join us this week to talk about the highly anticipated Contagion VR: Outbreak. They gave us all the exclusive details about the spiritual successor to their award winning Half-Life mod, Zombie Panic! Source. This is truly an episode you won't want to miss. Outside of all that cool stuff, we hook you up with all of this week's gaming news and releases. Stick around at the end for our second week of doing our newest segment, This Week In...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #56: Matthew Hagen- Creator of Fleet Calamity

This week we had the super cool Matthew Hagen, founder of Half Heart Games, and creator of the upcoming Movement Strategy Card Game, Fleet Calamity. He gives us all the details on what you can expect from the game and how he's constantly working to make it better and better. We introduce a new segment in place of "Spend Dat Money", so be sure to stick around til the end for some new content! Of course we inject you with all of the important gaming news for the week, and let you know what...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #55: Subplots & Side-quests ft. The People’s Champ 2017- Dylan Partin

The ONE, the Champion, Dylan Partin joins us today to list off the greatest of all video game side-quests and sub plots! We give you all your weekly industry news and game releases as well. Dylan helped make this an amazing episode. You definitely don't won't want to miss out on this one!