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BONUS FEATURE 'Double Denim At The Ready' - B*Witched are here for the ultimate throwback

Our favourite denim wearing, nostalgia inducing, jig dancing girl band 'B*Witched' join Niamh Maher in studio for a special bonus feature of Girls With Goals. We're chatting about reunions, headlining Electric Picnic, stripping nuns and OF COURSE we had to test them on their 90's music knowledge.


Ep.45: Chronically Single And Building Empires - Aimee Connolly, Rebecca O'Keeffe and Retro Flame

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by make-up artist and entrepreneur Aimee Connolly and Her's Beauty Editor Rebecca O'Keeffe. They're talking about controversial tattoos, what it takes to build a beauty empire, being chronically single and dorky high fives! Niamh also chats to Erica Fox aka 'Retro Flame' about the competitive world of lifestyle blogging, living it up in NYC and how she generates that all important traffic!


BONUS FEATURE 'Hockey Legends' - Deirdre Duke and Conan Doherty on smashing records and bandwagoning

Niamh Maher is joined in studio by SportsJOE editor Conan Doherty to dissect the historic World Cup performance of the Irish Women's Hockey team. World Cup silver medallist Deirdre Duke also joins us on the line to talk about the come down and her hopes for hockey in the future.


Ep.44: Cats Are Evil, Avocados Are Shite - Jen Hatton and Louise Carroll on fads, pubes and Disney

Facebook and Snapchat star Jen Hatton joins writer Louise Carroll on the podcast this week, they're chatting with presenter Niamh Maher about crazy fads, how (evidently) the bush is back, and some unpopular opinions that focus on cats, avocados and Disney.


BONUS FEATURE 'Beautiful Pain' - 24 hours with Gravy and Sailor Jerry

Niamh Maher spent 24 hours with Daniel 'Gravy' Thomas, the global brand ambassador for Sailor Jerry. They're chatting about spiced rum, tattoo culture, the iconic Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins, feminism and there's a little bit of Niamh squirming in pain thrown in for good measure.


Ep.43: The Big Dick Energy Show - Sarina Bellissimo and Denise Curtin on badass energy and Buffy

On this week's episode broadcaster Sarina Bellissimo and writer with Denise Curtin join Niamh Maher to talk about Big Dick Energy, what it is and how to hang on to it. They also bash out a few celebrity interview tales and it's a new era for Buffy fans, should we be messing with such an iconic show?


BONUS FEATURE 'Puppy Farms' - We talk to the DSPCA about the worrying trend of designer dogs

Ireland is developing a reputation as the 'puppy farm' capital of Europe, in this bonus feature of Girls With Goals, Niamh Maher chats to Gillian Bird of the DSPCA to find out what can be done to stop this, what you should know about breeders and regulations in Ireland and we're talking about the new trend of 'designer dogs'.


Ep.42: Skin And Blisters - Jennifer Rock and Sarah Hanrahan on skin, business and blogging

On this episode The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock and moderator of 'I Come Undone' Sarah Hanrahan join Niamh Maher to talk about making it online, what EXACTLY blackheads are and why blogging has become a dirty word! Writer for Anna O'Rourke joins us to talk about our new on-site series 'Make A Fuss' which is championing women in business across Ireland.


BONUS FEATURE - Mary Lou McDonald on Brexit, Presidents and Instagram

Leader of Sinn Féin, Mary Lou McDonald, joins Niamh Maher for this special bonus feature of Girls With Goals. From her beginnings in politics, to the latest developments on Brexit and the Sinn Féin presidential aspirations, she's also filling us in on her favourite TV show (that involves a royal) and why she's not on Instagram!


Ep.41: We're Sweating - Cassie Stokes and Claire Balding on alopecia, showbiz and farting.

Claire Balding and Cassie Stokes join Niamh Maher on this week's episode of Girls With Goals. We're talking about alopecia, how you get your face on the telly, STUPID short engagements and farting out loud in public (mortified). writer Jade Hayden joins us in studio for our Spotlight interview this week, she's filling us in on Agony Can't our new dating advice series, so if you have an issue with an ex, or slept with someone you work with, or are FREAKED because your fella keeps...


Ep.40:Clint Eastwood Is King - Cloochy and Caroline Foran on careers, confidence and everything else

In this episode Niamh Maher is joined by world renowned makeup artist Cloochy and friend of the show Caroline Foran returns with another book under her belt. We're talking about some nightmare moments in our careers, why our health is crucial above ALL else, we'll discuss having unapologetic confidence and we might tough on vaginas (it just went there). Interior Design guru Mr.Kate joins us from LA for our Spotlight Interview, she talks about being the face behind a million dollar...


Ep.39:The Minister Has Arrived - Simon Harris on repeal, cervical check, the gender gap and wokeness

Ep.39:The Minister Has Arrived - Simon Harris on repeal, cervical check, the gender gap and wokeness by Girls With Goals || Her


Ep.38: The heat is on – Erica Cody and Louise Dunne on gigs, beauty and being a BOSS

On this week’s episode Niamh is joined by singer songwriter Erica Cody and CEO and founder of Louise Dunne, they’re talking about the gig culture in Ireland, the new Instagram feature that we can’t get our head around, re-inventing the beauty industry and they’re tackling some HEAT HACKS for the days ahead. For our Spotlight interview this week, we’re joined by Sinead Kane, Ireland’s first registered blind solicitor, who also happens to have two PHDs AND she runs marathons for...


Ep.37: Pride, Baguettes and Mr.Big - Maria Walsh and Paul Ryder on everything you can imagine!

On this week's episode, we're joined by former Rose Of Tralee Maria Walsh and drag artist Paul Ryder. We're talking all things pride, the trials of being a beauty queen, coming out to the media and Conor McGregor's love of crowns. Keep an ear out for our sneaky voice notes and baguette themes!


Ep.36: The Robots Are Coming - Anne-Marie Tomchak and Gillian Fitzpatrick on bots and robojournalism

On this week's episode, we headed to the UK to interview the editor of Mashable. Anne-Marie Tomchak joined's publisher Gillian Fitzpatrick on the panel to discuss the future of artificial intelligence and it got us wondering... are any of our jobs truly safe?


Ep.34 : Marry Me Michael Bolton – Rebecca Shekleton and Celina Murphy on guilty pleasures

This week we’re all taking a well-earned break from talking about ANYTHING of substance and focusing on pure, unadulterated FROTH. Niamh Maher is joined by Celina Murphy, deputy editor of and head of social media with 98fm Rebecca Shekleton, we’re tackling the hard-hitting issues of the day such as how much cash Love Island participants make for an Instagram post, and how people pee in wedding dresses. We’re also talking about some serious guilty pleasure crushes (think...


Ep.33: The Final Countdown – Jade Hayden, Anna O’Rourke and Áine Leech on the 8th Amendment

May 25th is fast approaching and in this week’s episode, Niamh Maher is joined by members of the Her editorial and social creative teams as we take a look back at our coverage of this historic referendum. We’re discussing our Facts or Fiction series, examining what abortion will look like in Ireland IF the 8th Amendment is repealed, and one of our writers who ordered abortion pills online shares her story. Niamh also travels to the UK to interview a representative from the British...


Ep.32:I Feel Pretty – Rosemary MacCabe, Holly White and Mary McGill on selfies and bloggers unveiled

On this episode we’re taking HEAPS of selfies and not giving a sh*t, we look at the selfie phenomenon with a woman who has actually written a book on it (and given a TED talk), we’re discussing the latest trend of the imported period parties, and we’ll try and unmask bloggers unveiled. We’re surrounded my bloggers in this episode so we HAD to ask. Our Spotlight interview this week is with actress and playwright Amy DeBhrun, she tells us about the struggles of self-funding a play and why...


Ep.31: Is your boyfriend gay? – Niamh Horan and Laylah Beattie on smears, pansexuality and fantasies

On this week’s episode, we’re joined on the panel by Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan alongside writer and blogger Laylah Beattie. An advocate for trans people in Ireland since transitioning herself, Laylah wants to share her story in the hopes of helping other young people who are struggling with their gender identity. Well known for her divisive journalism, Niamh Horan speaks out on trolls and why you have to take the good with the bad. We’re also shining a spotlight on the...


Ep.30: Dragged up – Paul Ryder, Tara Stewart and Becky Lynch on getting read, and Kim K’s vagina

WE’RE 30!!! Despite being old as HELL, we still managed to pull together a thrilling show for you this week. Drag performer Paul Ryder fills us in on the wonderful world of drag and what it’s really like to be ‘read’ and DJ Tara Stewart opens up about her former life as a music snob. We’re also testing our panel’s 90’s music knowledge… with no forewarning (which is really just for Niamh’s amusement), and talking about Kim K’s vagina (natch). For our Spotlight On Sport we’re joined by...