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Ep.33: The Final Countdown – Jade Hayden, Anna O’Rourke and Áine Leech on the 8th Amendment

May 25th is fast approaching and in this week’s episode, Niamh Maher is joined by members of the Her editorial and social creative teams as we take a look back at our coverage of this historic referendum. We’re discussing our Facts or Fiction series, examining what abortion will look like in Ireland IF the 8th Amendment is repealed, and one of our writers who ordered abortion pills online shares her story. Niamh also travels to the UK to interview a representative from the British Pregnancy...


Ep.32:I Feel Pretty – Rosemary MacCabe, Holly White and Mary McGill on selfies and bloggers unveiled

On this episode we’re taking HEAPS of selfies and not giving a sh*t, we look at the selfie phenomenon with a woman who has actually written a book on it (and given a TED talk), we’re discussing the latest trend of the imported period parties, and we’ll try and unmask bloggers unveiled. We’re surrounded my bloggers in this episode so we HAD to ask. Our Spotlight interview this week is with actress and playwright Amy DeBhrun, she tells us about the struggles of self-funding a play and why...


Ep.31: Is your boyfriend gay? – Niamh Horan and Laylah Beattie on smears, pansexuality and fantasies

On this week’s episode, we’re joined on the panel by Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan alongside writer and blogger Laylah Beattie. An advocate for trans people in Ireland since transitioning herself, Laylah wants to share her story in the hopes of helping other young people who are struggling with their gender identity. Well known for her divisive journalism, Niamh Horan speaks out on trolls and why you have to take the good with the bad. We’re also shining a spotlight on the...


Ep.30: Dragged up – Paul Ryder, Tara Stewart and Becky Lynch on getting read, and Kim K’s vagina

WE’RE 30!!! Despite being old as HELL, we still managed to pull together a thrilling show for you this week. Drag performer Paul Ryder fills us in on the wonderful world of drag and what it’s really like to be ‘read’ and DJ Tara Stewart opens up about her former life as a music snob. We’re also testing our panel’s 90’s music knowledge… with no forewarning (which is really just for Niamh’s amusement), and talking about Kim K’s vagina (natch). For our Spotlight On Sport we’re joined by...


Ep.29: Can’t cope – Stefanie Preissner and Elva Carri on the weather, unicorns and period poverty

On this episode, Niamh Maher is joined by writer Stefanie Preissner and founder of GirlCrew Elva Carri. As the second series of Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope hits Irish screens tonight, Stefanie Preissner opens up about the struggles of female friendships, and shares some exciting news on upcoming projects. We’re also exploring our love/hate relationship with the weather, trying to figure out why the glitter trend is dead AND tackling period poverty… All in a day’s work! Our Spotlight On Sport...


Ep.28: Don’t mention the GAA – Alison Spittle and Suzanne Kane on culchies, pregnancies and pr**ks

On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined by comedian Alison Spittle and broadcaster Suzanne Kane. A ‘True Blue’ in one corner a Westmeath native (via London) in the other, you KNOW the GAA came up… and we all learned something. We’re also talking about growing up in rural Ireland, pregnancies in the media, and the most famous baby on earth. Also, are e-sports really sports? We’re finding out…


Ep.27: What’s Next? – Roe McDermott and Linda Hayden on consent, beauty privilege and moving on

On this week’s episode, Niamh Maher is joined by sex columnist Roe McDermott and comedian and activist Linda Hayden. They’re talking about the changing conversation around consent and delving into the world of beauty privilege. Is life really that much SWEETER life if you’re HELLA hot? Captain of the Irish Cricket Team Laura Delaney joins us on the line to discuss elitism, ball scuffing, and bringing cricket to the masses.


Ep.26: Bills, Bills, Bills – Susan Hayes and Caroline Foran on financial freedom and confidence

On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined by the Positive Economist Susan Hayes. Whether it’s worrying about paying off an upcoming holiday, saving for a rainy day or finally achieving financial freedom, we’re tackling all things money related with some serious tips thrown in for good measure. Author and journalist Caroline Foran (who literally wrote the book on anxiety) also joins us to talk about practical ways to deal with modern day stress, turns out… taking the time to worry may...


Ep.25:Take your earrings off–Alison Curtis and Andrea Horan on Mean Girls, Repeal and Viral Breakups

On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined by Today FM DJ Alison Curtis and owner of Tropical Popical Andrea Horan. They’re talking about everything from Mean Girls and Repeal to their mutual love of Drag and breakups. Our Spotlight interview this week is Monet Izabeth who is launching a new female led feminist travel series. Monet hopes to portray the wonders of travel in a more realistic light, meaning less Instagram filters and more poop!


Ep.23: Take A Breath – Síle Seoige and Alison Canavan on the power of slowing down

We’re all taking a breath on this week’s episode of Girls With Goals and getting our heads around the important things in life. Niamh Maher is joined by former model and motivational speaker Alison Canavan, she describes her journey through mindfulness and meditation and how it’s completely transformed her life. Síle Seoige also joins us to talk about Yoga and how a good scream can really perk up your day. The captain of the Irish Women’s Netball team Gen Slater joins us for our Spotlight...


EP.22: Girl Rising – Gillian Fitzpatrick and Paddy McKenna on International Women’s Day

On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined in studio by editor of Gillian Fitzpatrick and head of content for JOE Paddy McKenna. To mark International Women’s Day on the 8th of March , we’re tackling gender equality in sport, raising young women, Repeal the 8th and much more. Helen Keogh of World Vision Ireland talks to us about tackling global poverty and keeping girls in education and we’re also joined by rugby coach Jess Myles who’s working tirelessly to keep young girls...


Ep.20: Beauty And The Bush – Triona McCarthy, Pamela Laird, Sharon Donlon and Ciara Griffin

We’re feeling pretty beautiful this week! Niamh Maher is joined on the panel by beauty blogger and influencer Triona McCarthy, fresh off the plane from New York Fashion Week, she has tales of trends and awkward selfies with Whoopi Goldberg to share. Pamela Laird of Moxi Loves joins us to talk eye-catchers and her next top secret product and are you on the fence about laser or mesotherapy? If so Sharon Donlon of Sensius Clinic is here to spill the beans and share a treat with all our...


Ep.18: From Dundalk to Mars – Niamh Shaw, Lisa Regan and Monica Loughman on reaching for the stars.

On this week’s episode, Niamh Maher is joined on the panel by scientist Niamh Shaw and PR guru Lisa Regan. It’s all about careers, running your own business, expectation V’s reality, and Ireland’s most undiscovered attraction… Dundalk Shopping Centre. Aside from discussing life on Mars, we’re also talking about minimalism and how our lives COULD be transformed if we were to get rid of all the sh*t and live a ‘life of less’. Irish Ballet dancer Monica Loughman joins us for our ‘Spotlight’...


Ep.17: Follow the leader – Colette Sexton, Amy De Bhrún and Joanne Larby on power and influence

Have we all been influenced enough? On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined by journalist Colette Sexton and actor Amy De Bhrún to talk about photo-editing scandals, begrudgery, and the future of influencers. ‘The Make Up Fairy’ Joanne Larby also joins us and shares an inside perspective on the business behind the glamour. We’re also talking about the #TimesUp campaign in Hollywood and New York Basketball player Tiffany Corselli joins us for our Spotlight On Sport.


Ep.16: Change is coming – Aisling Bea and Angela Scanlon on Repeal, ethical fashion and trampolines.

On this episode of Girls With Goals we flew to the UK to chat with Aisling Bea and Angela Scanlon. We spoke about ethical fashion and how tiny personal choices can affect huge change… we also discussed the Repeal the 8th Movement in Ireland and how trampolines are the new Child Of Prague. For our Spotlight On Sport this week dancing queen Anna Geary joined us on the line to talk tango, athleticism and that competitive sporting edge.


Ep.15: Around The World in 50 Minutes – Tara Povey, Stephanie Buckley and Siobhan O’Hagan

We’re heading off on a mighty adventure this week! Niamh Maher is joined by award winning travel bloggers Tara Povey and Stephanie Buckley to talk about ultimate European getaways, awe inspiring staycations and why we should ALL try solo travel. A couple of special guests will be popping in from Australia and Brazil and we also find out how to (finally) pack like a pro. Personal trainer and online coach Siobhan O’Hagan joins us for our Spotlight On Sport, she talks about balance and how to...


Ep.14: Sunday, Monday, Happy Days – Sarah Tyrell, Sarah Doyle and Catherina McKiernan

In the first episode of 2018 Niamh is joined by body positive advocate Sarah Tyrell and founder of The Better Life Project Sarah Doyle. We’re tackling resolutions, back to work anxiety, whether WhatsApp groups are actually healthy for us AND we uncover an uncomfortable secret crush… which is no longer secret. Our athlete of the week is legendary Irish long distance runner Catherina McKiernan.


Ep.13: Unwrapping 2017 – Gillian Fitzpatrick, Cathy Donohue and Laura Holland

The final Girls With Goals of the year is here! In studio this week Niamh Maher is joined by the editors of to take a look back at some of the top (and slightly bizarre) stories of 2017. From makeup sponge testicles, to the Chip Cup that divided a nation, we’re covering it all. We’ll also listen back to some of our top female athletes, and some familiar voices are popping up in our ‘Best of 6 words’. While we’re looking back we’ll also have a sneak peek into the future with some...


Forgotten Voices – Homelessness in Ireland

We’re taking a look at the current housing crisis in Ireland, and talking to the people who are directly affected by it. Homelessness cannot be defined by one stereotype, there are many different reasons why people lose their homes. In this episode, 5 people from all different walks of life share their story.


Ep.12: Let’s talk about sex – James Kavanagh, Shawna Scott and Arlene Caffrey

We’re feeling VERY sexy on Girls With Goals. Joining us on the panel this week is social media influencer James Kavanagh who’s hoping to get the youth of Ireland talking about sex in an open and honest way. We’re also joined by Shawna Scott, the founder and owner of Sex our FAVOURITE online sex shop. We’re talking about STIs, discussing bobble headed dildos, sex education with nuns and ending our sexual shame. For our Spotlight On Sport Niamh welcomes a legend of pole dancing...


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