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Ep.62: Careers, Cursing and Christmas - Anna Daly on life, ambition and making things happen

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by TV presenter and Her Family columnist Anna Daly. We're chatting about career progression, how things can change in an instant, savvy advice from famous folk and Rebecca O'Keeffe joins us to talk about the thing most people dread at this time of the year... the office Christmas party


Ep.61: Are You Arsed? - 'It Galz' Lindsay Hamilton and Jenny Claffey on feminism and controversies

The 'It Galz' Lindsay Hamilton and Jenny Claffey join our host Niamh Maher on this week's episode of Girls With Goals. They're getting 'real' about hating the word real, dealing with online hate, modern dating and courting controversy! Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the full episode...


Ep.60: Pockets... Please! - Pamela Joyce and Geraldine Carton on crushes and naked swimming

On this week's episode our host Niamh Maher is joined by radio DJ Pamela Joyce and writer Geraldine Carton. We're talking about ALL their bits from early (EARLY) morning wake up calls, to trying something new every week. We're also chatting about obscure crushes, women not getting POCKETS and terrible Christmas movies. WATCH the episode here :


Ep.59: Designers, Rockstars And Babies - Emma Manley and Jenny Huston on strength in numbers

On this week's episode of Girls With Goals we're joined by fashion designer Emma Manley and jewellery designer Jenny Huston. They've joined forces to create 'Bloss'. A pop-up design haven, Bloss is the FIRST of it's kind in Ireland, and it's already a force to be reckoned with. We're also running an exciting competition on this week's episode in partnership with F&F at Tesco, find out how you can win by following this link :...


Ep.58: The Comeback Show - Conor Behan and Denise Curtin on Spice Girls, pop culture and DILFS

On this week's episode, Niamh Maher is joined by Her writer Denise Curtin and DJ extraordinaire Conor Behan. They're talking about (WHAT ELSE) the return of the SPICE GIRLS. Yes, we are FULLY invested and taking a look back at one of the most successful girl bands of our time, we'll also chat about our own pop failings and a special guest arrives in studio with some questionable accents!


BONUS: Leo Varadkar on equality, gender pay gaps and working mothers

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar joins Niamh Maher on this week's episode of Girls With Goals. They're talking about the gender pay gap laws that are coming down the line, childcare costs and why some mothers aren't re-entering the workforce and the leader of our nation gives our FAVOURITE game '6 words or less' a go... while slightly bending the rules!


Ep.57: Bubbly, Beautiful, Boys - Mark Rogers talks beauty, honest reviews and work/life integration

On this week's episode beauty expert and blogger Mark Rogers joins us to talk about his career, how to maintain a work/life balance (spoiler... you can't). We also talk about seeking greener (or pinker) grass, giving honest reviews online and a couple of us talk about our houses... a LOT.


Ep.56: Do You See Dead People? - A psychic medium pops in for our Halloween special

We recorded this week's episode of Girls With Goals after hours in our new studio, which has a bit of a creepy vibe... fitting as we were joined by Vivienne Cardin a psychic medium who communicates with the dead. So... did any spirits come through? Listen and find out...


BONUS FEATURE: We're LIVE with Joanne McNally, Shawna Scott and Andrea Horan

We recorded this episode live from Griffith College, comedian Joanne McNally, Shawna Scott of and Tropical Popical's Andrea Horan join our host Niamh Maher to talk about balls, contraceptive failure and sex education with our civics teacher!


Ep.55: Chimps, Angels And Virgos - Louise Cooney and Toni O'Rourke

On this week's episode Niamh Maher is joined by blogger Louise Cooney and actress Toni O'Rourke. They're chatting about 'making it', what it takes to be your own boss, packing it all in and living with chimps and (randomly enough) angel cards. Our partnership with EllaOne is also continuing as we hit the streets of Galway to find out why people are taking risks when it comes to sex!


Ep.54: YouTube, Art And Sexy Fears - Diane Jennings and Audrey Hamilton

On this week's episode we're joined by YouTuber Diane Jennings and Artist Audrey Hamilton. We're talking about how YouTubers earn their cash, how you become a famous artist in less than a year, how sexy Halloween costumes are on the way out AND our reporter Orlaith Condon heads back to Cork to find out more information on why people are having LOTS of unprotected sex.


BONUS: Irish International footballer Stephanie Roche joins us to talk comebacks and bag-packing

Niamh Maher sits down with Irish International Stephanie Roche to talk about the importance of getting involved in sport from a young age. Stephanie also shares her experience of the crucial fundraising efforts that most athletes have to endure in order to keep their clubs or teams going. We're also chatting about comebacks after career threatening injuries and a year and a half on from the now infamous strike we're asking has the treatment of women in Irish football improved?


Ep.53: We Still Have No Eyebrows - Emma Doran and Julie Jay on the brutal decades of our past

On this week's episode we're joined by comedians and fellow podcasters Emma Doran and Julie Jay. We're chatting about their upcoming comedy tour, we forget to ask them how they met, and we delve DEEP into the 1990s from Saved By The Bell to porn. We're also continuing our research in partnership with EllaOne and our reporter Orlaith Condon is back on the streets of Dublin finding out more about young people's attitudes to sex and contraception.


BONUS FEATURE 'Galz Gone Wild' - Melissa McDermott joins Niamh Maher for a GGW/GWG open flame fiesta

Galz Gone Wild is an outdoor adventure tribe with a difference! Set up by Melissa McDermott to combat the fiercely male dominated scene, the group encourages women from all walks of life to strap on some hiking boots and get out in nature. With monthly coffee mornings now thrown into the mix and country wide expansion plans Melissa joins Niamh Maher to fill her in on the Galz Gone Wild, and they have a little camp fire of their own in studio (SAFELY of course).


Ep.52: Happy Birthday To Us - We're inviting back some of our favourites for a birthday extravaganza

Well... it's been 52 weeks of Girls With Goals and we're DELIGHTED to welcome back some of our favourite guests: Paul Ryder, Rosemary McCabe, Ciara Knight and Sarah Tyrell join Niamh Maher and Rebecca O'Keefe to take a quick look back before ploughing ahead. There may be some dodgy voice notes and talk of poop, but what else would you expect? We're also continuing our research revelations with morning after pill EllaOne this week and heading to Cork to find out what's going on in the sex...


Ep.51: We're Coming For The Crown - Kirsten Mate Maher on Rose life and modern women

On this week's episode the reigning Rose Of Tralee Kirsten Mate Maher joins us to discuss how her life has changed since winning the coveted title. We're discussing modern dating with Rebecca O'Keeffe who got an 'interesting' proposition on tinder recently. Niamh Maher talks about losing followers after posting one too many ceiling shots of the Vatican and we're hitting the streets of Dublin to talk about contraception and the morning after pill!


Ep.50: Let's Talk About Crime - Shauna Keogh on making docs, pride and vampires!

On this week's episode Emmy nominated producer and film maker Shauna Keogh joins Niamh Maher and Rebecca O'Keeffe to talk about her incredible career from reality TV to making true crime documentaries surrounding some of Ireland's most notorious unsolved murders! We're also discussing pride, how clothing and sexuality can go hand in hand and we'll visit the darker side of Disney...


Ep.49: Going Solo - RuthAnne Cunningham on writing hits and changing sounds

On a very special episode of Girls With Goals we're joined in studio by singer/songwriter RuthAnne Cunningham. Known for writing hit tracks for the likes of JoJo, Niall Horan and Britney Spears, the Dublin native is releasing new material in the form of her first solo album. We're chatting about what it was like to move to LA at the age of 17, what dealing with 'Hollywood feck boys' is REALLY like and she also treats us to a performance of her latest single 'Liquid'... Enjoy.


BONUS FEATURE 'No Spring Chicken' - Maria McKenzie on beauty with no age limits

Blogger Maria McKenzie started 'No Spring Chicken' with the intent to target an untapped audience in the skincare, beauty and makeup world. Fed up with seeing pages filled with unattainable beauty her aim is to promote ageing well, as opposed to anti-ageing... and she's bloody gas too!


Ep.48: ASMR And Confused Selfie Monsters - Anouska Proetta Brandon and Rebecca O'Keeffe

On this week's episode, Niamh Maher is joined by photographer, social media consultant and blogger Anouska Proetta Brandon and our beauty editor Rebecca O'Keeffe returns with more pearls of wisdom. We're talking about the insanely popular ASMR trend which is taking YouTube by storm (we also, rather poorly, give it a try). We're also talking about body positivity, as one magazine cover sends shockwaves through the beauty community. Also, do any of us really need more self esteem? Or are we...