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Happy Hour-Bingeing and Come On

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! My panties are in a ruffle! I’m tired of the sexualization of our little ones, the "one-up” them mentality and no shame when you bed a mistake. We also chat about bingeing, love, and contract renewal season.


Happy Hour-Massage and Sex Education

Cheers to this edition of Happy Hour! In the US we do not value the importance of massage. My girlfriend’s trip to the salon is one step away from 50 Shades. And the best massage of my life came from a prisoner and I’m happy to support prisoner reform. Some might see her as a bad mom, but I see hope. And speaking of babies, 40 year-olds need to stop teaching sex education. The latest program for my teen boys is NEVER going to persuade my boys not to have sex, so I have my own way of teaching...


Happy Hour-Evolution of Partying and 8:30 Girls

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! As we age partying takes on a new meaning In this episode, we chat about the evolution of partying, flying Birkenstocks, and Cinderella. And I say no more when it comes to this double-standard!


Happy Hour-Thailand and Back to School

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I can handle a language barrier, overcome my fear of eating crickets but it was peeing that nearly brought me to tears during my vacation to Thailand. I sent my teens off to school, thank you very much! I could use a break from #teentude! Feeling like I got this, I share my best homework advice to save your soul. And this college professor’s excuse for bad behavior has me wondering if this is a good defense.


Happy Hour-Birthday Cake and Graduation Hat

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Birthday cake has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I think you’ll agree. We also chat out the infamous graduation hat, and sadly I'm guilty of doing this, and I think you are too. Plus summer is just around the corner, do you have your family vacation planned? There’s good news, scary news, and bad news. The key to losing weight could be found at the pool. And I’m curious, who do you blame when it comes to cheating? The cheater or the other person? One...


Happy Hour-Promposals and Your Kid's Antics

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! While Meghan Markle is learning what it means to be a royal, Prince Harry is getting a lesson in complicated American families. I have my fascinator, do you? With all this wedding talk and love in the air, we learn what it takes to have a successful marriage. We also chat about your not so furry fur baby, shocking data collection, promposals and your kid’s antics on social media.


Happy Hour-Mother's Day and Confessions

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! We chat about the Mother’s Day disasters you don’t see on social media or admit to your friends. I issue my warning for chocolate truffles and peas. And It's not your imagination, cleaning your house is killing you. We also chat about the latest bathing suit trends and love at first sight.


Happy Hour-Village and Male Contraception

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I dropped it likes it hot and realized my milkshake is curdled. Sad times. Sad times. This doesn’t happen often, but I did jump on my soapbox for a couple of minutes. And a toddler learns the hard way not to mess with a pregnant woman. Plus we chat about the importance of a village, new clothes, paying for social media, male contraceptive, and this is a real job?


Happy Hour-The Mommy Show and Luxury Birth

Cheers to this edition of Happy Hour! On this episode, It’s a 13 Reason’s Why lesson on dating. Plus we chat about the 14 traits that make you the perfect partner, and we take a moment to salute this super mom while I issue a warning to all of us moms. And with a room like this, I’d love to give birth again.


Happy Hour-Time To Celebrate and Babies

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Get your stretchy pants on, turn on your best playlist and get ready to celebrate the BEST NEWS EVER! Plus what you think is sexy is very different from the men in your life, and for that I’m thankful. We also chat about your fur babies, a pregnancy apology…I don’t think so, the great naked debate continues, and fashion’s new no-no’s…hello, STOP paying for that!


Happy Hour-Proud Mommy Moment and You're Ranked

Cheers to this Episode of Happy Hour! It's take your kid to work day as my 14-year-old joins me for this podcast. We chat about a young women’s magazine under fire; one country is about to socially ranked its citizens, and free-range parenting. Plus, there’s a new way to discipline your children; I’m calling crap and the latest facial trend for the rich and famous and the rest us willing to pay. Good news, it’s cheaper than the vampire facial.


Happy Hour-Time Out and Lying Selfies

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Today, we chat the internet, love and your to-do list. Also, I love a good national day of celebration, but we’ve got this one all wrong. And who is the baby here, the 25-year-old or the two-year-old? Plus you’re being lied to, by your selfie.


Happy Hour-No No No Mom and Dad and Poop

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I’m Surprised this has to but said, but DON’T do this at home. Apple employees are having a banging time at work, and a college assignment makes me wish I was back in school. We also chat about dolls, parenting, a new/old weight loss tip, and yes, Chick-Fil-A is that good.


Happy Hour-Valentine's and Creeping

Happy Hour-Valentine's and Creeping by Christine Saldivar


Happy Hour-Chocolate Riots and It Pays to Cheat

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I give cupid a helping hand with a love story to get you in Valentine’s mood. We also chat about the latest pole dancing trend, a vegan chef is called out for her Instagram posts, and a world record most parents could break.


Happy Hour-Hen Party and MicroCheating

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Prices are going up, find out which of your subscriptions are going to cost you. Not sure I like the idea of being called a hen. We also chat about some new animal kindness laws, women hitting the road, a mistress suing the wife and micro-cheating.


Happy Hour-Cheerleader and Motivation

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I promised to be your New Year’s resolution cheerleader, so I’ve got some tips to help you be successful, including some inspired motivation to hit the gym. We’ll also chat about the most return gifts, cool gadgets, charging for cups, and a tearjerker to warm your heart.


Happy Hour-Golden Showers and Relationships

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage. Okay, maybe not in that order but in this show we’re chatting falling in love, marriage, babies and your ovaries. Plus we’ll add a dash of wine, drones and pimple popping.


Happy Hour-Big Brother and Old School

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Don’t worry mom if your kid can’t sign their name; it’s no longer an issue if you think you have privacy…think again. We also chat about an app going old school, the color of the year, low-calorie wine, top fur baby names and we’re supposed to refrigerate what?


Happy Hour-Mixology and Men

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Decorating for the holidays takes a new twist and puts the ugly sweater to shame. We also chat about getting jailed for a potty mouth, how often you should wash your sheets, best drinks according to your astrological sign, plastic surgery, relationships, men and their bathroom time and Botox is not just for wrinkles or migraines.