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Hatewatch With Us: A Variety Show for Sarcastic People

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A show about things we love, things we hate, and things we love to hate. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New episode drops every week ...ish!

A show about things we love, things we hate, and things we love to hate. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New episode drops every week ...ish!


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A show about things we love, things we hate, and things we love to hate. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New episode drops every week ...ish!




Outlander Season 6 Review

We're back to shout about one of our favorite things to shout about: Outlander! We're sharing the things we loved, hated, and loved to hate about Outlander Season 6 (MARK ME, we loved more things than we hated?). From the season that brought us such metaphors as THE-STORM-THE-WAR, we were also given gifts like the Benjamin Moore Outlander collection, throuple plots, justice for Fergus, and Matthew B Roberts' PR exit. Did we need season 6? No. Are were here now? Yes. So pour yourself a giant...


Eurovision 2022

Like grandma-starved wolves from the moon, we are descending from the abyss to grace your sound space with an episode of our podcast. We are debrieifing the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest and spoiler alert this is a pro Subwoolfer/anti sad boy ballad podcast.


The Lost City

If we can't have Mamma Mia 3 (yet), we CAN have sequined jumpsuits and blush wine and The Lost City. We went to the movies, together, in-person! to see this film and we're here to report that the Rom Com is alive and well in the year of our lord 2022!


Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

Scan your boarding pass and remove your shoes because this week are are taking our newfound Infrastructure obession to the skies with Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport. What started as an ode to our mom Julie Walter's quickly evolved into a love deeper than the baggage department under terminal 2 of Heathrow. This sleeper hit has it all from mundane workplace victories, to crime sniffing dogs and our favorite Heathrow employee, Demi.


Outlander: Here We Go Again! (Season 6 Preview + Premiere)

Outlander Season 6 is finally here! Join us for our preview of the season, a little time travel, and our thoughts on the season premiere. While we can count the never-ending cold open among the things we lost in France, we've got some positives in there too, like Emmy-worthy crazy eyes acting and what promises to be our drinking game this season, sniffing out the essence of Tequila Sam wherever we can (10/10 would purchase that fragrance???). Anyway, we're happy to be back on the Ridge, even...


Marry Me

Say Yes to the RomCom Renaissance! We are here with JLo/Peacocks new romcom Marry Me and not only do we have some feelings about it but we have feelings about the American Song Contest, planes, the hotness of various Wilson brothers, and a variety of other topics. We're all just here to have a good fun time.


Pilot Palooza 2021

It's everyone's favorite way to kick off a new year, only one month late! Pilot Palooza is back folks, and we've drafted six pilots to catch ourselves up on the 2021 tv discourse: All Creatures Great and Small, We Are Lady Parts, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Reservation Dogs, Euphoria, and Maid. Spoiler alert: they all slap (with one notable exception - bet you can't guess!).


2021 Really F*cking Good Television Award Show for Nice People Only

Its our favorite show of the year! We are here once again with the only award show you really need this year, the Really Fucking Good Television Award Show for Nice People Only, where only good television and nice people are allowed. This year features an unprecedented amount of asses, assless chaps, Barenaked Ladies, sex puns and trains. There are plenty of twists and turns, from our favorite Canadian, to our most Romantical Moments, to the who is truly the Hottest and Tallest man of 2021....


A Castle for Christmas and Christmas at Castle Hart

This episode was meant to be your Christmas week content but new year same us so we're ushering 2022 with the last of our Hatewatch Holidays 2021 content. We've got face blindness, knitting vigilantes, and a brief visit from our best Hallmark friend Lacey. Stay tuned for our favorite new year traditions, Awards and Pilot Palooza!


A Princess For Christmas (RERELEASE)

As far as Christmas magic goes, there's nothing quite as magical as Sam Heughan's tight white pants in the 2011 timeless classic, A Princess for Christmas (Christmas for Princess? who's to say?). Today we're bringing you a rerelease of our of 2018 episode about this fine film. Enjoy!


Holiday Special 2021: The Princess Switch 3

'Tis the season for Vanessas Hudgens! Your favorite holiday tradition returns with the 2021 Thought Bubble Audio holiday special. This year, we're recapping Netflix's The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, a film that gave us the gift of 'WE HAD A STEAMY' despite only featuring three Vanessas. If you enjoyed this, visit thoughtbubbleaudio.com to check out all of TBA's shows. Special Guests: Frank Ramblings, Palmer, and Tim.


Nine Kittens of Christmas and Next Stop Christmas

It's the most Hatewatchable Time of the Year - Hatewatch Christmas 2021 is well underway and this week we are coming in hot with two entries from Hallmark full of time travel, cats, and infrastructure galore. First it's the Nine Kittens of Christmas, a movie where not much happens except a venue for our annual debate about the merits of Hallmark fucking. Next is Next Stop Christmas, and folks Hallmark had no right making this film just for us. If you like trains, time travel, and dunking on...


Second Act (Dad Month)

Much like Jennifer Lopez arriving in her corporate apartment after a plot twist in her journey to become a manager without a college degree, we are smashing expectations by extending Dad Month two months later than originally scheduled and arriving at the start of the Hatewatch Holiday season with a surprising touch of the holiday spirit. As Treat Dad once famously said in this film, "that was some crazy shit!". We promised you a Mom entry into Dad Month and that will still be coming but...


Billboard Dad (Dad Month)

When we said Dad Month did you expect it to take us a month to release a new Dad episode? Same! Anyway, we're here today to discuss Billboard Dad, Tom Amande's inexplicable suave, the bizarre investment of the Venice, CA Bureau of Commerce, bedrooms decorated like coral reefs, and teenage swim instructors who have too much interest in their diving team. Stay tuned for the next installment of Dad Month because somehow it's going to be even more buck wild?


Jeff Bezos' Cinderella (feat. Pierce Dad)

IT'S DAD MONTH, Y'ALL! We're kicking things off with a listener request featuring our very good dad Pierce once again just absolutely thriving in the campiest dad roles of our generation. And while we can't agree that anyone was clamoring for Jeff Bezos' Cinderella, we ARE clamoring for Pierce Dad's Oscar for this role. We've got lots of thoughts about what injustice Bezos has inflicted on us this time, like using his space technology to create CGI mice, subjecting us to an hours-long...


Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace

Just as Lifetime has a mandate from God or some one to make television bioepics about the Royal Family, we have a mandate from Podcasts to cover them, so here we all are for this unhinged moment in television and world history: Harry and Meghan Escaping the Palace. We will not be silent or silenced on our thoughts about this film, the cosumting, or the bronzer crimes.



Apparently what we were waiting five was Daniel Radcliffe doing a rendition of She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain in assless chaps (bless you Miracle Workers??). But once we get through that extremely urgent late-breaking red alert (3REAL5US), we're really here to talk about Girls5Eva. Join us for New York Lonely Boys, Tina Fey/Dolly Parton hallucinations, 4 Stars, and a 5 minute long promo of what we're going to be on our bullshit about next.


Miracle Workers and Ted Lasso

This week we're back on our bullshit with two TV for Nice People Only. Both Miracle Workers and Ted Lasso are back, and somehow this epode was recorded before EITHER SHOW's big 3rd/4th episode but trust that we're ready to talk about it. Enjoy 45 minutes of pure delight about two delightful shows. We're happy about Roy Ken's facial hair and DanRad's child star money and infinite professional bliss. If you're happy about these things two consider giving us five star reviews! Ted Lasso...


Never Have I Ever Season 2

We're back and here to talk about many things, but mainly how unreasonably hot Paxton Hall-Yoshida is! That's right, it's the Golden Month of Television and we're kicking things off with season two of Never Have I Ever, a Hatewatch Our Joy mainstay that generates an equal ratio of tears to google searches about male characters' heights. Please enjoy our raw, unedited, earnest feelings about this show and what we owe to Mindy Kaling and also what we absolutely do not owe to our two-star...


Eurovision 2021

We're coming at you late from the throes of Hot Vax Summer with the most important updates of the year. First, Lil Fingers QuarCor! Then, Sam Heughan's Whiskey! And just when you think you've had enough, it's EUROVISION 2021. We Don't Feel Hate for our lives at this moment in episode history.