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A show about things we love, things we hate, and things we love to hate. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New episode drops every week ...ish!

A show about things we love, things we hate, and things we love to hate. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New episode drops every week ...ish!


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A show about things we love, things we hate, and things we love to hate. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New episode drops every week ...ish!




Ted Lasso: Out of Relegation

Sometimes you record an episode of a podcast and think to yourself, man I could really record another episode of that. So here we are, revisiting Ted Lasso. After having a Rebecca reaction to Ted Lasso, Kirstie rewatched the show and is back for another go at talking about what we love about it. Tl:DR we love it and we just want to spend more time talking about it so please come talk to us about Ted Lasso some more.


The Great British Sewing Bee

This week, we pushed the boundaries of geographical internet roadblocks to finally watch The Great British Sewing Bee! While there are no tears over works of art on this iteration of the quaint maker competition, we do get to learn a lot about things like darts and sewing on the bias and whether or not sewing makes for good tv. The most important thing this week is that we get a REALTIME REVIEW at the end of the episode and we have a lot of feelings about it (THANK YOU NIKNIK!).


It's Complicated

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Alec Baldwin to expose himself to Steve Martin on webcam? Well have we got a film for you! This week we're resisting RomComducation with It's Complicated which brought up a lot of beef about kitchens, kitchen renovations, kitchen size, kitchen storage, dream kitchens, and John Krasinski. Also in breaking news we reveal the true identity of QAnon?


Escape to the Chateau

This week we're reporting live from the floating glamping dome at Château de la Motte-Husson. We wish??? Alas, we are forced to Escape to the Chateau by way of Dick Strawbridge and his enigmatic aura. If you too enjoy watching questionable people make questionable choices with both their home renovation and their business, look no further than this gem that includes highlights such as taxidermy! narrator shade! growing vegetables and eating them! We actually cannot overstate how much we love...


Ted Lasso

We've got soooooo much to unpack this week. Kelsey finally has her moment to deliver a friendship gift to Kirstie in the form of Ted Lasso and Kirstie........politely accepted. We spend some time trying to understand why a beautiful, self aware, well humored, kind show about friendship and the workplace wasn't somehow made specifically for Kirstie and the answer is.....fascism? This was our last episode recorded in Trump's America cut us some slack. Oh also Kirstie cries for the first time...



It's time to channel our best Ladies Whistledown to throw some shade and adoration at Bridgerton! This is part 2 of 3 of our Pilot Palooza Extravaganza and we're getting into the spoiler zone to talk about the entire season, including costume choices, romance choices, and sex ed choices. We still think the Duke of Hastings is hot, the Other Men are a waste of time, and Sam Heughan can get it (what how did that get in there???). If you liked this, please rate and review with the height of...


Pilot Palooza 2020

We're back with another one of our favorite annual traditions, Pilot Palooza! This year we tried out a new format and it SLAPS. We're bringing you Search Party, The Undoing, The Flight Attendant, The Queens Gabmit, Ted Lasso, and Bridgerton. Listen to find out who the winner was and what height we think will dominate the year's famous hot (or not) men. Thanks for helping us get to another podcastiversary!


The 2020 Really F*cking Good Television Award Show for Nice People Only

It's a wonderful feeling, feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling. It's that time again, The 2020 Really Fucking Good Television Award Show for Nice People Only is here. With the blessings from above, we send you our love for all of the television we watched in 2020 (and we do mean all 1000 episodes that Kelsey very casually watched). Do note, there was an audio issue with Kelsey's track that we can't explain or fix but we thought this episode was magical enough to preserve...


Christmas in Evergreen and the 12th Date of Christmas

What would Christmas be without revisiting our favorite places? We are returning reluctantly to Evergreen, Vermont, where we can apparently no longer see the North Pole, nor partake in magical advent calanders, but do apparently have plenty of hat factory ghosts, before we jet off to Chicago for a scavenger hunt inspired stay-cation. Tl:dr, we want Hallmark to do more weird townie shit and fewer start-up marketing stunts. Stay tuned for the end when we draft our pilots for Pilot Palooza!!...


Holiday Special 2020: The Princess Switch Switched Again

It's the annual Thought Bubble Audio holiday special! We're still talking about Vanessas! There are three Vanessas! Obviously we are talking about The Princess Switch: Switched Again! If you enjoy this, visit thoughtbubbleaudio.com to check out all of Thought Bubble Audio's shows. Special Guests: Frank Ramblings, Marissa, Palmer, and Tim.


Holidate and Happiest Season

We made it 3 episodes into Hatewatch Holiday before we had to argue about letting Hallmark Fuck (guys, these aren't even Hallmark movies????). We've got hot takes on Streaming search tools, Emma Roberts and Kristen Stewart, a snappy new name for Quarantine Quorner, and a very important new submission to the Christmas Movie Cannon (listen to find out what movie we want you to watch instead of Holidate).


A Treat for Christmas: The Christmas House and Christmas on the Square

Get your holiday lights and music display kits ready because it's finally time for Hatewatch Holidays 2020! We're kicking off the festivities with A Treat for Christmas... A Christmas Treat... Christmas for Treat... Treatmas? Whatever you want to call it, the important thing here is that our Treat Dad Treat Williams is in not one but two holiday films this year. After a lengthy discussion about the user experiences of streaming services that end in Plus, we're off to the races with The...


The Crown Season 4

Like Princess Margaret arriving for an official function fashionably late, fabulously drunk, and with no fucks to give, we are rolling up in your podcast feeds with our regular Tuesday episode on...........Saturday. Something something holidays, something something technical difficulties, listen: some of us were busy crafting, watching Princess Diana documentaries, listening to Princess Diana podcasts, and otherwise gossiping about Prince Charles, which cut into editing time. Anyway, we're...


Pride and Prejudice

It's the great Hatewatch tradition of Make Kirstie Watch A Thing, and this week, she finally caved and watched a Jane Austen adaptation. We're talking about the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, featuring emo Darcy, Kelsey's feelings (and Kirstie's lack thereof), plus some cinematography. If you too think that Kirstie should appreciate Jane Austen more, or you would like us to send you the photo we found of a large paper mache Mr. Darcy in a lake, please contact us at @hatewatchwithus.


Outlander Has Wronged Us

It's been a while since we've complained, so we're coming in hot with a gamified format for filing our grievances. It's Kirstie's first Draft style event, and we are drafting Ways Outlander Has Wronged Us. If you're coming to this episode to agree with us about Outlander takes you will likely be disappointed. Additional updates this week include strong stances on supermarket themed television and a continued plea for any and all information about SMS for Dich/Text For You/Text for Dick?


Chasing Liberty

Well folks, it's Election Week 2020, and what better time than the present to (1) come to you with breaking news about Celine Dion, and (2) revisit some patriotic content from a simpler election year. For those of you who haven't trained Google to push notify you with news about Sam Heughan, we spend more time than we ought to (and yet not nearly enough time???) discussing his new film Text For You/SMS Fur Dich/Text For Dick. Then it's time for a Romcomducation History Lesson™️ about teen...



This week is about things we hate such as turnip prices, mediocre white men, blue filter, Jason Bateman's self important standing, Jason Bateman's height, Jason Bateman, and the Netflix original, Ozark. We put our longstanding policy of No Ozark to the test and it turns out we were correct. Spoiler alert, the content sucks and you can't see any of it. Laws of liquidity give us $8 million now.


Falling for Vermont and Raffi

Technically, we're here to talk about the fine Hallmark original film Falling for Vermont. Do we cover the movie? Sure. Do we spend more time talking about the degrees to which Raffi bones? PERHAPS.



Buckle your seatbelts and make sure your seat backs are in an upright position because this episode making a late arrival in your podcast feeds is about none other than the 90's classic sitcom Wings. It's Kirstie's turn to make Kelsey watch some formative media, and we agree that Wings is a delight that has aged MOSTLY well despite its fat jokes and Kennedy complex. Is Wings more charming than when Kirstie and Kelsey both forget everyday words and phrases in a single episode? You'll have to...


Get Organized with The Home Edit

This week, we're taking every episode of the new Netflix show Get Organized with The Home Edit and placing them inside dedicated plastic containers in rainbow order. If you have thoughts about fridge organization systems, The Container Store, and whether or not children give a shit about organizational systems, SO DO WE. Come for the manic pixie rainbow cricut instagram fever dream, stay for the head to head battle between The Home Edit and Marie Kondo. Even if you do forget the four steps...