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Hush! Vol. 28

If you've missed out, here are some highlights from some of our episodes! This is the Vol. 28 mashup... Thank you to our guests and the musical artists who've contributed!


Hush! Vol. 27

Double standards, sexual harassment, and groupies.... Welcome to Vol. 27! Thank you to WAVVR for the music!! Find him at or Show his music some love! And as always, thank you to Ono for the theme song!!


Hush! Vol. 26

Pet peeves, letting go of negativity, divorce issues, being grateful for our guests, self improvement all in this volume for you! Sorry for the late upload from Cinco de Mayo. Just know we appreciate you all still tuning in! Thank you to Tess RedMoon for her talent and beautiful jazz contribution to our episode! The song "My heart belongs to daddy" was featured (Performed by Tess RedMoon on vocals, and Willem von Hombracht on bass, and written by Cole Porter). You can hear more at...


Hush! Vol. 25

Chillin in the boat, Bill Cosby, alien egg implantation, and strange things girls put in their vagina... Sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoy! Thank you to Ono Mafemi for the theme song as always! Thank you to MonstRAWsity for the song "Oh, Whoa!" Check them out at, Instagram at, and Twitter @DoK520 or @Pyrothamonsta. Their EP is coming soon so make sure to tune into that and show them some love!


Hush! Vol. 24

Sorry it's been so long... We are back with the shit you love to hear! Everything from condom snorting, glistening dicks and if we could be happy without sex? Thank you to Ono Mafemi for the theme song! Thank you to the UK record label, Deep Down Dirty for the music!!


Hush! Vol. 22

Hoeing for dummies, panties and boxer briefs, plus sex talk with our children all in this episode! Thank you to PA 6$ for the music on this volume! As always, special thank you to Ono Mafemi for the theme song!


Hush! Vol. 21

Meet Breece, a local rapper with ambition and talent, who premiered his single "Whip Cream" right on this episode!!! Besides diving deep into his music and exploring his inspirations, we talked about high speed road head, angry sex, and accepting yourself for who you are! Want to connect with Breece? You can find him on Instagram @breece_mfg, @therealdoncapito, @devancorleone, and @the_big_homie_t/. Find his single on Soundcloud at!...


Hush! Vol. 20

Is there a such thing as Power of the Pussy? We didn't discuss the book, but explored the whole concept in general... Don't miss Craigslist adventures and DL guys and Power of the Penis... Thank you to Jason B, with the Deep Down Dirty record label in the UK for the song, "The Sequence." Find all artists from the there at or even on Facebook at and on Twitter at! As...


Hush! Vol. 19

Get the tissues ready... We talked about our 1st heartbreaks. Plus we dove deep into discussing if you tell people that the pussy or dick is theirs, pregnant porn, conception, and itchy crotches. Here is Vol. 19! Thank you to Shaman for the music! Song featured was "Risk It All." Make sure to check him out at!! As always, thank you to Ono Mafemi for the theme song!


Hush! Vol. 18

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Hush! Dropping you this latest volume with first kisses, worst kisses, and BBC. We even dove into bisexuality and sucking dick like you've been sucking dick before! Thank you to Philos Denim for allowing us to feature his song, "Candy Posted." Make sure to find him at and on Facebook at And as always, thank you to Ono for contributing the song for our theme song! Enjoy Vol. 18 on a very...


Hush! Vol. 16

With the newest trend being sex dolls, you know we couldn't resist discuss joining the bandwagon and sharing our thoughts on it! We also explored how comfortable and honest we have been with significant others... Thank you to Ono Mafemi for the theme song! And thank you to PA6$ for the music included in this episode. We deeply appreciate it!


Hush! Vol. 15

We came across the kinkiest couple we could find. Oh, yeah... We know you aren't ready for this episode! Meet a cam girl and her boyfriend and explore their BDSM relationship. Whips, knives, handcuffs, and kinky shit all included! Thank you to Evil Miro and Ono for the music! Check out our website for their personal links. Hope you enjoy Hush!


Hush! Vol. 14

We came across a post about blood and needle play and just had to dig deeper into it... Welcome to Vol. 14 of Hush! Featuring water sports, demonizing booties, fetishes, kinks and trying something twice! Also as always, thank you to Ono for providing our theme song! And thank you to Trae Leon ft. Kombat. Find Trae Leon at...


Hush! Vol. 12

How can we be a sexually explicit podcast and not talk about orgasms? So you guessed it... This was all about having orgasms, faking them, and everything in between! Lard and sweet pea lotion included... Thank you to Ono Mafemi for our theme song! As always, major appreciation. And thank you to the talented and outspoken Kree to providing us the music for this episode! Visit her at, or Twitter @Kree233 and Instagram @Kree23!


Hush! Vol. 11

Brown nachos, ice cream, canoes, and creepy guys in the corner... What else will we discuss? How about sex in places other than AZ, road head, travel fantasies, nicknames for sex, and if we would ever do porn? This is your rawest podcast... As always, thank you to Ono Mafemi. Also, much appreciation to Hesus DaGod for the music on this episode. Visit him at and catch his music right here: Don't forget to check...


Hush! Vol. 10

Vol. 10 is here!!! Special thank you to Ono Mafemi for our theme song! Thank you to Evil Miro for providing the music for this episode! And thank you to the voices who contributed our "Hush" samples! Cucumbers, snorting Oreos off of ball sacks, morality and tips from Kendra... It's all in this episode! Major focuses: sex playlists, lights on/off, food during sex or foreplay, age preferences, sex & friendships, sex impacting our lives as podcast hosts. Hey, like Manny said, "Still fucked...


Hush! Vol. 9

Pussy squirting, male nipple play... plus first, worst, & best dates. Not to mention other forms of intimacy other than sex- Life is more than sex, right? Lol... Also included: steaks with ketchup, ditching dates, purple dildos, shower sex, fetishes, bad bjs, bomb pops, clit play and boobs! As always, special thanks to Ono for "If You Don't Mind"! Major appreciation to E Fresh for dropping that Arizona love! You can find his music here: Don't...


Hush! Vol. 7

Hope you all enjoy Vol. 7 of Hush! It's here and full of awkward boners, erections, pregnant horny scenarios, period sex, and more seriously, sex with teachers... We appreciate Ono Mafemi for the theme song on our episodes. Also special thank you to Trae Leon and M3 for the awesome tracks. Download here: mixtape/post/trae-leon or Mercenaire-Money-Militia-M3- we-Monstas-mixtape.680460.html. Make sure to visit Trae Leon at...


Hush! Vol. 6

Alright everyone, here is Vol. 6!!! This is your episode about fantasies- threesomes, foursomes, orgies, etc. We also discussed voyeurism and getting caught having sex... Steamy topics and great music. This is the shit you love to hear! Thank you to Evil Miro of the Kronic Blazin Playas for the amazing tracks. Visit to download! Shout out to our listeners- Thank you! We appreciate you!!


Hush! Vol. 5

This is Vol. 5 of Hush! You are hearing the shit you love- and thank you once again for tuning in. This was all about questions you submitted to us and we were glad to answer. Thank you to the talented, HD from Long Beach, CA. Visit him at Theme song provided by Ono Mafemi, and once again, we thank you!