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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.

Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.
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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.




The J-Man Show#60: Spotlight on Summer Mroch Ronso

Welcome back to the J-Man Show for Episode 60, This week J is interviewing a rising Director in the IndieFilm Business named Summer Mroch Ronso. They discuss her rising career, and her take on movies, and of course her latest film called "How to be a Stalker." If you would like to help Summer and her Company meet their production goals, please donate to the link below. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/how-to-be-a-stalker-film-youtube-drama Summer's IG:...


The J-Man Show#59: Free World Ramble (Live)

In this new Episode of the J-Man Show, J discusses about how free we are in this world. Along with taking responsibility for the things you do wrong or right, and he even mention some tidbits on the next level for J360 Productions. It's a live show of talk. rambles, questioning but of course keeping it J360 style. Social Media Website: J360productions.wordpress.com Facebook.com/j360productions Twitter: @j360productions


The J-Man Show#58: Solar Flare (Live)

After numerous rewrites backlogs, and working on the new YouTube Channel. J finally has Episode 58 ready and this time he discusses handling burnouts, Games from E3 that has his attention, Trump's blunder, and the Disney/Fox/Comcast issue. New J360 Productions Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa5prUtuWyDB9Qc1LjC7NDg


The J-Man Show#57: Slices of Life

Hello J360 Legion, I'm back with another Episode this time discussing the ignorance in modern society. While I talk about the Star Wars Boycott for a bit (and how its a waste of time). It becomes more of a deeper darker episode where I discuss why hardships are essential from time to time. Sometimes life's moments occurs in things called Slices and often time it depends on what slice you're going through that either breaks or shapes you. I also talk about how negligence and some of the...


The J-Man Show#56: Catching Up

Welcome To The J-Man Show for Episode 56, J360 Legion! This week J takes the time to catch up on some events that has happened since he went off-air from Memorial Day weekend. He'll look into the social debacle regarding the NFL National Anthem, Taking a Knee, Race Relations, and Roseanne digging herself in a hole. Later He'll look into some retrogaming picks that he found fascinating like the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and a tidbit regarding the new Sega Genesis...


J360 Announcement: Double Special happening this week.

J's checking in to let you all know that the show isn't on hiatus and Ep.55 will land on Thursday at 2pm.


The J-Man Show#54: Infinity War Blues

The J-Man Show is back, and J is solving the problem by restoring the show back to its scheduled day on Wednesdays. He'll also look into something that shook up the geek culture world called Infinity War. Since it's been a few weeks and no one cares about the spoiler rule, J decided to discuss the film based on experiences and lightly touch base on a few things while talking about how to cope with the Infinity War ending as Avengers 4 will be released next year. J will also look into the...


The Cyclone#29: Anniversary Timeout

While working on administrative work, The Cyclone celebrated its first year anniversary last wednesday and the crew ran into a large amount of topics from The NBA Playoffs, The 2018 NFL Draft, and even discussing tidbits on random sports trivia while discussing Madden. This episode is a little late but we're making sure to tie up any loose ends in the following episode. Social Media Facebook.com/j360productions Twitter:@j360productions Email: J360productions@outlook.com


The J-Man Show#53: Superhero Fatigue

Welcome to Episode 53, J360 Legion this week J is on the road to infinity war by rewatching the old Marvel movies. He'll also speak about the latest string of Superhero Fatigue brought on by naysayers, and other people who dread the coming of Marvel movies. He will also speak in response to what James Cameron has said regarding "Avengers Fatigue" and how it is similar to what Steven Spielberg said it will fade away like the Western genre. There's also a matter of J speaking about variety...


The J-Man Show#52: Media Re-releases and Sequels

Continuing the Double Special started by Episode 51, J looks into the abundance of video game re-releases that are taking center stage of the 8th generation of gaming. Is it good or bad for the business? He'll also drop didbits on the J360 PowerPlay's Status, and He looks into a side of the filmmaking medium that seems to excite and agitate people alike called "Sequels." He'll attempt to remedy the feeling by describing different ways to tell a story for a sequel and why we tend to not...


The J-Man Show#51: Data and Disarray

Happy Friday the 13th! J360 Legion. The J-Man Show is back with Episode 51, This week J looks at how society's been heading into a dystopian climate with the outrage that has been happening over facebook, the 45th retrograde's "Trade War" and Khloe Kardashian's baby drama. He'll also talk about why worrying about your data is more of your self control rather than the internet's problem, and why we need to focus on the real problems instead of pointing fingers at each other. A Final topic...


J360 Radio Live Test

Hey J360 Legion, J here Just testing out the material for our new series and letting you all know what's happening with the Double Special.


The Cyclone#28: WTF Free Agency? (Unrated)

The Cyclone returns again for more episodes on J360 Radio, this time the Cyclone Crew reunites to discuss the latest happenings with the NFL Offseason from its Free Agency, What's happening in Basketball with Joel Embiid getting injured by running into Fultz's shoulder, and how far along is Basketball progressing for the playoffs. They will also take a look into Baseball's opening day and of course covering whatever topics are left. J360 Legion rejoice, the Cyclone is back! Production...


The J360 Programming Update: 03/08/18

The J360 Programming Update: 03/08/18 by J.M.Brady


The J-Man Show#48: Challenge Accepted

This week on The J-Man Show, J presents a new night and a new outlook on the upcoming movie boom of 2018. After explaining the new happenings around J360 Productions, J reveals his top 5 anticipated films in 2018 from now til Summer. He will also explain how the Video Game Movies could possibly be the next big trend for our entertainment sources in filmmaking along with stomping criticism and finding new ways for us to break the Entertainment drought. As a small tidbit he will even speak...


The J-Man Show#47: Guns, Lies, and Black Panther

Picking up from The Cyclone Ep.27, J brings Episode 47 to complete the J360 Radio Double Special. This time J discusses the endless debacle on Gun Control Issues from society and how the 2nd Amendment can be wrongly enforced or utilized to support various agendas based on its vague statement. While he believes in self-defense, he knows there needs to be a policy or regulation of some kind in play that could support people. He also attempts to uncover why the policy may not come into play...


The Cyclone#27: Eagles Parade/Season Aftermath

This week on the Cyclone, J sends you back in time to relive the Super Bowl Aftermath that he and Mark experienced when their team, the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52. They will also take a unique look back at the season, discuss how to fix the Cleveland Browns, and provide an optimistic outlook on the upcoming 2018-19 NFL Season to come in September.


The J-Man Show#46: Valentines Day Special Mk.2

Welcome to the J-Man Valentines Special Mark.II Picking up from Episode 45 as the 2nd half of a J-Man Double Special. J once again looks into the mind of Valentine Naysayers and begins to discuss why they act the way they do. He'll also speak about why you shouldn't pay attention to social media, how to go about dating in the 21st century, and why a loss is sometimes a gain when it comes to matters of the heart. This is all about stepping up and going on dates to take control of your...


The J-Man Show#45: Loose Ends

By working on new experiments and testing out Fridays at J360's Prototype. J lost track of time and inadvertantly created a backlog of multiple episodes from The J-Man Show, The Cyclone, and other projects. So he in doing so to alleviate the load, he begins to attest some loose ends that have piled up during the production of the J-Man Show. Some include his problems with Spider-man Homecoming, Top 5 Guilty Pleasure/B-Movie Films, and his overall issue with moviegoers, film criticism, and...


Fridays at J360: Prototype (made with Spreaker)

A teaser for an upcoming series featuring J and Alan as they discuss the Cavs Trade, Wrestling, and other topics.