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801 - A New Hope

With Across The Galaxy in stores, we got lots of games in this last week with draft, sealed and box tournaments with the entire team. So we are going to talk limited and what cards we loved, underrated and feel will have a strong showing in the upcoming meta. Please help our community member in his time of need: Support Knights of...


713 - Across The Galaxy

Across The Galaxy is now live! This week we talk about cards to expect if you're going to play with the new set this weekend. We focus on limited events like sealed, draft and box tournaments and how to deal with big threats and what cards we expect to be popular over this opening week/weekend. Please help our community member in his time of need: Support Knights of...


712 - There Is No Escape

The Terror to Behold has been revealed. This week we talk about the new FFG article with blue cards spoiled including Vader and his Fist. We also discuss the spoiled cards from IRebel and The Golden Dice on this extra long spoiler discussion episode. Support Knights of Ren: With...


711 - Spoiler Season Approaches

More cards are coming in and we are going to talk about them. Team Covenant and Bad Destiny released some new cards that could very well see play in the upcoming meta and we are going to have some fun figuring out where that might be this week. Support Knights of Ren: With...


710 - Knights of Ren Exclusive Spoilers

Guess what? We got some spoilers! This week we talk about the yellow character article from FFG and then talk about the cards FFG sent us to spoil for everyone. Support Knights of Ren: With Us:


709 - The State Of Destiny

This week we talk about Destiny and why we have heard so little about the game from FFG. We did record this show a week ago and a new article has been released, however there is still very little information about the release date and set legality for PAX Unplugged at the end of November. We talk about what we expect and how we should see a snowball of information hopefully soon. Support Knights of Ren: With...


708 - The Sideboard Tournament And Brawl Format

Sugi is away taking care of family business so Rick and Todd take the lead and record the show at TAG this week. They bring on guests and talk about the brawl format at the NOVA open and the sideboard tournament Todd ran at the shop. If you're looking for some alternative formats for Destiny, this is the episode to listen to! Support Knights of Ren: With...


707 - Destiny and Jackalmen Games

Star Wars: Destiny is in a bit of a lull and we brought on Ray and Kevin from Jackalmen Games to talk about the meta, what we can do at our local stores and what the CAPA Cup. Support Knights of Ren: With Us:


706 - Across The Galaxy Spoilers

Rick and Todd are off this week doing work at TAG so Nick and Sugi sit down to discuss the spoiled cards from NOVA. Nick also talks about facing off against Jeremy and his Hera vehicles deck. So sit back and relax as we discuss these new cards, how they fit into the meta and how Across the Galaxy is really exciting for Destiny from a design perspective. Support Knights of Ren: With...


705 - What We Learned From NOVA

NOVA is over and we sit down and talk with Rick and Nick about their experience, the decks they brought and what day 2 looked like. They recap their prep for NOVA and what they expected to see and then discuss what they actually played against. We talk about Snoke, what you should expect to see at your locals and how Rick hates Nick in this week's show. Support Knights of Ren: With...


Destiny VS Cons

Destiny VS is back with a great look at GenCon, NOVA and prepping for conventions and major events. Lake brings on his playtest crew to talk about what they learned from preparing for GenCon and offer insights for those traveling to NOVA and the last Galactic Qualifiers before PAX Unplugged. Support Knights of Ren: With...


704 - Almost Time For NOVA

NOVA is a few weeks away and we talk about what the meta looks like coming out of GenCon. Nick talks about his time at GenCon and the deck he played plus the decks he played against. We also talk about the top two decks from GenCon, what to expect if you sit across from them and how they function. Support Knights of Ren: With...


703 - GenCon Expectations

GenCon starts very soon and there are a lot of potential decks that could make the top cut. Todd wins his Store Champ with Luke3/Aayla and talks about why he swapped out Rey2 and the cards he used to push past the mirror matchups. And Nick gives us some insight on his predictions for GenCon plus what deck he might be piloting this year. Support Knights of Ren: With...


702 - Store Champ Season

Store Championships are in full swing and we were at two over last weekend. Nick and Sugi talk about the decks that won, decks that are popular and what you should expect to see in the upcoming meta before GenCon. Support Knights of Ren: With...


701 - Here We Go

Way of the Force is in full swing with testing, Store Champs, NOVA prep and GenCon right around the corner. This week we sit down with Rick and Todd to talk about their Store Champ event at Total Access Games and what decks they saw in their local meta. Rick made it into the finals and talks about his deck, VIP cards and the other top 4 decks that made the cut. Plus Todd talks about what he enjoyed seeing at the event and some community building ideas for everyone out there. Support Knights...


608 - You Are Just A Child In A Mask

Way of the Force is in stores now! The KOR team got to play some sealed and draft events and talk about the big winners we played with and played against in limited. Todd recaps his box tournemant with Eric (the winner) and just how good Count Twooku is with Snoke. And we discuss what cards could be powerful in sealed and draft as Way of the Force is the new hotness in your local game stores. Support Knights of Ren: With...


607 - Way Of The Force

Way of the Force releases in a few days and we talk about the set spoilers with John from Starkiller Base. With so many new cards to look through, we pick some of our favorites and discuss what impact they will make in the new meta and what to expect when you start playing WOTF at your local game store. Support Knights of Ren: With...


606 - It's An Older Code, Sir, But It Checks Out

Way of the Force has a release date of July 5th and we got more spoiler discussion on this week's episode. PLUS we got our spoilers for Knights of Ren to talk about and see where they will fit into standard, trilogy and limited formats. So sit back and relax as we talk about Star Wars: Destiny. Support Knights of Ren: With...


The Sons Of Mandalore 101 - For Mandalore

Welcome to The Sons Of Mandalore, our second community based podcast from Project Holonet. Kr0ozin and Jimmydehand talk about deckbuilding and how they approach Destiny with a collection of any size and budget. They also discuss the importance of single or duplicate copies of a card in your deck. For more information, check out their website


605 - Don't Worry, I Got This

Spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers. Fantasy Flight gave us a new article AND Mike the Rebel Spy got some exclusive spoilers in the same day. So we called the spy himself to join us to talk about all these new cards and where they will fit in the upcoming meta. If you want to see Mike and the Double Blanks guys talk about his yellow cards, follow the link: Support Knights of Ren: With...