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13- The Warning Signs Of an Unhealthy Relationship/Marriage

I spent years of my life hopping from unhealthy realtionship to unhealthy relationship. Today, I share some of my embarrassing/not so proud moments. I clearly know first hand- what a unhealthy realtionship is and/or when it's headed down that road. I think most of us know when we are in an "unhealthy" relationship, but are often afraid to acknowledge it. However, some of us are clueless and don't know any better. So I am here today to give you the major signs of an unhealthy...


12 Being Single Doesn't Suck- You will Never be Happy in a Relationship, until you are Happy with YOURSELF

Do you think being single sucks? Or maybe you find yourself jumping from relationship to relationship and they just never seem to work? Do you believe it's a relationship that is the key to your happiness? I got news for you, a relationship isn't the key to your happiness! I learned this the hard way and I am sharing my own personal story with you today! If you are ready to live your best life, you cant start by tuning in to this episode. :) Love you guys and thanks for listening.


11 People that always talk and never listen! Do you know some of those peope or are you one?

Do have that friend, family member or co-worker that always talks and never listens? You know who I am talking about, that person that never asks you about you? Are you the person thats always doing the talking? Lets talk about... because conversations shouldn't always be about you.


10 Intro To Living A Sexier Life

Are you ready to feel, look and be sexy from the inside out? Do you want to gain more confidence, improve your sex life, and be healthier and happier? My friend and Wholistic Health and Wellness Coach/Vegan Chef and I have joined forces to help you do just that!! Ladies! If you are ready to learn how to rock a sexy life, listen to this episode!


09 Don't Allow The Opinions From Others To Dictate Your Life!

Don't allow the opionions of others to dictate your life! Have you ever shared a dream or an idea with someone only for them to tell you that your idea is not a good one and advise you not to do it? Even worse, you took what they said to heart and didn't do what in your heart of hearts you wanted to do, because of what they said? That's what I am talking about today my friends! As a matter of fact, I myself- allowed the opinions from others cause me a bunch of confusion and headache! I...


08 RR Friday How To Squash an Argument with Your Spouse using this Tool

Is arguing with your spouse getting old? Not only does arguing get old quickly- it's pointless! In this episode I will give you a tool, you can use to halt an argument with your spouse. You do not want to develop a unhealthy pattern of arguing because eventually the pattern will end and so will you relationship! If you're in a relationship and you want it to work! Listen now! For more relationship tips and advice subscribe so that you don't ever miss a realtionship revival episode! The...


07- Faith Young- Manifesting,Abundance, and Relationships

Are you guys ready to learn how to manifest the things you want? Do you want to stop living in scarcity and start living a life of abundance? My dear friend Faith Young- Manifesting Badass and author of " What Would Faith Do" is talking all about manifesting and how to get on track to a better life. Faith radiates positivity! And no- she is not someone that has always lived the life she does now! So, if she can do it, you can do! Are you ready to learn how? Click below to listen now! Want...


06 RR Friday- Kick This Habit To The Curb! It's killing your relationship

Do you find yourself constantly talking about your relationship to that same girlfriend or co-worker? Ladies ladies ladies! This one is for you if you find yourself complaining about your relationship to that " one" friend or co worker all the time! Ladies this is unhealthy and will send your relationship into a downward spiral quickly! So cut that shit out!! Click above to listen to this episode because I am going to tell you why this is a very unhealthy habit! Thanks for listening! I...


05 Porn-Is it Destroying Your Marriage?

Are you addicted to porn? Does your husband need to kick the internet mistress to the curb? Today Kirk and I are talking all about porn addiction and marriage. I am BEYOND excited about todays guest. You guys… I am interviewing Kirk Samuels author of For Your Eyes Only. Porn is something that is not heavily discussed, but it is destroying relationships and people on the daily! It’s a “bigger” problem than you may be aware of! So tune in and Kirk is going to tell us all about it! Did I...


04 The Secrets To A Happy Marriage and Pursing Your Passions with Angel Richardson

Want The Secrets To A Happy Marriage? Have a passion or a dream that fear is keeping you from? Stop reading and listen now! This is the episode for you my friend! Today Angel and I discuss the secrets to a happy marriage and how and why you should pursue your dreams and passions! Angel Richardson is the life coach to life coaches! You guys Angels personality is contagious! She's real, down to earth and tells it like it is!! You are going to love her. If you are thinking about becoming a...


03 Breaking Free From Addictions and Following Your Passion with Mindy Hord

Interview with Mindy Hord life and fitness coach. I am so excited to have Mindy on the show! Today Mindy will share her journey to sobriety and making her dreams a reality. If you struggle with any addiction: alcohol, drugs, food, ect. this is an episode you don't want to miss! Want to know more about Wendy? No worries, I've got you! All of her contact info is listed below Website: Instagram:


02 Relationship Revival -Using I statements

Relationship Revival: The Art Of Using I Statements You guys! This is the first ever relationship revival episode. If you are experiencing challenges or stagnancy in you realtionship, you will want to listen to these episodes! Relationships aren't always rainbows and butterflies, but it is possible to have happiness and excitement within your relationship! I see so many couples settle in, and just become BLAH! They aren't happy- they aren't sad, they are just there. Ready to save your...


01 Are You unknowingly sabotaging yourself ?

Facebook is great, unless you're using it to self-sabotage! Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your facebook feed and before you know it 20 min has gone by? Do you ever find yourself envious of of others or even worse judging them? If any of this is sounding- Oh. So. Familiar. Then listen this is an episode you definitely want to listen to. Just a reminder: If there is ever a topic you want to hear on the show, please don't hesitate to email any requests. I apprettiate you!


#0 Love You More Intro Episode

Welcome To The First Ever Episode! I am super excited that you are here! In this episode I will tell you about myself- like I am talking self authenticity at its finest! I will also tell you what you can expect from future episodes. Lastly, I will share a little tool that will get you started on the path to a happier life! All you have to do is listen! :)


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