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Bonus 01: The Jewish Connection

Organized crime and street gangs were originally strongly divided along ethnic lines, but into the 1930s, those lines began to blur, especially between the Italian and Jewish gangsters. In this bonus episode, Mafia explores how this change came about, and highlights the prolific Jews who ran the underground world: Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lanksy, and Bugsy Siegel. Our sponsor for this episode is [_Button Man_ by Andrew Gross]( from [St. Martin's...


12: Joe Massino (Part 2)

In the 1980s and 1990s, four of the bosses of the five families had been taken down by the FBI. But one family, the Bonnanos, remained untouched. But after years of the FBI being unable to catch Joe Massino in anything, they had finally bagged his right-hand man, Sal Vitale. And finally were given the edge they had been looking for. Our sponsors for this episode are [LightStream](, [Hims]( and...


11: Joe Massino (Part 1)

Joseph Massino was the legendary godfather of the Bonnano crime family, known as ‘The Last Don’ of a generation. And he absolutely crushed anyone who went against the mafia code of silence or 'Omerta.' But when the family was infiltrated by the legendary undercover agent Donnie Brasco, it spelled the end for the Bonannos and for the Mafia. Our sponsors for this episode are [Uncover: Escaping NXIVM](


10: Tony Spilotro (Part 2)

Tony Spilotro had gotten away with murder for a long time - too long. The Las Vegas PD was finally ready to turn around their corrupt ways and work hand in hand with the FBI to bring the man down. And suddenly, as one by one his allies turned on him, Spilotro became expendable. Our sponsors for this episode are Neflix's Original Show [Ozark]( and [Framebridge]( MAFIA). Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by [Damiano...


9: Tony Spilotro (Part 1)

Tony Spilotro, known as the Las Vegas enforcer, was a feared man who's job it was to make sure the mob's law was kept – or else. But when he proved too rough for the job, and went back to his street hustling ways, there came a point when the mafia couldn't get behind him. And the corrupt police force was about to change. Their first target? Tony Spilotro. Our sponsors for this episode are [RX Bar]( (Promo: MAFIA) [Indochino]( MAFIA)...


8: Albert Anastasia (Part 2)

The mob’s merchant of death and family man, Albert Anastasia, continues as head of Murder Inc. But when the Commission decides to shutdown this violent organization how does Albert adjust to his new role in the mob? What are the three cardinal rules of the modern mafia that Anastasia would break? Our sponsors for this episode is [Hims]( and [Framebridge]( CODE: MAFIA. Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni. Music in...


7: Albert Anastasia (Part 1)

Albert Anastasia was chosen by Lucky Luciano to be the head of Murder Inc. where he violently enforced the modern Mafia as the head of their killing squad. And the employees of Murder Inc. were not only good at their jobs: but took pride in their work. Our sponsor for this episode is [SimpliSafe]( Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by [Damiano Baldoni]( Music in this episode is “Oxygen Garden” by [Chris...


6: Santo Trafficante (Part 2)

At the Warren Committee hearings, looking into the deaths of Fidel Castro and JFK, Santo Trafficante kept his lips sealed. And yet the connections kept coming up. Trafficante had every reason to want to kill the man who had shut down his Cuban casinos - but had the CIA really ordered him to assassinate Castro? And what exactly was his connection to Jack Ruby? Our sponsor for this episode is the [Black Tux]( Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by [Damiano...


5: Santo Trafficante (Part 1)

Far from the big-name mob territories of New York and Chicago, the mafia scene in Tampa, Florida was of a smaller scale. That is, until Santo Trafficante used his influence and geographic advantage to turn Cuba in a gambling paradise. His smooth-talking demeanor made him fast friends with powerful officials, making life easy street - until he was betrayed. Our sponsors for this episode are Indochino ([]( PROMO: MAFIA) and eLiquid...


4: Allen Dorfman (Part 2)

Allen Dorfman assumes control over the Teamsters’ Union vast pension fund with Jimmy Hoffa out of the picture. But it would be FBI surveillance and Dorfman’s carelessness in attempting to bribe a U.S. Senator that would lead to the end of his reign. Our sponsors for this episode are SimpliSafe ( and Framebridge ( PROMO: MAFIA). Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni ( Music in this episode is "Misery" by...


3: Allen Dorfman (Part 1)

Allen Dorfman was a insurance agency owner and consultant to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He was also known in the criminal underworld of Chicago as the ‘Mafia’s Banker,’ one of the most powerful middlemen between prominent union figure Jimmy Hoffa and the Mafia. Our sponsors for this episode are The Black Tux (, ( promo: MAFIA) and LightStream ( Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni...


2: Carmine Galante (Part 2)

Carmine Galante was released from prison on parole and immediately took over his mafia family and reestablished his heroin empire. But greed and cruelty made him enemies and made him paranoid, and started a war between families that led to a photographic end. Our sponsors for this episode are Indochino ( promo: MAFIA); and the new podcast Behind the Bastards ( Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni ( Music...


1: Carmine Galante (Part 1)

Carmine Galante wanted to be the "Boss of All Bosses," the head of the mafia, and would stop at nothing to reach his goal. He was single-handedly responsible for trafficking enormous amounts of heroin into the United States, raking in millions for himself and leaving streets of addicts in his wake. Until he was nabbed by the new narcotics laws. But even from jail . . . he ruled the streets. Our sponsors for this episode are Framebridge ( promo: MAFIA); Lightstream...


Introducing Covert: Killing Bin Laden Part 1

From the creative team that makes MAFIA comes a new series that tells the real stories behind history's greatest secret military operations. To check out the rest of the episodes and subscribe, find Covert on Apple Podcasts or other podcatchers, or follow Covert on Spotify. In this first episode we’ll trace the origins of Osama Bin Laden and the people who were tasked to find him. Who was this man? When did he first get the CIA's attention? And what led up to his masterminding of 9/11?...


12: Dutch Schultz (Part 2)

Dutch Schultz continues his feud with Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll. The reign of violence puts the mafia in a delicate position when it gains the attention of an ambitious new prosecutor named Thomas Dewey. His friends dwindling as he betrays and kills them, and the mob unable to cope with his recklessness, Schultz finds himself into dangerous territory that ultimately leads to his downfall. This episode is sponsored by Hims, Zip Recruiter, and Dollar Shave Club. Music is by Kevin MacLeod and...


11: Dutch Schultz (Part 1)

Prohibition was a time that allowed those outside of the law to thrive, as rival bootlegging businesses were set up by mafia members all over the world. In the heart of New York's gangland was Dutch Schultz, a student of the old world thuggery, and a man with an exceptional taste for violence. Not even his closest friends were safe from his bloodlust. As Dutch tried to make his way up the mafia ladder by muscling into territory, he came up against the likes of Arnold Rothstein, Vincent Coll,...


10: Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (Part 2)

From the poor streets of downtown New York, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel worked his way up through the mafia and through Hollywood. And then he set his sights on Las Vegas. Siegel bought what is now the Strip, determined to make a luxurious casino resort where people would have fun as they were parted from their money. The mafia funded the wayward project, and Siegel was ready to bask at the top of the mob with a glamorous lifestyle – until he crossed a line, and the mob had no choice but to take...


9: Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (Part 1)

When Charles Luciano organized the mob and decided that money didn't care what your ethnicity was, it was the chance for Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel to prove his worth. With ambition as big as Las Vegas and a temper to boot, Siegel made his way to the top through charm, hustle, and murder. And Sigel's tendency to vilolence would take him from the poor streets of Downtown New York City to the glitz and glamor of 1930s Hollywood, and beyond. This episode is sponsored by Hims. Music is by Kai...


8: Donnie Brasco (Part 2)

Joe Pistone continues his story of spending six years undercover as the gangster Donnie Brasco. With the help from the FBI and other undercover agents, Pistone spread his own influence and string operation beyond New York, to Wisconsin and Flordia. As Brasco continued to make his way up the mafia heirarchy, he grew increasingly close to Sonny Black Napolitano, gaining his trust and friendship. But things came to a head when Napolitano proposed for Brasco to become a full-fledged mafioso –...


7: Donnie Brasco (Part 1)

In the 1970s, penetrating the mob hierarchy was considered too difficult and too dangerous. But when the infamous five families became involved in a series of car hijackings, veteran agent Joe Pistone of the FBI volunteered to go undercover. What he didn't know was that he would be undercover for six years. In this episode, hear the story from Joe Pistone himself and all the tools and tricks to survival as he navigated the mob as the most successful mafia undercover agent of all time, under...