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Join Modern Retro, 3 long time friends discussing the latest news and happenings in geek culture. It's like drinks with your cool geek friends! New Episodes every Monday. Video episodes on YouTube.


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Join Modern Retro, 3 long time friends discussing the latest news and happenings in geek culture. It's like drinks with your cool geek friends! New Episodes every Monday. Video episodes on YouTube.






Episode 48: The Good, The Bad, and the Lando

Episode 48: The Good, The Bad and the Lando. For this first new episode of 2018 we break down the the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The trailer did make us more excited for the film. We have share our own ideas on the story and also what we don't want from this movie. We also briefly touch on some of the latest Star Wars news all the way from Westeros. Subscribe and leave a rating on Apple...


Episode 47: The Last Jedi: Part 1

Episode 47: The Last Jedi: Part 1 It's finally here! The Last Jedi has come and it's no secret that we were disappointed by the film to say the least. We discuss the divide in the fandom caused by the movie, why we didn't like the movie, it's problems and what they could have/should have done. There is so much to say about this movie that even in this extra long episode we couldn't fit it all in. Part 2 will cover what we liked and what the movie did right. Listen now,...


Episode 46: Mind Flayers, Demo Dogs and Mullets

Join Cuba and Roy as they have their long overdue discussion on Stranger Things 2. We share our thoughts, our likes and our dislikes, as well as thoughts, theories and easter eggs. Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a rating.…/modern-retro-podca…/id1102289131… Follow this link if you would like to try Audible free for 30 days. You also get a free audible book. Checkout our website for latest news and...


Episode 45: Power to the Gamers

On this week's episode, Cuba and Roy talk about the controversy surrounding the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 launch. We rip into EA and their continued use of predatory business practices and loot box tactics, and later discuss the state of the gaming industry. We fully urge gamers to take power back into their hands and not support the the big game companies that care about profit over gamer satisfaction Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a...


Episode 44: First is the worst, second is best

Episode 44: First is the worst, second is best. This week Cuba and Roy talk about the best video game sequels. We each made a list, the rules. No remakes, has to be a direct sequel, no prequels, theequels or fourquels. We go through our lists and give the reasons for our choices as well as some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the cut. Subscribe on iTunes and leave us a rating. Follow...


Episode 43: Halloweens supposed to be scary damn it!

Episode 43: Halloweens supposed to be scary damn it! On this All Hallows Eve, we talk about our Halloween plans, or lack thereof. We then discuss the appropriate age for kids to watch gory movies, and lament that Halloween doesn't seem to be the scary holiday that it once was. We also go through BuzzFeeds list of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors specials, from best to worst. We stick to the classics and remember how good they are, and mourn for the gradual decline of The...


Episode 42: Something Something Electric Sheep

Episode 42: Something Something Electric Sheep 2049 In this episode, we quickly talk about the title reveal of the "untitled Han Solo" movie, and share our displeasure at the laziness of it all. SPOILER WARNING: This episode is our in depth review of Blade Runner 2049. We then jump into the meat of the episode, where Aaron and Cuba talk about the stunning visual and mental masterpiece of a sequel that is #Bladerunner2049. Is Deckard a replicant? Is Joi the next step...


Episode 41: A Talk of Ice and Fire

Cuba and Roy recap season 7 of Game of Thrones. We discuss what we think about the shortened season, the development of many of the characters over the last 7 years and some of the satisfying and shocking events that happened this season. Subscribe on iTunes and leave a rating. Check out our site for some for news, offers and promos!


Episode 40: Jump Scares and Clown Business

NEW EPISODE: Episode 40: Jump scares and clown busniess The whole gang is back after a longer than expected brake. We catch up on what has been going on in our lives and then we dive right into some game talk starting with the great new game Cuphead. Aaron and Cuba finished Mass Effect: Andromeda. They share their final thoughts on the game and they are not good. Aaron and Roy saw the remake of IT and give their review, as well as some musings on the weird creepiness that is...


Episode 39: SDCC Trailer Rundown

Episode 39: SDCC Trailer Rundown This week Cuba and Roy share their thoughts on the current state of San Diego Comic Con, is it still the biggest gathering of nerds, geeks and pop culture or have the other various cons around the country started to deflate the grandfather of comic cons? We then rundown and share our opinions, thoughts and hopes on the major movie and tv trailers that were debuted at this year's SDCC. We review Star Trek: Discovery, Thor: Ragnarok, Stranger...


Episode 38: Chewie was the little spoon

Episode 38: Chewie was the little spoon. This week, Aaron gives us a non spoiler quicky review of War for Planet of the Apes and we talk about how great of a franchise it is even with the flaws of the Tim Burton remake. We talk about Disney's odd casting choice for the Genie in the upcoming live action Aladdin movie. We share our thoughts on the D23 reveal of Star Wars land coming to the Disney Parks, and we talk about the Star Wars Forces of Destiny shorts. What is up with the design...


Episode 37: Wonder Woman Loves Spiderman

Episode 37: Wonder Woman Loves Spiderman We are joined once again by Robert for this super fat, extra long, action packed, movie review double feature! This week we review and talk about Wonder Woman and Spiderman: Home coming. We talk about all the things from both of these really good summer superhero movies. Did Wonder Woman right the DCMU boat? Has Marvel listened and finally added villains with depth? We answer these questions and more. Be warned, there are...


Episode 36: You can do better than that

This week Aaron tells about his business trip to Lucasfilm headquarters out in California but not really since he isn't allowed to reveal anything he learned. We do a quick follow up to the Han Solo movie discussion from last week so Aaron can share his thoughts on it too. We then discuss the lost art of the movie poster. Why are movie posters so bad now a days? Lazy and generic. We go over a few of the worst offenders in our book. We also take a look at some good posters and what...


Episode 35: You don't mess with the Solo

Episode 35: You don't mess with the Solo Cuba and Roy discuss all everything that has gone down so far with all the behind the scenes drama unfolding with the Han Solo movie. From what seems to be the directors being in over their head, to not understanding the fundamental character of Han Solo, to getting the boot and Ron Howard being hired to clean up the whole mess. We talk about what they would like to see in a Han Solo movie and some other ideas we would like to see in...


Episode 34: Now with more teraflops

E3 2017 was in LA last week, The guys cover the major announcements for the show. We break down the upcoming releases from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Ea and even some PC gaming. We talk about the new Xbox X. With no VR capabilities but full of teraflops (we enjoyed saying that word) is too little to late? Has Sony won the battle of counsels against Microsoft? Subscribe and comment on...


Episode 33: Reboot the 90's ( TV Edition)

With many shows from the 90's coming back Cuba and Aaron pick a few shows that they would like to see come back either as a reboot or a continuation. So join this on this jaunt down memory lane and let us know what shows from the 90's you would like to see come back. There is still time to enter to win our geeky mystery box. Click on the link for instructions.


Episode 32: In space no one can hear you Groot

Aaron gives us his reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and Alien Covenant. It's a few weeks late but it's never too late for us to share our thoughts on geekary with you! SPOILER WARNING: This episode will contain movie spoilers Aaron gives a gushing review of Guardians, giving it some high praises. Overall another great addition to the MCU. Alien: Covenant, not so much. Aaron breaks down this mess of an Alien movie that doesn't answer any of the questions brought...


The Special of the Doctor

The Special of The Doctor! We talk some Doctor Who this week, Cuba and Aaron are joined by special guest Robert. Robert is our Doctor Who expert, going deep with is Who knowledge! We discuss all aspects of Doctor Who from favorite Doctors, companions, episodes and TARDIS sized plot holes. We also discuss the rumors about the next Doctor possibly being a woman and why it's time it should happen. We are still in the midst of our mystery box giveaway contest. If you would...


Episode 31: Hall of Fame Shmall of Fame

In this episode Cuba and Aaron discuss the 2017 World Video Hall of Fame. Apparently there is one, who know? We talk about this year's inductees and debate about whether a few of them should have won of other nominees. We then look at the rest of the hall of fame winners and discuss if they belong there or not. We also talk about some games that we think should win a spot in the future. Also, remember that dude at the arcade that who used to just own everyone at Mortal Kombat all day?...


Episode 30: Good Book, Crap Movie

Cuba and Roy discuss good books that have been turned into bad movies. We each picked some a handful of terrific books whose movie adaptation didn't do them any justice such as I am Legend and World War Z. We also talk about the rare exception to the rule good book/bad movie rule that is Jurassic Park. We also each picked a book that we would love to see adapted into either a movie or miniseries that hasn't been put on the the screen yet. Take a moment to rate us on...