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Movies, TV, Trivia and Fun! Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.

Movies, TV, Trivia and Fun! Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.
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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Movies, TV, Trivia and Fun! Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.






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LIVE from Newcastle Improv Festival

Welcome to a very special live episode, where hosts Hazel, Jon, Peter, Dan and Ian broadcast in front of an audience, as part of the Newcastle Improv Festival. We’re joined by some very special guests, including Bev Fox from renowned improv group The Suggestibles, who joins Ian to talk about the secret ingredients to their success, and we unearth some new intimate details about how they first met! We’re also joined by improviser and author of 17 novels, Stella Duffy OBE. In a frank and...


40: Fortieth Episode? EXCELLENT!

If you're a fan of entertainment trivia you'll love our 40th episode, which is a Buff or Bluff bonanza! The nerds face off on questions about actor/ musician duets, obscure casting choices, the one and only Keanu Reeves (including whether or not he was babysat by Alice Cooper), the "Angel" TV series, and the career of James Cameron. Was he really the one who came up with the idea to cover Arnold Schwarzenegger with mud for Predator? That’s followed by a rapturous one-off (we hope) quiz...


39: Not Exactly A Recommendation...

This episode is a mega review special - featuring everything new and exciting we've been moved by recently.... and "Brightburn". And we welcome a new guest. It may be a surprise to some listeners to find that Louise actually exists, and is not just a product of Jon's deranged imagination, but we're delighted to have her join us for this episode! We discuss Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes documentary, ”The Last Watch” and our lasting thoughts on Weiss and Benioff’s achievements, before...


38: Bad Superman!

It’s a fight between good and evil, as Hazel and Jon contest the fate of “Superman 3” in Nerd Court. Will Hazel’s evidence send it to the Phantom zone? Dan is the unbiased judge, with Peter as our expert witness. We also have a voyage to the Void as Ian Mayor bids a wistful goodbye to Vertigo Comics, which announced its dissolution last week. Ian talks about how this comic giant came to be, and what made it so popular over the years. Plus, we open the show with our Film Buff or Bluff quiz,...


37: Wild And Crazy Nerds

This episode takes us on a wild and crazy ride as we discuss the life and times of 1980s comedy stars Steve Martin, John Belushi, Rick Moranis, Dan Ackroyd, Eddie Murphy and John Candy. Gain insights into everything from "Ghostbusters" to "Beverley Hills Cop" from Dan’s review of Nick de Semelyn’s new book ”Wild and Crazy Guys”, then test your own knowledge of 1980s comedy trivia as he sets us a quiz based on stories from the book. Jon has ignored Gary Netflix yet again, to review ”The...


36: Holy Bat-Nipples!

If there was ONE thing that really stood out in 1997’s "Batman & Robin".... In light of the news there’s going to be a new Batman protecting the streets of Gotham, our nerds debate who was the greatest actor to don the Bat Cape, Bat-nipples or no Bat-nipples. Most of us chose different portrayals although, spoiler alert, none of us selected Batfleck (in fact, we sort of forgot about him...) Before that, we have our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, where our nerds face questions on the...


35: Sex And Cookies

How do you become a guest on the Nerdfest podcast? Sex and cookies, apparently. This time we have a new voice amongst our nerds, Andy, who joins us for an extra long spoiler special on 'Avengers: Endgame', now that most of the world has seen it (Some of us three times!) In the second part of the show we go scene-by-scene, discussing the fate of many beloved characters, whilst also pondering the eternal question: "How do you spoon a raccoon?" We open the show with lots of new recommendations:...


34: The Dinosaur Dating Game

So, if you HAD to, which dinosaur would you choose to "make the beast with two backs" with? It’s these sort of high-brow questions and more which our nerds seek to tackle in this episode. First up is Film Buff or Bluff, starting with Jon's three outlandish storylines involving The Joker. Then Dan gives us three Jeff Goldblum facts, (one of which is his favourite dinosaur, taking us on said dinosaur dating route.) Peter tests our knowledge of some of Marvel’s wackiest characters, and Hazel...


33: Endgame Of Thrones

In celebration of two great franchises both coming to their conclusions, we have some special features for this episode... Dan has devised a dragon-sized Game of Thrones quiz, spanning all seven previous series. And we record our first reactions to seeing "Avengers Endgame" - mere minutes after leaving the cinema (but after relieving our bladders!). Don’t worry - it’s all spoiler free. Before that, we each have brand new recommendations for you- Jon reviews 'Sorry to bother you'; the Tessa...


32: GoT any predictions?

Duh duh du-du-duh duh du-du DDUUUUUH. "Game of Thrones" is back in front of our eyeballs and we couldn’t be more excited! In this episode we make our predictions for who we think will die first, and who'll end up on the Iron Throne at the end of the series. Unfortunately the three-eyed raven we’d hired for this purpose flew away, which means none of these predictions will come true, but it’s a fun segment! Before that, it’s the return of ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’ - and this time we try to...


31: Marvellous Things Happen

It’s "Captain Marvel" review time, the majority of which we spend trying to come up with our own synopsis. Once we get that established however, we have a lively debate about the film’s merits and shortcomings. In another inspired quiz, Ian borrowed the DeLorean to ask his 5 year old self to describe 10 famous movies, while the rest of us try and guess it from his cryptic clues. And we start the show with our reviews section - including the "RBG" documentary and it’s cinematic counterpart,...


30: It Sounds Amazing, But...

Can you tell the difference between the snarl of a Gremlin and the pwish of the Enterprise doors? Then you’ll probably do a lot better at Ian’s masterful movie sounds quiz than we did! Also in this episode are our(spoiler-free) reactions to 'Captain Marvel' - captured in our mobile recording studio (AKA Hazel’s car) just after leaving the cinema. In Buff or Bluff, Dan delves into the sitcom careers of Marvel directors, Hazel tries to fool us with ‘facts’ about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon...


29: Ayoade: Battle Angel

It's a full Nerd house, thanks to Hazel’s recovery (though Jon doesn’t quite want to let go of his temporary hosting duties) and Ian Mac being back from whatever he was doing... Ian recommends perhaps the strangest video game concept we’ve ever heard (two words: "Vicious Strawberry".) Jon cautiously recommends the updated version of “Suspiria”. We find out whether the eyes have it for “Alita: Battle Angel”. Hazel recommends a person (no, not Chris Hemsworth...) as she’s been enjoying two...


28: Pain, Trains and Sex Education

We have lots of wonderful recommendations for you this episode - Jon tests the breakability of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass”, Dan endures a nightmare commute on the “Last train to Busan” and Peter shares some “Sex Education” From beyond the void, Ian Mayor enthuses over the incoming news about Denis Villeneuve’s "Dune". And once more we brave Jon’s Sack of Fun, the world’s unluckiest dip. WARNING. Does not contain nuts (or, at least, Hazel), but she’ll be back next time.


27: The Curious Case Of Hazel Burton

In the official* Nerdfest preview of 2019, we chat about the likes of Star Wars Episode IX, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Toy Story 4, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Avengers Endgame. Find out which will make the top of our watchlist. We partake in our usual fun and frivolities during a Film Buff or Film Buff Quiz, including unusual hobbies of Marvel actors, some musical trivia, and some Muppety facts and fiction. Ahead of the 2019 Oscars ceremony, Dan has concocted a Quiz about this...


26: Into the Cage-iverse

Love him or loathe him, you can’t deny that Nicolas Cage is... interesting. in this episode, No. 1 fan Jon breaks the podcast record (probably)for the most NC references, including his ‘recommen-dont’ film called Left Behind (“It’s the f*****g rapture, innit”) - another consequence of Jon’s late night, post-pub viewings. Dan has the misfortune of reviewing Next, the Cage-starring caper he picked from Jon’s Sack of Fun (TM). Our regular ‘Buff or Buff’ Quiz is back - this time featuring facts...


25: Welcome to the Sack of Fun

Well hey there 2019, you sexy thing you. So, what was 2018? A whole crock of... well, we won’t go into that here. But the saving grace for a lot of us was the cinematic experiences we encountered, so enjoy our rundown of the best that last year had to offer. This episode also sees the first appearance of Jon’s "Sack of Fun", whereby we all benefit from his recent trip to a discount DVD store, and will be forced to watch whatever we pull out of his sack. In this week’s Film Buff or Bluff Quiz...


24: Consider That A Podcast!

ORDER! ORDER! Please assemble for the return of Nerd Court, in which we engage in our fiercest debate yet: the merits of "Total Recall". Will Peter succeed in his quest to send this Arnie classic to Nerd Jail, or will Jon's real-life lawyering skills save it from a fate worse than a decompressive explosion? Also in this episode, we discuss the trailer for "Avengers: Endgame"- including why Tony Stark is still so handsome after 4 days without food or water, the implications of Thanos doing...


23: Meet Gary Netflix

Yeehaw! pardners. There’s a Wild West theme to this one-year anniversary episode, as we cover new Coen Brothers movie, "Buster Scruggs" and the game "Red Dead Redemption 2". Other recommendations are Pratchett and Gaiman collaboration "Good Omens", Netflix’s "Apostle" and comedian-testing panel show "Taskmaster". And we choose some great nerdy gifts for Xmas, including a Geek cookbook, a giant lego Star Wars creature and an intriguing book about the weirdest comic book superheroes ever...


22: Excelsior, True Believers

Spider-Quiz, Spider-Quiz. Does whatever a Spider-Quiz does. Which in this case, means we talk about a peculiar Spider-Man comic book arc that distinctly rhymes with the word ‘Quiz’... Yep, our Film Buff or Bluff Quiz is back, and this time we try to out-fact each other on fake documentary synopses, 'Quantum Leap' episodes, 'Spider-Man' comics, and which films feature the famous ‘Willhelm Scream’. We also pay tribute to Stan Lee, and offer some thoughts and insights about his greatest...