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Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.

Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.
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Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.






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15: It's Bullet Time!

Despite cunning attempts from Hazel's cats to stop us, we bring you an episode packed with the usual nerdy recommendations (including "Mortal Engines"- the most batshit-crazy book we’ve ever heard of). We try to catch each other out with Buff or Bluff quiz questions, involving "The Matrix", "Star Tours" and some very weird product placements. Jon fills a shameful gap with Arnie’s “True Lies”, and Dan picks a classic movie from the year he was born.


14: "It works"

It's Bayhem in the studio today, as Nerd Court sees Jon take on Hazel fighting the case of "Armageddon". Will it be saved from Nerd Jail? We have a Shatner-influenced Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, and it's the final round of Nerd of the Mastery Mind, as Dan finally gets his revenge on Hazel with his devious West Wing questions. Dan also reveals his thoughts on "Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom" and we round things off with a spoiler-heavy review of "Solo". Buckle up, baby!


13: Be a Hero

Some rules are made to be broken, aren't they? Welcome to episode 13 of our nerdy movie podcast, featuring the filling of Hazel's THIRD Shameful Gap- "Zombieland"! We also review "Deadpool 2", going into deep spoiler territory, and we have a rather risqué Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz - but it has Jeff Goldman facts in it, so it's well worth it. Peter and Ian take on their sci fi oriented specialist subjects in Nerd of the Mastery Mind and, of course, we have the latest and greatest Nerd...


12: Where will you be when it all ends?

In this episode we've got a bumper round of quizzes! As well as an entertaining 'Film Buff or Film Bluff' we've got the first 2 rounds of our 'Nerds of the Mastery Mind' - so called because Hazel mispronounced it upon introducing it, and failed to recover. Our recommendations this week include a horror movie, a rival podcast (boo hiss!), a Netflix TV show, and a recommendation not to watch one of the worst things ever put to film (clue: there are icebergs involved...). And finally we round...


Episode 10: This Podcast really ties the room together

We made it to double figures! Wahey! In this episode we are all tasked to go on a 5 year space mission, and we must decide which movie, TV show, fictional astronaut and, inevitably, item of food, we would take with us. Expect the unexpected. Also, it's the return of our Shameful Gap feature, as one of us had never seen The Big Lebowski... get ready for some Dudaism! Our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz takes us into the realms of Lord of the Rings offset antics, injuries on movie sets, Carry...


Episode 9: Karen Gillan Rides a Rhino

Welcome to the most X rated Nerdfest episode so far! We start with a discussion on Infinity War following the latest trailer released by Marvel, and get slightly sidetracked by various Karen Gillan fantasies. After that our 'Nerd Recommendations' feature brings reviews of Netflix's Annihilation, I Tonya, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle and, for some reason, a David Badiel live show. Next is Film Buff or Film Bluff, our regular quiz which this time tests our knowledge on movie sound effects,...


Episode 3: Happy Nerd Year! What a ridiculous way to catch a fish...

Hey nerds! For your listening pleasure this week we have our rundown of the best films to hit the silver screen in 2017 (hey that rhymes...), and a review of The Last Jedi that contains oodles amounts of behind the scenes info, courtesy of walking Star Wars-epidia Daniel Watkins. We also have a new Shameful Gap as Dan reviews John Carpenter's They Live (you know - the one with the chewing gum line), and preview some of the most interesting films to land in 2018.


Episode 1 : The Future of Law Enforcement

This podcast is for all the obsessive film/ TV/ general nerd trivia fans out there. We love this stuff, and we hope you'll find our musings and insights entertaining. In this inaugural episode, us nerds discuss our favourite films of all time, offer a (spoiler heavy) review of Thor Ragnorok, musings on the new Star Trek TV series and the first in our ‘Shameless gap fill’ feature - Hazel gives a review of RoboCop after watching it for the very first time. And lots more! Give it a listen and...