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Number 61 - Euro Truck Simulator 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kingdom Hearts

Honk! This week on Our Three Cents, the chaps are all horrible. “What’s different from usual?” I hear you ask! Well, this time, they’re all horrible geese! Enabled by the sterling work of House House, Untitled Goose Game has captured all of our imaginations - find out what these three cents think of the game here. Will you be having a honkingly good time terrorising the neighbourhood? Also, hear all about Nintendo’s latest mobile release in Mario Kart Tour - is it worth your...


Bonus Level - Wellbeing Special

Thursday the 10th of October marks World Mental Health Awareness day. In recognition of this, our trio tell personal stories of how videogames can be a force for good in managing mental health and periods of distress or low mood. Clone Hero, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, A Link to the Past, Alto's Adventure, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros 3. Disparate games linked here by their ability to make our triumvirate slow down, refocus, and calm. Videogames may not be the solution for everyone, but we...


Number 62 - Machinarium, GoldenEye 007, Super Mario Odyssey

Join Joddy Doddy, Chroddy Doddy and Moddy Boddy for another exciting half hour of gaming guff. Can Apple save mobile gaming with the disruptive Apple Arcade? Can Nintendo sort out some of the framerate wobbles in Link's Awakening's otherwise stellar revamp? Just who or what is the Bucket Mouse? Then, onto the rankings where the gang rip through rusty robots, golden eyes and anthropomorphic forks by way of rude words, whimsy, bullet decals, dead ends, trilbys, and joy. They're good games,...


Number 63 - Mario Kart 8, SuperHot VR, Thumper

It’s another week at the Our Three Cents towers and the lads have hoisted their banners to celebrate their 63rd favourite video games of all time. In this week, we have a gravity-defying plumber, a time-defying gunslinger, a sanity-defying beetle, and a deep analysis of what is need to make virtual reality a virtue and a reality for current generation gaming. Meanwhile, the gang conjure some veritable computer-game Chimeras thanks to a listener question about genre-bending classic game...


Number 64 - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Gunstar Heroes, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Look, mate, we know it's hard being the only kid in the playground during Monday lunch not talking about the latest Our Three Cents episode. They'll all be talking up how Chris was banging on about the Mega Drive yet again whilst Jonathan and Minty had a bit of a Zelda love-in, and you'll be staring at your shoes thinking 'if only I were a centurion, if only I knew what the boys 64th favourite video games of all time were'. Now you can. Now you can! Embrace the cents. b e c o m e t h e c...


Number 65 - Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Um Jammer Lammy, Psychonauts

Mario guest stars alongside Ubisoft's Minion-esque abominations, Parappa the Rapper hands the spotlight to his guitar playing pal, and Tim Schafer goes all weird again. Three great games, talked up by three great guys! Also, learn the answers to questions as varied as: Can Chris continue to engorge his quiz win tally on account of Minty's cross Atlantic phone delay? How many This War of Mine scenarios will Jonathan play through before he suffers a case of mental distress not too dissimilar...


Number 66 - Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition, Beautiful Katamari, Rayman Legends

In just five minutes marvel as the trio chat about: a noughties pop sensation! Onions! Extreme heat! Beasts of ascending sizes! Chris misunderstanding the word ‘unique’! Then, with your podcast appetites whet, listen on for a further 25 minutes as Minty talks up his collection of purses, Chris goes on and on about a load of balls, and Jonathan reflects upon his favourite co-op experience of all time. Three lovely games that you should listen to us talk about, and then go out and beg,...


Number 67 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Metroid Fusion, Ico

It’s another week, and a Bank Holiday Monday, so what better way to enjoy your bonus time than by listening to this week’s episode! We discuss mobile games, virtual reality and disappointing woodland adventures. And Feathers are ruffled in the rankings this week, as we discuss what it feels like to be scared, what it feels like to be small and, most importantly, just how much starch belongs in a floppy green hat! And if that doesn’t get you listening, I know that you’re going to want to...


Number 68 - Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, The End is Nigh, Pokémon FireRed

This week on Our Three Cents, the chaps tackle another eclectic tryptic of games in the form of a significantly-formative childhood gaming experience featuring a mouse; an expectation-subverting modern platformer featuring a tumour; and an abbreviation-smattered classic RPG remake featuring some running shoes! Also on the docket for discussion are Chris’ veritable summer-holiday-gaming stampede of activity; Jonathan’s veritable summer-holiday-gaming descent into pure unadulterated wartime...


Number 69 - Street Racer, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sonic 3D Blast

Three more games. And good ones at that! Punch your mates (or your AI mates if you find yourself riding solo) in an early competitor to Super Mario Kart with Minty, zip around as an Opossum who finds itself adorned recklessly with a rocket propulsion system atop its back with Chris, and look quizzical at Sonic's roughshod attempt at an isometric adventure game with Jonathan. Additionally, enjoy a discussion on veritable hot potatoes: videogame violence, uncouth youth, and digital...


Number 70 - Pokémon UltraSun, Pokémon X, Proteus

P-p-pick up a podcast! In this 'p' filled episode the chums embark on a merry hike across seasons, portmanteau'd archipelagos and a facsimile of continental europe. An uncharacteristically raunchy episode, listener discretion is advised (unless you want to be cursed with thinking about a Charmander's naughty bits). Permalink


Bonus Level - Summer Special

Take shelter from the UK's unseasonably warm start to the summer, by allowing the cool, soothing tones of three doofi (doofus; plural) talk sunny, bright weather and sunny, bright games. Find a comfy spot in the garden, crack open a fizzy pop, then injure your neck as you twist to best utilise the sun's searing rays to illuminate your Gameboy's monochrome screen, sharing all the while in the summer gaming memories of three young men who could probably do with getting outside a bit...


Number 71 - Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic & Knuckles, Sid Meier's Pirates!

Marvel as three ostensibly sober adults appear inebriated through sheer early 30s tiredness, as the boys discuss their 71st favourite videogames of all time. Let Minty sleepily teach you why Banjo Kazooie a particular treat for the neurodiverse. Allow Jonathan to elucidate you on the echidna, and reflect on how accurately Sonic & Knuckles portrays this egg-laying mammal. Finally, let Chris refresh your GCSE English skills by recalling the difference between the definite and indefinite...


Number 72 - Metroid Fusion, Mario Golf, Kirby's Epic Yarn

Congratulations on arriving at the start of another week! Whether or not you have much time for games yourself, listen to the boys recommend the best way to stuff 30 minute windows of stolen gaming time, wax lyrical over the pedagogical approach Nintendo have taken with Super Mario Maker 2’s story mode, before settling in for another esoteric trio of video games linked only by their matching places on three distinct numerical lists. Jonathan extols the virtue of doing a lot with a little on...


Number 73 - Super Mario Galaxy, DJ Hero, Wario Land II

This week, two games from the Super Mario Extended Universe feature as Jonathan & Minty’s choices, in addition to a literal curveball (rotating disc) from Chris! Meanwhile, some things never change - like traffic congestion, pencils and the inevitability of death. Also not changing are our video gaming habits this week: Jonathan’s tackling a Metroidvania indie game, Chris is playing a retro classic and Minty is continuing his tactical adventure through Dead Cells. Also, a user question...


Number 74 - Terraria, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Creatures 2

In our most disparate trio of games yet, our three gamers discuss their 74th favourite video games of all time! Elsewhere, voyeurism, a sad fat man, a little red fella and a multitude of hats collide in our weekly video game chat! Oh, and Jonathan destroys Minty’s precious childhood memory. Whoops. Permalink


Number 75 - QuackShot Starring Donald Duck, Dishonored, Fantasy Life

As we reach the quarter mark in our countdown, a phenomenal phenomenon occurs with the first tri-peat of the series with Minty also reflecting on his interesting fictional existence! Elsewhere in this pun-tastic episode, Chris enjoys plunging his way down memory lane with a legendary Disney adventure and Jonathan once again reverts to his dastardly thieving ways! Else-elsewhere we also discuss the cons of retro throwbacks in games, alternative Japanese video game titles, the little known...


Bonus Level - E3 2019 Special

E3, or the Eideo Eames Eonference, has come and gone once again to delight and disappoint swathes of angry entitled nerds. We take a break from our regularly scheduled chat about three games to tackle the mammoth docket of Everything Nintendo Announced, and Whatever That Thing They Wheeled Out Keanu Reeves For was. We discuss each company's approach to showcasing their upcoming releases and, whilst Jonathan attempts to retain some PokéOptimism, Minty is jumping aboard the Pokémon Hate Steam...


Number 76 - WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Fantasy Life

In the most punctuated episode of Our Three Cents yet, Chris becomes an accountant, Jonathan becomes an anarchist and Minty becomes an antagonist! Also, slammed own on the Our Three Cents round table of discussion by a Twitter fan is the matter of video game movies. Coming hot on the heels of our thoughts on Detective Pikachu, we dive into a deep dissection of literally EVERY video game cinematic adaptation ever made and those to come! Permalink


Number 77 - Fantasy Life, Super Hexagon, Paper Mario: Color Splash

This week on Our Three Cents, Jonathan recalls how he lived out his best fantasy life in deepest Africa, Chris descends into a hypnotic claustrophobic nightmare to pass some time, and find out why Color Splash is the Titanic of the Paper Mario series. Elsewhere, Jonathan has gone on an Indie Game spree tackling a series of games including a small, bespectacled scientist, a big ol’ face-rock and electrified tentacled atrocities. Chris had a few small weeps experiencing an Old Man’s Journey...