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OJ Pod: EPI-42: The Slipper Is Dead. Long Live The Slipper!

The slipper came back. I don't know where the last one went. I don't know if this one's the other half of a pair. I don't know why it is where it is. I don't know who put it there or why. I just know that it's so damn OUT of place, and so specific of a thing...that it's a thing! Somebody wants the rest of us to see that slipper! I absolutely love shit like this! It's 100% pure Outsiders-type material. And I love that I'm someone who notices and acknowledges such things. And my best friends...


OJ Pod: EPI-41: Membership Thingies

Outsiders Journey was always intended to be a membership site, from Day One. Changing its meat from "me-based" to "we-based" has always been the plan. But making it so has been one of the toughest hills I've had to climb yet. To be sure, I've taken stabs at it in the past. And I've been able to get the thing pretty much where I needed it to be more than once. But then my needs evolved Addressing the changes using the least amount of tools, and doing so with almost no budget has been a...


OJ Pod: EPI-40: My Absence

Where have I been? Well, this absence took me to the same place any other does: straight to the bowels of Internet Hell. OK. It's not that tragic. But it does have a similar stink to it, once you're in it. You're not dying. But you are fighting tooth and nail to escape, all the same. I was doing battle with The Technical Amazingly (or not) I see from reading my last episode's material, I never really went anywhere new. I stayed right where I was except that everything got harder. I was...


OJ Pod: EPI-39: I Have A Growth

Hope that doesn't look like a nipple. Because it's a mole. A growth. On this guy's face. OK! Nipple disclaimers aside, let's get back to the issue of my growth! Just a lot of really cool events happening lately. None of them earth shattering, yet all have a positive flair to them I was up against the wall trying to get my "It Takes Guts To Live Well" system turned from an ebook into an online course. (Still 100% free though!) The technical aspects of the deal were killing me. But got it...


OJ Pod: EPI-38: It Takes Guts To Be Me: Part II

Been an interesting few weeks since we last met! The stuff that has made up the gap between podcasts is varied and spread wide. The fight to deal with it all has been as much internal as it's been external. The message that's been forcing its way to the surface seems clear: The me that I am now is not able to get me where I want to go next. Hence, the tile of this week's post. I barely survived the process of overcoming bipolar disorder. Prior to that, I barely survived the things I was...


OJ Pod: EPI-37: The One Thing

Just keeps getting more far out as I clarify my One Thing to the world and myself! My mind gets too busy for its own good many times. It's an offshoot of whatever it is within me that let bipolar disorder come to be in the first place. I'll build too much shit to show my awesome and too complex of a beast to try and share as well as pay for it all. It's always been a struggle for me to keep things simple I run into problems and get frustrated, same as anyone. But unlike others, I have so...


OJ Pod: EPI-36: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

There's a metaphor and a literalization embedded in today's title! Across the last 4 days, I've been locked inside a whirlwind of technical chaos. Most of this has turned out well, so far. Some is still settling out. All of it created a workload of immense proportions In the process, I attempted to start something new to help fund the creation of the rest. That thing is still moving forward but not in the way I'd envisioned a few weeks ago when I kicked it off. A plan blew up in my face...


OJ Pod: EPI-35: New Kid In Town!

Took my youngest stepson to the airport today. He's just launched Phase Two of his young adult life by moving to a new town, and we think he's off to a great start! And in Outsiders Journey news, I've just launched my Phase Two, as well. I've welcomed a new kid into my online town. And it too, is off to a great start. The After Bipolar Podcast is now live! There have been a lot...a WHOLE lot...of hurdles in the way of this material ever seeing the light of day. Again. Because this isn't...


OJ Pod: EPI-34: Save Me, Please!

What a slipshod affair, lately. This title should have been directed at myself, as I attempt to keep up with what I've recently built. I keep running out of time to do these episodes and the newsletter in a timely fashion. It's even harder to do on NSA Entrainment Days I'm stumbling through my labors in a deep fog. Yeah, yeah, I know. Excuses, Ken. Fucking nothing but excuses from you these days. I throw myself at your feet begging forgiveness, gentle reader. The real struggle has been...


OJ Pod: EPI-33: Ignorance, Thy Name Is Ken

We are not "here". Not really. We are puttering about in the Past and living dreamily in the Future. But there is only Now Went a little Eckhart Tolle on you there. But it's true. And if we remain ignorant of this fact, nothing ever works right. Accept this total truth as your truth and you'll eventually straighten out the rest of your roads, forever after. I'm trying to avoid the title of Hypocrite here I work on this endlessly; forgetting it, getting somewhat upset, then swerving back to...


OJ Pod: EPI-32: Turtle Leaves Shell

(David Attenborough speaking.) "The grizzled male turtle slowly peaks his scarred head out of his weathered shell. He knows danger may await, yet his need to do right by others compels him to take this time honored risk. It's a risk others like him have braved since the dawn of personal development pioneers, in order to reach great heights of achievement, while helping millions transform their lives for the better. For the sake of us all, we wish him much success." And I feel Sir David...


OJ Pod: EPI-31: A Bloody Mess: The Mess Of Success

Success comes only to those who are willing to fight all those who stand in its way of becoming a reality. What "those" things are and how you actually "fight" them represents an amorphous and variegated stack of potential life circumstances and responses. In simpler English: there's no telling what shit will hit or how you'll act in the face of said shitstorm. Just know your only chance at success is to constructively bear the onslaught OK. So I've been up many hours, solving many complex...


OJ Pod: EPI-30: You Should Have Your Head Examined If You Choose To Skip This Episode

(I reuse the following opener due to the critical nature of this post.) With the utmost respect I say the following: "If you're an Outsider and you skip this post, you are throwing away one of the best chances you'll ever have of building a life with the very things that make life hard for you" I just finished listening to the latest free webinar from Jason Leister. Why should that matter to you? For the most part, Jason is why you even know of me today. He helped direct me down this path...


OJ Pod: EPI-29: I Just Want To Be A Jew

With the utmost respect I say the following: "The Jews in my life have always had a profound impact on my thinking, directly and indirectly." I'm gonna be honest: mostly indirectly. But the effect they've had on me is no less important. I never sought the help or advice from anyone, simply because they were Jewish Yet those who are turned out to resonate with me so well that I paid a little closer attention to them for slightly different reasons than anyone else I've dealt with. What I'm...


OJ Pod: EPI-28: What-No Gravy?

Sometimes, we ask for more than we can handle in one sitting. Then we add even more to our plate. Like extra gravy. Gravy's tasty...until you've had too much. You asked your mom for more on your mashed pertaters but she poured in excess. And you must clean your plate. In this example, you're your own mom; the supreme purveyor of all things gravy-like. In your attempt to get your mission cooking, you asked for too much. Now the taste of gravy sickens you as you try to eat it all. Nobody...


OJ Pod: EPI-27: Kicking Puppies

Ho-oooo! Now that's an incredibly jarring start to a podcast episode Ken, n'est-ce pas? Yeah. It is. But quite a few helpful, hilarious, and insightful stories are rooted in my mind, in relation to that phrase. And I couldn't pick just one to focus on, so I'm handing you three or four at once. Don't let your enthusiasm steamroll your people That's the key point I wanted to make. Those of us on a larger mission and those of us who tend to draw inquiring/seeking souls our way have to be...


OJ Pod: EPI-26: NSA Will Make Your Beard Grow Longer!

This is, of course, hogwash. But I made a promise to my NSA chiropractor that I'd use that title in my next post. (Marcus! I stuck to my word! You're welcome!) This episode isn't even about NSA, beyond the little bit I just stated. It's partly about remaining authentic, at all times. Because you must if you want your shit to fly. It's partly about what it takes to bring the goods "The Goods" in this case are/is my sense of humor. I'm striving to organize my day in a way that allows me to...


OJ Pod: EPI-25: Thai Food, The Adult Video Store, And My Chiropractor

Fighting hard through a rather persistent case of "Marc-itis". This is the term I came up with to describe the pleasant, yet useless-for-work state of being I sometimes enter after my entrainments at Family Network Chiropractic. I'm just sort of satisfyingly numb. Rational thought, applied to the running of this site in particular, is mighty hard to generate after certain days with Dr. Marc. To be clear, this is not a bad thing. Like I said, it's pleasant. But it makes work tough....


OJ Pod: EPI-24: Dry As The Desert 13 Years This Month!

Hit a major milestone this month: 13 years sober! In a way, this event is no big deal to me. I don't struggle to stay sober. But...13 years is 13 years. No small achievement, especially when considering how much I once loved to drink. Why is this not such a big deal to me? Because 'not drinking' is routine for me I don't struggle to stay straight. Does that mean I never miss it? Hardly. Every now and then I'd fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE a huge mug of freshly poured brew...followed by 25-30 of...


OJ Pod: EPI-23: Oz And Orlando-Art For Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican brothers Osvaldo and Orlando Marmolejos crossed paths with me at a less than desirable moment in each of our lives. We all made it out of that situation but not before we became friends. We became friends because we each realized that there was a depth of thought and a sharing of life purpose in the others that made us fellow travelers. Fellow Outsiders. The very last time I saw them in that setting, we decided that this podcast interview should happen. These young guys have far...